“24” Gets Friendly w/ Angelina 👀 Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

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Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore

9 aylar önce

Jenni has a little too much tequila, while “24” gets handsy with Angelina. Catch new episodes of Jersey Shore Family Vacation Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV!
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Barbz4life 5 gün önce
I feel like she wants to be friends with Angelina and trust her but she keeps remembering how she was in old days
Hailey P
Hailey P 6 gün önce
Deena and I have the same exact dress pretty much🤣.
Lex Chanel
Lex Chanel 7 gün önce
Angelina initiated that whole thing. She was eyeing him up, kissing, grinding and then wanted to act all surprised when he took the bait? Shady!!
Carly Blair
Carly Blair 8 gün önce
Can we talk about the fact that she literally was dancing on him before he put his hand on her waist ????
sharksandsheep 11 gün önce
0:56 "Jenni is OBLIVIATED..." Yeah, that's not a word. God these people are so stupid.
payton johnson
payton johnson 13 gün önce
Angelina was very flirtatious with him almost like she liked the attention from him
J ACY 14 gün önce
Regardless of what Angelina did, HE is with jenni so HE shouldn’t have touched Angelina at all, and he should have shown respect for jenni. He honestly made jenni look like a fool after she kept sticking up for him. He’s too younger for her. I don’t find him attractive and I actually find him kind of corny
Paige 14 gün önce
And the fact that she's still with the kid it sickens me
Sandra Rojas
Sandra Rojas 15 gün önce
Really ? Angelina is dancing on him 🤣🤣🤣
Only Truth
Only Truth 15 gün önce
Vinny is hilarious
Sexual Fruitfly
Sexual Fruitfly 16 gün önce
Jwows husband is a joke x
ElGatosLastLife 17 gün önce
I don't blame 24... He's 24!! With gorgeous woman around him who play like their all party.... Until the real party comes and tests them lol. FR though If I was with Jenny I wouldn't need nobody else
Anthony Umanzor
Anthony Umanzor 18 gün önce
I feel like Angelina gets better with jenni when snooki is not there
VVhite VVidovv
VVhite VVidovv 19 gün önce
Vinny - "I'm not impressed with your performance".
Angela Rose
Angela Rose 21 gün önce
She was dancing on top of him first of all! She’s a wannabe, who never will be. It wasn’t just 24. He’s a little boy, who likes any hot woman that will give him attention, regardless of relationship status! However, she’s supposed to be JWowws friend, she ignited all of it by dancing on him. I’ve never liked Angelina, like I’ve said before she’s a snake in the grass!
Thelma Owens
Thelma Owens 22 gün önce
Angelina stop playing you danced up on him both you & 24 were wrong..lol
María Rodríguez
María Rodríguez 22 gün önce
bro angelina is so guilty too like cmon🤣
casey mart
casey mart 24 gün önce
You can tell Angelina enjoyed getting 24's attention.She wanted to prove something to Jenni.24 was wrong for inappropriately touching Angelina but Angelina did not express she was uncomfortable. You cant trust her and she is not a good friend.
Thị Hoài Nam Trần
Thị Hoài Nam Trần 27 gün önce
does anyone know which song is playing at 2:48 please?
TreyParkersBitch 27 gün önce
Trash bags
itsberriebaby 28 gün önce
Jenni still with 24 smdh 😔
Cassie Doan
Cassie Doan 28 gün önce
24 is SO weird
Rach M
Rach M 29 gün önce
hugo jones
hugo jones Aylar önce
Who think that angelina loves zac
hugo jones
hugo jones Aylar önce
Before it was vinny who do his show and now its jwoww and angelina turn
Quetta Jim
Quetta Jim Aylar önce
2:58 hate how she tried to play the victim 🥰
markmac Aylar önce
24 looks like 42.
Julie Bella
Julie Bella Aylar önce
Ok but can anyone tell me where jenni got that top? 😍
Jay Enn
Jay Enn Aylar önce
Also just to be fair, he was completely in the wrong for how he talked to Angelina when they first met. If she sabotaged him, he fell for it. He really should not have talked to her that way.
Jay Enn
Jay Enn Aylar önce
I see where she was over flirtatious and wrong. But she was 100% uncomfortable in the elevator. That was weird. In the club, people are dancing and close together so you can write it off. But him grabbing her in the elevator was intentional without any doubt and was uncomfortable. He thought he was going to get a threesome. Jenni was beyond wasted. The rest were too except Vinny. They should have taken her home and went back to the club after she was tucked in.
teenabee Aylar önce
24 is not cute
Liverpool fan123
Liverpool fan123 Aylar önce
24 looks like a villain from something
thicky nicky
thicky nicky Aylar önce
Angelinas face 3:08 😂
Alysha M
