2 armed suspects attempt to rob UPS truck

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ABC News

ABC News

Aylar önce

A high-speed police pursuit of a UPS truck following during an armed robbery at a jewelry shop in near Miami ended in a hail of gunfire.
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car man joe
car man joe 17 gün önce
There on the heist
Dylan Weales
Dylan Weales 21 gün önce
this is a disgrace to any cop out there,pothetic and unprofessional total fucking joke.something needs to be done about stupid macho police procedure,why run up on armed men with hostage in traffic??????? complete and total stupidity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aerostar93 23 gün önce
trwomen.com/id/video-X0zFA8slt9U.html video of Richard shot
John Rambo
John Rambo 27 gün önce
Wow cops are willing to empty their magazines in busy road with lots of cars full with innocent people. Damn. I'm amazed only 4 got killed by happy trigger cops. Could be a lot worst.
Walter Clements
Walter Clements 29 gün önce
If they were in war, yeah, saving yourselves and your friends/comrades and taking down the threat are all top priority, even if it has a hostage in it, but this is horrible. In public they unloaded a massive amount of bullets into the UPS truck, without taking into account that there was a hostage in the vehicle, the robbers should have been charged with robbery, kidnapping, etc. As well as the cops being charged with murder.
mooky Aylar önce
That didn't look good. You see the police officers using civilians and their cars as cover in stopped traffic.🤦‍♂️
marrues ham
marrues ham Aylar önce
I miss the hoax videos...I dont believe any of this ..
Random Axe
Random Axe Aylar önce
poor police skills.
George Grodzinski
George Grodzinski Aylar önce
Who's bullet killed the innocent
hamrite Aylar önce
Cops under cocaïne ?
Night Rider
Night Rider Aylar önce
What would all you experts have done differently? The UPS driver would have been killed no matter what actually happened. Why leave a living whiteness that will convict you at trial. Sure, go ahead and let these animals escape and kill anybody else they come across. The hard fact of life is they chose too engage the Police rather than submitting to arrest, they are responsible for the outcome. The bystander that was killed unfortunately was in the wrong place at the wrong time. His being hit was unavoidable. Unfortunately it happens sometimes and that's just the way it is. I'm sure the cops would like to avoid the whole situation, but bad guys called the play not them.
Frank Mandile
Frank Mandile Aylar önce
Aye, y’all should simply join the force or become lawyers and politicians to change what you want to be changed. Just simply think deep down in your 3 pound brain and understand that in the natural, physical world you are probably 1% of 1% of the reason why people got killed in this manner, today. How do you assess a situation so quickly? People are so quick to judge nowadays. These actions are happening because of multiple variables that happened years before this incident. We need more doctors, lawyers, therapists, teachers and jobs that help us communicate. We need better communicators. So we prevent situations like these. Not play the blame game. Y’all are acting like children in an adult body. Let’s be reasonable and rational before making an assessment.
K/D Warrior Gavin
K/D Warrior Gavin Aylar önce
Bruh just call Lester smh
Miister Aylar önce
just imagine walking across that street with your airpods pro with noise cancelling on and you just casually strolling by
fotogëanick Aylar önce
Trigger happy cops as usual.
lady ema
lady ema Aylar önce
This sucks, but at the same time the man responsible for thinking he can take another human being hostage and then drive a huge truck at high speeds where he could have possibly killed more people is done. We need stricter law enforcement not more rules. The man had a gun, no telling what he would have done. Don't like the police? Become one and put your life on the line for others and then you can talk.
Balvina Chavez
Balvina Chavez Aylar önce
Balvina Chavez
Balvina Chavez Aylar önce
Stupid police
David Ha
David Ha Aylar önce
Police 1: They have a hostage. Police 2: Shoot the shit out of them. Fu*k the hostage. Police 1: I accidentally shot a driver thats idling. Police 2: Rapid fire. We need the robbers dead. Police 1: I shot the UPS guy by accident. Police 2: Keep going, the robber is still alive. Police 2: All right, we got them. 4 dead, time to celebrate and get a promotion.
David Ha
David Ha Aylar önce
Only in United States where the police dont know WTF they doing.
Herb Aylar önce
Whatever happened to falling back and getting them later. You had a 🚁. Sheesh, I thought they was suppose to protect and serve.
