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Cam Newton Panthers Pump Up/Highlights/Promo/Trailer/Motivational Mix/Tribute

Music: In Video (Bottom Left Corner)
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scott1713 13 saatler önce
That was a huge block by number 89 to get cam into the inzone. 12:04
scott1713 13 saatler önce
Drew breeze and Matt Ryan aren't in the AFC south Stephen A
scott1713 13 saatler önce
SB 50 was a hard one. Then I had to watch my tarheels lose at the last second in the NCAA national championship game just a month later. I was actually not upset when cam got up and walked out after the SB. The guy hates to lose. Best wishes cam Newton
henree simp
henree simp 2 gün önce
He is with a power house team i think its gonna make him play his best ever
god 2 gün önce
bill gonna really utilize cam abilities. i just hope he win lot of games cause if not. its over for cam, bill wont stand for bs players
Bike Nut
Bike Nut 3 gün önce
Remember the one good season? The officials had a lot to do with that one, remember how much he cried the very next year? He has his work cut out for him, the officials have never been in New England"s corner.
p4tmchef 4 gün önce
Don't hate him but I certainly don't like him. Talent aside he has demonstrated time after time than when the going gets tough, Cam tucks his tail and ducks...eyes closed. If he shows heart and is not a douchebag diva I will embrace him. Truly, Cam's future is in his own hands right now. I hope he really is hungry.
Tim S
Tim S 4 gün önce
I hope the Patriots win a Super Bowl with Cam Newton!!
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson 6 gün önce
Healthy cam is like no other
Joshua High
Joshua High 6 gün önce
Cam and my boy Edelman, who want some?
Neml575 7 gün önce
Can’t hear anything for the feckin music. Turn it down
Robert Westbrook
Robert Westbrook 8 gün önce
I’m a broncos fan so I want to see von ruin him again
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper 9 gün önce
He got a chip on his shoulder
Miracle BoyJ
Miracle BoyJ 9 gün önce
Sheff G music selection x Cam Newton 🔥🔥🔥
RA1NM4N978 9 gün önce
Can Newton was in one of the most toughest divisions in the NFC South with The Falcon w/ Matt Ryan and the crazy defense the once had. Then the Saints w/ Drew Brees and there crazy defense. And last they had the Bucs who’s defense was always average or better. He did what he could do with the Panthers.
Panthers Rhule
Panthers Rhule 9 gün önce
We love you Cam!!! You will always be my favorite QB. Always so energetic. Prove the haters wrong.
BiggDawggtruckn !
BiggDawggtruckn ! 9 gün önce
Cam is ready a great player. It's about the rest of Patriots team. I mean all they have is a scrap yard of players... Will they build a team around him like Tampa bay is trying to do for tom Brady...???? If the Patriots don't do well its owner head coaches fault...I don't BELIEVE the Patriots are committed to winning right now this shouldn't not have join the Patriots. They are Not paying him and They are a lousy team right now . Need to rebuild that's why Brady left 😎
Peter Heineman
Peter Heineman 9 gün önce
Show em what's up Cam. Can't wait to see it.
Joe Burns
Joe Burns 10 gün önce
What does it say about a player who chooses the #1 for his uniform ? The guy is a total diva.
L. Mott
L. Mott 10 gün önce
Cam plays like McNair and throws like Moon what more can be said 🤔
Damain Jenkins
Damain Jenkins 10 gün önce
Manz is finna go OFF this season for my SQUAD... Plus them JERSEY sales finna POP , cuz his #1 inna PATS JERSEY LOOKS AWESOME BABYYYY
Avery Smalls
Avery Smalls 10 gün önce
I'ma Dirt Bird, BUT will always be a Big Cam fan!!!!
Zephaniah 1v3
Zephaniah 1v3 11 gün önce
I hope cam comes back viciously.
Bill Peltier
Bill Peltier 11 gün önce
I'm not your typical obnoxious bama fan, but I ROLL TIDE. ALWAYS respected this man though. Hope he kills it....cuz my boy hightower is on the same team
Jowanna 2019
Jowanna 2019 11 gün önce
Cam is a fucking beast!!!!
