A Critique of Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Part 3

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25 gün önce

This is Part 3 of 6 of a series of videos all about Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
We continue where we essentially left off, Han Solo meeting Rey and Finn, leading to the Rathtar's scene. A scene filled with confusing and contradictory writing along with monster meatballs.
Soon after, we progress into the very chunky middle portion of the plot line while taking tangents into The Lord of the Rings, Captain America: Civil War, The Shining, Ready Player One, The Simpsons and more in this 4 hour selection of Star Wars analysis.
The cameos that were present in the older parts have now been removed from current and future instalments because they are drastically out of date - My fault for the production time taking so long. Otherwise, the video is essentially very similar to the two previous parts in form.
The Thumbnail art is courtesy of Oliver Pocock
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0:00:00 - Introduction.
0:00:51 - Han Solo's reputation.
0:02:08 - The executions of nostalgia in storytelling.
0:09:29 - The miserable tale of Han Solo and his dice.
0:13:28 - Opening up Rey and Han's relationship and what it costs.
0:17:00 - The many mistakes in writing during the Rathtar scene.
0:23:40 - The execution of throwaway lines in storytelling.
0:36:58 - You should go and Watch YMS' video on Kimba: The White Lion.
0:39:18 - Rey solves problems by accident and without requiring appreciation for it.
0:43:22 - Han Solo has been irreparably damaged.
0:46:09 - Who is to blame for the fugitives escaping?
0:47:27 - Addressing (Character X was always incompetent)
0:57:55 - How The First Order's targets are backwards and why.
1:04:04 - The characterisation that was intended and the result.
1:09:59 - Wish fulfilment characters don't have definition. - What are her choices?
1:26:19 - Explaining Luke's disappearance and the map.
1:30:05 - Developing Rey and Han's relationship - What could have been.
1:38:56 - What is ADR and what can we infer about TFA in relation to it?
1:44:33 - The difference in cantina execution between ANH and TFA.
1:45:36 - Maz Kanata is confusing.
1:49:44 - What is Kylo's goal? Why is the helmet here and Anakin is not?
1:54:17 - Infinite product to consume.
2:00:14 - Maz's advice and purpose.
2:01:38 - Addressing Finn's character history and consistency.
2:09:16 - The new Stormtroopers and why they are particularly incompetent.
2:12:09 - Cosmonaut Variety Hour is entirely hypocritical when discussing media.
2:17:50 - How characters are often introduced and understood and how that compares to Rey.
2:20:16 - Anakin's Lightsaber and the Force-back.
2:36:44 - What is the Republic and does this world care?
2:39:57 - The physics/resources of Starkiller base.
2:46:38 - (That's not how space works) how lazy writing can destroy a franchise.
3:01:28 - Maz's motivation?
3:04:01 - Rey has developed sharp shooting and the cantina has been destroyed.
3:12:52 - Rian Johnson's baffling decisions when it comes to deleted scenes and an explanation from Rich Evans.
3:18:04 - Maz vs. Yoda - The difference in creation when comparing the trilogies.
3:21:33 - Finn's encounter with a very specific kind of trooper and what that means.
3:29:10 - Rey is captured by Kylo Ren, How and why?
3:35:29 - A counter to Whataboutism
3:37:45 - The Outro - Links to other content.
3:45:39 - MauLer Merchandise!
3:51:48 - Stingers.


shuki jipota
shuki jipota Saatler önce
dude no offence, but I can watch two amazing full feature length films instead of this video of you talking about a movie for 4 hours lol (and as I understand that's not even the end of it). So many better things to do than this. I always wonder who actually wastes their time on this type of stuff?
BuddyBudsen 2 saatler önce
2:39:00 The explanaition is simple: Kyber-Crystals. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
M Yes
M Yes 4 saatler önce
If u hate this movies why did u watch it so many times? U know how many time ive watched the new starwarz? None. But i logged 50hrs in people dissing it. Much better this way Some could say....this is the way
Raditzdm 4 saatler önce
The dice would be like having your friend give your wife your heavily used fleshlight after you died. Without cleaning it btw.
Michael Reborn
Michael Reborn 4 saatler önce
The dice would be like if some guy took an engagement or wedding ring back from a woman, only to propose to another woman with the same ring lol.
