Danny Duncan’s Birthday Party with Danny Duncan!

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Danny Duncan

Danny Duncan

Yıl önce

Thanks for watching! Love you guys!
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Danny Duncan
Danny Duncan Yıl önce
I Danny Duncan wanted to tell you guys that Danny Duncan loves you lots ❤️ but seriously thanks for making my birthday so much fun! Tour tickets and Merch available at www.dannyduncan69.com
Devin Clark
Devin Clark Gün önce
Danny Duncan Good
Jordan Witkowski
Jordan Witkowski 11 gün önce
Come bring the dirt bikes to woodstock IL for my birthday in August! Pleasee! LETS GOOOO
ᔕᑭᗩᑕE ᑕᗩT
ᔕᑭᗩᑕE ᑕᗩT 15 gün önce
Another one !
Cierra Trouten
Cierra Trouten 18 gün önce
Wasn’t meant to be rude but u look so young haha
Cierra Trouten
Cierra Trouten 18 gün önce
Please tell me that google is wrong and your not actually 28 😭🤣
Anthony K
Anthony K 6 saatler önce
1 year ago today
David Rose
David Rose Gün önce
How old is he?
Tachmaco Gün önce
Let’s be real fake dj Khalid was the star of this video
Onesimo Nieto
Onesimo Nieto Gün önce
The people waiting for cake are like 😳
Bauer S
Bauer S 2 gün önce
What’s the title😂
Jacob Winckler
Jacob Winckler 3 gün önce
I love danny duncan so much someday I wanna see him he is my favorite but I will probably not be able to see him but it's my dream to
Subhradeep Sharma
Subhradeep Sharma 3 gün önce
5:56 Daaaammmnnnnnn.... nice
Alexis Chambers
Alexis Chambers 4 gün önce
Don’t fuck with Danny Duncan guys
Jordan Acevedo
Jordan Acevedo 4 gün önce
I like that he doesn’t have a Lotta money
Tristyn Mackie
Tristyn Mackie 4 gün önce
Daddy Duncan🥰
ZACK CASH 4 gün önce
JaySway FN
JaySway FN 4 gün önce
It’s almost that time again 2 more months
MCWOO 7 gün önce
8:15 lmao dolton has me dying in the background while they’re fighting.
Kaleb Collins
Kaleb Collins 4 gün önce
Ik I was dying
Jake Scott
Jake Scott 8 gün önce
Hey Danny can I have signed merch please I’m a big fan
Dylan Barcenas
Dylan Barcenas 8 gün önce
People fighting while dalton in the back is doing the robot 🤣
Robby Underwood
Robby Underwood 9 gün önce
0:19 I got you 😂
maxwell bishop
maxwell bishop 9 gün önce
Give me what Khalids on
Kevin Calix Matute
Kevin Calix Matute 9 gün önce
Who else thinks this "DJ Khalid" dude was extremely annoying like he wasnt funny at all
anxz69_ 9 gün önce
Danny has chicks tryna touch his gooch
Taryn Thompson
Taryn Thompson 10 gün önce
Me: Yo Danny is fuckin cool as hell Danny: Do u think the pools open?
Aaron Bernhardt
Aaron Bernhardt 10 gün önce
How to get pussy. 🤑
Sub for Trump 2020
Sub for Trump 2020 10 gün önce
Subscribe to me
Iris Venzor
Iris Venzor 11 gün önce
Can u be my friend?
4pf ahmed
4pf ahmed 11 gün önce
who asked if he was going to church?
VisualKnife 11 gün önce
how many make a wish kids do you think were there 😂
KingIllan 11 gün önce
Brandon mall???
harry edmunds
harry edmunds 12 gün önce
Your account is a compilation of things you can’t do in England
DerickDaOne 12 gün önce
Happy birthday 😭
Gabbie Post
Gabbie Post 12 gün önce
Bro Danny’s bday is so lit 😭😭 I would KILL to have a bday party like that
Vario Dartona
Vario Dartona 12 gün önce
this guy is actually a genius, he gives out free shirts to get free promotion
