A mystic caterpillar makes sense of Kayleigh McEnany's address

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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

28 gün önce

A mystic caterpillar tries to make sense of Kayleigh McEnany's defense of Donald Trump's tweet criticizing NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace. Watch the full segment on CBS All Access. #TOTN #TooningOut
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Clip air date 7/8/2020

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Pamela George
Pamela George 7 gün önce
What an idiot!💩. Get a real job!🤐. 💙🇺🇸💙Vote Blue!💙🇺🇸💙
Bob Rac
Bob Rac 15 gün önce
Hate school for dummies and Dem rats trump 2020 thank you 😎
Beck Cetera
Beck Cetera 8 gün önce
One more time?
Doug Schaufele
Doug Schaufele 15 gün önce
Trump hired her because she reminds him of Ivanka and turns him on! She lies really well like Ivanka too!
Sara De Vos
Sara De Vos 16 gün önce
So good!!! Such a high level of creativity! I couldn't do without my dose of sarcasm these days!
fredflints 16 gün önce
To work in the trump administration you need to leave your soul at the door.
John Anderson
John Anderson 17 gün önce
It's funny how conservatives can watch the full unedited clip and come to their own conclusion but liberals need a biased cartoon to tell them what Kayleigh Mcenany "is actually saying" instead of just listening to the woman speak with their own ears.
Beck Cetera
Beck Cetera 8 gün önce
Why is she speaking with their ears? :O
Sweet Potato
Sweet Potato 19 gün önce
A narcissist does not know she or he is lying. Trump is the king of narcissism and now he found another queen. She believes this crap for real. That is the scary with all Trumptards.
American Pie
American Pie 21 gün önce
Ah hahaha. Steven Colbert and Fembots are scared of real and strong females. Machinegun Kayleigh can take on any man or fembot and still have time to touch up her hair and nails... You jealous 😂
Beck Cetera
Beck Cetera 7 gün önce
@American Pie Yeah...me and everyone else who saw Austin Powers would know that.
American Pie
American Pie 7 gün önce
@Beck Cetera You would know
Beck Cetera
Beck Cetera 8 gün önce
Fembot? I don't think robots have feelings so they wouldn't be "scared"...and I'm pretty sure if you order one they come with their hair and nails already done?
elchinator 21 gün önce
Give Barbie with her empty plastic head the job and wait for the result.... Oh wait, you did!
Joshua Smeltzer
Joshua Smeltzer 22 gün önce
The only thing I want to know is where did that caterpillar get his weed? The rest I hope everyone gets it
Beck Cetera
Beck Cetera 8 gün önce
The caterpillar smokes a hookah - sorry bud, no weed there.
Wolf Thorn
Wolf Thorn 22 gün önce
So you think it's OK to perpetuate the hoax of systemic racism? Then when you get busted for being an idiot and causing your fellow drivers undue stress, and no apology? Guys a dick in my view.
Matt Harlow
Matt Harlow 22 gün önce
Who gave the sorostitute a microphone? Oh wait is she one of Tiffany Trump's sorority sisters??
Dan Levan
Dan Levan 22 gün önce
McEnany is as hot as she is dumb. And personally, I think she is sssssmokin !
Adrienne Bolles
Adrienne Bolles 22 gün önce
Be the caterpillar.
SWog 23 gün önce
You should get her on your show, Steve. Have a little debate. Your viewers don't think she's very bright... even though she's been humiliating the Liberal media on a daily basis. Piece of cake, right? LOL. You debate her, and hopefully Biden will come up from the basement to debate Trump. You can both prove your mental a-cue-ih-tee and crush the Republicans in one fell swoop. Just to foreshadow the inevitable... it will be a pretty sack-less move on Biden's part when he bails on the debates "for the good of the country", no?
Beck Cetera
Beck Cetera 8 gün önce
Just to foreshadow the inevitable, the interview with McEnany has likely been requested by Stephen's team (and other shows) and declined by the Trump Administration. Do you think he can just have whoever he wants on his show and the snap of a finger? If you do, you must be mistaken for the current policy of the US government to only do interviews with media outlets that allow pre-approved questions, segments, filming, etc. that need to go through government editing before airing. What kind of debate would that be? Plus, Stephen Colbert doesn't need to do an interview with her or anyone else in the Administration, even their tight "screening" hasn't prevented the idiotic garbage they spew on national sources...so easy to take any Q&A *in context* and literally show how humiliating the US government representatives are when they face global scrutiny.
aleph mage
aleph mage 23 gün önce
christians will go along with anything
Peter Ros
Peter Ros 23 gün önce
Its official, this blonde, IS dumb!
