AirPods Pro vs Sony WF-1000XM3 vs Powerbeats Pro vs Sennheiser Momentum vs AirPods Review!

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Brian Tong

Brian Tong

8 aylar önce

You can purchase the AirPods Pro here! This affiliate link helps support my channel:
It's the ultimate AirPods Pro Review as we do a deep-dive comparison between Apple's new Noise cancelling wireless earbuds and match them up against Sony's WF-1000XM3, Sennheiser's Momentum True Wireless, the Powerbeats Pro and Apple's 2nd Gen AirPods. Are the AirPods Pro the best of the bunch?
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Noah Bauserman
Noah Bauserman 19 gün önce
Reminds me of growing up watching the CNET show Prizefight
Eli Williams
Eli Williams 28 gün önce
When I use my AirPods original they feel like there going to fall out but they don’t
nexus Aylar önce
But airpod pros can't change the battery. You will have to pay a lot of money to fix the battery after 2-3 years. With the Sony you can change the battery...
Keiji Johnson
Keiji Johnson Aylar önce
8:06 - “TINNY”?! “HOLLOW”?! HAve we been listening to the same pair? Well they’re slightly different models but you get what I’m asking. I’ve been wearing the 1st gen AirPods for a while and they’ve sounded pretty good to me. You have to have used those fake third party lookalikes because THOSE THINGS are about as cheap sounding as you can get.
YourTechGuide 4 gün önce
*im totally with you. I just bought the pro today and im quite disappointed with the sound quality. I listen to hip hop most of the time and the first thing i noticed on the pro is the lack of base whereas the old version has plenty of base. the only benefit with the pro is it doesn't fall off your ears other than that for the price i should have stuck with the old version. what a total waste of money the pro is!*
Brian Tong
Brian Tong Aylar önce
Compared to the new ones. That's all I'm saying, I'm not saying they are bad. But this is when comparing them.
sino saffer
sino saffer Aylar önce
Just another applephile...
D 728
D 728 Aylar önce
Sorry about the phone loss but great review
Mogli Aylar önce
I yesterday ordered airpods pro....😅even i have allready powerbeats pro..lets hope good bass in airpods pro will be reached me at 3 june ..i am very curious
Gustavo Dominguez
Gustavo Dominguez Aylar önce
Oh hell no..... The Airpods Pros do NOT sound as good as the Sony and Sennheiser buds. ALSO, the Sennheiser does NOT have any noise cancelling at all. You ranked that over the Sony's (proven to have the best noise cancelling for earbuds even today, by many audio purists and tests). Stop making these if you're going to fanboy over Apple because this is terrible. Come on man....
Ishan Hettiarachchi
Ishan Hettiarachchi Aylar önce
Lol what a ridiculous biased comparison. Wanna that apple sponsorship?
Brian Tong
Brian Tong Aylar önce
Didn't I say Sony was the best sounding of the entire bunch???
Mike Hog A Nator
Mike Hog A Nator 2 aylar önce
I'm listening to this with my Rowkin Base Line Jumps. lol. Nothing like $35 earbuds. I'd like to see the MPow Pro's. I hear they beat the Beats. My Wired MPow's from 2018 are a beast! Heavy bass & knocks out all loud engine noises when running my Zero Turn Mower, chainsaw & Gas Trimmers.
Ashish Mandal
Ashish Mandal 2 aylar önce
Lol.. nothing beats sennheiser when it comes to sound quality......
Josiah Oswald
Josiah Oswald 2 aylar önce
He’s on an agenda for Apple
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 2 aylar önce
Am I? Sony's sound the best
Danny van Laarhoven
Danny van Laarhoven 2 aylar önce
I had the Airpods Pro and the Sony WF-1000XM3 and the Sony blast it completely out of the water so I sold the Apple ones and kept the Sony. Loving them so far.
Hank Facer
Hank Facer 2 aylar önce
Thank you Brian, good presentation, best I have seen. Been reviewing ipod pro all day. I was set from what I saw with the Pros, I agree with the volume control but we do have seri, we are used to using Hey Google so not real drama Thanks again.
