Cheez-It Pizza Hut Stuffed Pizza Taste Test

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Good Mythical MORE

Good Mythical MORE

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Pizza Hut and Cheez-It have combined forces and created the Cheez-It Stuffed Pizza and WE GON EAT IT. Check it out here on Good Mythical MORE, the show after the show! GMMORE #1654
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Breanna Marie
Breanna Marie 2 gün önce
You only have to be 14 to work at McDonald’s
Kayla Tran
Kayla Tran 3 gün önce
oh wow locke’s grown a lot!! 15?!
SquidWard IsMyDad
SquidWard IsMyDad 11 gün önce
i recently got a job at a super market at a bagger as a 14 yo
Junior Studios
Junior Studios 16 gün önce
I'm gonna be honest... this episode was pretty *CHEESY*
C.S Cobra
C.S Cobra 22 gün önce
Lucky people... In da UK we don't have cheez its😢
plushytlou 123
plushytlou 123 25 gün önce
I am 15 and I work there
Kenny H
Kenny H 28 gün önce
I prefer Little Caesars! Pizza Pizza!
Captain Comical
Captain Comical Aylar önce
Also, kangaroos cannot jump backwards
ken steadman
ken steadman Aylar önce
So much double dipping
Logan Travieso
Logan Travieso Aylar önce
both my parents and soon my older brother worked at mcdonalds
jay rmj
jay rmj Aylar önce
“I’m a man now”
DontReadThisComment Aylar önce
wheat thins are dry cardboard.
B2 Cubing
B2 Cubing Aylar önce
KIWI phillip
KIWI phillip Aylar önce
Almost all the teenagers here in Des Moines have a job, and my manager always got in fights with people and would yell and scream at them and still has his job
Seamus Sullivan
Seamus Sullivan Aylar önce
fun fact, I have 3 legs
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr Aylar önce
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr Aylar önce
IT'S SO CHEEZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
vtec L!festyle
vtec L!festyle Aylar önce
Dijarno us the best
Kristers Feldmanis
Kristers Feldmanis Aylar önce
Let's be honest, anything is an NYT bestseller these days.
Natural Disaster
Natural Disaster Aylar önce
I had those Cheez-It things before and I thought they were good
Allie Y
Allie Y Aylar önce
I started working at 14 and I’m 18 now same place for 4 years 😂
Mitch Bowser
Mitch Bowser Aylar önce
always love these more episodes
Wes Miles
Wes Miles Aylar önce
I don't like cheez-its and it looks bad.
amanda creswell
amanda creswell Aylar önce
Lol it's always old women who do stuff like that
Melissa Brundige
Melissa Brundige Aylar önce
Take it home and fry it a second time. Do a episode of you refrying fried foods.
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith Aylar önce
There's a lot of multi-dipping going on here...
Glock9ine Aylar önce
Matthew Smith I couldn’t stand it 😂😂😂😂
Hayden McAllister
Hayden McAllister Aylar önce
Wait didn’t domino’s win the sponsorship 😂
JuvenileRocket Aylar önce
I had a job at 14
Christian Jaramillo
Christian Jaramillo Aylar önce
I'm 15 , from North Carolina and I have a job at McDonalds. It's kind of a tough process to get hired though.
Destiny Webster
Destiny Webster Aylar önce
I like the Pepperoni ones those r my favorite there amazing!!
2Handsome Aylar önce
The girl in red looks like a vampire
Bella Lee
Bella Lee Aylar önce
Try the one with pepperoni it's better
Tamara Warner
Tamara Warner Aylar önce
My son got a job at McDonalds at 15,he will be 18 in 2 weeks and still has the same job..his older brother is 26 and still has the same full-time job he got when he graduated at daughter works at Kroger since she was 18 and is now 20..I made it a point in their lives to teach them that having a good work ethic is very important in life and I’m proud that they all have taken that seriously and do well for theirselves as adults 😊
