Budget Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Round-Up 2020!

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What’s the best wireless mechanical keyboard under $75? We cut through the crap and let you know which peripherals are the best value.
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Albert DL
Albert DL Dakika önce
"since then, China's been doing what China does best..." Was expecting he'll pull out some sort of microwaveable bat soup.
Birand A. Hashem
Birand A. Hashem 2 saatler önce
Have you even done any researchs before getting these keyboard or did you just buy bunch from amazon and make it on the go? Didn't help me at all..
Mark Kobe Quiambao
Mark Kobe Quiambao Gün önce
who else got a pulseway ad with Linus in it?
Zachery McNamee
Zachery McNamee Gün önce
I paid 60 for my black widow because it was a 2016 edition so it was marked way down. (Got in 2018)
Daniel Hermann
Daniel Hermann Gün önce
Wait, 70$ is budget? I’ve got a 30$ Red dragon kumaru
dizen Gün önce
Well I think it's because all of the keyboards are wireless.
小龙文 Gün önce
Most of these Chinese products on Amazon are cheated by foreigners. Chinese brands will be much better than this. You can take a look at the evaluation videos of domestic video websites in China.😂
Nicolas Göbl
Nicolas Göbl 2 gün önce
Would you prefer the g613 over all of these?
Kean Ashurst
Kean Ashurst 2 gün önce
Great review. So, is there a not a budget option for a true RGB wireless mechanical keyboard with 10 key?
intellybit 4 gün önce
Take a looks at this review on the BEST BUDGET MECHANICAL KEYBOARD Under $50! leave a like n subscribe trwomen.com/id/video-c9gtbWstnOk.html
Bs Ds
Bs Ds 5 gün önce
Is this a good keyboard Man & Machine Its Cool Flat - Keyboard - USB ? I hate all keboards if they are not silent and also on some of the keyboards that they make these days you can see if the Cap Lock is on or off and that can be very irritating. If anyone else knows a good keyboard which is silent and you can see when Cap Lock is on and off please let me know.
IQ _0
IQ _0 6 gün önce
Me: searches budget wireless keyboards. Linus: 70. Take it or leave it.
Marc Wolfe
Marc Wolfe 6 gün önce
What about capture cards under $100. www.amazon.com/Capture-Grabber-Type-C-Camcorders-Windows/dp/B07Z3J1JJP/
JB6789 6 gün önce
Went budget mechanical last year with the Tecware Phantom 104 RGB for about $56 delivered. Absolutely fantastic value.
karma シ
karma シ 6 gün önce
Amin Nobari
Amin Nobari 6 gün önce
Any thoughts on Obins Anne Pro V2?
Bradley Unknown
Bradley Unknown 7 gün önce
Who tf uses a wireless keyboard i get the mouse because you move it around and it gets tangled but why keyboard?
Eugene Calais
Eugene Calais 7 gün önce
anybody know any good mechanical keyboards with RGB softwares?
John Luke
John Luke 8 gün önce
The G613 is 60 on Newegg right now.
Victor Kjernsholen
Victor Kjernsholen 9 gün önce
do a 60& keyboard
4-LOM 9 gün önce
II'm ddoinng fine wiitth mmmy wwiirllees k keeyboard.
Aanurag Chakraborty
Aanurag Chakraborty 9 gün önce
I have the gamesir gk300
boogieboimueller6 9 gün önce
anne pro 2?
boogieboimueller6 9 gün önce
the first one looks exactly like the walmart blackweb keyboard
Golden _
Golden _ 9 gün önce
China has been doing what they do the best. Me:making viruses????
waltermh111 11 gün önce
I am so glad I skipped getting a keyboard if $60-70 is considered budget for wireless :/ Though, for a keyboard, since I dont need to swing it around, I have no problem with a corded one. I already have a bluetooth travel keyboard that I am using for now until I feel like spending the money on a good desktop one.
Deadpool 11 gün önce
This is not mechanical keyboard round-up. This is certainly "How to be virgin forever" round-up.
Modern Classic
Modern Classic 12 gün önce
The IBM Model F and Model M are about the "twangiest" keyboards ever. The F in particular has a really high pitched "ping!" with every keystroke. Some people like that and actually associate it with good keyboards...
Jimbo Jet
Jimbo Jet 12 gün önce
K2 and K4?
Shadab Faiz
Shadab Faiz 12 gün önce
That game sir is fcking 150 dollar in my country. What the fck is wrong here..
Tenzin Dadhul
Tenzin Dadhul 13 gün önce
Hey, what do you do with all the keyboard. I wish I get one from your collection. 👍👍
Robby Is A Human Being
Robby Is A Human Being 13 gün önce
Wait a second, the RK71 is just a wireless version of the Drevo Calibur V2!!!
TOAST TOAST 13 gün önce
I got a rgb rk its got a usb c and its got quite low latency also the rk switch is a custom kailh
SylfixPlayz 13 gün önce
I like outemu browns and personally use them even though I've tried lots of different switches. Where my outemu lovers at lol
Gandhar Gurav
Gandhar Gurav 14 gün önce
The gamesir keyboard sells for almost 170 dollars in India. Nice.
egwxas 15 gün önce
why isn't Logitech MK550 there?