Drax300 Orion
Drax300 Orion 2 aylar önce
Watching this on my Sony xm3 lol
PurushaDesa 2 aylar önce
It's interesting looking back at this after Sony's PS5 deep dive where they expressed a serious interest in creating custom audio profiles for their 3D audio enhancements. They seem committed to building a huge ear canal database and they clearly want as many participants as possible.
Adam D
Adam D 2 aylar önce
For anyone wondering, I def recommend the Apple Pros. I don't get the Sony hype. I bought both to try. The Sonys are not that comfortable and don't sound that great in my opinion. They sound super high pitched and nothing else. They stick out of your ears. I also don't like how the Sonys voice prompts sound. The Pros are super comfortable and the noise cancelling is amazing. It literally cancels out the noise from my fridge, fan, and A/C. Wow. I wish the Pro's had USB C instead of lighting but I'll just be using my wireless charger anyway. If you like the sound of the Sony's that's cool but what's the point if you can feel them there because they are sticking out of your ears. The Pros make you forget you are wearing them. One of my favorite things about the Pros are being able to lay my head down and still have earbuds in!
ChilliPepperspray 3 aylar önce
Dang the airpods 2 look so weird after the pros
Darryl Carradine Jr.
Darryl Carradine Jr. 3 aylar önce
I smell an Apple fanboy. You're sound quality chart is laughable. Sony is praised for their HD QN1e noise-canceling chip which you failed to mention anything about while brown-nosing Apple for their H1 chip. Sony and Momentum simply spanks all Airpods and you know it. Even the Beats dump on Airpods.
Darryl Carradine Jr.
Darryl Carradine Jr. 3 aylar önce
@Brian Tong sure I did. You had to save face. You made a whole column for the H1 chip while failing to mention Sony's critically acclaimed chip for their earbuds. But, hey, I digress!
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 3 aylar önce
Did you hear the part where i said Sony is the best sounding one hands down once you get into its Equalizer settings?
Andresfurious 3 aylar önce
I think the AirPods Pro should have been called pro pods
Sam Jordan
Sam Jordan 3 aylar önce
Owned both, and prefer Airpods pro, better sound and better noise-cancelling instantly returned Sonys
Andrew 3 aylar önce
I literally bought the Powerbeats Pro’s two days before the ProPods were announced, and I’m kinda mad that I didn’t know.
Phil DeRosier
Phil DeRosier 3 aylar önce
So here’s the deal: I have the Sony set mounted on my ear ear this segment ... I have the dedicated app equalizer adjusted for max bass ... and just playing your intro and exit music, I gotta say the Sonys punch out the bass, bro ...
Chris Kozak
Chris Kozak 2 aylar önce
The cymbal drum and bass on the Sonys are fantastic
Phil DeRosier
Phil DeRosier 3 aylar önce
Brian Tong ... I was half asleep ... but the exit music woke me up .... 😎 ... love your work, man!
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 3 aylar önce
I said with the equalizer settings the Sonys are easily the best sounding
Ron R.
Ron R. 4 aylar önce
You didn't discuss the airpods pro for Android. Also, although your review is thorough, I got the feeling that you were selling AirPods pro.
Quantum Guardian
Quantum Guardian 4 aylar önce
4:22 They’re designed for you to turn the earbuds towards you and slide out, rather than a vertical pull due to the stronger magnets compared to the AirPods 1 and 2. Apple hasn’t said this, but it shows in their animations and trailers.
YUNG BLUD 4 aylar önce
The sonys r the best
Courtney Johnson
Courtney Johnson 4 aylar önce
Do your research, Sony out performs AirPod pros in every test. Sony by far is a superior product.
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 4 aylar önce
Remember the part where I said we all hear differently and audio quality can be subjective...
Courtney Johnson
Courtney Johnson 4 aylar önce
The Momentum’s are not active noise cancellation.
Isaac Mailhot
Isaac Mailhot 4 aylar önce
My overall ranking (all tested by myself) 1:sony and airpods pro 2:sennheisers 3:over-ears 4:airpods old
motto775 4 aylar önce
Blow away by the m3’s. Made start listening to music again, absolutely amazing! Battery life matters....
Badass Badgie
Badass Badgie 4 aylar önce
Awful sound taste. Momentum has the best sound quality. No doubt.
Feliks SRC
Feliks SRC 4 aylar önce
Wich are more comfortable wf 1000xm3 or the airpods pro?
