Baker deserves 90% of the blame for Browns loss to Seahawks - Shannon Sharpe | NFL | UNDISPUTED

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Aylar önce

Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns fell 32-28 to the Seattle Seahawks at home Sunday. Shannon Sharpe explains why Baker deserves 90% of the blame for the Browns latest loss.
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Baker deserves 90% of the blame for Browns loss to Seahawks - Shannon Sharpe | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED Aylar önce
Does Baker deserve most of the blame for the Browns’ loss?
cherry bomb
cherry bomb 23 gün önce
Oneonebravo Followme
Oneonebravo Followme 27 gün önce
No, the team lost, call playing was terrible
Mongoose Laflair
Mongoose Laflair 29 gün önce
Browns will go 7-9 this season
David Howard
David Howard 29 gün önce
Raymond Lacey
Raymond Lacey Aylar önce
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED He absolutely deserves the blame! Overrated Hands down!
Trevor Rotan
Trevor Rotan 10 gün önce
Baker’s “pin point accuracy” was built in the soft big 12.
S C A 11 gün önce
You have it or you don’t
Santiago World
Santiago World 20 gün önce
Bring back Kap
Raheem Amir McDowell
Raheem Amir McDowell 22 gün önce
Refs fixed the game. Really
Iraxks 23
Iraxks 23 23 gün önce
Success matters. Move the franchise
Aaron 23 gün önce
Lmao baking bad lol I can’t wait to see the bleacher report cartoon
jimmy5634 24 gün önce
For all of you ignorant masses and the sports media,Baker has no offensive line. Too much credit and blame is given to QB’s and RB’s when it’s the O line that makes the difference.
Stevie Anderson
Stevie Anderson 24 gün önce
Baker is the equivalent of the Russian tennis player that never wins but gets all the commercial deals.
CTMan2018 25 gün önce
I like this show but am I THE ONLY ONE sick and tired of Skip Bayless's "hmms" when Sharpe is speaking and thumping the table when he talks? IT IS GETTING TO BE QUITE ANNOYING! STOP ALREADY!
Jason C.
Jason C. 26 gün önce
He’s making the Browns worse Not better.
Jack Lester
Jack Lester 27 gün önce
Country music
chitalian22 27 gün önce
Baker spent a little too much time on those commercials than spending time on how to operate in his pocket. That guard they traded for ODB was a mistake. You don’t need two number 1 WRs to win in the NFL.
SuperJJisHere 27 gün önce
I like skip better when the Cowboys aren't involved lol
Mikel Keith
Mikel Keith 27 gün önce
Where is everybody at they called me all kind of names when I try to tell the truth about Baker Mayfield ,where are you ,you still my friends, the Browns made a third round draft pick the number one overall pick ,and got a defensive back, instead of giving either Sam Donald or Lamar Jackson and Barkley, or the Chubb that went to Denver.Unfortunately for Cleveland they will never be nothing until that racist owner sells the team ,he can't look past his skin when trying to pick a quarterback there were several quarterbacks that he could have got ,but they was unfortunately the wrong color.
Cataclyst Alhambra
Cataclyst Alhambra 27 gün önce
Basically another RG3, before injury he was way better though. lol. He's drinking his own koolaid
QuanTez Spann
QuanTez Spann 28 gün önce
This aged well for Rex Ryan
Travis Dale
Travis Dale 28 gün önce
They hit MUCH harder in the NFL hince more turnovers. ,,#grownmanball
Josh E
Josh E 28 gün önce
But not once giving credit to the seahawk D
Adrian Berry
Adrian Berry 28 gün önce
A hall of fame tight end would know if a person is a great route runner. And skip says he dont know about that smh
R McElhaney
R McElhaney 28 gün önce
The interceptions aren't all Baker Mayfield's fault. On one of the picks he threw, his pass bounced off his receiver's hands and into the arms of a Seahawks defender. What's Baker supposed to do, catch the ball for his receivers?
