ADHDon't Annoy Your Wife. Al Goodwin- Full Special

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harbinger 3 gün önce
"my mum said I was an oxidant" hahaha
Sapphire Star
Sapphire Star 5 gün önce
RHCP 😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sapphire Star
Sapphire Star 5 gün önce
Automated attendant 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Johnna Marcus
Johnna Marcus 5 gün önce
Aderal sucks riddilin is so much better
Alucard 8 gün önce
alright, that was great. I was going to bed, but stayed 20 more mins cause he's just so cheerful and actually funny all the way and (no homo) really cute while doing all of that, it was so much fun to watch
Bonnie Moon
Bonnie Moon 8 gün önce
I do *NOT* have ADHD I that pie?
Barbara93 9 gün önce
He looks a bit like the bad guy from Iron Man 1.
Tuny kun
Tuny kun 11 gün önce
Andrew Christiansen
Andrew Christiansen 12 gün önce
If he is married she knows hes gay as hell lol
Filip Gräsberg
Filip Gräsberg 13 gün önce
ADHD is a bs disorder. As real as Santa Claus.
yatesmsw 13 gün önce
love the song lyrics!
Steph Powell
Steph Powell 14 gün önce
He isn't a wolf though lol? He's a wolverine?
Dr. Skulhamr
Dr. Skulhamr 14 gün önce
WHY does everyone feel the need to find a disease to explain their quirks and shortcomings? Everything is a disease. "It's not my fault. I have a disease." I just don't understand it.
*Lady Voldemort*
*Lady Voldemort* 14 gün önce
Awesome!!! I laughed maximum volume the whole thru. Love his puns!!! The Nickelback bit have me screamed and laughed histerically. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍👍👍
Cori Schaeffer
Cori Schaeffer 15 gün önce
I connect with this dude on a spiritual level lol.
TheVaultdweller 15 gün önce
So TRUE! No filter, if its funny just say it!
graceoverall 16 gün önce
Who else watched Mitch Hedberg after this? ... I used to watch him actually, and didn't know he'd reposed. Definitely a funny guy.
MeetByTheRiver 16 gün önce
Why does this sound my life lmao
jojomilles 18 gün önce
oh my god that's me, there needs to be more comedians like this guy.
MM 19 gün önce
Depends on the person. Some people do slur their words who are ADD due to the meds. MM arr
Ethan Chapman
Ethan Chapman 19 gün önce
I might be another baggerine
Mark Mangaliman
Mark Mangaliman 20 gün önce
My new favourite comedian cause I can totally relate.
dbsrlqh2001 21 gün önce
Un fuking bearable
Rochelle Chambers
Rochelle Chambers 21 gün önce
Lol hey girl hey.
kristy lee
kristy lee 21 gün önce
Wolverines are not wolves
Kellli 21 gün önce
CRAZY, but He sounds like Ben Affleck. LOL
Samuel Davis
Samuel Davis 21 gün önce
This guy is hilarious.
Max Mason
Max Mason 22 gün önce
my sister has really really bad ADHD and my mom got to the point where she would tell me to do stuff over and over as i was doing it bc she got so used to having to do that with my sister it annoyed tf outa me for while lmfao
Meseret Gebrie
Meseret Gebrie 22 gün önce
He is really funny!! LOL
Clint Bolt 88
Clint Bolt 88 22 gün önce
RIP Mitch Hedberg
Tiamoi Rowe
Tiamoi Rowe 22 gün önce
Al: "I carry a phone and a hand gun...I'm full up" Me: No my friend, you're packing
A MAC 23 gün önce
Funny guy.
sam s
sam s 23 gün önce
This is going to be cult classic comedy down the years. No cursing wow, great situational comedy.
Marz Wallace
Marz Wallace 23 gün önce
wolverines are closely related to badgers no where near close to a wolf.
Day thgiN
Day thgiN 23 gün önce
Never a dull day w this husband
Dawn H.
Dawn H. 23 gün önce
This could have easily been twice as long and it would still be over too soon. Hilarious and no profanity. Nice.
