Creepy IT CLOWN Prank on Wife while She is Sleeping! **BAD IDEA** | Matt and Rebecca

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Matt and Rebecca

Matt and Rebecca

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Matt starts prank wars on his wife Rebecca Zamolo and it goes wrong with something unexpected happens!
Matt and Rebecca Zamolo are being haunted by a mysterious creepy doll. Rebecca and Matt return to the house and start searching for it but it can't be found. They try to be the first to find it, but it is missing. Matt decides to prank Rebecca with a clown costume surprise from the movie It. Its just like Familia Diamond and Morgz but in real life. He says he is going to get dinner, and while they are separated, he secretly buys a clown disguise. He goes to hide the costume at his house but Rebecca is getting ready to do laundry. Matt quickly says a lie and hides the costume. They talk about Daniel and think he is still trying to prank them. He might not be telling the truth. Maybe he needs a lie detector test. Rebecca falls asleep and Matt starts the epic DIY prank. He sets up secret ninja spy cameras and puts on the costume. While Rebecca is sleeping he sneaks in not at 3am and starts laughing. Rebecca wakes up and is scared. She realizes its matt and then the creepy doll mysteriously appears again! Will Matt and Rebecca be able to uncover the mystery of the doll? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos in 2019!
#Halloween #Clown #Prank
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Hannah & McKayla Gaming Inc.
Hannah & McKayla Gaming Inc. 7 saatler önce
Agent R cannot have dairy and cake has dairy
Mary Lou de Leon
Mary Lou de Leon 8 saatler önce
Daniel did not prank you I can prove it Daniel's did not get in your house with none of your doors shut
Zulema Larrubia
Zulema Larrubia 16 saatler önce
Hi Fea Beck Beck Fea
devion phillips
devion phillips 19 saatler önce
i know i like them they are my only youtude life
Tracey Melvin
Tracey Melvin 19 saatler önce
Your my favorite youtuber
Rebecca Bell
Rebecca Bell Gün önce
Your lip gloss yours and Finley blouses have lie detector mixture in it
Shaun Donachie
Shaun Donachie 2 gün önce
; Hi
david gathungu
david gathungu 2 gün önce
If you love the zamfam give a like 👍🏿
Uzair Shaikh
Uzair Shaikh 2 gün önce
Uzair Shaikh
Uzair Shaikh 2 gün önce
But really he did
Emily Delk
Emily Delk 3 gün önce
Hey hey guys
Ellie’s Universe Channel
Ellie’s Universe Channel 3 gün önce
Rebecca don’t put that on don’t put that I don’t do you dumb or something do you watch America’s funniest home videos I’m just kidding I love you you’re so cool
Denise Owen
Denise Owen 3 gün önce
Halloween prank squad ps: the creepy doll has spy cam in its eye
rachel elliott
rachel elliott 3 gün önce
He didn’t put it there
Brittany Moffatt
Brittany Moffatt 4 gün önce
it has lie detector micher in it
Christopher Avila
Christopher Avila 4 gün önce
Matt prank you Rebecca
Eda Acosta Ayala
Eda Acosta Ayala 4 gün önce
do not get your wife back or im not gonna suscribe to you
MicaelaLovesUnicorn 5 gün önce
I ❤️ you rebecca
Ejaz Khan
Ejaz Khan 6 gün önce
Rbeca matt is doo Ing pranc
Jacqueline Cotton
Jacqueline Cotton 6 gün önce
Halloween pranks Squad
denwing 6 gün önce
Halloween prank square
Chloe Aryana ITANI
Chloe Aryana ITANI 7 gün önce
Halloween prank squad
Vicabell Vania
Vicabell Vania 8 gün önce
Rebbaka can you send me the cupcake merch i don't any yobers merch and a live far away from you i live in Indonesia and i now how to speak English
K W 9 gün önce
They put lie detector
kendra Yarus
kendra Yarus 9 gün önce
I love your video’s. I have a dog named peanut and he looks like your dog peanut!🐕😁❤️
Gwen Webster
Gwen Webster 9 gün önce
#zam fam# the best
Gwen Webster
Gwen Webster 9 gün önce
holloween prank store
kuba&Nikola gamers
kuba&Nikola gamers 9 gün önce
