Apple Arcade Review: Worth Every Penny

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Brian Tong

Brian Tong

9 aylar önce

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Here's everything to know about why Apple Arcade is a killer service. It surprised me and is worth every penny. This is just the start and it's a must-have for gamers and can be shared with up to 5 people
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brendan mccourt
brendan mccourt 16 saatler önce
Apple Arcade is basically a bunker for playable games as the next generation will just be watching ads
Shaheem Fairweather
Shaheem Fairweather 17 saatler önce
What i wanna know is what happens when your apple arcade subscription is over and you have the games on your iphone
Majoras Love
Majoras Love 22 gün önce
Apple Arcade is cool. I love some casual mobile games. No micro transactions so it's cool for a long plane ride.
Shinobi Rav3n
Shinobi Rav3n 25 gün önce
my fav is sneaky Sasquatch,must have
GD Hyderforreal
GD Hyderforreal Aylar önce
I have it
Pieter van der Meulen
Pieter van der Meulen Aylar önce
Still waiting on MegaMan2 and AngryBirds. If they put in placed advertisements in games I would love to play them for free. I don't like youtube forced ads and am looking for another videotape service. I will only pay a monthly fee for big open world games, not for these simple games.
Pieter van der Meulen
Pieter van der Meulen Aylar önce
Looks a lot like Philips CDi games.
Cryptic Alter
Cryptic Alter Aylar önce
I fell like some of them should be on console
Raptor Swire
Raptor Swire 2 aylar önce
...gaming on the phone? Nah, I will better enjoy real titles on keyboard and mouse. This looks like it was designed for kids and Apple users who didn't try gaming before :D
Jason Le
Jason Le Aylar önce
Or just people that enjoy mobile gaming
Danny 2 aylar önce
Some of those games look fun, but I'm not a fan of subscriptions. Can I purchase the games that I want individually?
Solar 2 aylar önce
These games are really mediocre, not worth $5 a month, most feel free worthy, honestly a majority are trash, some are meh, and 1 or 2 are decent. Gold Tier in Mario Kart is more worth it tbh (not that either are worth it) go get Darkness Rises, best free mobile game.
nobodynoname 2 aylar önce
yea i've been wondering about the Arcade app; maybe i will get a Macbook or Ipad. i wonder if this means Apple is trying to get into the video game entertainment industry; i don't know if they've been before.
Ishan Shrestha
Ishan Shrestha 2 aylar önce
$50 and an entire year of subscription with the ipad being soo good and this being so cheap apple is seriously stepping up their game
Donna Reed
Donna Reed 3 aylar önce
Great review. At my pace. You spent a few seconds explaining the gist of several games to show us what we’d be paying for. Now considering getting AA.
Nii Kojo
Nii Kojo 3 aylar önce
So is apple gonna start making game consoles? Bruh!? That would be nice. On second thought they might not need to, turning their existing tech into a console at the press of a button might be better, they might be the rep for mobile gamers! PS4 is for the player, Nintendo always repped kids and family and idk Microsoft but apple could really be that guy!
Ally Dickens
Ally Dickens 3 aylar önce
You suck Apple Arcade does
Neil Jacob
Neil Jacob 3 aylar önce
I'm so glad you have your own channel! I used to watch you on CNET every week! Thanks for this :D
thefallenshadow 3 aylar önce
One of the best is inmost imo. It’s keyboard supported as well.
nanaa 3 aylar önce
I love so many games of Apple Arcade but the storylines are never getting continued
pureding! 4 aylar önce
No track and field or hypersports.....I'm out
Plane Sock333
Plane Sock333 4 aylar önce
How about PAC-man
jason williams
jason williams 4 aylar önce
Is it worth getting for the iMac alone? I don't have an iPhone
thename _sirr
thename _sirr 4 aylar önce
The only game i play is oceanhorn i rly recomended it if u love playing game like zelda botw.
Sean Brenn O. Lontok
Sean Brenn O. Lontok 4 aylar önce
This thing shouldn't last. You won't have a chance to own games anymore and over time if you factor in replayability you'd be losing on a lot of having to pay over every time you want to play the game. Even more so if you are busy enough to finish the game within the month. Apple is exploiting its customers too much. Not allowing music to be downloaded unless through apple music, spotify or some third party apps that will allow you to download music for free, but not every music is available to be downloaded within the app. It even removed its headphone jack which I think is completely unnecessary, was it just to promote its airpods? Gosh, the headphone jack being removed was already too much, unless you have too much money on your hands. You all know that Apple accessories aren't cheap and at the same time not that durable at times too unless you become "extremely OC" enough to be so careful which is a complete drag. Hence, the reason for cheap earphones to be bought and plugged in that headphone jack. It's not like not removing that would affect its sales for airpods too much, even before or after they launched it.
Xross Productions
Xross Productions 4 aylar önce
Wow, a reason to actually give money to Apple
SenimulTheNogard 4 aylar önce
guys trust me I'm a gamer! look at all these games on my PHONE
craigr98 4 aylar önce
Are there strategy games? Like building business games?
