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Ep 121: Sekke finds himself in the king's good graces after he accidentally breaks the royal fall! It seems as if some members of the Clover Kingdom have it out for his highness! Watch BLACK CLOVER on Crunchyroll for FREE: got.cr/Watch-BC
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Troy Dickens
Troy Dickens 4 gün önce
Really Sekke was just running away and broke the kings fall and suddenly gets a promotion 😂😒
Some Idiot
Some Idiot 28 gün önce
Yoshikage Kira
F22 Bedoya
F22 Bedoya Aylar önce
The Prejudice and legislative in the episode got me tight.
sky 11
sky 11 Aylar önce
The king legit possesses light magic and has more magic than anyone else in magic knights squad but still can’t beat 4 filler mages
mon aat
mon aat Aylar önce
Hi guys, I am a One Piece content provider, I need support, thank you very much😗😘😊
Luna Silver
Luna Silver Aylar önce
Is it just me or does Damnatio look like a mix between Superman and Aizen?
Copyright 域ソみ
Copyright 域ソみ Aylar önce
*brO whY dOes thE clOver KinG eXiSt hE's LiTeRaLly uSelEss*
LegendGamer Pro
LegendGamer Pro Aylar önce
Alex Jones
Alex Jones Aylar önce
Oh fun... another name to add to the "anime characters I want to punch in the face" list
chris Ez
chris Ez Aylar önce
It’s weird how little we know about the house of kira I feel like they were just extremely eager noble family that somehow became apart of the royals alongside the Silva vermillion families
Ēl Gŕeñædə
Ēl Gŕeñædə Aylar önce
If Light yagami had magic...
DysonSphere Aylar önce
The Death Note is just another grimoire confirmed
Fabian Yusem
Fabian Yusem Aylar önce
david bowie returns
ZaTrapu Aylar önce
So is he related to the other Kira?
RevolverRho Aylar önce
Can we please breeze past this boring arc, this new villain dude is boring
Steven Fk
Steven Fk Aylar önce
RevolverRho Tf clown ? The definition of boring it’s boruto right now and the lasts 4 episodes of MHA
Rishith Yerramsetti
Rishith Yerramsetti Aylar önce
These Kira mfs so useless bruh
Medi Ding
Medi Ding Aylar önce
Why is everyone saying he is Yoshikage Kira? Is there someone of the same name that is not part of JoJo? The part 4 Yoshikage Kira from JoJo is a serial killer (not conforming to law) and just wants to be left alone (probably wouldn't act like a judge of the law). It's not a snug fit, so it doesn't seem very funny to me. Part 8 Yoshikage Kira might fit better, but is he really as widely known as the part 4 version?
Aero Smithy
Aero Smithy Aylar önce
Same Japanese voice actor
Jonah Mudlaff
Jonah Mudlaff Aylar önce
Literally where were these guys during the elf invasion. Also did none of them just happen to not turn into elves???
Jr Aylar önce
Jonah Mudlaff Yea it was a little confusing at first 😅
Jonah Mudlaff
Jonah Mudlaff Aylar önce
@Jr oh shoot your right. Thats the awnser I was looking for. I was thinking it was just luck and convenience.
Jr Aylar önce
Jonah Mudlaff The one’s who didn’t get turned into elf’s are the royals (like noelle, mimosa, this dude and everyone With Kira blood in them) because they’re descendants of the first wizard king
cYph ZERЮ Aylar önce
I swear Asta is going to be Wizard King but Sekke is going to be the King of Clover Kingdom
Zounai Aylar önce
Comentaries of video: 47,9% Jojokes or simple jokes with yoshikage kira 52,1% of the vídeo
realityera Aylar önce
I’m an anime only, can someone easily explain his magic? 💀
Besten44 Aylar önce
During a trial the jury's opinion is shown against the "trialed". In battle, he can adjust the balance to affect opponents' spells
Exotictoxic Aylar önce
That's definitely the Aizen of Black Clover.
Illusionzjk Aylar önce
What ost Is this?
Games of Pyro
Games of Pyro Aylar önce
Is it me or do he got that Levi vibe
Nerfed Kirito
Nerfed Kirito Aylar önce
I guess you could say his magic is *balanced*
Eri Waifu of the year
Eri Waifu of the year Aylar önce
Me see video title first thinks of kira from.JoJo
GS Playlists
GS Playlists Aylar önce
Anybody in here wants to recommend me a action/comedy anime. Pls I have a whole week off so i need an anime to watch.
GS Playlists
GS Playlists Aylar önce
Sai Kanji yea sorry I already watched that one too
Sai Kanji
Sai Kanji Aylar önce
You won't finish it in a week, but Gintama is a great action/comedy. Most episodes are standalones with a few brick jokes, and there are a couple arcs in between. Also, danshi koukousei no nichijou is great comedy. No action though
GS Playlists
GS Playlists Aylar önce
Yea I already watched it
Ruben Aylar önce
@GS Playlists no need to say sorry ^^. Umm, Have you seen Sakamoto desu ga?