Football Legend
Football Legend 11 gün önce
Jowanna 2019 you know it
Mike Got Bandz
Mike Got Bandz 12 gün önce
What's the name of the song at the beginning of the video?🔥🔥🔥
Ramy Tube
Ramy Tube 13 gün önce
I bet Cam Newton hates von Miller 🤷‍♂️
vince lawrence
vince lawrence 13 gün önce
I don't care how good a Q B play, he need blocking and a defense that stop the other team from scoring , Cam played his Superbowl at the wrong time , they were the favorite to win and Peyton manning had his going away gift, well retirement gift, like Lamar Jackson you lose a play off game , now the sport talk shows hold it against you , they drop you in the top Q B standing because you haven't won a play off game , ok NFL family handle your business , make that shit give and take, if you're a good QB, the money is not everything .
iKratosx10 15 gün önce
One thing new England still gonna do a lot of is that qb sneak. Tom Brady sneaks a lot they'll prolly go for every fourth and short
Carlos Carloquent
Carlos Carloquent 15 gün önce
I just can’t wait until he’s back on the field. One of the Greatest to do It
Derek Walker
Derek Walker 15 gün önce
Cams had two legit seasons and he already has accumulated some of the best highlights from a QB
Greg Mc Gowan
Greg Mc Gowan 15 gün önce
Watchin this makes me sick. Cam aint never played in a team with the Best NFL Coach ever, Bill B. He is gonna play in a team with a Top 5 NFL O Line, Top 5 NFL Secondary, Good set of Running Backs, Excellent Special Teams coz The Pats select quality Mobile Linebackers, A Decent set of Receivers never mind the best slot receiver ever...Cam in the Pats is gonna be awesome. People will be saying imagine if Bill had him all those years back.
TG YoungLad
TG YoungLad 17 gün önce
This just proves SUPERBOWL 50 was rigged They have been comparing him to Peyton Manning since draft day and when he smashed all of the rookie records and met Peyton in the superbowl they rigged it so he could not dethrone the cheap ass legacy of Peyton Manning. If you think for one second the superbowl was not rigged and the nfl does not have an agenda think again. Last year Rodgers and Mahomes were in all of the commercials since week 1 because the NFL was trying to prepare fans for a Super Bowl Showdown between them. But the packers are so shit they couldn’t make it even with the refs. And in the superbowl last year they mentioned after the game how if the Packers went instead it could have been a SB1 rematch between Packers and Chiefs like the NFL intended. If you think the NFL is legit then WWE also had to be legit because it’s the same fucking thing, just a different scale. Every WWE match is scripted and every NFL match my not be but at the end of the day the NFL knows which teams it wants in the playoffs and which ones it does not and if it gets close a quick ref flag here and a ref flag there and a miss call here and a miss call there takes unwanted teams out in no time. I hope Patriots destroy everyone and Cam gets the ring he won in SB50.
Tgblitz 922
Tgblitz 922 18 gün önce
I don’t know about y’all but I wanna see the pats vs the chiefs next season
Jorge Castro
Jorge Castro 18 gün önce
4:36 greatness of Sir. Von Miller ha ¡¡¡
Skruffyruff 19 gün önce
I look at it as the pats saw what lamar could do and they wanted their own rushing qb and they new cam is back and healthy so they jumped on it
Bela Cheat
Bela Cheat 19 gün önce
Racist Remark
Dominique Haines
Dominique Haines 20 gün önce
Welcome to New England.. it's time to Unleash that Throwing arm and power buddy..