Alysha M Aylar önce
VINNY'S REACTIONS R EVERYTHINGGG 😂😂😂 he looks disgusted and confused all at the same time 😂😂
Adrian Valenzuela
Adrian Valenzuela Aylar önce
"wow I drank a lot of tequila" instantly collapses 💀
x3sirix3 Aylar önce
This 24 forgot they were followed around by cameras
Ballinbmac Aylar önce
Bro was just tryna get a 3 sum that’s all he doesn’t like her 😂😂
Danielle Blake
Danielle Blake Aylar önce
Wow they really made the guy seem extraaaaa creepy. That “are we friends now” audio was fake and that’s not what he said you can clearly see it from him lips. Plus how the heck would the audio but sooo clear one a noisy club? Sheesh that’s was just unnecessary, he made him self look bad enough.
War Numen
War Numen Aylar önce
Dude looks like he wears womens skins
Patricia Walters
Patricia Walters Aylar önce
Dude has no game
M B Aylar önce
Yeah i don't really get how Angelina was innocent here and Jwow is able to forgive her she certainly was just as involved and trying get with 24
The Anti-zi
The Anti-zi Aylar önce
Doing nothing to prevent this situation.. makes you complicit in this situation.. she could have said alot to 24 but didnt.. she knew jenni was belligerent and slowly moved into 24..watch it again.. its only then he engages like the creep he is. its clear he cheats when away, if he has balls to do this when jenni is a foot away... Crystal clear..!
Eden R
Eden R Aylar önce
"all of the sudden I feel this big hand on me" while she's up against him grinding.
Victor Torres
Victor Torres Aylar önce
Botox barbies
JOE knows
JOE knows Aylar önce
It's scary that denna is the hottest and realist looking chick now in the group. Everyone else is plastic looking and kind of scare me. They look as if they smell as well.
Valeria Luis
Valeria Luis Aylar önce
The fact that jwow got back with him after this
Isaiah Delarm
Isaiah Delarm Aylar önce
When Angelina and 24 first met when Jwow introduced her to everybody. Notice Angelinas physiology changes. And the first thing she says is “ so I heard you do wrestling” he says yup. And she makes like a moan sounds afterwards. Than she comments well I hope you make it into WWE. The whole time she was asking questions as if they were on a date together. She been thirsty and vindictive since the beginning trust me. I study body language for a career.
Mila H
Mila H Aylar önce
24 looks 44.
awkwardnshy Aylar önce
The clips are out of order. But that’s how shows edit stuff.When she dancing on him before they show the clip all of the sudden his hand. The first clip they showed her dancing the hand is on the hip already. Then shows it not on there and then “all of sudden” comes on and the hand is there. Still weird tho she dancing on him like that
fastguitar Aylar önce
I put my body all over him i cant believe it
fastguitar Aylar önce
Angelina was grinding on him thrcwjoke time then she complains,
fastguitar Aylar önce
Both were sitting on him whole time, that's a green light they have him every sign for the team hook up
Kirstin Jones
Kirstin Jones Aylar önce
Bruh what's the song they playing in the club at 2:50
Mike Thompson
Mike Thompson Aylar önce
Angelina made the first move. I hope she doesn’t think this is part of behind the scenes footage and jwow won’t see it.
Crz Xm
Crz Xm Aylar önce
I thought a threesome was gonna happen, but then Vinny just watched them two.
Riq Risque
Riq Risque Aylar önce
Non-expression 💀💀💀
watch yoGerb
watch yoGerb Aylar önce
Yooooo tighten up
SIMply Skye
SIMply Skye Aylar önce
Homeboys a cheater for sure if he's touching another girl on camera while his girlfriend's passed out on his lap.
Miriam Rojas
Miriam Rojas Aylar önce
Angelina is cancelled
Mandy Aylar önce
What Vinny said about 24 had me cracking up. Then I started to think about it and what he was doing to Jenni was creepy. I get bad vibes from that guy.
vito27 Aylar önce
Why is his name 24?
It's Eboni
It's Eboni Aylar önce
Poor Vinny 😂😂 I’m dying at his sober reaction
s t
s t 2 aylar önce
oopsforgotmyusername 2 aylar önce
If you look like this dude, you can get away with pretty much anything right lol
Paulina C
Paulina C 2 aylar önce
Angelina could of removed herself from the situation, but she didn’t. She loves the attention.
April Neibert
April Neibert 2 aylar önce
Omg I'm embarrassed for jenni watching this
Sophie 2 aylar önce
Creepy “are we friends now” 🤮
Sophie 2 aylar önce
Ew he is so creepy!
Elodke Le labourier
Elodke Le labourier 2 aylar önce
Shame your kids gonna see you like that one day 😰
Tina Labra-Garcia
Tina Labra-Garcia 2 aylar önce
Angie likes Vinny @ the 0:47 mark she was blushing when she saw him. ☺️ Girl dump chris!!
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