Cindy Jencks
Cindy Jencks 23 gün önce
Love this guy!
Slade Renegade
Slade Renegade 24 gün önce
Pure fire.
Postal Patriot556
Postal Patriot556 24 gün önce
Listen to horse with no name while tripping.
Rambles 27 gün önce
Wolverine joke needs to get taken out xD has nothing to do with wolves, wolverine is actually an animal. makes the badgerine just sound stupid xD
Metcraft 28 gün önce
funny stuff
Creiwen The Elven One
Creiwen The Elven One 28 gün önce
This is SO GREAT!!!
Eny Niendorf
Eny Niendorf 28 gün önce
It's true, one of my coworkers once vent something I ask her to keep to herself, it was not the bad (our secret) but I got really mad at her. She didn't told me he had ADHD but I figured it out, for the things she would do and say, then I was just careful with the things I said to her. And BTW she forgot our girlfriends lunch last week, true was she got distracted. So I brought her a cinnamon roll. We were supposed to meet at a pastry store. 😁
Brilliant Writer
Brilliant Writer 29 gün önce
Anyone know the name of those songs.
Amber Strayer
Amber Strayer 29 gün önce
Wowwwwwww this was phenomenal I want to watch it again! 😂
NATETHEMAN22 29 gün önce
This guy makes me think of a cross faded wooly Harrelson
NATETHEMAN22 29 gün önce
Ravenkiko 29 gün önce
now, with my Autism when he says the sink & toilet thing made perfect sense to me with my own explanation
Ya Boi KungPow FuckFinger
Ya Boi KungPow FuckFinger 29 gün önce
As a 17 year old with ADHD, I can confirm the problem solving part...
David Smith
David Smith Aylar önce
IF you're xenophobic don't hear this 25:21 ! 😂
Chance Witt
Chance Witt Aylar önce
One of the funniest acts I've ever witnessed. Great job, would love to see more Al!
mrs Macca
mrs Macca Aylar önce
Yellow Ledbetter!!!!!!
mrs Macca
mrs Macca Aylar önce
I really like this guy.
Jeremy Hartley
Jeremy Hartley Aylar önce
dang... I forgot about Nickleback until he brought it up.. that's a shame cause I never really wanted to remember them again and would have been happier if I hadn't.
Amanda Whitten
Amanda Whitten Aylar önce
This guy's zingers really creep up on ya!
Let'sArt Aylar önce
That guy's autastic 🤣😂
Mark Jaye
Mark Jaye Aylar önce
One of DryBar's best! This guy is hilarious! And original! I don't want to give away the punchline, but this guy knows his music. The "worst bands" names punchline is so funny and so, so right on!!!
Mike Smith
Mike Smith Aylar önce
This guy is harlaious ! Thanx Dry-bar
E K Daufin
E K Daufin Aylar önce
So often LOL funny!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤪
E K Daufin
E K Daufin Aylar önce
Poor wifey!
Bethesda Boy
Bethesda Boy Aylar önce
Wolverines are not related to wolves. Wolverines are mustalids, not K9s. Badgers are also mustalids. The joke is to incorrect to work.
ew Cash
ew Cash Aylar önce
I want more from this guy, but not more like Jim gaffigan more, well you know what I'am.
Lora Wiese
Lora Wiese Aylar önce
Loved the Splenda joke.
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey Aylar önce
Such a funny guy 😂😂
Gina Cable
Gina Cable Aylar önce
He's not funny at all.
Andre Washington
Andre Washington Aylar önce
His meds make him sound slow - "the wife"
Andre Washington
Andre Washington Aylar önce
My wife has ADHD. Shits and giggles.
Peet Kotze
Peet Kotze Aylar önce
Duration 57 minutes 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Peet Kotze
Peet Kotze Aylar önce
Spooky2K Aylar önce
Um, I love rock, make inappropriate comments at wrong times, and I’m annoying 😐 whelp
Justin Floyd
Justin Floyd Aylar önce
Ok legit, that was an amazing Eddie Vedder cover haha
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