Tikiwiki 5 saatler önce
there are some times where i think you go too off topic even if i agree with you like when you talk about cosmonaut and tlj editing
Owen Barclay
Owen Barclay 5 saatler önce
Took me all day to gradually watch this and I loved every second. Creators like you are what is keeping Star Wars alive
Cátia Lewis
Cátia Lewis 6 saatler önce
You be stretching that 10 minute mark tho
Adrien Follézou
Adrien Follézou 7 saatler önce
Disney killed star wars
The Jon Brown Show
The Jon Brown Show 10 saatler önce
2:58:40 for that scene with the force ironing, where was that from lol? Your word choice and editing always gets me xD
Jerry Martin Montalvo Morales
Jerry Martin Montalvo Morales 10 saatler önce
You got it wrong the real title Is the wake of the force..
Ciro Galli
Ciro Galli 10 saatler önce
Let's review Star Warts. As you can see in the the Lord of the Rings...
The Jon Brown Show
The Jon Brown Show 10 saatler önce
2:29:00 I'm just surprised Rey would call the falcon garbage, yet Anakin's lightsaber she respected
Owen Barclay
Owen Barclay 11 saatler önce
George Lucas cared about making art, the team working on the Disney trilogy cared about making money. Every other detail of why these movies suck is an extension of this single point.
The Jon Brown Show
The Jon Brown Show 11 saatler önce
As far as j.j and Disney's idea if balance goes, kylo's "burn the past" mentality at the end of return of the Jedi being the basis of rise of Skywalker could of saved the trilogy (all 3 movies are shit, in particular last Jedi granted, but that silver lining showed they had a chance to atleast have the trilogy end on a good, ORIGINAL high note(not that much of a high ground given the foundation, but I wouldn't have personally just give up on the star wars franchise atleast xD))
Jacob Battashi
Jacob Battashi 13 saatler önce
2:17:00 another difference is that Maul is a random demon dude with a red double lightsaber that has already tried to kill you. Douku is a known politician and one of the leaders of the opposing army, and even if he tries to kill you he is disarmed , literally (as you said)
The Jon Brown Show
The Jon Brown Show 17 saatler önce
1:24:54 wait what movie was that xD I don't remember that from revenge of the sith
Badazztard 19 saatler önce
1:06:00 So Rey's parents left because Rey was too perfect of a child. Makes sense.
Jacob Battashi
Jacob Battashi 20 saatler önce
1:10:20 Rey is just every main character of a bad fanfic...
Jacob Battashi
Jacob Battashi 20 saatler önce
1:02:57 is one of the scenes I hate the most. like fk why does this none-imposing bad guy have the explain it like that so there is no mystery what so ever? It's still obvious Kylo is Han Solo and Leia's son, but Kylo know that too, so why have to add "Your father Han Solo" . ?! Such poor writing
R R Gün önce
Having been an officer in the Navy Admirals do not justify themselves to subordinates. That entire line of conversation is laughable. You have NO right to know. Stupid.
Super Sheepy
Super Sheepy Gün önce
It's what happens when you do a one draft thinking star wars is superheroes in space, skipping the origin story just seems like a rollercoaster without risk or thrills
Gastermon Gün önce
He talks about how the plots of the sequals are too convenient, yet Qui Gon Jinn and Obi Wan literally just randomly found the chosen one on an outer rim planet.
Kh2fan 1
Kh2fan 1 17 saatler önce
So 1 comvenience, albeit an extremely lucky convenience that Qui Gon feels is the will of the Force, giving at least some kind of half baked explanation. Vs an entire film whose entire plotline revolves around convenience and contrivance
Gastermon Gün önce
Personally, I still like the sequals over the prequals. The prequals put me to sleep, as I don't care for politics and boring characters (experience Ewan McGregor and Jar Jar). The characters in the sequals are full of personality, and the movies feel fun.
Professor Heavy's Source Shenanigans
Professor Heavy's Source Shenanigans Gün önce
32:16 It's also worth mentioning that this scene also had some slight foreshadowing when Waternoose was chasing Sullivan, such as "Sullivan pressing the wrong button" and "not Boo's door". Eagle eyed viewers who pay attention to detail can see this. So not ONLY is it made a possibility, the film even subtly indicates the possibility just before it happens.