Dr KIMONI Aylar önce
John Trooper
John Trooper Aylar önce
that's why we need to get rid of local policing....poorly trained...everyone can easily pass police academy
John Trooper
John Trooper Aylar önce
@SEM other countries cops trained for 2 years
SEM Aylar önce
Police academy takes 6 months. Cosmetology takes 2 years. See the issue
Mustang Vst
Mustang Vst Aylar önce
Armed trigger happy gangsters doing lot more damage to society because they aren't in the check. They should be sued, but the outcome shouldn't be just monetary penalty to the police gang. It won't solve future problems. Take it to the law makers and implement checks and changes in policies for these gangsters. Better training and policy to not be trigger happy. If any one worries about their safety they can leave the police force and join official gangs.
Alfatazer _
Alfatazer _ Aylar önce
200+ rounds fired 4 dead - 2 suspects, 1 hostage, 1 random driver Miami Police: Mission accomplished.
Jose Villa
Jose Villa Aylar önce
Im starting to hate police.
David Santos
David Santos Aylar önce
Then cops wonder why people act the way they do. They're more villians these days then heros.
David Santos
David Santos Aylar önce
These cops have no Fucking training. They decide to have a shootout on a highway filled with civilians and cars. Rather then maybe deploy gas bombs or get the swat team or wait until they are away from people. Try to get the driver out safe. That had no regard for anyones life these cops. And to the Cowards who caused it all. I hope they burn in hell. Absolute trash they are. Instead of just fleeing they highjacked a car that cost 2 innocent lives. Sad man.
Lucky S
Lucky S Aylar önce
That chase should have been called off. Very sad.
Joe Drnec
Joe Drnec Aylar önce
It was entirely the responsibility of the police that 4 are dead. They should have backed off and followed with helicopters until the suspects exited the vehicle, then scooped them up with ground units. They only drive crazy because the cops are chasing them. Its the cops endangering lives, and killing people in this situation.
Demontre Oguinn
Demontre Oguinn Aylar önce
Salty Dog
Salty Dog Aylar önce
If the POS lenient sentencing judges actually did their job, these lifetime criminal thugs would have never been on the street. Their criminal history is enough where they should have been locked up for life before this incident even occurred. If you commit a robbery while using a gun as a tool of compulsion, there should be a mandatory minimum 25 years in prison.
vikings844 Aylar önce
Police will hire anybody these days! Let's just aimlessly turn a UPS truck into swiss cheese with innocent civilians around! Wow!!! Ridiculous
0ddMonk3y Aylar önce
This the type of shit you see in GTA.
bzacon Aylar önce
Dumb shit fucking cops. I bet I could stop a delivery truck without killing everyone inside.
bzacon Aylar önce
Can't be that hard to catch a UPS truck.
BLACK JACK Aylar önce
(Search) Telemundo ups driver
BoostedSwaps Aylar önce
Theo Haas
Theo Haas Aylar önce
Let me get this straight there are cops using innocent civilians and their properties as human Shields opening fire on innocent civilians total disregard for innocent civilian human life Nothing to see here folks just move along move right along as the terrorist cops will get a paid vacation a paid promotion probably high-fiving drinking a beer while the chief says they did a good job America I don't know about you but enough is enough is enough!!
Control Z
Control Z Aylar önce
The police did exactly what they're trained to do. If you want to point a finger at someone, point it to the idiotic mindset that got those losers to steal that UPS truck.
Roberto Arrieta
Roberto Arrieta Aylar önce
My only question. What if the hostage was an officer instead of a UPS driver. I’m sure they would have taken another way to handle the situation.
Echad Lev Shtim
Echad Lev Shtim Aylar önce
Government, Cops, Military, Politicians, Mass Media, etc. Are all the DEVIL. It is all a Big Show to program you to believe it serves you or something bigger, but it is ALL just a Criminal Network of Human Exploitation that has no qualms murdering, raping, and pillaging whilst not even held to the same laws as Citizen. The far reaching effects of Authoritarian rule over society is exponential over just any random act by civilian. The Indoctrinative blind support of these Corrupt institution is a Normalized Mental Illness, where the obvious and logical and moral reason are ignored willfully by millions of Americans playing stupid in the most spineless cowardly way.
T D Aylar önce
Let me guess the 2 innocents are cannon fodder
Elevated Aylar önce
How horrible can you handle that situation, they could’ve been more patient with them. Killing innocent lives during evening rush, is just stupidity as it is.