Charlie Griffey
Charlie Griffey 28 gün önce
It is not all on Baker. 1st of all, 2 of the 3 interceptions were tipped by his receivers, one of which had the ball in his hands but couldn't complete the grab. If these receivers are so great they should make those catches, or at least have the awareness to not tip it to the defense. Also Odell dropped a couple of really good passes, one of which was a potential big play if not touchdown. And let's not forget coaching. Mayfield is one of many issues. And in the 2nd half he wasn't even 100%. Still in the 2nd quarter when you are on top not running at all is a crime. That is coaching.
Mutahi Elliott
Mutahi Elliott 28 gün önce
Baker messing up is somehow OBJ's fault 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Mark Weaver
Mark Weaver 28 gün önce
Come on Shannon, 90%?? Last I checked this is a TEAM sport. No one man can make that big of a difference!!
Kammy D3ad
Kammy D3ad 28 gün önce
Finally understand the "fan of a fan" point of view
FFF 29 gün önce
Baker Mayfield is just a short Jay Cutler with a more ra-ra personality.
Ronald Dolbeck
Ronald Dolbeck 29 gün önce
I call them the Cleveland Kardashians
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 29 gün önce
Take a shot every time Skip says ‘QBR’.
DANTARAD 97 29 gün önce
Sophomore slump
Ximenes66 29 gün önce
Overrated QB who gets flustered at the 1st sign of pocket pressure; he's just a short Kirk Cousins with a massive ego
Ximenes66 29 gün önce
@bowen voowy Lamar and Josh Allen are two players who don't get excuses for the former it's his over-reliance on running(EVEN WHEN HE WINS WHICH IS CRAZY!!) and for the former is his accuracy and breaking out of the pocket even when he wins and neither have OBJ or Jarvis type talent to throw to.....
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 29 gün önce
Hmm... I would love to see these guys say the same thing about Jackson or Allen when they throw those picks. Mayfield gets all these excuses for bad play. He is on his way t
George Davydian
George Davydian 29 gün önce
Sophmore jinx ppl..ever heard of it?
Mil mil
Mil mil 29 gün önce
Pretty sad when you have the best receivers around the NFL and yet you look awful ...that says alot about his level of play..He is not NFL ready and at this point i am not sure he will be any better than a back up QB for some desperate team...Cleveland Browns will get it right one day when picking a good QB...they keep missing in the draft and nobody can miss that many times..They are bound to get one right sooner or later...
Black Bull
Black Bull 29 gün önce
Talk to em Shannon. Where is that energy from Mayfield? Looks like what he did to Hue Jackson is coming back to him.
alex Motts
alex Motts 29 gün önce
Richard sherman lying like a lil bia just exposes him. Hes obviously jealous and hateful towards baker because he gets commercials and attention. Richy smullet just another typical melinnial diva
Travis Adair
Travis Adair 29 gün önce
Typical brat thinks he is a star before he is a star. RGIII anyone?
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 29 gün önce
If you can only perform when expectations are low for you then you can't perform. I'm sorry but Baker isn't it, and I'm tired of the constant excuses people make forhim
Shaun Richardson
Shaun Richardson 29 gün önce
Browns fans, forget what haters are saying, have faith, we can do this, just stay strong, the Nationals were 19-31 in their first 50 games and are now in the World Series, I’m not saying we’re going to the Super Bowl but we have to have patience and keep our heads up.
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 29 gün önce
Cleveland clowns will always be the biggest joke in the nfl
Zach Logan
Zach Logan 29 gün önce
Can we see the replays they lookin at Jeeezus
Jiezhang Jzmobee
Jiezhang Jzmobee 29 gün önce
I like this new girl. She doesn't talk much.
Mark A. Lewis Jr
Mark A. Lewis Jr 29 gün önce
Well as a Brown's fan I have to defend my team and I will start by saying we all no that when you are losing when expected to win those will be your best and worst critics. So they just have to play to there strengths and that is run run run run run.. And get rid of those ugly new uniforms?
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 29 gün önce
Jenny couldn’t be here to hear this criticism of Baker 😂
Eliko Mwenge
Eliko Mwenge 29 gün önce
He's just missingin him
S C A Aylar önce
Baker last name manzel
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 29 gün önce
balls to the defense it’s not his fault
Floyd McCutcheon
Floyd McCutcheon Aylar önce
Shannon, his receivers are not helping are they?
