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2 aylar önce

Two pilots (Harry Styles, Mikey Day) have a raunchy conversation that an entire plane cabin (Kenan Thompson, Kate McKinnon, Ego Nwodim, Bowen Yang) overhears.
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julia vaughn
julia vaughn 3 gün önce
harrys gonna be fineee when he’s older
I Cant Even Lie I Been Lonely AF
I Cant Even Lie I Been Lonely AF 3 gün önce
I’d still smash if Harry looked like that
TheOnionQueen 4 gün önce
My father is a pilot, so this is all the more funny to me.
Sesaleigh Whitaker
Sesaleigh Whitaker 4 gün önce
The fact the pilots for real talk like this over the intercom. 😂😂😂😂
Rose Marie
Rose Marie 4 gün önce
If this is how Harry looks in 20 years, im dead
Lieutenant NITEWOLF
Lieutenant NITEWOLF 5 gün önce
Now we know afraid of flying on planes take a xanax
ellie redman
ellie redman 7 gün önce
Fiza Altaf
Fiza Altaf 8 gün önce
on first i thought shaggy and scooby has the voice over of *HARRY* *STYLES*
George Papadakis
George Papadakis 8 gün önce
what the hell? the left pilot is the mandarin from iron man?
Drip2Cold 8 gün önce
Cuzz i take a xanax baby hakuna matata 😂 😂
Amelia the neko
Amelia the neko 10 gün önce
Pilot : I need to get laid Me : you aren't getting laid and you dont deserve too.
ShinRyojin 11 gün önce
“There’s some lesbian stuff in there.” Oh yes there is
Carter Allred
Carter Allred 12 gün önce
Also nice that they’re both just wearing their security lanyards for the building
Fuck You
Fuck You 13 gün önce
the girl on the middle right row looks really familiar for some reason
Camille Ortiz
Camille Ortiz 13 gün önce
My mom works at JetBlue
Carol C
Carol C 14 gün önce
Lol did they mention it’s a Boeing?
Rebecca Carmichael
Rebecca Carmichael 14 gün önce
Oh goddddddddddddddd
Justin Wilcox
Justin Wilcox 14 gün önce
everything spot on, except JetBlue flies the A320. they should be using a sidestick haha
Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson 11 gün önce
But it wasn't JetBlue
Brandon Haynes
Brandon Haynes 15 gün önce
Raggie ! What are you rooing !! 😂 dude that Styles guy killed me with that shit. random af.
Violet Grace
Violet Grace 15 gün önce
this is the straightest i’ve ever heard Harold speak lmao
Violet Grace
Violet Grace 3 gün önce
A Person yeah I know that’s why I said it...
A Person
A Person 3 gün önce
His name isnt harold it's just harry harold is a nickname
Giselle Payne
Giselle Payne 17 gün önce
Did u guys notice Harry said “San Diago” lol that’s Niall’s thing
Emily Luther
Emily Luther 7 gün önce
Omg 😮
Fiza Altaf
Fiza Altaf 8 gün önce
san diEgo
Violet Grace
Violet Grace 15 gün önce
Giselle Payne omg 😭
danny B
danny B 17 gün önce
My dream job is to be a pilot
drinking swimmingpool
drinking swimmingpool 17 gün önce
Harry‘s accent really reminds me of T-bag😂
Monica Taylor
Monica Taylor 18 gün önce
"Sit black" 😂😂😂😂😂
DS -Share Your Pet's Stories
DS -Share Your Pet's Stories 18 gün önce
Hakuna matata baby
DS -Share Your Pet's Stories
DS -Share Your Pet's Stories 18 gün önce
This is literally a description of Scooby Doo porn 😂😂 I can't stop laughing
yepesboy3 18 gün önce
Harry Styles was hilarious in this episode
MeowDraws 19 gün önce
harry's face when mikey said "sit black" oh my godd
___ 16 gün önce
RoseBerryBush Asmr
RoseBerryBush Asmr 19 gün önce
mehr Bano
mehr Bano 19 gün önce
infinite annus
infinite annus 19 gün önce
The best part was how good the impressions were
East of Eden
East of Eden 20 gün önce
“Not as much as me.” 😂
REV 9 21 gün önce
0:08 0:10 0:11 0:18 0:29 0:30 0:37
nino xxx
nino xxx 22 gün önce
“i’m haKunA matAta” 2:52 💀
Arcane Serein
Arcane Serein 22 gün önce
No one's talking about the camera going up to give a look of the whole set of the plane, but i love it
Radiohead 22 gün önce
was that harry doing the scooby and shaggy impression? that was really good
David Whitehead
David Whitehead 22 gün önce
Like, like nothing Scoob... Me and Velma are like.. WWRRRREESSSLLLIIINNNGGG
Aylar Asefi
Aylar Asefi 23 gün önce
I took some Xanax and I am Hakuna Matata.