Invest N Invent
Invest N Invent Aylar önce
Helicopters and drones should have patrolled the whole chase solo no squad cars during hostage rush hour.
memo Sanchez
memo Sanchez Aylar önce
All because someone's amazon dildo got stolen
Chachi Snicklefritters
Chachi Snicklefritters Aylar önce
Police are trained to escalate the situation nowadays. The government teaches police military tactics to expand its power and authority over masses. The government hires the selfish and power hungry people to enforce their opinions on you. Their is no high level education requirement for the police. You might think we are free now... just wait a few years... The same people who are sworn to fight for our rights are the exact same people taking them away. There is no war on freedom in Afghanistan or whatever country. The war is being fought in Congress and Senate. The others “wars” America has is for oil and money. The love of money is the root of all evil. Call me a BOOMER!!! I’m not even 21 and I know more about how the world works.
Odysseus1790Gaming Aylar önce
Y’all blaming the cops when the stupid robbers did all this to begin with. The ups driver life and blood is on the robbers hands. Condolences to his family.
Josiah Bjertness
Josiah Bjertness Aylar önce
Police are not supposed to fire first. The moment this hit the interstate it left their jurisdiction. Why wasn't the FBI called?SWAT for that matter.
Lucy Quintero
Lucy Quintero Aylar önce
It's always the black thugs causing problems in this country 🤦🏻‍♀️
iNREEk Aylar önce
Stupid pigs smgdh
Corey Lemons
Corey Lemons Aylar önce
Innocent people were killed over jewelry....
crusty21 Aylar önce
If every working civilian was trained to pack heat from the jewelry store to the UPS driver...none of this would have ever happened...none of it..! ! !
L gd
L gd Aylar önce
always the same with US police " innocent killed"
Jay Wreckx
Jay Wreckx Aylar önce
The after math looked like grand Theft Auto after the police kill you as the screen turns dark and the cops walk back to their cars in slow mo they killed everything in the truck including the man they were suppose to save Sad.....
Atarah 68
Atarah 68 Aylar önce
Piros voice is annoying, trying to sound so sympathetic
Ari Bari
Ari Bari Aylar önce
Yeah they definitely shouldn't have engaged in fire while civilians were in harms way. Something needs to be done about the lack of training in law enforcement. What a shame for the innocent lives lost.
lp Aylar önce
Anyone could have died in that, if the criminal fired why return the danger. Anyone could have died by just being in the area. Could have waited for the area to clear. Brought in snipers. Shooting is more fun.
mightysun89 Aylar önce
Because of their stupidity, 2 innocent people couldn't go to their loved ones. Is such a sad thing.
kaleb stover
kaleb stover Aylar önce
this is embarrassing and absolute bullshit what kind of officers use occupied civilian vehicles as cover and make no effort to clear the area or to not pose an immediate threat to the robbers to attempt to de escalate the situation instead they fire on a vehicle with an innocent man inside and fire with many civilians in their backstop this could have ended up with many more civilian casualties thoughts and prayers to the families of the young UPS driver and the 70 year old man who were killed hopefully some much needed training is in the very near future for these officers who had no regard for innocent life that day
Luther Smith
Luther Smith Aylar önce
Did you see the soccer ball come out of the back of the UPS truck? I could hear a faint scream, it said Wilson.
Exotic Thirst
Exotic Thirst Aylar önce
Why a ups truck tho it’s missing a door 🤦🏽‍♂️
Jr Stern
Jr Stern Aylar önce
One Above All
One Above All Aylar önce
Cops show up everyone does damn
tHeWasTeDYouTh Aylar önce
damn is this the next GTA game set in VICE CITY. nice I think one of the drivers had a purple shirt, was a Ballas gang member, didn't know they operated in Vice City
Z Aylar önce
This is basic 101 academy stuff never hurt innocent people. What fuck. 10-20 in prison for every cops bullet found in the victims body. How can this still be happening. The LA PD learned not to pursue sue in the 90s. People need to go to jail for this.
J Aylar önce
Remember when that LAPD cop was killing cops, ‘Dorner’ was his name. And the cops were so scared of their own shadows that they were blasting away at everyone they saw. They shot a mail delivery truck 100 times. This is our ‘heroes’. I’ve been around the world, especially a lot of 3rd world countries and our police are hands down, the worst. The police in Africa were better.
ravishingdiana Aylar önce
Come on! If they had a man hostage the police shouldn’t have shoot. Like come on man.
one china only
one china only Aylar önce
What's in the truck I wonder?
Booty Bandit
Booty Bandit Aylar önce
The cops just shot wildly at the truck. They should have handled that in a more professional
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