Being an Asshole!

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Danny Duncan

Danny Duncan

2 yıl önce

Thanks for watching! I love you guys!
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Danny Duncan
Danny Duncan 2 yıl önce
olivia chamberlain
olivia chamberlain 19 saatler önce
Danny Duncan that’s what she said
McDouble 5 gün önce
Leander_Playz 10 gün önce
too nice to be true
Chris Was lit
Chris Was lit 17 gün önce
Konner Dennis
Konner Dennis 20 gün önce
Love your vids
Samuel Pyle
Samuel Pyle 2 saatler önce
how tf do u do that shit thats funny
Trace C
Trace C 14 saatler önce
You’re the best
Jamie Tyrrell
Jamie Tyrrell Gün önce
One of my favs if it's one of yours 👇🏿
EnigmaUNKN 2 gün önce
8:42 facts
Heber Aviles
Heber Aviles 2 gün önce
I love when he jumps over kids
Nuthatch Pusthas
Nuthatch Pusthas 2 gün önce
I love Danny because he acts serious about everything but he’s just kidding
Brittney Griffin
Brittney Griffin 3 gün önce
More likes biches
Isaias Moor
Isaias Moor 4 gün önce
Do more videos of being An asshole 😂😂
MG Menace Gang
MG Menace Gang 5 gün önce
Izacc Jimenez
Izacc Jimenez 6 gün önce
U legit
Izacc Jimenez
Izacc Jimenez 6 gün önce
Itz-Shrubby FN
Itz-Shrubby FN 8 gün önce
Take a chill pill 😂
Itz-Shrubby FN
Itz-Shrubby FN 8 gün önce
Im just fucking with you
Itz-Shrubby FN
Itz-Shrubby FN 8 gün önce
Danny youre an asshole 🤣
xJoe 9 gün önce
You'r an asswhole in a GOOD way
CaspersDesigns 9 gün önce
Ngl, Danny kinda ratchet but then again hes from Florida, explains it all lmao, turned me into a fan though
Ian Garcia
Ian Garcia 9 gün önce
I ain't no pussy I have nothing but the up most respect for u my g 💯 I'm a loyal fann
xd Goongy
xd Goongy 10 gün önce
I ordered a legalize eating ass hoodie a couple days ago and now time is going by so slowly waiting for it
Jakob NUNEZ 10 gün önce
Watching this vid again 2 years later and Danny is still that dude 😂😂😂😂😂
Tyrone Jones Jackson
Tyrone Jones Jackson 10 gün önce
9:53 Kris Jenner was on here never knew that’s and yes I’m 2 years late
Lilly L
Lilly L 10 gün önce
You are very good person no cap
A and A studios
A and A studios 10 gün önce
That lady who said “That’s a lot of nerve.” Is my grandma... someone help me... hahahahaha
Jose Barrera
Jose Barrera 10 gün önce
By far my favorite video. Very entertaining
Oh yeah yeah
Oh yeah yeah 11 gün önce
Yes Danny bought his Mom a house, Yes Danny bought his Sister a car, yes he has helped many people that need it, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t do bad things or that he is never an Asshole. Danny does really good things for people but he also does really dick moves and is also sometimes a complete asshole. So just cause you bought your Mom a house doesn’t make you get away with all the dumb shit you did to people. Thanks
henster-man. 11 gün önce
Southend Boyz
Southend Boyz 11 gün önce
Who’s watched every video 20 times
Graham Harmon
Graham Harmon 11 gün önce
Danny your the best
Quantifys 12 gün önce
2 years ago today
IcyTuTTer 12 gün önce
I wish Danny would upload everyday😪
ZYN CLAN 13 gün önce
I love you danny
Mindy Dassow
Mindy Dassow 13 gün önce
I love your videos it's so funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
ana ramos
ana ramos 13 gün önce
Danny Duncan is not the worse
Cooper Droneburg
Cooper Droneburg 13 gün önce
I have ur merchandise
roboutot 15 gün önce
Danny, your are always an asshole but we love it. That's why you have so many sub.
[Insert Name]
[Insert Name] 15 gün önce
I’m not an asshole I bought stuff for family
Danielle Williams
Danielle Williams 16 gün önce
Danny Duncan is the best
Wade Brown
Wade Brown 16 gün önce
You shi
Bob 12
Bob 12 16 gün önce
You a nice guy
Garbello Starużykko
Garbello Starużykko 17 gün önce
anyone wondering what is this song? 0:00
TDI_Goon 17 gün önce
The 2.3 people that disliked this video have very sad lives
Small Daddy
Small Daddy 17 gün önce
Danny you are a nice person and I love you but not like that keep up the good work and long live danny
Bluespams 17 gün önce
9.40 low key looks like Charlie damilieos mom
Dripz Joe
Dripz Joe 18 gün önce
Fuck you
BLACKSCORP 666 19 gün önce
He`s not an asshole! He just makes other ppl act like assholes!
Jeremiah Reyes
Jeremiah Reyes 19 gün önce
danny is a great guy
Marwtf 19 gün önce
This guy is an asshole
Chuck Freaking Noris 3
Chuck Freaking Noris 3 19 gün önce
People say danny is a dick, but I have a tiny dick
garrett klapz YT
garrett klapz YT 19 gün önce
Best video
mark garcia
mark garcia 19 gün önce
danny probably one of The funniest guys ever
51o bayybeee
51o bayybeee 19 gün önce
Bruh if I was that guy on the phone I would’ve punched him in the face I get annoyed so irritated 💀😂 he’s funny but still
Aiden Experiment
Aiden Experiment 20 gün önce
I like how just don’t give a fuck your doing great though keep it up🤜🤘
Clips Bubs
Clips Bubs 20 gün önce
Please do more videos like this 😂
spinthefastest 20 gün önce
I used to think Carrot Top was a nice guy. Shame.
Christopher Durbin
Christopher Durbin 20 gün önce
It’s just a harmless joke
Cody Post
Cody Post 20 gün önce
Danny's new merch (dick life)
Kody Ghrist Windex77
Kody Ghrist Windex77 20 gün önce
Get a haircut
Loco Mo
Loco Mo 21 gün önce
Aylsia Murray
Aylsia Murray 21 gün önce
your not a asshole it is just that everyone else is a asshole
Luv Music
Luv Music 21 gün önce
Dude really said “We’ll you fuck my wife” 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Envy Poseidon
Envy Poseidon 22 gün önce
10:57 keemstar looking ass
Lil Pokey
Lil Pokey 22 gün önce
Little do they know they in a video with 4+ million views
J D 22 gün önce
I'm rewatching this because this is my first and favorite video I saw you make 😂😂 love you Danny
Aaronsillo Allen
Aaronsillo Allen 22 gün önce
Lmao!! Make more asshole videos!..
M1ŅŢÝ /Brock
M1ŅŢÝ /Brock 23 gün önce
U aint no ashole u a great guy and people cant handlw good guys these days
Bodey Bordwine
Bodey Bordwine 24 gün önce
make more of these
Kendall Skaggs
Kendall Skaggs 24 gün önce
love him
UNRL xrvna
UNRL xrvna 24 gün önce
The cringe level this video gave me
I Miss Juice Wrld
I Miss Juice Wrld 24 gün önce
Danny, you ARE an asshole(sometimes). But if you weren’t I wouldn’t be subscribed.
Irruptions 24 gün önce
I love Danny but somtimes I wonder how he is not in jail
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