Car Surfing with Danny Duncan!

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Danny Duncan

Danny Duncan

8 aylar önce

Thanks for watching! Love you guys!
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Danny Duncan
Danny Duncan 8 aylar önce
Mystery box now available! Will sell out. Get it at ❤️ love you guys. Doing a video with fans soon.
Jack Nachos
Jack Nachos Aylar önce
Danny Duncan what was the intro song
Aidan Arambula
Aidan Arambula 4 aylar önce
Danny Duncan at 9:16 my band that I’m in actually plays that song
Alex Elton
Alex Elton 5 aylar önce
I have those softball cleats but I’m a boy but they fireeee
Bread Gamez
Bread Gamez 6 aylar önce
sCy_ Mercy
sCy_ Mercy 8 aylar önce
I saw you eating pizza it was me and my brother he noded at you
Jessica Sanchez
Jessica Sanchez 3 saatler önce
Why the team 10 Merch😭😖🙁😔😭😵😡
Brandon Diaz
Brandon Diaz Gün önce
9:19 joker dancing down stares
Hexx Gaming
Hexx Gaming Gün önce
“that’s a little extreme for school” everyone: “it’s showtime”
Marlon Rivera
Marlon Rivera Gün önce
Can someone pls tell me the fucking name of the last song
Bryan Lopez
Bryan Lopez 2 gün önce
Ight imma fuk witchah
Scotty Dstp
Scotty Dstp 3 gün önce
LMAOO "More content"
Kaiden Cranefield
Kaiden Cranefield 5 gün önce
0:44 is that a sex doll in the background
Chase 5 gün önce
“You did nothing wrong it’s your choice of attire” 😂😂 lmao his Shit merch deserves to be burned
paige hinson
paige hinson 5 gün önce
They both definitely have a butt for baseball.
Acropolis 6 gün önce
how do you make money from danny duncan mystery box?
kInG pHiLY
kInG pHiLY 6 gün önce
Who is Barrett related to
Sammy Estrada
Sammy Estrada 6 gün önce
If you have a hurricane or tornado you should light fireworks In one of them
Storemarkus 6 gün önce
Who is the guy in the beginning of the video? The real estate guy?
Ethan Buckner
Ethan Buckner 6 gün önce
Did anyone else recognize the song from joker?
Dirtnap Outdoors
Dirtnap Outdoors 3 gün önce
Ethan Buckner what is it called
theylovekp 7 gün önce
danny duncan is a beast at baseball seattle should sign him😂
MonsterPlayz_YT 7 gün önce
When I saw the liscence plate to the truck I almost vomited
Hugo Sanchez
Hugo Sanchez 7 gün önce
Did anyone else Notice the Team 10 Hoodie ?
YbN_p3lOn- 7 gün önce
Miss cameron🥺
MUTMESSIAH 7 gün önce
Lmfao I was expecting your mom to be like “DANIEL DANNNNNIEL DANIEL”
PAKER ACORD 8 gün önce
wanna see more danny Duncan check this link out for the funniest danny Duncan videos
Beats Thuglife
Beats Thuglife 9 gün önce
Wow Danny that thick bootyyyy 9:41
Kevin Penaloza
Kevin Penaloza 9 gün önce
Danny what song is that at the end
Unfairkibbles3 7 gün önce
Rock and roll part 2. Also the joker song.
Tony Terronx
Tony Terronx 10 gün önce
Tf did you say to me
Hayden Russell
Hayden Russell 10 gün önce
Put the car behind the house
Dylan Clarke
Dylan Clarke 11 gün önce
My friend where Danny Duncan's 69 shorts and hoodie and they dont care
Jayden Bear
Jayden Bear 11 gün önce
You should have buried the car in your yard
Max Perry
Max Perry 12 gün önce
Crunchy Water
Crunchy Water 13 gün önce
Those softball cleats he was looking at is the pair I have
Adam Wilkey
Adam Wilkey 13 gün önce
How do they know it doesn’t work had me dead 💀 lol
Brendan Klein