GS Playlists
GS Playlists Aylar önce
Sorry I already watch it a couple times.
Nicolás Diez
Nicolás Diez Aylar önce
Jesus christ that King is really annoying.
Eragon15 Aylar önce
Just imagine how wonderful it'll be when that King is visited by karma.
G.E.R ardo
G.E.R ardo Aylar önce
En serio primero naruto ahora jojo
MaGicKaitoKiD TM
MaGicKaitoKiD TM Aylar önce
No entendi el comentario
Claude Aylar önce
*Yoshikage Kira wants to know your location*
Icekae Aylar önce
0:08 I hated the king at this moment
lel lel
lel lel Aylar önce
Wow the animation is trash
Jeffrey Quinn
Jeffrey Quinn Aylar önce
Why dude look like a back clover version of Aizen from bleach
Jeffrey Quinn
Jeffrey Quinn Aylar önce
Imagine Red on the title screen he looks like Aizen if you don’t know him just look it up
ImagineRed Aylar önce
Jeffrey Quinn what?
Damion Miller
Damion Miller Aylar önce
L Bowler
L Bowler Aylar önce
His name litterly has Damn in it.
David Edosomwan
David Edosomwan Aylar önce
I expected his eyes to look darker than they do.
Harreb Aylar önce
Neptune Cpu
Neptune Cpu Aylar önce
God the clover king is so annoying, why can’t he just die.
J93TV Aylar önce
Neptune Cpu he like those elders from naruto who were with danzo
BurritoDes Aylar önce
My name is Kira Damnatio. I'm 33 years old and live in the Northeast section of Morioh where all the villas are...
BurritoDes Aylar önce
@tridentnine 33
BurritoDes Aylar önce
@tridentnine yare yare daze
tridentnine Aylar önce
BurritoDes Damnatio Kira* and he’s 28
Death the kid 45
Death the kid 45 Aylar önce
I wonder if he became a judge rather than a magic knight because he wanted to live a quiet life😂😂😂
Serina Kruger exe
Serina Kruger exe Aylar önce
Sekke's face at 0:20 be like: *I'm about to end this whole man's career*
Pikminiman Aylar önce
Clicked because I thought the thumbnail was Hououin Kyouma. I am disappointed.
KiwiHavok Aylar önce
When a scale is so op
Benjie Barba
Benjie Barba Aylar önce
I understand that Black Clover isn’t usually the best with animation, but just because it’s Black Clover doesn’t mean the animation is bad. Just because people say the animation is bad it doesn’t mean it is and please actually do your research behind the reasons. The studio behind Black Clover are actually behind on animators and do try their best on each episode with the limited time and budget they have, even on one of the latest episodes it was really well animated, but the animators were so disappointed that it was “rushed” they wanted to work on it more before releasing it even though it was really well done. Also, if you like Demon Slayer then you should know that one of the animators from KNY animates BC too, it just Ufotable (Demon Slayer animation studio) has pretty much a unlimited budget, while Pierrot doesn’t and doesn’t have many animators too
DysonSphere Aylar önce
@Benjie Barba Can't lie, Seven Deadly Sins made me appreciate Black Clover even more XD Oh how they butchered Escanor vs. Meliodas...
Benjie Barba
Benjie Barba Aylar önce
Izoto lol you called Black Clover animation bad? Have you seen the the new season of Seven Deadly Sins???
NRRL4561 Aylar önce
@Izoto sometimes
Izoto Aylar önce
The animation is bad.
Epsilon Aylar önce
2:00 Damnatio to his dogs:
Storm Bringer777
Storm Bringer777 Aylar önce
Damnatio Kira just wants to live a quiet life.
kor yang
kor yang Aylar önce
His magic is.kinda like the word soul magic
Cococrash11 Aylar önce
Awesome Black Clover Video.
Ethan Eggeman
Ethan Eggeman Aylar önce
I pray to God he's dubbed by DC Douglas
Storm Bringer777
Storm Bringer777 Aylar önce
If he's dubbed by DC Douglas, I'll nut.
I Giorno Giovanna
I Giorno Giovanna Aylar önce
still waiting for the time skip to be in the anime
DondreX_X :v
DondreX_X :v Aylar önce
Kira I heard that name before....
jack rock
jack rock Aylar önce
This guy look exactly like Aizen
Sora9199 Aylar önce
Where's a Stand user when you need one? Anybody got contacts in Morioh or Italy?