Office Icarus
Office Icarus Gün önce
0:41 _'Please check out parts one & two for context, unless your new here...'_ Or established fan that never got around to those predecessors and now unreasonably elated with this new content and cannot resist or turn back Fck Yeah *This Is Happening!!*
Gray Gün önce
You know, I really appreciate you giving examples and explaining your positions. I feel like that's really something a lot of youtubers and people in general don't do with their discourse, and it really helps me understand your perspective and point. That in turn lets me either confidently agree with it, or confidently *dis*agree if I find, hey, I don't quite come to the same conclusion you do. Far as I'm concerned you've got the best analytical content on the internet, man. The doubtlessly insane effort that goes into these videos is much appreciated. =)
Jared Elwart
Jared Elwart Gün önce
I’d like it to be known that people can and do undergo significant trauma and end up appearing much more well-adjusted than one might expect. I see it *much* more frequently than you’d think.
TheOvalOwl Gün önce
Good video or whatever but I really wish it was longer. I feel like you could've elaborated much more than you did. You just breezed over everything. That's really my only criticism. (only joking youtube, it's sarcasm i promise)
There's something about the uniformity of tone and monotony of the narration that gives me a massive migraine.
Louis Frink
Louis Frink Gün önce
holy fuck is this for real? its longer than the whole trilogy
eiji niizuma
eiji niizuma 8 saatler önce
thats a rookie concern mauler has dedicated days to deconstructing TLJ
Kyle7885 Gün önce
One critique of you comments about Finn shouldn’t have been sent out on a mission as a janitor by the First Order. It’s plausible to think that in a militaristic society, the logistics staff are also trained soldiers. They could have a policy to cycle them in and out of combat regularly to make sure the support staff is relatively proficient in combat if they needed to send them into a fight. The problem with that is it would take some kind of actual world building. As you point out, the kind of brutal childhood he experienced should show itself in his interactions with others and ongoing PTSD.
Noshur Viverse
Noshur Viverse Gün önce
Of course, it would be pretty contrived for a soldier who apparently spent his entire career as a janitor to be rotated into his first mission that just so happens to be the one that is perhaps the most important for the FO to succeed to accomplish their goals.
Alex Brogan
Alex Brogan Gün önce
It would have been so easy to explain Rey running away from the cantina. Just show some kind of ship port in the distance and have Rey ask what’s over there so Han can explain both to her and the audience what it is giving ample motivation for her to flee to there so she can escape and try to go home. She was already in awe of the grass and trees so it wouldn’t seem too hamfisted to have her ask about some city like structure off in the distance. Obviously a lot of people are coming to this planet via ship so they probably want somewhere to land keep their ships. It would also provide a reasonable location for Kylo to land and discover Rey. Makes sense in universe and provides all the information to make character choices make sense.
ME HOY ME NOY Gün önce
I love Star Wars now for an entirely different reason than I did growing up. Now I look at the original trilogy as what to do when writing a story, the prequels as what not to do, and the sequels as what really not to do.
ME HOY ME NOY Gün önce
The long...
ME HOY ME NOY Gün önce
It comes for us all...
John Waters
John Waters Gün önce
It’s even worse that maz doesn’t complain considering that in battlefront 2 she yells at Han for bringing the empire to her doorstep.
Emytha Amontod
Emytha Amontod Gün önce
Whatever got into the Disney studio is gone.
White Shadow
White Shadow Gün önce
I really appreciate the effort you put into these videos. It's nice to peer into the details of a movie series and you explain so many points really well. IMO, It's fine to debate why characters made decisions, but the real reason is bad writing by a director who wanted certain scenes and just didn't care how he got from one to another. Characters aren't characters, they're just 1-dimensional objects which randomly give motivations to get from A to B, regardless of character consistency. The characters appear, recite their lines and do literally nothing else, off-screen. There's no sense that the characters are thinking anything except what they are doing and saying, no guarded looks between characters for eg, as there was a bit of in the OT, which gives the writer a few ways he can take that character in later scenes. There's no sense that things are going on in the background. Every scene, the characters are all there, lined up, ready for their set-piece scene, it ends, and they move to the next scene. It's all so childishly done. It's like the characters are being controlled by 6-year-olds. No motivation is more complicated than "Gotta do this! OK, done it. Gotta do this! OK, done it. No character has more intelligence than a bad guy in a Saturday morning cartoon; most have less. Nothing is done with the familial relationships of the main characters. Nothing is explained really about how the universe got from the end of VI to now - it's just jumped somehow. I think this simplicity is because there was just no thought put into anything except to speed from A to B to C to D to (end of movie), A-D being "cool" scenes the director thought of in the 30 seconds he spent planning the movie's structure. Characters do whatever will quickly get from scene to scene. Contradictions don't matter. Along with the director's woke view of "feminism" which is just "girl beats boy and rubs his face in it" because men and women are teams which are competing, apparently, and feminism is about the women "winning". Also, I like the word "deuteragonist"
Davin Rossi
Davin Rossi 2 gün önce
3:07:19 "Da fack thy doin there?"