The Terminator
The Terminator 4 aylar önce
The reason why comments are turned off on the official apple channel is because there are too many negative reviews.
craigr98 4 aylar önce
The Terminator is that why Sky News Live turn off their comments too?
monkey toucher
monkey toucher 5 aylar önce
Oh look its Google Stadia 2.0..........will flop soon
craigr98 4 aylar önce
monkey toucher hasn’t happened yet mate.
INFAMOUS SEAN 5 aylar önce
Nah I don’t want those trash ass games
INFAMOUS SEAN 5 aylar önce
Brian Tong so did normal mobile games such as free to play clash of clans so yea they are trashy btw
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 5 aylar önce
Well one of them literally won the Game Awards mobile game of the year. Not that trashy after all...
Caleb Alfaro
Caleb Alfaro 5 aylar önce
Hot Lava is a great tech demo of what Virtual reality feels like! Definitely hyping my oculus quest v2 version once it's out and reviewed.!
tyree bracey
tyree bracey 5 aylar önce
Is The Apple Arcade worth it?? I really don’t want to pay if I do a free trial
kittenpurrrrrrrs for crochet
kittenpurrrrrrrs for crochet 5 aylar önce
I do have it and my grandchildren love it just wasn’t sure how it worked like do u download all games because their phone don’t have like a great amount of space
Doggy Doge 79
Doggy Doge 79 5 aylar önce
I don’t have Apple Arcade but I’m thinking of getting sneaky Sasquatch
kevin Ambrocio
kevin Ambrocio 5 aylar önce
This is great for kids and an iPod
Topaz Tiger
Topaz Tiger 6 aylar önce
Apple has actually made something worth my money. Every month I’ll have $5 laying around and this is easily the best use of that. Games are beyond simple yet intriguing and aren’t built upon a huge system that needs micros just to progress
Nope Never
Nope Never 6 aylar önce
I really hate these ads before and after the videos, on top of TRwomen ads. And they are so un-relatable
Nope Never
Nope Never 5 aylar önce
Yes. I do expect free videos. It’s TRwomen . Not pay me tube. How about you share some net profit with everyone. Nope. Instead I get to watch a pushy video.
Baby Magnum
Baby Magnum 6 aylar önce
You mean announcing sponsors? If you don’t like it then please skip it. Grab the progress bar and slide it to the right.
Nope Never
Nope Never 6 aylar önce
For example Nord vpn. Everyone was on that sponsor. Many people signed up and used the service. And Nord VPN got hacked. There goes all your credibility.
Nope Never
Nope Never 6 aylar önce
If you’re going to shill product at least make it a product that you would use. Or at least tempting , these one size fit all ads In my opinion show desperation
Bobert Whatzittuya
Bobert Whatzittuya 6 aylar önce
why is everything streamed and subscriptions now :( we don't own anything anymore
Arty Ohm
Arty Ohm 2 gün önce
@Jason Patrick My thought too. Also Tyler Durden's.
Sineth Akmeemana
Sineth Akmeemana 27 gün önce
@No Name ??? why suggest pirating?
No Name
No Name 27 gün önce
Better than a billion microtransactions. Although, I kinda still suggest pirating.
silloweet Aylar önce
Victor Martínez
Victor Martínez Aylar önce
It's not like you actually ever owned these games anyways. Back in the old days all you owned was the cartages and disks, not the actual game. You had/have a license to play, but you don't own them.
Mysticlover Fairy
Mysticlover Fairy 6 aylar önce
Some of the games I can’t play because they crash which is annoying,but the ones I can play are good
Dominator Vevag
Dominator Vevag 6 aylar önce
Apple arcade sucks #noapplearcade
Baby Magnum
Baby Magnum 6 aylar önce
Shamsur Nayeem
Shamsur Nayeem 6 aylar önce
Looks really wack. Ripoff Apple wont get another penny until their products get better. Five bucks of worthlessness to trap you into the ecosystem even further
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 6 aylar önce
Even if one of the games got Mobile game of the year? You gotta at least try these things before you crap on them haha
SandboxArrow 6 aylar önce
At least Apple Arcade is better than Google Stadia
Super James Super Robertson
Super James Super Robertson 6 aylar önce
Guess I won’t need that switch then...
Oliver Garandza
Oliver Garandza 6 aylar önce
Imagine paying for mobile games
LyricGomez 7 aylar önce
It feels so good to play these games and not get an ad every action you do
Austin Squires
Austin Squires 7 aylar önce
I love Apple Arcade !
Skitflix Universe
Skitflix Universe 7 aylar önce
I want you to do the arcade game where it shows a girl wearing glasses and orange hair I saw it in the Apple Arcade ad please please please do that one because I wanna see what you do in the game
Diego Mendez
Diego Mendez 7 aylar önce
Kåtïâ this one, right?
Diego Mendez
Diego Mendez 7 aylar önce
Kåtïâ I think it’s called Jenny Leclue
Calvin Carlo
Calvin Carlo 7 aylar önce
Why didn’t they add Nintendo Switch pro controller support... 😭 Now I have to buy a $40 controller! That makes me sad...
