6 White People vs 1 Secret Black Person

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Marco Ulmanella
Marco Ulmanella 3 saatler önce
This would be so much better if it was 6 black people one white oh my god it would be sooo funny
mark naples
mark naples 6 saatler önce
this is white fishing
Zack Glickert
Zack Glickert 6 saatler önce
he’s... a crime fighting beaver
mad max
mad max 6 saatler önce
Me: trying to guess who is it 👁👄👁
mad max
mad max 6 saatler önce
"Anna, Anna is the one" Anna: the most white girl I've ever seen.
Cheezy Breezy
Cheezy Breezy 7 saatler önce
This is the whitest vid ever lol
Isabella C
Isabella C 9 saatler önce
Why does brandon lowkey look like kristoff
FaithTrillx 9 saatler önce
I didn’t like that one question if ykyk💀
Bella C C
Bella C C 9 saatler önce
2:05 I'm the only one who thinks Kylie sounds like Kylie Jenner 😂?
Saucyaka42 1
Saucyaka42 1 10 saatler önce
The mole shouldn’t have voted it’s no fair
Don Reymo
Don Reymo 13 saatler önce
I'm glad the black person won because that just proves that all of us are equal.Blacks and whites are sinilar and if you were blindfolded,you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between them and this goes for all races.
Nayan Nair
Nayan Nair 15 saatler önce
Oh my god I love your intro!!!!!!!!!!
Kat Montanez
Kat Montanez 16 saatler önce
I was rooting for Elizabeth the whole time
A P 19 saatler önce
I literally love Elizabeth
verena paulaa
verena paulaa 22 saatler önce
Is Elizabeth the same girl who was also in the Dating 20 Guys from 20 different countries bc in that video her name was Leesie I think I'm not sure😂
Tanmay Ghadge
Tanmay Ghadge Gün önce
Good thing is we know who is the black person and we don't have to guess too hard
muahahahahah MUHAHHAHAHAHAHA Gün önce
I love mariah
Luz C.
Luz C. Gün önce
Ok but can we talk about cody and Elizabeth? They have such good chemistry totally ship. They should be in a romance movie together
Proxy Gaming
Proxy Gaming Gün önce
The Cody guy appeared in the other episode where the girl decides which guy stays and speed dates
YouTube drama With a gacha gal
YouTube drama With a gacha gal Gün önce
Mariah:“Like baked rolls” Elizabeth:“Oh Like DuMpLiNgS” I loved Elizabeth’s dancing lol.
Josh B
Josh B Gün önce
why is Chris Pratt in a jubilee video?
YOGI YOGI Gün önce
8:24 Elizabeth's reaction kinda speaks for itself. *PRAY* YOU PRAY IF YOU'RE BLACK.
YOGI YOGI Gün önce
Cody listening real hard for that "black" voice in the beginning.
Hola soy Dora
Hola soy Dora Gün önce
why is Elizabeth blind folded?
Lucas Playz
Lucas Playz Gün önce
Moriah and elizabeth LMAO
beatriz Villar
beatriz Villar Gün önce
brandon looks like chris pratt
Potter Cogs
Potter Cogs Gün önce
*my tactic in this game is to be as white as possible* Ehhhhh uhhhhhh ok?.
Pinkuu ✔️
Pinkuu ✔️ Gün önce
I love how it says “one is a liar” yet, none of them are 😂
Bloxburg Builds
Bloxburg Builds Gün önce
BRUH why does that kylie sound like kylie jenner
Lily Gün önce
Put every white rapper in this with one black
soochu Gün önce
Everyone else: I’m White. Elizabeth: I’m Black. *_One of them is a liar_* 👁 👁 👄
Blossom from Power Puff Girls Z
Blossom from Power Puff Girls Z Gün önce
“Cop pulls you over...” Elizabeth: *facepalms.*
HØRUS Gün önce
There’s a *JOJO* reference in the video... find it
Ely Boyd
Ely Boyd Gün önce
One isn't a lier watch the start of it again - nobody is lying
NOICE 2 gün önce
god i love being white
KPOPstan 2 gün önce
wait if elizabeth said she was black in the beginning is she really a liar? cause in all the other ones in the beginning they say they are all one thing but in this one it’s different
Henry ESJ
Henry ESJ 2 gün önce
reign scott
reign scott 2 gün önce
You can usally tell by their voice
Mister Panda Von Hippo
Mister Panda Von Hippo 2 gün önce
Brandon: my name's Brandon Erin: that's not vegan
AutisticPenguin 2 gün önce
Wait so ones the liar hymmmmmmmm
nicole cryer
nicole cryer 2 gün önce
4:39, that was a tad racist
Koa 2 gün önce
How much money do they get?