literallytrash %
literallytrash % Aylar önce
Yoshikage Kira’s little cousin, Kiro
trocon keneah
trocon keneah Aylar önce
Can’t believe Demon Slayer won best fight, wait till they see Muzan boring fight
dyme unknown
dyme unknown Aylar önce
I agree that fight was a letdown
trocon keneah
trocon keneah Aylar önce
The fact that Black Clover wasn’t in none of the nominations for the Award Show bothers me. But best believe next year its winning a lot of stuff
dyme unknown
dyme unknown Aylar önce
Sadly it won't like always due to crunchyroll being bias towards this series
Kurama Aylar önce
Sekke takes all the glory 🤣👌☘️☘️☘️🍀🍀🔥
Ash1999 Aylar önce
wow this cringefest still airing lol
Striker Ace
Striker Ace Aylar önce
Ash1999 sounds like you were actually lol
Ash1999 Aylar önce
@Striker Ace it's not like i was planning to kick and scream till it was removed ill just go back to forgetting it exists
Ash1999 Aylar önce
@straight outta gaming true it's the most generic badly animated show of all time😂
king rp
king rp Aylar önce
@straight outta gaming it doesn't suck u haven't watched all the episodes its one of the best shonen airing right now
Striker Ace
Striker Ace Aylar önce
It’s going to keep airing too and there’s nothing you can do about it 😂
La Soe
La Soe Aylar önce
Bun ahh hahah uh uh hahahah buhabha
UpForGrab !
UpForGrab ! Aylar önce
i cant find noragami episodes on crunchyroll, u not have? just wondering
CreativeArtStudios Aylar önce
Did you try Hulu?
Edubbbz Aylar önce
Damnatio literally scales his opponents magic
PhoenixAG Aylar önce
John Yap
John Yap Aylar önce
Is Light Yagami back from the dead
John Yap
John Yap Aylar önce
The Chase
The Chase Aylar önce
He died ?
Toad Aylar önce
I'll Take this Midget and frame it!
Chris Eburlas
Chris Eburlas Aylar önce
Here comes the show's version of Danzo Shimura
Sarada Haruno Of The Sharingan
Sarada Haruno Of The Sharingan Aylar önce
Lol he's nothing like Danzo. He's his own character but if you just had to compare him to your precious Naruto series then he would be more like Tobirama.
firedragon slayerx
firedragon slayerx Aylar önce
Or light yagami
Muhammad Ahmed
Muhammad Ahmed Aylar önce
Well the shows version of Saskue better follow cause I despise danzo.
eis que
eis que Aylar önce
Nah. That's evil superman
Sula Universe909 AT
Sula Universe909 AT Aylar önce
Sula Universe909 AT
Sula Universe909 AT Aylar önce
I just hoped Gauche was going to f**k Damnatio so hard that he won't be able use his magic ever again after trying to excute his sister Marie the cutest character of the whole anime.
AlexYen Aylar önce
Damnatio can wreck Gauche in seconds
Kendall Fields
Kendall Fields Aylar önce
You do realize he is a strong counter to Gauche right.
I kinda sing
I kinda sing Aylar önce
Some people are so dedicated to trash a show they don't even watch, truly sad. Fun fact: zenitsu first thunder clap and flash was animated by the same person who did this scene. But because it's BC you want to call the animation bad 🤷🏾 when he animated most of your favorite shows scene, the irony. 1:53 is where his cut starts :)
Jake Williams
Jake Williams 18 gün önce
how was the same animator that made Zenitsu's first thunder clap and flash make it to this episode?
The Otaku Dragon Slayer
The Otaku Dragon Slayer 24 gün önce
@Mamba Thats what i was about to ask. How is this even comparable to Zen's scene?
carlos Hernandez
carlos Hernandez Aylar önce
some people find this pretty good. everyone’s got a different taste in anime and it’s gaining popularity.
I kinda sing
I kinda sing Aylar önce
@ImagineRed it has but there's too many trolls out here.
ImagineRed Aylar önce
...bruh black clover has had some pretty consistent animation since around the fight with patry and Julius
Andrew Mitchell
Andrew Mitchell Aylar önce
Both the animation and entire story is trash. Black clover is such a unoriginal and basic shonen.
Twizms Aylar önce
@Andrew Mitchell Its not just kids. It's one of the most popular animes right now
Storm Bringer777
Storm Bringer777 Aylar önce
What the hell are you talking about? Vanessa getting her Fate Spell wasn't an asspull. It was foreshadowed that she was gonna get it back during the Underwater Temple Arc. Also Finral only defeated Langris cause he had help from Yami and Jack and the fact that Langris was going insane and on the verge of becoming a dark elf so Finral took advantage of the fact that in Langris's current mental state, he wouldn't notice his spell.
20,000 subs with no vids
20,000 subs with no vids Aylar önce
@IamaGod StuntGod well thing is im not even that big a fan of naruto but the truth is withought naruto, black clover wouldn't exist it has pisspoor characters writing which in my and many other peoples opinion is the worst thing about black clover
Anne Frank Hiding From Hitler
Anne Frank Hiding From Hitler Aylar önce
Andrew Mitchell Just like MHA, demon slayer, NNT, Naruto, Etc.
IamaGod StuntGod
IamaGod StuntGod Aylar önce
@20,000 subs with no vids Naruto is a rip off itself stop trying to defend it
Lunader _
Lunader _ Aylar önce
Is this JOJO reference?
Ryuga Aylar önce
Kira bites za dust makes him to travel to black clover. Damn Araki
Claude Aylar önce
Mind blown it all makes sense now
Jan Asamoah
Jan Asamoah Aylar önce
BBastien199 Aylar önce
enter anime superman
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