Answering REALLY Personal Questions

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It's time to sit down and finally answer your very personal questions! I asked you guys on Twitter to give me your most personal questions so let's see what you came up with.
Ask me more questions:
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atomstew 3 saatler önce
You have a sister
Slimy sausage
Slimy sausage 16 saatler önce
Jack thinking about his suicidal thoughts that got me shaking and a little bit scared if he did do it what would of happened
Keenan Mims
Keenan Mims 19 saatler önce
jack should do another one of these and personal thing about me is a had a old girlfriend that at the time i loved but she never once said ily to me and all she wanted from me was sex and i didn't give her it and up until recently i found out that she used me and that made me tear up a little and i am a 11th grader and in 8th grade i had some guy who was picking on me saying that i'll never be good enough for anyone and he broke me mentally and despite all that i am in a much better place in my life for the time being so i just wanna say that no matter what you're going through it does get better no matter how broken you think you are or how broken you are you can always come back all it takes is a shine is hope to bring you out of dankness or anything that you're going through no matter how much time passes you might feel like it's the end of the world or more importantly your life trust me it's not i believe in you, jack believes in you, we all believe in you
Dominic Green
Dominic Green Gün önce
1.2 thousand people dislike this video, who obviously have nothing else better to do than putting others down when they talk about their emotions. To all of yas that did, find something else to do with your time cuz it isn’t doing anyone any good wasting it here bein a dick.
Sebastian Fangirl
Sebastian Fangirl Gün önce
The fan thing tho... I am speechless.
Critical King
Critical King Gün önce
What’s that song in the background and I love you sm jack (: u are the best TRwomenr I have ever watched
Sky Con
Sky Con 2 gün önce
If you want to see a bit more on parasocial relationships, watch "TRwomen: Art or Reality?" by Philosophy Tube
INFERNO 4 gün önce
Who was your first subscriber??
Alanna Bridgeman
Alanna Bridgeman 5 gün önce
Loved this, Sean! It's calming to listen to this, it feels like I'm chatting WITH you. You're a very wise person and a strong individual. I'd love to hear more stories from you! Videos like this are my favourite ^-^ getting to know you as an individual (within reason, of course) is really refreshing. Been a fan a long time, so this is a real treat. Thank you for everything you do!
Alpha _mayya
Alpha _mayya 5 gün önce
Miu 5 gün önce
Videos like these show me again why i will never dislike a video of him Because of honesty and how much sean cares about his community Of course there is a lot to mention left but im sure that you all get what im trying to say ^^ Edit: It's nice how you can learn a few things just from listening to the experience from other people
that's not me fellas
that's not me fellas 5 gün önce
love you jack. thank you for everything
DCED 5 gün önce
i hope you know even if you read any comments, im f-ckn around..26:46
DCED 5 gün önce
40:31 make a list of asked questions makes it easier to not repeat questions, so on the reddit? stick it? idk.. just an idea. i dont reddit or social media i only youtube.
DCED 5 gün önce
hope Felix is alright with all this corona beer epidemic.
DCED 5 gün önce
i really did lsd though not a lie
DCED 5 gün önce
in comments
dasuberkinchen 6 gün önce
Gracie Abram
Gracie Abram 6 gün önce
this is one of my favourite videos
violet music
violet music 6 gün önce
Thank you, Sean for addressing the fear of growing up, I'm eighteen and I sometimes worry about this stuff. I admire you for this.☺️🖤
ender_brine attack
ender_brine attack 6 gün önce
Is there a fan mail address to send letters to jackaboy?
Sly fire Fox
Sly fire Fox 7 gün önce
You have 22 million people who love and care about you Sean. If you ever feel like you need a break just say so. I would very much rather just having a couple posts than having to watch a memorial of you. 😞 💚 we all love you and hope you never have to fake smile again! 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚
Kronakai Miky
Kronakai Miky 7 gün önce
Daityn Iiams
Daityn Iiams 7 gün önce
I know I'm late but something that really is empowering to me is the fact that during his suicidal though and days he was most likely making videos and faking his joy and laughter to entertain us while he was dealing with so much. Remember you're always loved by someone unconditionally even if you don't realize it.