JoeyDoes Aylar önce
Wheres jenny😡
TruthTella2 Aylar önce
He was expected to win 12-13 games and have a Mohomes like mvp season. Instead he's on pace for 13 TDs and 28 int and 5 wins
Deborah Nadolski
Deborah Nadolski Aylar önce
Hmm... I would love to see these guys say the same thing about Jackson or Allen when they throw those picks. Mayfield gets all these excuses for bad play. He is on his way to being Ryan Leaf. Stop defending Mayfield.
BUZZY Aylar önce
Baker's wr's all got butterfingers.....
Deborah Nadolski
Deborah Nadolski Aylar önce
Let's admit the truth: Mayfield's college days are not translating to the NFL. People were wrong. He is not that good!
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance Aylar önce
Hello,Humans. Murray Franklin : I'm waiting for the punchline. Arthur Fleck : There is no punchline. -Joker(2019)
Cool Breeze
Cool Breeze Aylar önce
We talking about running routes. I can side with a HOFer or Skip....🤔
Tony Snake
Tony Snake Aylar önce
Cleveland clowns will always be the biggest joke in the nfl
Swaggy McSwaggerton
Swaggy McSwaggerton Aylar önce
If you can only perform when expectations are low for you then you can't perform. I'm sorry but Baker isn't it, and I'm tired of the constant excuses people make forhim
Deron Momanyi
Deron Momanyi Aylar önce
This is his first real test of adversity. So far, he's not acquitting himself well in the process. Sam Darnold last year had an awful O-line (and is still awful), a terrible HC/OC, a bottom-3 RB, nothing. He threw for 6 TD to 1 INT in the final four games of last year. Baker has a great WR core, a better O-line, Nick Chubb, and.... 5 TD to 11 INT (league-leading). I don't think that Baker's done in this league yet, but people are taking shots at him for the right reasons & Baker hasn't proven himself to be the answer in Cleveland. He still has time. The NFL is ruthless, however.
Mark Williams
Mark Williams Aylar önce
nah he is definitely going to get 100% of the blame. not 200%, not 300%, not even 400%.. 100% of the blame.
Glenn Rubin
Glenn Rubin Aylar önce
Shannon “Grape Ape” Sharpe & Skippy, the problem is the coaching. They need to get ride of Kitchens and Wilkes and fast! And although the offensive line looked better against the Seahawks they still stink.
nomoreserfs Aylar önce
Baker is more worried about making tv commercials than focusing on the qb position.
Challenger Aylar önce
I’m sorry unc, almost half of bakers picks are coming from receivers not catching the same ball they had 2 hands on. He’s not flawless. But when you got guys basically pitching balls to the defense it’s not his fault
Chris Mog
Chris Mog Aylar önce
Baker Mayfield = White privilege QB! Smh
Chyko Money
Chyko Money Aylar önce
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman Aylar önce
#29 on trending
Swan Jackson
Swan Jackson Aylar önce
Baker is overrated, and I'm from Cleveland. He is not the answer, he is very immature. As a person
Bo Yodda 713
Bo Yodda 713 Aylar önce
Anklesocks Aylar önce
Mayfield is total garbage and Jackson is the new Vick....just electrifying
Victor Chaz
Victor Chaz Aylar önce
I love you Uncle Shay! You a real one.
JanstonCordell Aylar önce
Mayfield is the Employee of the Month over at the Famous Jameis' Bakery.
Vlone thug
Vlone thug Aylar önce
Baker is trash
cholli4141 Aylar önce
Steelers would still be losing if Ben was in.
cholli4141 Aylar önce
If Baker needs to have a “chip” to be a good player, nots simply not a good QB.
Matthew Smaldone
Matthew Smaldone Aylar önce
Did Skip ever consider that Mayfield wasn’t ready to start when Hue gave him the 2nd spot? That maybe the psychology was also that being #2 would also play into the entire “Mayfield needs a chip on his shoulder’? Jackson got it right. Mayfield now is a pampered brat with poor footwork and terrible pocket presence. Skip has no idea what he’s talking about.
Deborah Nadolski
Deborah Nadolski Aylar önce
Mayfield's footwork was bad last year.
O.J. NEON Aylar önce
0 sacks and 0 hits? No excuses 😬
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