Apple's still working on iPhone with a wraparound display

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Brian Tong

Brian Tong

8 aylar önce

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An iPhone with a wraparound display is still being developed by Apple after they updated a patent for the phone design with a glass housing and looping display. Could this be there future instead of a foldable phone?
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Hilal Mohideen
Hilal Mohideen 8 aylar önce
Brian won’t like or pin this comment to the top.
davw low
davw low 8 aylar önce
BTeezy done done it again! Keep splashing brother!
Eragor the Kindhearted
Eragor the Kindhearted 8 aylar önce
Brian Tong you still didn’t like it, though. So there is that
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 8 aylar önce
Until I pinned it...😳🤯🤯🤯
winkipinky 7 aylar önce
Yeah, that's awesome, now you will NEVER be able to use a CASE to protect the screen so when you drop it, and you will, it will for sure crack all around!!! A really BAD APPLE!!!! Oh and Brian, those wooden beads look real pretty on you...
M Media
M Media 7 aylar önce
I don't "SEE" your problem with ATV+....
John Wallace
John Wallace 7 aylar önce
Wrap around display - no thanks. The state of folding displays aren’t ready for prime time yet. The Apple glasses - might be interesting. Waiting to see. I purchased Disney + it has some real movies I want to see. The Mandalorian Star Wara series is interesting.
Allan Gusten Octesa
Allan Gusten Octesa 7 aylar önce
im one of your superfan from the previous channel...but couldnt understand why you had very less have one very entertaining channel @briantong
Kevin Francis
Kevin Francis 7 aylar önce
The apple wrap-around design looks almost like the 5th Gen Ipod Nano but bigger....
Yehuda Turner
Yehuda Turner 7 aylar önce
I’m not feelin the design. It doesn’t look like it has the “Apple feel”
Baby Swimmer Maxwell
Baby Swimmer Maxwell 8 aylar önce
Apple plus lame, so we’re gonna give it away for free.
Thomas Tobin
Thomas Tobin 8 aylar önce
Comment and like if you read this I’ll unsubscribe if you don’t 😏
Spencer Chase
Spencer Chase 8 aylar önce
Choco Loco
Choco Loco 8 aylar önce
Thought TRwomen was recommending me a 5 year old video....
56Beauty 8 aylar önce
Regarding Apple TV, I do pay for the service. I think See has more of a Game of Thrones feel. I like it! The Morning Show is intriguing. I can’t seem to get through two episodes of Dickinson. Regarding the wrap around phone, I don’t see the point. As for the AR glasses, I would definitely buy a pair.
Shawn Shing
Shawn Shing 8 aylar önce
Apple have bad design !!!!!!!!
Jarrod Folino
Jarrod Folino 8 aylar önce
I have watched 2 pilots on Apple TV+. For All Mankind was pretty good. However I couldn't get into See at all. Brian Tong what do you think?
Jarrod Folino
Jarrod Folino 8 aylar önce
@Brian Tong Awesome you really do reply to every comment
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 8 aylar önce
I wasn't a fan of See either. I liked The Morning Show and For All Mankind, and honestly liked Dickinson's quirkiness but I wouldn't pay for the service as of now.
Mike Monji
Mike Monji 8 aylar önce
If you read them all, heart this one!
Joseph Dawson
Joseph Dawson 8 aylar önce
I have an Android 4K TV and I would love to see the Apple TV+ app released for the TV.
tickle stick
tickle stick 8 aylar önce
Not into the wraparound
Moudire Ifan
Moudire Ifan 8 aylar önce
I really cant believe would be able to use such high tech as soon as the year 2020. I highly doubt!
Adam Lutta
Adam Lutta 8 aylar önce
That Xiaomi mix Alpha 😍
Cockpit Scenes
Cockpit Scenes 8 aylar önce
Super fan Brian, but it just doesn't seem fair to throw shade at a company for copying something that doesn't exist at either company. Minority Report?
Michał G
Michał G 8 aylar önce
Wraparound iPhone it's something that's not going to happen- why because it's stupid idea that is pointless!