omegalevi YT
omegalevi YT 7 gün önce
This video kinda made me cry a little bit mainly because I've been through almost the same thing but a lot longer but he also had encouraged me in life because he always made me happy and made me laugh so thank u jacksepticeye I really appreciate u keep up of what ur doing and u r loved always so thank u and I really hope u get to see this (jacksepticeye)
Jechno 8 gün önce
Sean, Thank you for this video. Thank you for being so genuine and putting yourself into everything you do. I hope one day we can meet and just talk for hours. You're an inspiration to so many on the internet. We are all here for you if you need us, keep that Positive Mental Attitude!
xx jodie Keith xx
xx jodie Keith xx 8 gün önce
18:44 are you Asian No I’m a-seàn
Puppet Play
Puppet Play 8 gün önce
Everyone secretly trying to make Jack an ass but in reality he was just secretly an emotional human being
AlmightyMAD 8 gün önce
When Seán said he thought about suicide, I realized that for the first time, I could empathize with that feeling. I never thought I’d consider it, but I did. It’s really scary, and I’m glad he didn’t go through with it. People love him, and he’s made a huge impact on many people’s lives and the world in general. He isn’t an insignificant annoying teen like I am. We love you, Seán. The world wouldn’t be the same without you.
Kait Lemke
Kait Lemke 8 gün önce
Jimbo Mods
Jimbo Mods 9 gün önce
sean hearing someone who felt the same way as me just breaks my heart im a 15 yr old had depression and suicidal thoughts from aged 10 but im going through therapy to help me and it is helping but i didnt think you felt like that
Otter77 3 gün önce
i just wish I was like everybody else at school because i just feel so different and weird and i also am kind of overweight which i struggle with and Im trying to get better and less self conscious because i feel like i cant have fun or do exercise or talk or even smile which is ridiculous and im in my last year of my school and just so want to lose weight and talk more and be more fun and confident because i dont want everyone there to remember me as that because i feel so pathetic like this and I just want to enjoy life again
Monica Sites
Monica Sites 9 gün önce
Please do a video talking about people knowing you when you dont know them because of TRwomen. Ive always wondered what more well known people think of the situation. i get super attached to youtubers and celebrities and stuff and its weird that they dont even know who i am. I would really like to see what its like on the other side.
Brian Gutierrez
Brian Gutierrez 10 gün önce
Petition to reveal his most deep and dark secret: His secret self-published thicc Luigi fanfic
cole gmoser
cole gmoser 10 gün önce
When u do personal videos like this are a nervous that the people you refer to being smarter than you will see this video?
toxxxic47 10 gün önce
honestly wish i could talk about it with someone and especially u jack as watching ur videos everyday cheers me up and makes me in a lot better mood but i don’t want to burden anyone or u with anything u don’t want so i just don’t talk about stuff :/
Marko Zec
Marko Zec 11 gün önce
I just realized that this is one of first Jacks videos that I seen that there was less then 10 curses and video was 40 minutes long...... I hope he is ok.
Jil Dietz
Jil Dietz 11 gün önce
Jack, I am just one of the many tiny viewers in your massive audience. However, I wanted to comment to say that I truly enjoyed this video. Seeing you in a different perspective and getting to know you better was really great. There was a fantastic combination of seriousness and humor that kept it moving, even though it was longer. I hope you continue to add more serious videos here and there. Thanks for opening up. ❤
Størmy Animatiøns
Størmy Animatiøns 11 gün önce
So everyone is talking about sadness and suicidal thoughts... so I'm gonna tell thousands of strangers about the mess that is my life :) (please don't judge me I just need to talk about it) I was 7 years old heading off into second grade when I got my first bully... for the sake of keeping his identity safe I will call him sh (short for shithead) sh was never a good person. He was rude and disrespectful to everyone. Especially to me because I "don't act like a lady" (I'm a tomboy so I'm not like all the other girls in my class with their lipstick, and eyeshadow, and everything else a first grader shouldn't have on their face) so he hated me even though I was a nice person. He bullied me for 3 years and made me feel worthless... the first time I had a suicidal thought was when I was 9... I wanted to hurt myself...... So I did... In 5th grade I was bullied by even more kids... nine to be exact. They would threaten me, insult me, break my stuff, and occasionally hurt me... By then I was almost over the edge of insanity and depression. But one thing happened that made me go tumbling down the slippery slope of depression..... My parents got a divorce. I snapped. I couldn't hold it in anymore. The first time in my life I had ever came out and burst into tears. At that point I wanted to die, I truly wanted to have a bullet go straight through me head and kill me. I hurt myself. I took a razor and cut myself. It helped. So I kept doing it. My mom noticed I was sad all the time and eventually got me a therapist... but... It wasn't working... I kept hurting myself to release my pain but that still wasn't enough. Then my mom finally removed me from the school I was bullied in. I was still depressed though. I had more suicidal thoughts than ever and it didn't help that I didn't have any friends in school anymore. It was Christmas at the time and my dad decided he wanted to come back so he did... it didn't last long. He left the day after Christmas and the news that he left again hit me like a brick. I isolated myself and hated everyone. I was having so many thoughts at one time I couldn't hear a word anyone was saying. I just wanted to get away. I wanted to leave to just run... but I didn't because that one sliver of hope I had left told me I'll be ok. There is one detail I haven't told you yet. Right now I am thirteen. A thirteen year old who has been having suicidal thoughts since she was 9. I'm still struggling but I hope I'll be ok. I want to be ok but sometimes it feels like there is no end in sight. I'll end this comment here its already long enough. Thank you for letting me vent, and I hope you have a good day.