Anagram Confirmed
Anagram Confirmed 2 gün önce
Ban anybody who says they have adblock.
Gerard Duffy
Gerard Duffy 2 gün önce
This entire video is fucking brilliant. Seriously I would say it's better than the entire sequel trilogy but really it's better than most of the star wars films. Please watch it in its entirety May the force be with you
TyYana Hankins
TyYana Hankins 2 gün önce
Dude, Mauler your word usage is awesome 😎
yeungscs 2 gün önce
3:04:00 i approve of the choice of background music while talking about blaster skill
Kent Jensen
Kent Jensen 2 gün önce
Sorry to be dramatic, but this youtuber might be a genius. Amazing work.
Mythos Gaming
Mythos Gaming 2 gün önce
Dude packed 6 hours into a video of the first act of this movie
Seth Redmon
Seth Redmon 2 gün önce
“That’s not how space works” chapter or section. Music source?
Enosh Starcrod
Enosh Starcrod 2 gün önce
I cant get over huxs yell falling down. Also that major lee debate was rough to get through
numba2bvi 2 gün önce
Basically, it’s just terribly directed and deeply flawed in its story telling 😞😞
Dragonage2ftw 2 gün önce
It’s really easy to see how Rey would react to something. Maybe instead of being pretentious, you could watch the films?
Tryforce 333
Tryforce 333 2 gün önce
I quite like the audio editing, with the quick sounds over the movie clips
kipotato 2 gün önce
Who disliked this and why Why?
Antoine Allen
Antoine Allen 2 gün önce
The whole sequel trilogy makes the prequels look GOOD. as boring as THAT was.
400hud 2 gün önce
That is waaay too much scrutinizing of a bad movie in a worse serie.
Denker Bosu
Denker Bosu 2 gün önce
I guess the "variety" in his name meant his stance varies depending on whats convenient for him at the moment.
BLACKCURRANT Studios 2 gün önce
Love the hate on the hypocrite just after 2:00:00 he's really been pissing me off recently
R. Prokop
R. Prokop 2 gün önce
The abilities of a person does not define a character or person, fiction or otherwise; they are only parts of a person that can allow the audience know certain aspects of that said character. Yet, Disney with it's squeal movies, has been trying to make the audience believe that this is how one defines their character's motives, beliefs, decisions etc. This is not how a person or character is written, it only makes said character that much shallower and superficial; not interesting, not real or relatable.
Max Shaw
Max Shaw 2 gün önce
Broken record
Its Always Funny in Sillydelphia
Its Always Funny in Sillydelphia 2 gün önce
1:57:55 I take it the black writer dude wasn't really down with the whole Dark vs. Light analogy lmao.
Overseer76 2 gün önce
Tangentially re: Cosmonaut section: It disappoints me whenever someone hears that magic, animation or children are involved in a work of fiction and immediately decide that there are no rules. No logic. No substance. No reason to become invested in the story or its characters. That anything can happen at any time without reason and anyone who expects more is an idiot or some flavor of insane.
Overseer76 2 gün önce
This disappointment extends to the creators, too. Especially creators of children's content. Just because a property is primarily aimed at kids (who famously have yet to develop a sense of good taste) doesn't mean you stop caring. Where do you think those kids DEVELOP their sense of taste? Their sense of right and wrong and conflict and resolution and aspirations and dislikes? And besides; not even children enjoy being pandered to. You know why R-Rated movies of the 80s were big hits with the underage crowd? Because they were mature stories that helped make their world make sense even when they didn't understand half of it. You throw logic and reason out the window and you end up with confused psyches. Kids don't want to emulate kids' fare. They want to BE adults, so show them how being an adult works. Respect your children and they will respect you. (Note that this does not mean letting them do/say/consume anything they want without supervision. Your wisdom is their guidance.)
John Shepard
John Shepard 2 gün önce
@2:11:30 has anyone ever done a count of stormtroopers' deaths in all the films?