Stormy Wells
Stormy Wells 24 gün önce
Okay Harry's nail polish color is annoying me
QueerClawz 25 gün önce
"i wish i couuuld but, *naw* " lmaoooo im CRYING
Ashleigh Long
Ashleigh Long 25 gün önce
malovina 25 gün önce
Kate looks great with this hair color!
Rohanna F
Rohanna F 26 gün önce
I love Harry so much.
Ashton Hudson
Ashton Hudson 27 gün önce
The black ting sitting next to kel is fine as hell!
Ashton Hudson
Ashton Hudson 24 gün önce
@Amaya M. what??
Amaya M.
Amaya M. 24 gün önce
Freya Hastie
Freya Hastie Aylar önce
Harry with grey hair AHHHH
justa randomer
justa randomer Aylar önce
the best sketch ever omg
z chan
z chan Aylar önce
dumb bitch
dumb bitch Aylar önce
harry styles talking about booksmart is my kink
fab family
fab family Aylar önce
I had to stop watching to calm down my breathing 1:05
YBN ARDZ Aylar önce
Harry can be anything he wants at this point.
josue castro
josue castro Aylar önce
This episode was not good at all
Britt Volkonskaya
Britt Volkonskaya Aylar önce
I uh err umm..
Dana Cam
Dana Cam Aylar önce
"Maybe not the WHOLE family, there's some lesbian stuff in there" I am DECEASED
Diki Gurung
Diki Gurung Aylar önce
Start rapping 😂😂😂😂😂
Diki Gurung
Diki Gurung Aylar önce
Sit black 😂😂😂😂
Diki Gurung
Diki Gurung Aylar önce
The way they speak is so funny 😂
Shae Colon
Shae Colon Aylar önce
Sit black and relax lol
Fairy Queen
Fairy Queen Aylar önce
Silver fox Harry is my new favorite thing
Fairy Queen
Fairy Queen Aylar önce
I wanna see harry getting his nails done
rgtrooper13 Aylar önce
That was SNL? I didn't hear any Trump jokes though.
Krisanna Marie
Krisanna Marie Aylar önce
I’d sell my left tit to make out with Harry 🤤
Jarin Aylar önce
Their set decorations are insane
Eniola Benson
Eniola Benson Aylar önce
Gosh Harry looks so so good here in those shades
Aiber Lane
Aiber Lane Aylar önce
Was amusing at first but it went on too long.
McKayla Ellis
McKayla Ellis Aylar önce
Harry with gray hair is killing me😍🤤
Edwin Szeto
Edwin Szeto Aylar önce
Lesbian stuff is not for families??
Uroš Laščak
Uroš Laščak Aylar önce
Is that Asian Ryan Reynolds?
Anna Rysulova
Anna Rysulova Aylar önce
The pomeranian as a assistant dog lol
ANG GANDA Aylar önce
Who is the sky liaison?
John Doe
John Doe Aylar önce
“Why do they keep saying JetBlue !? This isn’t a JetBlue flight”
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