Deviant 12 gün önce
8-BITRYAN!!!!!!! Omg I love him so much. Jack, you NEEEEEEDD to collab with him.
Matt Marie
Matt Marie 12 gün önce
17:31 Quackity asked "have you ever made eye contact with girls before marreige answer carefully or i might unsub jack" and Sean replied saying he wouldn't make pre-marital eye contact because he was raised a "Sweet little Catholic Irish boy" 21:17 "I didn't even make eye contact after that" meaning he had made eye contact to the people he was meeting *Discrepancy Detected*
Elizabeth Stinson
Elizabeth Stinson 12 gün önce
To be honest I really wouldn’t mind you not uploading daily I wouldn’t mind that because I usually watch whatever is on my recommended on your channel. (Usually your older vids/playlists). But the topic of changing whah you upload like not playing games and uploading a vlog or something different would bug me a bit but it’s all up to you really because like I said I watch your older vids most of the time or I rewatch your happy wheels and subnautica playlists over and over. So I also wouldn’t mind you changing the subject of your vids every now and then. But I would hate for you to quit TRwomen because there wouldn’t be anything new to watch like I watch old vids I still love you watch recent and newer episodes because I’ve seen almost most of your older ones 😂. I’d rather you changed the subject and topic of your videos to whatever you wanted instead of just completely quitting TRwomen all together. Love yuuuu seannn 😘😘 can’t wait to see you feb 23
Aya Qoriesh
Aya Qoriesh 13 gün önce
When u talked about your dark though and suicidal thoughts that kinda gave me motivation I'm like u jack happy energetic luagh alot and I'm getting good grade and from a couple month I used to have dark though cuz I always look for people better than me and think "I'm not good enough" Then started studying harder grades came a bit worse I started not caring about those though and that is going to make a failure so I stopped I'm a good drawer I am looking forward to become an artist (I'm 11 rn) and always look at good drawers and just be "I'm horrible at this" and never thing about the difference of oh 20 or 15 age that when I though about that I realized I'm quit good at drawing I already found my style and I like doing what I enjoy I just wanna say don't give up u always have hope in your life
DukeofGames50 [XBL]
DukeofGames50 [XBL] 13 gün önce
You get my like for that outro 😹
Faith Heartbreak
Faith Heartbreak 13 gün önce
I think u have a crush on Jenna
Sachi 14 gün önce
Quality over quantity Jack
The_Real_Tone /That guy
The_Real_Tone /That guy 14 gün önce
More videos about those topics would be great
Corbin Miller
Corbin Miller 14 gün önce
When did you lose your virginity
itsjustBrady 15 gün önce
you look fresh as hell
The Fourth Crusader
The Fourth Crusader 15 gün önce
Lmao what happened to this guy.
Agent Asparagus
Agent Asparagus 12 gün önce
Possibly the best glow up this decade has seen. He's grown wiser and stronger in every field. I hope you can tell that to. He's also happier and is putting his health first for the best. No I'm not chewing you out, I'm just telling you what you can't see behind your crusader mask. Ta ta.
Arthur Allen
Arthur Allen 15 gün önce
My names jack
Richrach Gacha life
Richrach Gacha life 16 gün önce
Bro you are so cool!!! Love your channel!!!!