Lalo Montoya
Lalo Montoya 4 aylar önce
In opinion the AirPods pro are a rich in features, have seamless connectivity, awesome noise cancellation (not isolation) and fit is very comfortable, and charging case is 10/10. The only downside to this set of earbuds is the actual sound quality, I’m no audiophile but the sound is mediocre, my old Jaybird Freedom 2’s or x3’s in comparison destroy the air pods pro in sound quality. With that being said I still believe that the air pods are worth their full retail price, their purpose is to be a jack of all trades but master of none. Those who buy these will be perfectly happy (unless sound is your one and only defining factor.
H4M2 4 aylar önce
He is the guy from blue exorcist
Hellcat 5 aylar önce
the sonys have an app so you ca turn up the bass.
Wilt 5 aylar önce
Mans looks like a noisy Willy Du
I love bacon
I love bacon 5 aylar önce
If I’m spending more than $200 I expect them to last longer than 3 years, with continuous use.
kime guilarte
kime guilarte 5 aylar önce
You make me waste me time to watch you video .I figure out you must be working for apple computer
Ravi Chander
Ravi Chander 5 aylar önce
Paid video by iPhone
Ravi Chander
Ravi Chander 5 aylar önce
@Brian Tong s s s s sponsored by iPhone
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 5 aylar önce
Nope, it wasnt
Sun Of A Beach
Sun Of A Beach 5 aylar önce
A lot of people said apple’s sound quality is shit But most of people said its the best now Im confused
Pharaoh 5 aylar önce
Sun Of A Beach He’s an apple fanboy which explains why! Get the sennheiser if you want the best sound quality for music!
Tansend Arga
Tansend Arga 5 aylar önce
For sonny you can sure use it while jogging just change the eartips with the biggest one. And if it rainiy like the hell gonna jog in a rainy day lol
ddsgabo 5 aylar önce
I love the momentums man as far as audio is concern..nobody touches them
Pharaoh 5 aylar önce
Русский Гройпер False, look at any review of these devices and it’s not even close. Sennheiser has better quality in all! Matter a fact most reviewers state that for music it’s sennheiser without a doubt! Don’t let that chart mislead you!
Anglo 5 aylar önce
Is it true the treble is bad on them? (Lows)
Chinmay H
Chinmay H 5 aylar önce
Momemtums dont have Active Noise Cancellations - it has ambient mode just like the Jabra 65ts. Good compare on all true wirless earbuds.
hemu kurra
hemu kurra 5 aylar önce
Sennheiser dont have anc
Mark Holle
Mark Holle 6 aylar önce
Loved my Jabra 65ts but got the APP as a Christmas gift. I can wear them constantly without irritation so they get WAY more use than the Jabras. The only thing I miss is how the Jabras can be connected to multiple devices at the same time.
Martin Mcbryan
Martin Mcbryan 6 aylar önce
No galaxy buds?
Anglo 5 aylar önce
They should have taken the airpods place
Jenny Lee
Jenny Lee 6 aylar önce
Happy with my AirPods 2. They rest comfortably in my ear when sleeping
Jenny Lee
Jenny Lee 6 aylar önce
At my age, it really doesn’t matter 🤣
Your Trash
Your Trash 6 aylar önce
Jenny Lee have fun w Bluetooth radiation
G_ Skul
G_ Skul 6 aylar önce
A tip-change on the Sony made a big difference for me. One massive upside of the Sonys I've recently learned is that you can replace the batteries 2 X Varta CP1254 A3 for about 14 dollars each. So, in ~2-3 years, AirPod buyers will be treated to battery replacement for 50 dollars per bud. Or, go spend another 250 bucks on a new pair.
Dragos B
Dragos B 6 aylar önce
Man, AirPods better than Sony and Senncheiser?! You are jocking, right?! AirPods 2 are a hudge improvement way closer to Sony's, sorry...
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 6 aylar önce
Overall experience I’d say yes. Sound quality no way. Sony got em there. And like anything headphones/earbuds are personal.
Ray Remington 1795
Ray Remington 1795 6 aylar önce
You should do J lab Executives in one of your videos. They're surprisingly really good.
bobb_y 6 aylar önce
This settled it for me, got the Sonys for 160€ and I hope I'll be pleased :D
Anglo 5 aylar önce
What have u done bro!
