CONFRONTING A SCAMMER!! LIVE (w/Art as my bodyguard!) #irlrosie #trilogymedia #scambaiting

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Aylar önce

A scammer stole money from my friend on the app OfferUp. The scammer is selling Beats headphones, takes the payments and then ghosts. I am meeting him in a public place with Art because he thinks we are meeting for me to buy these crusty headphones!! Little does he know, I’m going with Art - and we're going to ask why he’s been stealing money from numerous people!!!! (there is an exclusive update for members only!!!)

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IRLrosie Aylar önce
Thank you Art!!!! Http://
high gradetroll
high gradetroll 6 saatler önce
You should've "hot spotted his ass ::"
Giovanni Giovanni.
Giovanni Giovanni. 28 gün önce
*I would love to be stupid but I'm not 6* Art
Shirin Natalie Shervin
Shirin Natalie Shervin Aylar önce
@Kendra Kittykat your welcome kitty kat👍💓
Kendra Kittykat
Kendra Kittykat Aylar önce
@Shirin Natalie Shervin Thanks boo😘
Shirin Natalie Shervin
Shirin Natalie Shervin Aylar önce
@Kendra Kittykat 👍💓
TodoranAlexandru 52 dakika önce
Rosie she is a G . :)
high gradetroll
high gradetroll 6 saatler önce
Show his face soo he don't do it to "me" up
high gradetroll
high gradetroll 6 saatler önce
Your mate looks like a nutter
WirGan Sekali
WirGan Sekali 11 saatler önce
Thumbs up for the russian mafia
Vanessa Willis
Vanessa Willis Gün önce
The Dragonwithin
The Dragonwithin Gün önce
I dont think i could have been that patient. Thieves and scammers really suck and I have been known to make them "painfully" regret their actions.... also with your phone overheating in the car, I have mine mounted partly in front of an A/C vent to cool it if it is needed, but in saying that, I live on the Nth eastern coast of Australia, and even in winter it can get to over 30c (over 86f) so I dont really use the heater... ever.
dashie's bbgurl
dashie's bbgurl 3 gün önce
ivan drago? 😂😂😂 and girl you are so beautiful ❤
Doctron Four
Doctron Four 4 gün önce
Why does she believe him ?? I don’t get it ?
Doctron Four
Doctron Four 4 gün önce
Not sure why Rosie was being so accommodating? she should have just let vlad take care of it.
CHATTERBOX 4 gün önce
Good job. But seriously guys, that is extremely risky! I’m a licensed investigator and and scamming druggies will kill you for $20.
Liliana Gastelum
Liliana Gastelum 4 gün önce
Liliana Gastelum
Liliana Gastelum 4 gün önce
Russell Jennings
Russell Jennings 4 gün önce
Your phone has hotspot make him use that for his time.
Stevey TeeVee
Stevey TeeVee 4 gün önce
Dude thought the chick he scammed for 20 dollars hired a Russian hitman.
Russell Jennings
Russell Jennings 4 gün önce
Should have beat his ass
Aditya Gupta
Aditya Gupta 4 gün önce
c CC
c CC 5 gün önce
hes the bodyguard ? or mc bling bling are you dating rico wanna be suave
Scott Baxendale
Scott Baxendale 6 gün önce
Scammers always lie and liars always scam.
Jose B.
Jose B. 7 gün önce
Hellbent332 7 gün önce
10:26 I can see his face...hahaha.
Derek Dementia
Derek Dementia 8 gün önce
In my country. . You don't scam a Russian. A Russian scams you
deken 8 gün önce
Everybody needs a tall, handsome, Russian bodyguard or Trilogy Media could rent him out by the hour to scare of nefarious scammers and bad guys. :-)
James Robins
James Robins 9 gün önce
I'm assuming this issue is done with, However How do you know the Driver wasn't faking as being nice and on yourside? Just a thought....