Calvin Carlo
Calvin Carlo 7 aylar önce
I know I don’t. But isnt gaming much better using a controller, rather than just a touch screen...
CargoRay 7 aylar önce
Calvin Carlo you don’t need a controller.
Mystary TV
Mystary TV 7 aylar önce
Can You Download These Titles & Play Them Offline?
CargoRay 7 aylar önce
Mystary TV most of the games are offline yes you download each game individually the arcade is just a separate section to the app store.
Colin GZ Network
Colin GZ Network 7 aylar önce
Unleash the light!
Colin GZ Network
Colin GZ Network 7 aylar önce
What is choo choo rocket?
Jakai Reid
Jakai Reid 7 aylar önce
can i keep the games if i cancel my subscription after i pay?
Aj 7 aylar önce
Everyone so happy about no micro transactions but they’re paying a monthly price
vvDrxgo 7 aylar önce
Apple just took apple vs android war to a whole new level
Miguel López
Miguel López 6 aylar önce
Cant wait for Samsung's reply on this matter.
Colin GZ Network
Colin GZ Network 7 aylar önce
vvDrxgo I mean, they were good from the beginning, but now they are better!
D͟o͟ ͟yo͟u͟ r͟e͟m͟e͟b͟e͟r͟ m͟e͟?͟ ?͟?͟
D͟o͟ ͟yo͟u͟ r͟e͟m͟e͟b͟e͟r͟ m͟e͟?͟ ?͟?͟ 7 aylar önce
I have Apple arcade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
QuietFire 7 aylar önce
Nice choice of intro music :)
Glass Penguin
Glass Penguin 7 aylar önce
I want to get the app “Outlanders” but it won’t let me access it without going through the “get one month free of Apple Arcade then pay monthly” thing. Is it possible to buy it without Apple Arcade.
Ace Hardy
Ace Hardy 7 aylar önce
Paul Rippcord
Paul Rippcord 7 aylar önce
I didn’t think I would like it, but holy hell it’s the exact opposite of crappy mobile games. No micro transactions with full game experiences and a diverse library. I don’t always have access to my gaming computer, PS4 or Switch but I always have my phone. It’s got everything from quick distractions to full on games. At $5 a month it’s less than a cup of coffee.
Sam Holloway
Sam Holloway Aylar önce
​@Đan!eł Chigozie If you throw in Netflix as well, all of those subscriptions are still cheaper than getting cable for your TV. Nowadays you get to choose what to watch and play, with more variety, and for a cheaper price.
Baby Magnum
Baby Magnum 6 aylar önce
Daniel Alexander So what does your comment do with anything he said?
Đan!eł Chigozie
Đan!eł Chigozie 6 aylar önce
It all adds up though, spotify, apple arcade, apple card, paying for that new iPhone and that cup of coffee...
Mr_Chukes 8 aylar önce
Just get a Nintendo switch. Save your battery life.
Tim0lmazan 1
Tim0lmazan 1 7 aylar önce
What if you wanna try out both Nintendo Switch games and Apple Arcade games? They’re both great.
Woodrow Clarence
Woodrow Clarence 8 aylar önce
I want to know if you get the free month and get a game then cancel the subscription do you keep the month??
Volne 8 aylar önce
"Xbox live arcade" lmao its game pass
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 8 aylar önce
Wrong. You must be too young to remember what XBLA was. Or I'm too old.
Aston Martin
Aston Martin 8 aylar önce
After a month, cancel due to slow release of games that I was interest in playing.
Super Man
Super Man 8 aylar önce
I hate microtransaction!!! good job Apple
Hey-Yow Collections
Hey-Yow Collections 8 aylar önce
so can you connect a bluetooth controller to your Apple tv when playing games on the big screen?
Patrick F
Patrick F 8 aylar önce
How can you give a glowing review to Apple Arcade if you do not play it at all? I stopped the video at 0:59 because you stated not once or twice but several times that you do not play or have time to play these games. And then you start yapping about how great it is. This is a paid advertisement and not a video review in any way. Keep the next 8:06 of your video, you told me everything in the first forty seconds.
darknut 8 aylar önce
If apple is so innovative, why haven't they figured out how to put the phones speaker on the face instead of the back? Or is that a $2000 feature....
DopeShits LoL
DopeShits LoL 8 aylar önce
I bought the iphone 11 pro max. Can i try it out for free for a month???
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 8 aylar önce
If you didn’t use the one month trial already you can. It’s linked to your apple account
J K 8 aylar önce
What a wordy, horrid commercial.
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 8 aylar önce
It’s not a commercial when it’s really good. I get criticized for being a sellout and a hater at the same time. I must be doing something right
melvin 8 aylar önce
I got Apple Arcade for the free trial then I canceled it right away so I wouldn’t forget later but then I had to resubscribe. Will I get charged?
Baby Magnum
Baby Magnum 6 aylar önce
Not for the free month but for the second month.
darknut 8 aylar önce
Yes. Twice.
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