KOCR_Quinten 13 gün önce
1000 miles and blueface 😂
ryzzy 06
ryzzy 06 13 gün önce
10:09 damn she ate shi
Logan Sayers
Logan Sayers 13 gün önce
black man always runs the fastest
Patrick Spevak
Patrick Spevak 15 gün önce
me yelling DJ KHALED at 2:00 in the morning at exactly 7:00 minutes
SnatchFace827 15 gün önce
Danny for president 2030
Balance Dropper
Balance Dropper 15 gün önce
My family thought I was watching gay porn 6:35
Top Dawg
Top Dawg 16 gün önce
How does all this touching happen and no punches thrown ?? You guys deserve he noble peace prize !!!
Callan McCutcheon
Callan McCutcheon 16 gün önce
shittest party haha
Charlie Pierce Beats
Charlie Pierce Beats 16 gün önce
Me and my siblings just call the Pakistani dude DJ Khaled like he’s actually him lmao
Minato Namikaze
Minato Namikaze 16 gün önce
that lady got so mad even tho danny does so much for his mom
Ben Laux
Ben Laux 16 gün önce
I wish I was there
Taylor Gang
Taylor Gang 17 gün önce
2020 anyone?
Lewis Young 2010
Lewis Young 2010 17 gün önce
I’ve been watching for like 4 days and can’t under stand how you don’t have more subscribers keep it up 👍
Johnny No cap
Johnny No cap 18 gün önce
8:15 I like how they are fighting and Dalton just keeps on dancing in the background. He’s a legend
Main 18 gün önce
the nipples are diffidently what keeps me coming back
AUSSIE LAD 18 gün önce
Homeboy looks like dj Khalid starter kit
Aaryan Patel
Aaryan Patel 18 gün önce
bruh i just bought my shirt for 30
Garrett Veit
Garrett Veit 18 gün önce
He spent a thousand on the shirts and then made it back
RJ Winters
RJ Winters 19 gün önce
Dannys mom going down the zip line sounded like she was having sex
Savage Boi
Savage Boi 19 gün önce
Domogotjuice 19 gün önce
i thought i asked for dj khaild but got 7:08 instead
Kioez 19 gün önce
lemme get an 8th of reggie🤣
T Squad
T Squad 20 gün önce
What camera do I use
T Squad
T Squad 20 gün önce
What camera do I use to film
Press_E 20 gün önce
Imagine buying ur own merch
Conner Criswell
Conner Criswell 20 gün önce
When he said boy in striped pajamas I felt that.
Tyeson Mercer
Tyeson Mercer 21 gün önce
I wish u were there when I was at Siesta key
somali pirate
somali pirate 22 gün önce
this dude look like dj khaled running around
Denham C
Denham C 22 gün önce
7:00 song?
Benjamin Franklin Goodman
Benjamin Franklin Goodman 23 gün önce
Random lady: DANIEL YOUR MOM SPENT A 100 DOLLARS ON THAT CAKE! Danny: ok I’ll give my mom a hundred dollars That’s the most innocent thing I’ve heard today
Lincoln Austin
Lincoln Austin 23 gün önce
Imagine Danny dies on his 69th birthday
Reese Wasson
Reese Wasson 24 gün önce
He basically wasted 400 dollars 😭😭😭
Ikonik Free
Ikonik Free 24 gün önce
My first time nutting be like 8:15
Mary Salem
Mary Salem 25 gün önce
i love irony of how your merch is virginity rocks but then again your website has 69 in it
Overwatch Clips
Overwatch Clips 25 gün önce
What’s the song at 5:50?
luke bateson
luke bateson 26 gün önce
I fuckin love how he doesn’t give a fuck
iRockii 26 gün önce
Dalton is too pure for this Earth 😂
John B
John B 26 gün önce
“Boy in striped pajamas”
Tyler24Savage groh
Tyler24Savage groh 26 gün önce
Your birthday is 1 day before mine
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