Axstro Jax
Axstro Jax 20 gün önce
Let’s go pats boyssssss
jachob simmons
jachob simmons 20 gün önce
Bill turned a 6th round pick into the goat. Let’s see what he can do with a first overall pick who is almost a decade younger and already has an MVP to his name. This is gonna be exiting
Greg Gomes
Greg Gomes 20 gün önce
LFG!!! 🔥🔥🔥
KING OF TSEDEQ 21 gün önce
Von Miller is a man and professional. That's why he won a Superbowl. 🤠👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽💪🏾
Young Produce
Young Produce 21 gün önce
Good luck cam!! We’ll miss you 💙🤍🖤
harold floyd
harold floyd 21 gün önce
As a Panthers fan, we loved Cam but the team did very little to protect him with a complex scheme or give him gamebreaker receivers. Instead they let him run in a brutal NFC south filled with wolves for linebackers. On the down side, Cam had too much Earl Campbell and not enough Barry Sanders. Watch Mahomes orJackson and see how seldom they take a direct hit. Their coaches design run plays that INCLUDE sliding. It’s the first option when contact looms. It wasn’t any option with Cam - he looked for contact, which is suicide for an NFL QB. Having said all that, his coach now is the greatest NFL coach ever, it’s not even close, and while he did groom the GOAT QB in the league, he’s really a defensive coach. I guarantee Bill will protect Cam and make sure he runs only in designed situations. Given that, Cam could be MVP again. If he’s the same old Cam, he’ll be out injured in less than a season. Belichik is the key, and if anyone can show Cam the “secret” it’s Bill. I know the league is shaking right now at the thought of a healthy, motivate Newton in a full bore Patriots offense.
Justin Kanicki
Justin Kanicki 21 gün önce
Cam newton looks like media
Zian Valderrama
Zian Valderrama 21 gün önce
Pats Nation stand up! Cam be dabbin again
BALLAS ' 22 gün önce
Lets Go Boy 🏈 #Pats4L
Joe Publicus
Joe Publicus 23 gün önce
Gross production: what is with the goofy music, and the choppy editing and mumbling talk over??? Newton is over rated, a hot dog, not a winner, and evidently the producers knew that and sent their b team to make the video.
Mitchell Myler
Mitchell Myler 23 gün önce
Never been a fan of the Pats but been a fan of cam his entire career. Panthers are dead to me. But if the Pats gonna give my boy a go, I can respect that! Let's get it New England!
2kckutch 0
2kckutch 0 23 gün önce
All the Patriots needed someone who could throw and rush and cam got both
Rick Rodriguez
Rick Rodriguez 23 gün önce
Why do I feel like playing madden
belinda mesa
belinda mesa 23 gün önce
ro me
ro me 23 gün önce
Panthers did him dirty and he’s coming back for redemption.
Terminence 24 gün önce
The thing is cam dances and dresses up Bill will never allow that dancing you come to this team with Bill you must be ready to work no fooling around but let’s see
Alex Haga
Alex Haga 25 gün önce
Superman be back in the right colors maby
Section 115
Section 115 25 gün önce
CO 3
CO 3 25 gün önce
I just wanna see the dab one time and then we can get to business 🔥
Fre Jr
Fre Jr 25 gün önce
It coo von is just diff diff
CorgiCriminal 26 gün önce
belichek is a genius
roundsaturn31 26 gün önce
If Bill wins another SB with this guy, hats off to him forever. This kid's got all the physical tools, but the head is a little whacked....Bad decisions and shows quit too often. Good luck NE.
Gus Robbins
Gus Robbins 26 gün önce
Man super bowl is finna be the pats vs saints or chiefs vs saints
Yikes McG
Yikes McG 26 gün önce
Can’t wait to see him go hard as fuck for New England. You’d be surprised how strong the motivation is to prove others wrong. Some basketball player for the lakers said this was what drove him to multiple championships.
Blast fa-me
Blast fa-me 26 gün önce
Yo this is actually 🔥🔥yo the editing change in motion everything bro this is crazy
Braylon Yoder
Braylon Yoder 26 gün önce
Kelvin May
Kelvin May 26 gün önce
He's not hated just overrated. 86 qb lifetime rating.
Jairden 27 gün önce
Pats fans don’t get to hyped up y’all not even gonna make it to the playoffs 😂
BosoxPatsfan 83
BosoxPatsfan 83 27 gün önce
Welcome to New England Cam!!!
Juan Luis Torres Jr.
Juan Luis Torres Jr. 27 gün önce
i see you showin respect to sheff 👀👀
Hill Top 54 Jungle
Hill Top 54 Jungle 27 gün önce
This brings back memories. That Carolina team was something to watch.
Hill Top 54 Jungle
Hill Top 54 Jungle 27 gün önce
That Denver defense was on Cam like a cheap
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