Brenan Cortez
Brenan Cortez Aylar önce
Emily’s hair is gorgeous!
TexasRigged Aylar önce
Whales are my snack of choice
Karen Dayes
Karen Dayes Aylar önce
Got my first job at 15 and I worked there through college. It was McDonalds! 🍟🍦
Intended Viewer
Intended Viewer Aylar önce
Is Emilys hair dyed? Its beautifully orange
Hey.Its.Tay Aylar önce
Intended Viewer yes
TheDawsClaw_Games Aylar önce
15 yr olds can work jobs
Invisiblegirl26 Aylar önce
Home Depot they let you be a lot guy if you are 16 so there’s still some places
dsilvs222 Aylar önce
one bite everyone knows the rules
Sarah Monahan
Sarah Monahan Aylar önce
Chef Josh! Please make Cheese It chicken for the team. (Bread boneless skinless chicken with sour cream and crushed Cheese Its.) One of my mum's regular supper mains when I was growing up.
Dark Godess
Dark Godess Aylar önce
Danny who's the red head babe 😍😍😍😍😋😋
Lil Stoner Teen
Lil Stoner Teen Aylar önce
U can still work at McDonald's when ur 15 they have one here in nampa
GSPV33 Aylar önce
Please retire the awkward characters.
Scott Aylar önce
Dominos wings plain are actually really good. Pizza huts wings are basically chicken nuggets
Amber Huntsman
Amber Huntsman Aylar önce
That pizza is bland. The cardboard would have more flavor
Louisnotonfire Aylar önce
Rhett is right ... they DONT let kids work anymore
CaptainCW1 Aylar önce
Rhett: They don’t do that anymore. No 15 year olds work these days. Meanwhile here’s me working since 14
Jessica Admire
Jessica Admire Aylar önce
The Cereal Channel
The Cereal Channel Aylar önce
bdrmongoose78 Aylar önce
4:00 Should have had Joe Biden on to confirm this.
Kiana Korell
Kiana Korell Aylar önce
Wait.... Rhetts kid is 15😨 I remember when he was 6 or 7 vro🥺
Kiana Korell
Kiana Korell Aylar önce
“I gotta bad case a DIA”
Gregory Schaub
Gregory Schaub Aylar önce
Rhett's hair and beard!!!!!!!!!! Sexy beast
Sweetstar87 Aylar önce
Pizza hut is greasy and disgusting
Emma Fox
Emma Fox Aylar önce
3:46 link said it again!!
Forlini-Jr Aylar önce
Only boomers like dominos
Mike Cook
Mike Cook Aylar önce
Dominos wings taste like hot dog water
Rockon327 Aylar önce
They’re in LA and they didn’t pick Shakeys???!!!
Nicky Nicole
Nicky Nicole Aylar önce
you can work at mcdonalds at the age of 14 now RHETT @goodmythicalMORE
Enderpearl needs 1,000 subs
Enderpearl needs 1,000 subs Aylar önce
That's a fact: You didn't search for this.
miguel castillejo
miguel castillejo Aylar önce
Its like a guy whos a 3 but has a great personality
Mike Bee
Mike Bee Aylar önce
I'll never trust the opinion of someone that prefers Dominos pizza
Joy B
Joy B Aylar önce
3:45 smell o’that lol
Keníto Wills
Keníto Wills Aylar önce
Someone may have already mentioned this, but Pizza Hut uses WingStreet wings.
Greek Fire
Greek Fire Aylar önce
An even more disturbing yet interesting fact would be that female Kangaroos have 3 vaginas.
She Writes
She Writes Aylar önce
Dude on the right looks like Kylo Ren!
Keallei Aylar önce
She Writes Link in the glasses? Never thought that. Huh.
Ian McCarville
Ian McCarville Aylar önce
Legend says he’s still wiping his fingers
Craven Dark
Craven Dark Aylar önce
I’ve had them don’t like them
Tara Northrip
Tara Northrip Aylar önce
Idk if yall have Braums but they hire 14 1/2 yrs old. My daughter worked there. And my son worked at McDonald's at 15.
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