S G 23 gün önce
Is there a level of telling lies that causes someone to self combust??? She gives Kellyanne Conway a run for her money.
Regina Chester
Regina Chester 23 gün önce
Verbal rubbish to justify anything and create an illusion; not for the public, but in their own minds to justify any action they're willing to act upon.
Jeffrey Photonboy
Jeffrey Photonboy 24 gün önce
*The Sky is... Blue?* Trump: "The Fake News keeps saying the sky is blue. It's actually yellow... it's clearly yellow because I looked up and saw it myself during an eclipse, but the Democrats are trying to hurt my re-election chances" Reporter: "Kayleigh, why did the President say the sky isn't blue" Kayleigh: "What the President is trying to say in his role as a strong leader is that we are living in a toxic atmosphere which colors our perceptions, so CNN should apologize for misleading the American people."
Kelly Moore
Kelly Moore 24 gün önce
Where's Stephen now..
Amira Nour
Amira Nour 24 gün önce
What's surprising is this girl is actually SMART. She has a law degree, was in the top of her class and went to Harvard.
Beck Cetera
Beck Cetera 8 gün önce
Are we sure? With US admission scandals finally coming out over the past couple years it's hard to vet any "connected alumni" for their academic feats. Hope she actually earned it.
Dead Planet
Dead Planet 24 gün önce
Where's Colbert? ...been arrested for his Epstein Island visits already?
Beck Cetera
Beck Cetera 8 gün önce
Has Trump?
Paul Martin
Paul Martin 24 gün önce
I guess money *can* by anything...
Olsen65 24 gün önce
George Orwell is laughing at this amateur.
Auntie Ar
Auntie Ar 24 gün önce
It’s a madhouse
Oddbodmom !
Oddbodmom ! 24 gün önce
One damn good spin-master here..
bob lewis
bob lewis 24 gün önce
Only the best people. Oy.
richard alderson
richard alderson 24 gün önce
Kaaly is Doody
tinker bee
tinker bee 25 gün önce
The race card allows one call everyone around them racist and then realize they were wrong in not apologize to anyone... it is called race card privilege
Mike Bulat
Mike Bulat 25 gün önce
colberts a hack. trump2020
None None
None None 25 gün önce
Trump & his crew: “Wanks ‘n skanks, Inc.”
Eric Larkin
Eric Larkin 25 gün önce
Literally 100+% of the drivers and crew walk with Wallace in solidarity and Trump just turns and attacks 100+% of NASCAR. Makes sense.
squeeze bag
squeeze bag 25 gün önce
Look at all the brainwashed democrats in the comments LOL
william tsanakas
william tsanakas 25 gün önce
Class dismissed!!
D Casey
D Casey 25 gün önce
Did this woman attend the now defunked Trump University? Sounds like she was an excellent student.
Laz Salaz
Laz Salaz 25 gün önce
As soon as it was reported that a noose was found in his car stall I said bullshit. Bubba shouldn't have to apologize to the FBI, he didn't call them, Nascar upper management did. WTF was the FBI doing there anyway? Are all the criminals in their top 10 list caught? Quit wasting tax money on this bullshit. It wasn't a noose and any commonsense person could tell you it wasnt. Didn't act like a noose and it was only 4ft off the ground, you couldn't hang tattoo from it. FBI you can go back to doing real investigations
Beck Cetera
Beck Cetera 8 gün önce
FEDERAL Bureau of Investigations. Their investigations are prioritized based on the interest of the FEDERAL government so don't count on them doing any *real* investigations anytime soon.
Charlotte Troubridge
Charlotte Troubridge 25 gün önce
Every time I see her, I think ‘evil Barbie’, though she may be an extremely nice and honest person outside of her job.
AB Dastgir
AB Dastgir 25 gün önce
Pandemic barbie has such a dumb punchable face ...
dona van raalte
dona van raalte 25 gün önce
She's a combination of Kellyanne and Sarah. Where does he find these people?
Kcolop is-Polockbackwards
Kcolop is-Polockbackwards 25 gün önce
C'mon folks...give her a break! She wasn't given that job to make sense.