Fabio Antonio Esquivel Chacón
Fabio Antonio Esquivel Chacón 8 aylar önce
Well, I wouldn't like one: It's already quite messy to leave fingerprints in the back (unless you use a case) or grease on the front (which I keep cleaning up frequently), so it won't look any good to permanently have grease on the sides just by holding the phone! I pass on the concept as I don't see anything useful with it... it's not solving any problems.
Kevin Sewell
Kevin Sewell 8 aylar önce
Been watching you Brian since you first hit CNET! Loved the Prize Fights, LOL! Waiting to see you hit a million subs :-)
Mark Conforti
Mark Conforti 8 aylar önce
Love how someone just replaced the 30 pin connector with type C
Douglas Goncalves
Douglas Goncalves 8 aylar önce
I think See is Apple TV+ best show, and yeah the queen needs to stop praying or she will go blind. Oh wait...!! 🤔
Omar Reyes
Omar Reyes 8 aylar önce
Apple TV +? Well as a student I get it for free! But the shows are not knocking out of the park.
Omar Reyes
Omar Reyes 8 aylar önce
That wrap around? It’s dope! And the mi mix? Wow! Apple get that phone out soon!
Edi de Oliveira
Edi de Oliveira 8 aylar önce
What you didn’t like SEE? What? Hmmmmmmmm.....
Ira Parker
Ira Parker 8 aylar önce
I think Apple TV shows are terrific. And certainly worth $5 a month. This is much more robust service than I was expecting.
The Observer
The Observer 8 aylar önce
China is the centre of the copying world.. what do you expect..
Albert Aguilera
Albert Aguilera 8 aylar önce
Danf 313
Danf 313 8 aylar önce
Apple, in my opinion, is the biggest bitter.
Flux Labs
Flux Labs 8 aylar önce
I love “For All Mankind” but I’m a space geek. Give it a watch though y’all. It’s good!
iRohanman 8 aylar önce
I just remember that when Brian was on another channel and was giving apple watch leaks and joked that “hope it will tell time too”. and now i am wearing apple watch series 4 !! Time flies 🙌🏻 Keep up the good work Brian !! 😁😊⌚️ 
Graham McDonald
Graham McDonald 8 aylar önce
Nah, that will be painful to hold. I remember being glad to get away from the iPhone 3G to the 4 with its comfy flat sides.
Michael Land
Michael Land 8 aylar önce
I don’t like the foldable phone makes it seem like It would be like an old school flip phone
Zane DuBois
Zane DuBois 8 aylar önce
I like the look of wrap around screen, but my main concern to wrap around screen and including the current volume and power buttons as a screen function is durability. Also, most have phones people put their smart phones in cases. So, this design doesn't take that into consideration. How would you interact with the screen controls of a volume, mute and power with a case on it?
Hector Rodriguez
Hector Rodriguez 8 aylar önce
Brian, with that T-shirt on, you look like an Italian papichulo...:-)
Brent Smithline
Brent Smithline 8 aylar önce
I am a normal I do not care about a wrap around display on my smartphone, or pad. In fact unless it is the only iPhone type I could buy, I would not even think about purchasing one. At that point I would be thinking very hard about jumping off the Apple iPhone Upgrade program train. I love the bezel as a place my palm may rest, or hold it without the iPhone, or iPad doing anything. I might even think about a Google based smartphone that receives security updates the fastest. Now on Apple TV Plus for us who do not want in your face you have to rent, or purchase what I am showing you, the service is a "BAD APPLE!!!!". I would like it to show the content that comes as part of the service upfront in my face. I just fine with all of the other I am going to have to pay more content being listed after that. Thanks for your content… Keep it going….
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez 8 aylar önce
Tong wouldn’t be great if iphone will get Samsung galaxy’s design??
elvin brown
elvin brown 8 aylar önce
It is time for you Brian Tong to come back to CNET because when you were over there you had a larger audience & most of them CNET viewer enjoyed watching your programs of critiquing those Apple products,
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 8 aylar önce
I don’t. Look at my views overall, I’m not even worried about that. Just make content that’s worth watching and the rest will figure itself out.
Robert Conklin
Robert Conklin 8 aylar önce
I love that design of the iPhone. If they release that game over.
Noel Santos
Noel Santos 8 aylar önce
You need a co host. A bit of eye candy to get more views.