M300 15 gün önce
I don't even have a pc what am I doing here
Teeebs 15 gün önce
Really cannot understand all the hype for the GameSir. I actually fell for it and bought one. After about a month, the included dongle stopped working. Not recognized by any computer I plug it into. Also, they claim Bluetooth connectivity, which is a lie. The warranty is pretty much non-existent, as you'd have to ship the keyboard back to China to get a replacement. So maybe skip this overpriced toy, and buy a name brand with an actual warranty!
Rajdeep Bhattacharrya
Rajdeep Bhattacharrya 16 gün önce
Are we not gonna talk about the colour called '104 key' at 0:56?
MarcosPret13 16 gün önce
This video is brought you by... Check in the link below.
Gaming For Living
Gaming For Living 18 gün önce
I was wondering about the delay by using wireless and will it be as fast as Logitech lightspeed?
Ethan Acutt
Ethan Acutt 20 gün önce
8:16 linus spits
Juan Carlos Munoz
Juan Carlos Munoz 20 gün önce
So I checked the link for Velocifire VM02WS - and its price is already more than double - only after a month or so?!
Fiel Pales
Fiel Pales 21 gün önce
Mr linus. Wanna try Rakk Lam Ang Pro filipino brand mechanical keyboard. It is very popular here on ph
Thanh Phạm
Thanh Phạm 24 gün önce
8:32 What's your favorite color? Me: *wireless*
Atrash M
Atrash M 26 gün önce
Please review the Logitech G915!
Van Lame
Van Lame 26 gün önce
I got my keyboard for 1$ at the thrift shop. Works perfect. Lol.
AERO Mechanic
AERO Mechanic 27 gün önce
That is literally the only thing China is good at is copying...oh and stealing shit.
TheRealF.B.I 27 gün önce
I Don't Know that you know this brand or not it call nubwo and they made mechanical keyboard and sold them for $27-$30 and it actually real mechanical.
Manmohan Singh
Manmohan Singh 28 gün önce
This video is brought to..... **Tap Tap Tap**
Christian Lowry
Christian Lowry 29 gün önce
Why is rgb a priority
Otto Pylot
Otto Pylot Aylar önce
G-Cord... Thicker version of the G-String?
Mark Arnott
Mark Arnott Aylar önce
👨‍💻💭WENT TO BUY Tt Esports Commander LED Ilumination Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo Bundle KB-CMC-PLBLUS-01 au$58.00🤓IN AMAZON$48 so much new stock she couldnt Find chit the boys dumped boxes all over the shop 😳👈 no new keyboard walks out with a HDMI-2 CABLE $10 Haa maybe latter ? NEVER BUYS ANYTHING FROM AMAZON overpriced JUNK for aussies au local $109 amazon $199
WeDontCare AboutYourTTV
WeDontCare AboutYourTTV Aylar önce
Just a PSA for anyone watching, the G613 is on sale on Amazon currently for $60. No idea for how long though.
Corey Michaud
Corey Michaud Aylar önce
China doing what China does best lol
Tofu Aylar önce
3:45 why does james sound like mrfreshasian
Cesar Fpv
Cesar Fpv Aylar önce
Idk why the keyboards are "budget" at 70 dollars when you can find the Logitech G613 for that price at Target. :/
Yarno Aylar önce
The Royale Kludge Keyboards don't use their own switches, they use Kailh switches.
Zach The Cuber
Zach The Cuber Aylar önce
How in the f**k can the color be wireless 8:32
SD Programmer's
SD Programmer's Aylar önce
Check India priced keyboard
David Xu
David Xu Aylar önce
that multitask keyboard is perfect for coding
Alejandro Alvarado
Alejandro Alvarado Aylar önce
Coronavirus: Exists Linus: We ordered a bunch of stuff from china
totz808 Aylar önce
The Logitech G613 mentioned is down to $60 on Amazon in the US, I'd just go with that one. In fact, I did go with that one! Typing on one right now that I just got this week!
Linus Bro, Any Low to Mid Budget Non-Low Profile Keys, Backlit (not necessarily RGB) Keyboard for Linux OS? None of the Reviews either on Online Shopping Sites or TRwomen Reviewers/Reviews seem to Mention This Important Information. Hope Anyone Can Answer too if aware ASAP. Thanks&Regards, Michael
@Soulja32 Not So Sure Friend. Most of the Reviews Online Shopping Sites Mention Certain Functions Not Working on Linux, Multimedia RGB keyboards. I don't Care if Doesn't Have RGB too, all I want is a Backlit Wireless Keyboard with Media Keys, Fn, Macro Keys, etc working!
Soulja32 Aylar önce
Any board can work with linux no?
Tanji Aylar önce
I have the tenkeyless velocifire wired mechanical keyboard and it is so heavy and feel so good! Also is my first mechanical keyboard so I am not complaining.
ghaus ali
ghaus ali Aylar önce
8:16 did u notice that?
Shyam Vasudev
Shyam Vasudev Aylar önce
I had a motospeed, non wireless though. It died on me about after close to two years of use :| So my advice, stay away from all these.
rinjo shome
rinjo shome Aylar önce
Can u review CosmicByte blue and brown switch true rgb keyboards?
Kelty ?!k
Kelty ?!k Aylar önce
U should do a review on the victsing 50$ rib keyboard very good budget keyboard
An Asian Rex
An Asian Rex Aylar önce
I'd like to see you review the James Donkey keyboards! Lol
-EM- Aylar önce
nice vid.
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