Tia Pryor
Tia Pryor 9 gün önce
i love the zamfam
Lucas Martin
Lucas Martin 10 gün önce
Rebecca its not a prank
Hola Hola
Hola Hola 10 gün önce
Vkk Ku
Vkk Ku 10 gün önce
Halloween pranks squad
Ashley Brooklyn
Ashley Brooklyn 10 gün önce
Prank wars on
MTF Sergeant
MTF Sergeant 11 gün önce
it.s hollowen hacker
Nina Lakatos
Nina Lakatos 11 gün önce
lie detector mixture in the lip gloss that's why they're so suspicious
jj Roberts
jj Roberts 11 gün önce
Haha so funny
Iris Vickers
Iris Vickers 11 gün önce
The doll is BAD
Iris Vickers
Iris Vickers 11 gün önce
Iris Vickers
Iris Vickers 11 gün önce
Haley Jeremiah
Haley Jeremiah 12 gün önce
I love the zamfam
Sophia Guillan
Sophia Guillan 12 gün önce
the doll has a camera in its eye and it was not danile who prank you
Tejal Patel
Tejal Patel 12 gün önce
I think there is truth seerum.
Tejal Patel
Tejal Patel 12 gün önce
I think there is truthserum in your lip gloss.
Meesha Blair
Meesha Blair 13 gün önce
lily and mia doherty
lily and mia doherty 13 gün önce
I actually thought it was the doll when matt laughed
Gregoria Lee
Gregoria Lee 13 gün önce
Love. Zam FAM❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jeff Templin
Jeff Templin 13 gün önce
Barbie+hy o.j. Gouppibbuhvvg hg. G hgg. Hg h get the end just make it was a few minutes, I was up with a bat, and I don't see you soon! I are right, and ultimately the time is now. I ARE GOING to go to the year and you when you have the time of the that I are right to the top of the end of the that will ma and I are at a time is your the one I are right now to go to the year Barbie to go with you can be a
Mariam Maher
Mariam Maher 14 gün önce
the zamfam lipstic has truth syrum
_Kami 0w0_
_Kami 0w0_ 14 gün önce
Please 😅😅😅
_Kami 0w0_
_Kami 0w0_ 14 gün önce
Yes do it
_Kami 0w0_
_Kami 0w0_ 14 gün önce
The doll is scary 😔😔😔😭😭😭
P Hicks
P Hicks 15 gün önce
Halloween prank squad
Erica Pardy
Erica Pardy 15 gün önce
Karl Turner
Karl Turner 15 gün önce
so creepy
Lily Zamfam
Lily Zamfam 15 gün önce
This is how many people love the Zamfam and have joined the Zamfam ⬇
Halim MY
Halim MY 16 gün önce
It's pennywise
Mehar Nurani
Mehar Nurani 16 gün önce
Halloween prank squad
Zaina Osama Taani
Zaina Osama Taani 16 gün önce
hallaween prank swaud plus im watching this 2020
angela iannello
angela iannello 16 gün önce
DANIEL IS NOT PRANKING YOU I think it’s the Halloween hacker or pumpkin patch
Becky Mercer
Becky Mercer 16 gün önce
Halloween pranks squad
Rachel Laity
Rachel Laity 16 gün önce
Your the Best Rebecca😻😻😻
jack ryan
jack ryan 16 gün önce
Halloween sqoud
Monnie Wakelin
Monnie Wakelin 17 gün önce
How do you edit your video’s ???
robgreer10 17 gün önce
Call me tomorrow
Jonie Champlin
Jonie Champlin 17 gün önce
halloween prank squad
Brooke Quinn
Brooke Quinn 17 gün önce
Brooke Quinn
Brooke Quinn 17 gün önce
This is why so many people love the stunning Zamfam
Melissa Heather
Melissa Heather 18 gün önce
hallweeen spy squad
John Steiner
John Steiner 18 gün önce
Maybe you can use a little girl lost her stock then maybe they hate lip gloss
John Steiner
John Steiner 18 gün önce
Sorry I spelt it wrong maybe you can use the lip gloss against them to stop the whole thing
Björgvin Ívar Baldursson
Björgvin Ívar Baldursson 18 gün önce
and hallowen hacker can se efthing tatt the crepy doll see!!!!!!!! like so matt and rebecca can see
Björgvin Ívar Baldursson
Björgvin Ívar Baldursson 18 gün önce
the creepy doll hass camra in her eye
Björgvin Ívar Baldursson
Björgvin Ívar Baldursson 18 gün önce
and the hallowenn hacker set the doll in yor house
Björgvin Ívar Baldursson
Björgvin Ívar Baldursson 18 gün önce
wenn matt wass going out of the car qutinn was be hind matt like thiss so matt and rebecca can seee
Björgvin Ívar Baldursson
Björgvin Ívar Baldursson 18 gün önce
hallowenn prank sqod
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