Sevinc Karimli
Sevinc Karimli 6 aylar önce
Sony 1000xm3 win is best
Pumba WTF
Pumba WTF 6 aylar önce
AirPods pro: They slide right out of the case. The left one comes out to the left and the right one comes out to the right. Just hook your finger around it and pull. I was amazed when someone taught me lol
DJ Lucas D
DJ Lucas D 6 aylar önce
qN1e chip > H1 chip
Joel Ortiz
Joel Ortiz 6 aylar önce
Aghhh such a close race ........... Déjà vu huh.....I have already been here though........I’ll just buy both and return the ones I find myself using the least.......problem solved
Imre Kiss
Imre Kiss 6 aylar önce
Can somebody help me? I’m looking for a trully wireless earbuds instead my beats x. Which has the same sound than the beats x? The air pods pro or the sennheiser?
Pharaoh 5 aylar önce
Imre Kiss sennheiser! It’s not close at all. His chart is completely false and if you look at other comparison videos they make it completely clear that sennheiser blow everyone else out the water with sound quality!
mark0127 6 aylar önce
After a little trial and error, I finally found the best way to get the AirPods pro out of their case. Don’t try to lift them up. Instead, use your finger to move them towards you. They can then be easily lifted out of the case.
Young Bucc
Young Bucc 6 aylar önce
Do you smell that? Smells like a apple fanboi
Rhys L
Rhys L 6 aylar önce
The pro are ok but the sony are way better I own both , amazed at this scoring.
Wally Yung
Wally Yung 6 aylar önce
Ap pros bout to cop!
Bill Jones
Bill Jones 6 aylar önce
Good review Brian , honest and thorough evaluation
Alexander Davis
Alexander Davis 6 aylar önce
I honestly can't believe that Air Pods Pro is that good as Sony and Bose have the best noise cancelling headphones in the over ear section of headphones. Will definitely have to give them a try if I get the chance.
Alexander Simpson
Alexander Simpson 6 aylar önce
You shouldn’t be reviewing audio products... 😱
Pharaoh 5 aylar önce
Alexander Simpson Facts he’s not even close!
Shaiju Uppungal
Shaiju Uppungal 6 aylar önce
Sony -wf -1000xm3 / sennheiser momentum true wireless/cambridge audio melomania 1 I'm using iPhone 6s. Which is the best of these
Pharaoh 5 aylar önce
Shaiju Uppungal For sound quality and listening to music sennheiser but for noise cancelling the Sony xm3!
Ante 6 aylar önce
Sennheiser doesn't have "Active" Noise Canceling, it's only passive. But I personally like the Sennheiser sound more, I really get to immerse myself more in the music cuz of the better bass. I compared them with my sisters AirPods Pro today, and I think that the Sennheiser's are a clear winner for the sound, and the AirPods Pro's won for comfort. The Sennheiser's also doesn't have any sound leaking, except when playing on 100% volume, but the AirPods leak a lot of sound when over 75% ish, so listening on loud music in a quiet room isn't an option. I'm an audiophile so my conclusion may not be for you. I am still going to buy the AirPods Pro's, just because they are so easy to use and carry around with the small case. And Sennheiser will be my go-to for just sitting down and listening to music.
Think Topics
Think Topics 6 aylar önce
Bro the Sony is arguably the best sounding earbuds of the bunch. The bass from the EQ sounds great, lows mids and highs too. Not to mention the ANC has the ambient sound 20 mode where it feels like you’re not even wearing earbuds.
Abdiel Velazquez
Abdiel Velazquez 6 aylar önce
Bro, the design is not made to pull them out of the case, you need to push them towards you, from the back of the airpod.
Sib666 6 aylar önce
Honestly would get the Sony's if I didn't own the over ear versions of them. I got the airpods pro for commuting and all that, going to use my over ears at home. The ease of use and lower profile is just wayy more of an attractive perk when it comes to casual using on short trips. + I have small ears and play with my shoulder length hair a lot so I would worry that the Sony's aren't secure enough and would snag on my hand often.
Trish Oberoi
Trish Oberoi 6 aylar önce
Did people forget NFC
나니? 6 aylar önce
At first, your logo on the bottom right, i thought it was a baby
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