Brendan Klein 13 gün önce
As soon as I get my first car I’m gunna get a Honda Fit literally the best car ever.
EX _FLIX 13 gün önce
Why at 10:48 there's a Raman box
Xtrash Talker69X
Xtrash Talker69X 14 gün önce
Its weird that i am learning the surfin usa song in music
Tj Granahan
Tj Granahan 15 gün önce
10:38 "Im in this clip for racial diversity" LMAO
Garrett laube
Garrett laube 16 gün önce
Bro let’s play baseball. I will fuck you up
Super Saudade
Super Saudade 16 gün önce
did not expect to hear velvet underground on a danny duncan video
Snowwy 17 gün önce
i got a virginity rocks sweatshirt it’s amazing
Default Skin
Default Skin 18 gün önce
Florida man puts car in tree
I LIKE BEANS!!! 20 gün önce
Jesus loves u all so much! ❤❤❤😁😁😁
I LIKE BEANS!!! 20 gün önce
"More content "
I LIKE BEANS!!! 20 gün önce
Alex Sanchez
Alex Sanchez 21 gün önce
9:16 the joker rolls in
Chevy Townsend
Chevy Townsend 23 gün önce
Hayden Glenn
Hayden Glenn 23 gün önce
F*** you you destroyed team 10 I have Team 10 f*** you when they're f****** watching you
Just Flow
Just Flow 24 gün önce
So funny I smashed this tv!-Phil Swift
Chase Jackson
Chase Jackson 26 gün önce
I got joker vibes at 9:15
SwiftZoid 27 gün önce
Jake Stevens
Jake Stevens 28 gün önce
why are midgets gross and dummy thick
Nathan Lopez
Nathan Lopez Aylar önce
Joker song
Sam Donaldson
Sam Donaldson Aylar önce
when danny uses the song from the joker before anybody knew bout it
INeedToBangIQ 15 gün önce
people knew about it before joker
Jamie Burd
Jamie Burd Aylar önce
Just wanna say I love how he played the song Venus in furs
Tøxîć Games
Tøxîć Games Aylar önce
Song @ 9:17 ??
Magnus Frederiksen
Magnus Frederiksen 21 gün önce
Tøxîć Games rock and Roll part 2
3 5 Til I die.
3 5 Til I die. Aylar önce
Dude with the chevy is a bitch lmfao
RELEVANT Aylar önce
Man, does anybody remember what video it was that that guy on the moped smokes the cop car? I cant remember 😭😭😭
hoodricch CJ
hoodricch CJ Aylar önce
what types of fire works was that?
Stargirl Aylar önce
the interstellar music is never not funny
Majestic Sky
Majestic Sky Aylar önce
Danny Duncan is the real joker
wyadave Aylar önce
😭😭😭"im in this clip for racial diversity"-andrew
s3 swagzZ
s3 swagzZ Aylar önce
Bruh they used the joker song
lord bonez
lord bonez Aylar önce
Song at 9:15? 9:15? 9:15?
ZILLAKILLA29 Aylar önce
lord bonez rock n roll part 2
Yo boi Myles
Yo boi Myles Aylar önce
Are you a FSU fan
Reid Gekle
Reid Gekle Aylar önce
whats the song at the beginning of the song
James Charles 2.0 37
James Charles 2.0 37 2 aylar önce
Who else loves small person
Pro Gamers
Pro Gamers 2 aylar önce
U are the funniest shit that are happend to me like i fucking love watching u Virginity Rocks!!!
Cooper Lynn
Cooper Lynn 2 aylar önce
I prefer Australia 🇦🇺
Ethan Bruce
Ethan Bruce 2 aylar önce
😂😂 he moved the little american flag but left the torch sitting next to it lmao
꧁༺〖K༒C〗༻꧂ 2 aylar önce
I looked it up, its pronounced ah-sah-EE
Dillon Rapinchuk
Dillon Rapinchuk 2 aylar önce
You don’t just get rid of a Honda Fit
Reece U
Reece U 2 aylar önce
why do all of your friends have anger issues lmao
Jake Basinger
Jake Basinger 2 aylar önce
Dang Danny haz a Spezialized road bike. VERY NICE!
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