Denni Yulius
Denni Yulius 25 gün önce
did that caterpillar just skipped....the whole chrysalis stage and....became an adult butterfly just like that? Try to make sense of that.......might actually be easier than understanding Kayleigh McEnany's defense of Donald Trump...
nic farrow
nic farrow 25 gün önce
Leave her alone! She's fully qualified for the job - long, sexy blonde hair.
Eduardo Landolt
Eduardo Landolt 26 gün önce
If she was asked if today is friday she would say no, its thursday...
jackalteo 26 gün önce
for 15k a month, ill say anything my boss want bb
Stan Current
Stan Current 26 gün önce
Is it McEnany or McEniny?
lexas 26 gün önce
Trump is a sick man.
Nicholes Vaughn
Nicholes Vaughn 26 gün önce
Way to take my advice Steve it makes the segment that much better keep it up salute
B Quinn
B Quinn 26 gün önce
The media “alleged a crime?” She thinks CNN called the FBI? Or maybe FAUX News? Dumpster Fire, Year 3.
Mike 26 gün önce
Trump should apologize for being born - and I stand by that statement.
eliot 26 gün önce
President Trump should hire, the "Mystic Caterpillar", to be his New W.H Press Secretary!
Eric Anderson
Eric Anderson 26 gün önce
Wait... the only black nascar driver finds a noose in his car bay and the FBI doesn't see something wrong with this? Then POTUS wants him to apologize? WTF for?
Chris Ashcroft
Chris Ashcroft 26 gün önce
If this keeps up....the WH and America will lose all credibility....LOL!
OriginalUTubeName 26 gün önce
(T)reasonous (R)epublican (U)sing (M)indless (P)eople.
Darrell Powell
Darrell Powell 26 gün önce
Kayleigh McEnany's like a fart in a space suit, you can't escape the smell, you have no choice but to take it in regretting the fact you made an asshole talk too much.
A Hodge
A Hodge 26 gün önce
Really hope she's being compensated properly.
Abhik Biswas
Abhik Biswas 26 gün önce
Her job: a paid liar
Mark N.
Mark N. 26 gün önce
Who is buba Wallace?
Lonely Wolf
Lonely Wolf 26 gün önce
how much time do you give her until one side of her face starts to fall down like all the other people that had to defend Trump's nonsencical nonsence
Battousai Himura81
Battousai Himura81 26 gün önce
And What is Worse than MARXISTS DemocRATS trying to promote ANARCHY,AntiCulture,CHAOS n MOB RULE in the US now?!? Explain to me What is WORSE now DemRun Cities or Republican run Cities? Last time I heard Number of Innocent Black Americans esp Children were killed by Protesters in Atlanta,Chicago,New York,Seattle etc.
CatMom 26 gün önce
Barbie Doll sickens me.
Jeanine P
Jeanine P 26 gün önce
It is so sad to see her sell her soul for money. This is the worst behavior of anyone, especially someone in her position who told us she would never lie.
Wildman2012 26 gün önce
Sucker Punch Barbie should just start dancing whenever there's a question she doesn't want to answer.
Reasonable Netizen
Reasonable Netizen 26 gün önce
Trump admn has made lying with a straight face a habit
Jason Serrano Batista
Jason Serrano Batista 26 gün önce
Kaylie, lie, lie... The slippery serpent slithers. Don't give up the day job to become an actress. You have already pigeon-holed yourself into unbelievable and unconvincing two dimensional character roles. Duhhh! In Ol' Blighty the audience would be throwing rancid tomatoes and rotten potato peels at her.
Noah Karpinski
Noah Karpinski 26 gün önce
I'm off to find a plant to make me wacky enough to make sense of that Well there's his problem. He doesn't need a plant, just some hydroxicloroquine and bleach. Incidentally, whatever happened to Trumps pet cure?
Pierangela Manzetti
Pierangela Manzetti 26 gün önce
Love Kayleigh... she's a LEGEND..none of those journalists report on ANYTHING ABOUT ALL the GOOD TRUMP IS DOING FOR USA .. no they would rather defend looting crime dismantling of USA evil bunch
Jimusmc0311 26 gün önce
"Trump is a racist" and"Trump is a sideshow" McEnany 2015 Someone please ask her to explain
The Prospectors
The Prospectors 26 gün önce
These reporters and their constant softball questioning. Gaslight Barbie wouldn't get away with that crap if they were serious
Larry Sernyk
Larry Sernyk 26 gün önce
Trump's latest LYING bimbo.
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