PD Zombie
PD Zombie 2 gün önce
1. Introduction: Well, Hello, again!! 2. Han Solo's reputation: I guess he went back to smuggling since that's what people knew him for... It's not like general who helped save the galaxy was gonna stick or anything!!! 3. The executions of nostalgia in storytelling: nostalgia is too pretty of a word to describe what Abrams does, you should call it: Pornostalgia!!! 4. The miserable tale of Han Solo and his dice: The success of Abrams comes from making you fell things with his movies in the short run, but it's obviou none of his work will be seen or studied in a couple of decades... 5. The many mistakes in writing during the Rathtar scene: Not to mention the wasting of two of the best current martial art actors from The Raid by having them get eaten by a giant monster... When you have more fun watching the videos critizicing the movies than watching the movies, an you start to think maybe it wasn't so bad they were made after all... Like comedians and journalist are having their best season ever with Trump... Although, that probably should have been avoided. Let's hope you can finish your series before Martin finishes A Song of Ice and Fire. Thanx, Mauler!!!
Natty 2 gün önce
How did kylo get off deathstar 2?
Brian Lisk
Brian Lisk 2 gün önce
Why don’t you just enjoy the film?
Ro man
Ro man 2 gün önce
Because it's shit? You might enjoy that, but most of us don't
kgiivMichael Price
kgiivMichael Price 2 gün önce
I'll give rey a pass for combat here's why if anyone stayed on a shit planet with thieves and all around shady people they'll eventually learn to throw hands to protect themselves
Bee Waifu
Bee Waifu 2 gün önce
Which EFAP was it with the guy defending the dice? The one where RAGS gets super pissed off.
Lunartic 2 gün önce
@Bee Waifu Really? That debate made me lose brain cells. It's so painful to listen to.
Bee Waifu
Bee Waifu 2 gün önce
@DisplayThisOkay Thank you very much. That one always made me laugh.
DisplayThisOkay 2 gün önce
EFAP 25 The Maj0r Lee Debate
Nicholas Atticus
Nicholas Atticus 3 gün önce
Love the B5 references. Such an underrated series.
Kosdan 3 gün önce
I'm so glad that you've pointed out the strange view of the Force that has become prevalent, completely at odds with Lucas' vision. That clip of his explanation is my go to as well when trying to correct people.
Ike of Pyke
Ike of Pyke 3 gün önce
Finns fight was suppose to be against phasma but I believe Gwendoline, who does most of her own stunt and swords work, had scheduling conflicts for that other franchise she's in that also crashed horribly
Ike of Pyke
Ike of Pyke Gün önce
@Noshur Viverse Gwendoline is 6'3/6'4, a touch taller than most of the male actors in hollywood(around 5'10), meaning you'd need to find a stunt preformer taller than normal( as most stunt prefomrers are picked on height and build to the original actor and why you rarely see a stunt preformer taller than than their actor), who has christine's build (good luck with that if you seen her nude modeling, she has a weirdly symmetrical waist to chest ratio) if you want to make the stunt actor wear her suit/suits and fit properly. Or make new suits and then you have to teach them the choreography, just because she wasn't available for the scene. Or you could use one of the available stunt team who can fit into the Strom trooper armor which clearly they made hundred of, for the various scenes and stunts involving storm troopers and have them & John do the scene with slightly different choreography with the only ADR needed is someone with a clearly modulated voice and not even have to change much
Noshur Viverse
Noshur Viverse Gün önce
I have trouble believing that since, you know, they could just stick anyone in the armor and get a handful of ADR lines recorded afterwards.
Dandy Noble
Dandy Noble 3 gün önce
In defense of Harvey Dent's attempted murder, there is an explanation for how he got a gun into the prison system and past the pat-down. It's the very thing Harvey is seeking to combat: the corruption of the police, prison, and court in Gotham. So how did he get a gun in? They let him. But then, why was it carbon fiber? Well whether or not they would let him get a gun in, they still can't let anyone who isn't in on it hear/see the metal detector going off, otherwise they'd have no choice but to reveal and confiscate the gun. About Katana though, yeah, totally on the nose. What they did with her is like if in Justice League they just had Cyborg bring Martian Manhunter along at the end and say, "oh btdubs this is my man Martian, he can shapeshift, fly, read minds, and phase through solid matter. Don't light any fires around him."
raven 3 gün önce
3:15:50 Jesus Christ, how the hell was that not included in the film. Rian Jhonson is a bafoon. He should be apologizing to star wars fans on his knees.
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