Zac Weiden
Zac Weiden 16 gün önce
I’ve dislocated my left knee exactly 21 times each time it hurt more and more and for a few of them it was dreadful then I got 4 surgeries and on 2 of the surgeries my knee got infected and the scarring fucked up but I am now in a better place for my knee anyway it’s back to normal
Jill Hogg
Jill Hogg 16 gün önce
Sweetie, don't quit youtube. No matter where you work, or what you do, there will be BS to put up with. There will be stuff you don't understand. Worse yet, you could end up working with people who will drive you nuts. I think you're in a very good place right now. And thank you for sharing your dark times. We all have them at one time or another.
Lucas Doussept
Lucas Doussept 16 gün önce
I'm so proud of this community
mike wazowskii
mike wazowskii 16 gün önce
Join the cult
Shadow_the_Wolf 16 gün önce
It’s so crazy to have watched this man grow up. Seeing his personality, his views, everything about him change has been a sort of weird but cool adventure- we tend to forget how much people can change over the years even when they’ve already reached adulthood. He’s brought me and millions of others laughs and smiles on both the good and bad days, and though this was uploaded about two weeks ago I’m still gonna go out on a limb and say thank you to both Jack and this community. You guys are the best, couldn’t ask for a better online family :>
Oscar Jeremia
Oscar Jeremia 16 gün önce
18:11 well well well look who we have here!
How 2 Be A NOOB
How 2 Be A NOOB 16 gün önce
Tons of sad super personal questions WhAt HapPened To SaMuS BaBY?
Zoe Afton
Zoe Afton 16 gün önce
When I saw 8-BitRyan’s post I was crying from laughing too hard 😂🤣
Lexi Girard
Lexi Girard 16 gün önce
I know I'm late to this and you made a lot of great points, but since I just saw something similar recently, I want to point out that it doesnt matter how much money you have. What matters is that you cared enough to donate. Every little bit helps and there are people saying that you should donate X amount bc you're worth X amount. Here's what people dont realize. Money gets spent. Bills have to be paid. Just because you are "worth" X amount does not mean that you have that much. And you also have to put certain things first. Then donate what you can. You cant forget about yourself and your families needs and give away everything you have.
Xeno 16 gün önce
18:13 8-BitRyan made it in some how lmao
Artimo 01x
Artimo 01x 16 gün önce
anyone know the time stamp for 8 Bitryan's comment?
f1rc Darth Vader
f1rc Darth Vader 16 gün önce
Artimo 01x 18:14
Zoe Adams
Zoe Adams 17 gün önce
I love you for you Sean and would love to be your friend for nothing more than chilling and grabbing a pint together. Very glad you didn't kill yourself x
pizzapug45 -_-
pizzapug45 -_- 17 gün önce
anyone got the time stamp for ryans question XD
pizzapug45 -_-
pizzapug45 -_- 16 gün önce
@Kwontai Dawkins thx
Krystal69 -
Krystal69 - 17 gün önce
18:11 AAAAaaayy!!! It's Ryan!!!!!!
Raed Al
Raed Al 16 gün önce
Krystal69 - it is Ryan.
Abi Sweeney
Abi Sweeney 17 gün önce
As someone who's ended up in hospital coz of mental health it is so comforting to hear someone else who struggled and made me feel less alone x
Stephanie M
Stephanie M 17 gün önce
Thank you Sean for making these personal talk videos. It brings into perspective that what your saying is exactly what I’m trying to accomplish in this year too. Good on you. Hugs.
FilbertFaust DelosReyes
FilbertFaust DelosReyes 17 gün önce
Your logo is a scp
Katie Burke
Katie Burke 17 gün önce
You are a hero, not only to me, or other people that watch you, but to yourself.
UltraGeo 17 gün önce
18:11 8-BitRyan? Wow.
Biniky 18 gün önce
Therapy time with Jack! No.. let's make this personal.. *THERAPY TIME WITH SEAN* All jokes aside, just 10 minutes into this video I've already heard so many wise words and they motivate me to invest in myself. Chase my own goals and try to develop into a better version of myself instead of putting all my focus and attention on everyone else's opinions . It's so reassuring to get this piece of advice from a TRwomenr.. No.. from another human being, and to hear that it's all cool. Thank you Jack! :D
Angel Risbridger
Angel Risbridger 18 gün önce
Damnit Ryan XD
Gekko Trasher
Gekko Trasher 18 gün önce
Quackity lol
THEGAVINATOR 2110 18 gün önce
Never stop!!!!!!!!
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