James Volk
James Volk 10 gün önce
Not for nothing but doesn't that Russian look like a scamming scumbag himself??😄 ...My guess be he's probably there with 🌹ie acting the "White Knight" cause he wants to fuck her, if they're not already. Merely my perspective ...Anywho, remember the adage of, gangsters/mobsters, Right Wing Politicians & Corporate CEOs 'the working man is a sucker if he had any heart he be out stealing for a living'
Árpád Kocsis
Árpád Kocsis 11 gün önce
I don't know if I'm just watching too many police bodycam vids, but you could get shot screwing with people like these...
J Howard
J Howard 12 gün önce
👍👍 Glad you took someone with you. If you do this again be sure to film a licence plate number after you have gotten a scammer to admit to a crime.
Shane C
Shane C 12 gün önce
Did you get a car license plate number and turn this scammer in
Shane C
Shane C 12 gün önce
This is awesome. A crime investigation channel should hire this girl and guy
GEO CAMP 14 gün önce
Trilogy Media Art you guys crack me up. But I can do an impression of a Russian Diplomat. But I know you would rock at this. How about a simple request. I was thinking of you playing a Russian Diplomat and when these IRS/SSA Scammers you call you let them know your a Russian Diplomat and you can tell them each and everything 😁😁
GEO CAMP 14 gün önce
IRL Rosie and Triology Media rock. All scambaiters are fantastic. I'm 65 and thank God I don't fall for these scams. But the poor folks the elderly, the gullible and the infirmed fall for these lies. So what the outstanding scambaiters do is outstanding. Keep up the great work.
Michael Artzer
Michael Artzer 15 gün önce
Rosie you scared me! We don't want anything bad to happen to you! :)
Adhie Siauw
Adhie Siauw 16 gün önce
Wtf. that he offered a second-hand headphones of different kind.
Kurtis Williams
Kurtis Williams 18 gün önce
Art is a good dude, I feel the same way when people think they can take advantage of women
john doe
john doe 19 gün önce
Rosie kicking scammers butt for real! WATAAAH!! 👊🏼
Duke _of_destruction_
Duke _of_destruction_ 19 gün önce
Polyushka poyle !!! Russian soldier right there!!! Much respect from Cleveland Ohio!!!
Nicole Anne
Nicole Anne 19 gün önce
Damn... I’d be sooooooooo scared!! Props to you and Art!! NNNNNN YEAH!!
ჯCorsan 19 gün önce
Never let a scammer *pay you later*. They rarely do
roadmonitoroz Brisbane
roadmonitoroz Brisbane 19 gün önce
Did anyone else download the original video without the blurring ? :D You shouldn't blur his face (maybe the friends as he's an innocent party).
Dank Utarinex
Dank Utarinex 20 gün önce
This guy is the worst liar in the history of liars.
Art i love you !!! 💖 👑 Rosie i love you girl 💋 STOPPING SCAMMERS ONE STEP AT A TIME. Art marry me lol.
Marcus Jackson
Marcus Jackson 20 gün önce
This is beautiful
Blanks 20 gün önce
I always forget how good looking Art is. Edit: Alway(S)
Ricky SP
Ricky SP 20 gün önce
You both left yourselves open to danger. Be safe and think first for tools of today can kill yet fit within a single fist. Beware of drinks that conceal acid a small example.
edstar83 20 gün önce
In Soviet Russia, the scammer pays you.
Kendyl Cunningham
Kendyl Cunningham 21 gün önce
2:34 killed me inside (I can’t stand loud chewing)
IRLrosie 21 gün önce
Gina Johnson
Gina Johnson 21 gün önce
This is a broke drug addicts Behavior
chris winters
chris winters 21 gün önce
Rosie, we live in LA. Please be careful doing this. Past folks have done this and gotten seriously hurt or killed. I'm a pretty big guy and I don't even go with proper protection.
chris winters
chris winters 21 gün önce
---and awesome Art went with you. These days with insane traffic and "hectic" lives, he was a true friend to do it. Good on him!
digitaldirtnap1 22 gün önce
Wow you are beautiful. I love how you go after scammers, they're such scumbags
Colby Jones
Colby Jones 22 gün önce
Good for you to not take the headphones. If he is willing to scam, the headphone is probably stolen
David Robinson
David Robinson 22 gün önce
Who pays for something upfront from a complete stranger online before you get the object? Rhetorical question, of course. Some people are just so naive, nowadays!