Forever Misguided
Forever Misguided 8 aylar önce
Ting is shit. Who used less than 2gigs a month?
mac man
mac man 8 aylar önce
WOW ! and i haven't said that for a while about an Apple product , it looks absolutely awesome , it moves the conventional expectation in a whole new direction , its like a SJ thought from outside the box again , keep thinking different APPLE you know the others will start following again .
Margot Robinson
Margot Robinson 8 aylar önce
About “See”: There’s a TRwomenr named Molly Brown who does excellent videos about how she gets around on a daily basis as a blind person. One way she gets around without a cane in unfamiliar places is by echolocation. She did a great collab with “It’s Okay to Be Smart” on human echolocation.
Eric 8 aylar önce
Thumb down cause ting is for USA only!
Eric 8 aylar önce
Can you please tell us if your sponsors apply to Canada too? I hate it when I find out it is for the USA only... Thanks Bri
floex831 8 aylar önce
Been wanting to watch the new Apple TV+ content, we'll see how I like it.
Misha C.
Misha C. 8 aylar önce
Is See anything like Jason's show Frontier on Netflix? Frontier is my ish!
ApexRon 8 aylar önce
Functionality first, then appearance. That said, I don't see any functional reason for a wraparound display.
Arun Jacob
Arun Jacob 8 aylar önce
Give me a heart if you read this comment
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 8 aylar önce
❤️❤️❤️ Here’s THREE!
Prajnadatta Meher
Prajnadatta Meher 8 aylar önce
Mohammed Jitarayah
Mohammed Jitarayah 8 aylar önce
I still don’t see the use of a round screen. A foldable one may be, a one with edge also possible.
Tabitha 8 aylar önce
Thanks Brian! You're always giving the best Apple brief news! Appreciate you!
teal'c kree
teal'c kree 8 aylar önce
Been using the full version of photoshop on a tablet like the Surface Pro 3 for the last 5 years. Just need to change the icon and txt sizes to 200% in preferences. Shame that it has taken so long for the ipad version
Prasad Raikar
Prasad Raikar 8 aylar önce
Seems Apple has lost its direction
Mike Cremona
Mike Cremona 8 aylar önce
ADOBE PHOTOSHOP: Did I misunderstand the new ADOBE Photoshop that we all have been waiting for our i PAD PROs has a monthly fee? I would not complain too much if the app cast $4.99. but a monthly user charge is too much for my needs!
Przeciętny Cud
Przeciętny Cud 8 aylar önce
Mike Cremona just go with Affinity Photo, it’s WAY better
Matthew Gill
Matthew Gill 8 aylar önce
Wrap around iphone sounds dope right now
Stephen Willis
Stephen Willis 8 aylar önce
I need Rose color Apple glasses 🤓
Suyaib Ahmed
Suyaib Ahmed 8 aylar önce
Hey Brian do you actually read all the comments 🤔
Suyaib Ahmed
Suyaib Ahmed 8 aylar önce
@Brian Tong that's such a Good Brian!!
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 8 aylar önce
Yes I do!
Lugina Brown
Lugina Brown 8 aylar önce
Not crazy about it. I like the idea of it wrapping around your wrist only.
Abdul Delati
Abdul Delati 8 aylar önce
you should do a video on your setup! i bet you have a killer one.
Clenn Designs
Clenn Designs 8 aylar önce
Wow,shouldve seen you at max:/
Nikhil Jani
Nikhil Jani 8 aylar önce
Hey Brain.. How u doin?? ☺️ Why dont u do GiveAway ☺️??
George Ivan Agudelo
George Ivan Agudelo 8 aylar önce
If he really reads every comment do a skit with waffles next vid
Greg Ryan
Greg Ryan 8 aylar önce
I’ll never believe it
Timmy Li
Timmy Li 8 aylar önce
“My Chinese Family”
Perfect5Recurve 8 aylar önce
I could not give a shit about a wrap around or folding smartphone. I barely use Netflix and I only use Hulu for one show because I get it packaged with Spotify, and I cannot be bothered to give a crap about another video service. Apple TV+? Useless. Disney Plus? Just as useless.
Alex Diaz
Alex Diaz 8 aylar önce
If you read this message I need you to make a random Moooo sound in your next video :) lol
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