alia 2 gün önce
bruh, most the odd mans out i dont know who the mole is but this one was so easy to tell 🙄
Olivia Cameron
Olivia Cameron 2 gün önce
10/10 intro = )
Gemma Beale
Gemma Beale 2 gün önce
Elizabeth: "I'm black" Erin: "tHaTs NoT vEgAn!"
Mohammad Ashik
Mohammad Ashik 2 gün önce
It would be funny if all of them were white.
Xx.edit.helper. Xx
Xx.edit.helper. Xx 2 gün önce
They ALL try not to be racist lol 😆
Stanford Pines
Stanford Pines 2 gün önce
Xx.edit.helper. Xx even Elizabeth bc she is trying not to be stereotypically white
🔥yunknow 2 gün önce
Love how Elizabeth is playing along
Person12345677 2 gün önce
i was so excited to hear the black person say i am white then i got disappointed
Nikola Pupolina
Nikola Pupolina 2 gün önce
I stan Moriah
Kobe Langston
Kobe Langston 2 gün önce
Dude really asked about Black Panther LOL
Tahiya Marsid
Tahiya Marsid 2 gün önce
2:41 crew: whats ur tactic going into this?" anna : "i tried to be as friendly as possible" so shes saying black ppl arent friendly? -_-
CoolGuy CG
CoolGuy CG 2 gün önce
Not white enough LOL...
Spoiltmilk 2 gün önce
They had such a missed opportunity to talk about what hair care products they use and stuff ab hair... cmon now
Jay Chelo
Jay Chelo 3 gün önce
alright everyone... say the n word
PurpleGlaze 3 gün önce
Why does Kylie look like Billie eilish
Yilmar Molinares
Yilmar Molinares 3 gün önce
I wanted her to win and she did SO HA TAKE THAT SUCKERS
Sparkling Lemon-Lime Pop
Sparkling Lemon-Lime Pop 3 gün önce
yaSSS GET YA reparations GIRLL!! 👏👏👏😤
Sparkling Lemon-Lime Pop
Sparkling Lemon-Lime Pop 3 gün önce
3:12 --onwards had me laughing. "...if u ask questions you might be able to find _something_ ."
Malainee Ward
Malainee Ward 3 gün önce
Elizabeth's silent asides to the audience were AWESOME!!
randi marie
randi marie 3 gün önce
Alaina Garcia
Alaina Garcia 3 gün önce
Ryan looks like Charlie Puth
Byron Rees
Byron Rees 3 gün önce
Ummm why did the black person have to wear a mask
Ashlyn Ciurana
Ashlyn Ciurana 3 gün önce
The most racists question was when Ryan said “what do you do when a cop pulls you over” wow
Elena Bala
Elena Bala Gün önce
Ashlyn Ciurana that wasn’t racist. It’s a fact that black people get pulled over more just because of their skin, then are often killed or mistreated by the justice system. That question was too identify who has white privilege and who doesn’t.
Polska MrówkaTV
Polska MrówkaTV 3 gün önce
This video shows perfectly that we all are actually equal
Sheev Palpatine
Sheev Palpatine 3 gün önce
my my, how the tables have turned
morgan 3 gün önce
YES THE GUY THAT SAID "my race is human"
Kasia 3 gün önce
elizabeth is so jarring😭😭
Paula Jungreithmair
Paula Jungreithmair 3 gün önce
Why is this whole thing sooo racist
Idda b
Idda b 3 gün önce
The intro is so cute
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