IRLrosie 21 gün önce
Hiii I didn’t post this for anyone to victim blame. ♥️ I hope you understand!
David  Garasich
David Garasich 22 gün önce
He’s not sending a dime. I’ll be the 1st to say. You should pulled him out of the car. Beat the F*ck out of this *sshat. An smash his low life buddy’s car. They will both learn real fast.
Kekegameing 123
Kekegameing 123 23 gün önce
Hey did I tell you that I'm driving 😄 lol
Paula Cirulnick
Paula Cirulnick 23 gün önce
I’m dizzy from your video
GW2Scapades 23 gün önce
Let's keep the fight to.... CUT
Gerhard Venter
Gerhard Venter 24 gün önce
Love your channel and can even stomach Art in this clip but when he and his partner gets together with their fake surprise laughs and clapping of hands over their mouths in amazement of really nothing is cringe on a new level. You and Kitboga doing a great job and watch about every clip.
Speeding in progress
Speeding in progress 24 gün önce
There's always a BIG wreck on the 405. Welcome to So. Cal.
Gandalf Stormcloud
Gandalf Stormcloud 24 gün önce
O.K.(breathe) Before I found out I have PTSD from combat, I threw a 200+ lb.. bodybuilder down a flight of brick steps, DOVE HEADFIRST AFTER HIM, and had one hand around his throat so I could press my thumb firmly into his eye. Point is, I'm pretty badass when provoked, I lived in a minefield for 5 months and slept like a baby BUT I WOULDN'T TRY THIS IN A MILLION YEARS!
Hunt Gaming/Productions
Hunt Gaming/Productions 24 gün önce
this is why u always buy things in person...
ladbrokes2007 24 gün önce
this was a good watch ,
Teresa clinton
Teresa clinton 24 gün önce
Good for you, helping your friend out.. That's bad he was a not polite man scammering people
Ariel 24 gün önce
jennifer stewart
jennifer stewart 24 gün önce
Page Vaughn
Page Vaughn 25 gün önce
Good job guys!!
Majors 25 gün önce
What’s so hard to give back 20$
Majors 25 gün önce
IRLrosie I just found your channel an hour ago and I’ve been binge watching your videos!! Keep it up ❤️
IRLrosie 25 gün önce
I know !!!
Seza not Jeza Belle
Seza not Jeza Belle 25 gün önce
You could have used one of your phones as a Hotspot so he could access internet data to do what you where asking him to do in front of you.
Seza not Jeza Belle
Seza not Jeza Belle 25 gün önce
Safety first, safety first But it's not safe. That gold chain is adversising $$$ which is motivation for a scummy dog to pull out a piece and take that shit...
Seza not Jeza Belle
Seza not Jeza Belle 25 gün önce
Sorry for pointing out all the bad possibilities lol I sound like a party pooper. Keep doing what you do xoxo ❣
Seza not Jeza Belle
Seza not Jeza Belle 25 gün önce
IRLrosie yeah but some dumb desperate scummy dog might think it’s real is what I’m saying, These lowlives are desperate with no morals or brains, who knows what they’re capable of..especially when caught and cornered. Could have gone much worse. Someone desperate for money might think oh chunky gold chain, perfect 👌 that’s a payday, Thankyou I’ll take that and 🔫 💥 uno what im saying? People have been killed for less. Probably Best just to report to police and the app developers. Def Not worth risking your safety for $20 and views. But oh well at least nothing happened and you’re okay 👌
IRLrosie 25 gün önce
It’s......plastic lol.
Karl Fái Hoosï
Karl Fái Hoosï 25 gün önce
Thanks Art, something I’d do lmao 😂 Awesome 😎 thanks for dropping me on my head!
Aceman 69
Aceman 69 25 gün önce
YOU ROCK DEAR!!! 👍👍❤️♠️🎸
Jason Griffin
Jason Griffin 25 gün önce
The only scam I see is Art not getting ass for risking his neck for your TRwomen channel.
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