Danny Duncan | Best of 2018

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Danny Duncan

Danny Duncan

Yıl önce

Thanks for watching! Love you guys!
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Danny Duncan
Danny Duncan Yıl önce
Thanks for another amazing year! Love you guys ❤️ got a bunch of new videos coming sorry for the lag. Another will be up soon. www.dannyduncan69.com
Try and get 100k subs without Videos Pleas
Try and get 100k subs without Videos Pleas 28 gün önce
Danny Duncan Shit 😾hi
hey im retro
hey im retro Aylar önce
Static upggggh
Steve Spagnualo
Steve Spagnualo 2 aylar önce
What? The fuck?
aka__ tryhard
aka__ tryhard 2 aylar önce
@G G m l
weedCHANNELLCALI SG THE best team 2 aylar önce
lol Rr
kaden englehart
kaden englehart 5 saatler önce
47:30 a homeless man said good recovery then said he was blind what the hell lol.
Jake Schoner
Jake Schoner 14 saatler önce
Lowkey feel bad for the editor
Sweaty Beaver Knuckles
Sweaty Beaver Knuckles 15 saatler önce
Yea Samantha wanna smash
Lil Nuggies
Lil Nuggies 23 saatler önce
I just ment one of your friends at Salisbury Beach I am a big fan I got a foot ball off of this thing they through it on 😂🤣
aiden L
aiden L Gün önce
bro 27:57 always maks me laugh
Raging_Gecko777 Gün önce
asier alejandro
asier alejandro Gün önce
Peppa pig
Discord Memes
Discord Memes Gün önce
I died 7:03
darthtater1126 whipple
darthtater1126 whipple 3 gün önce
CORE Chaos
CORE Chaos 4 gün önce
He seems likes he’s always stoned lmao
CORE Chaos
CORE Chaos 4 gün önce
Jevan Janpierre
Jevan Janpierre 4 gün önce
Jevan Janpierre
Jevan Janpierre 4 gün önce
Jevan Janpierre
Jevan Janpierre 4 gün önce
Antonia Perez Delgado
Antonia Perez Delgado 5 gün önce
Peppa pig
P4 Pringle
P4 Pringle 5 gün önce
Road to 1k no vids please help me achieve my goal
Caleb Christner
Caleb Christner 6 gün önce
Samantha lmao
dongman420 6 gün önce
i just wanna give a huge hug to juju for being the one to suggest people take two slices. he's humble, but he's been hungry before
OYE 6 gün önce
Georgia Boy outdoors
Georgia Boy outdoors 7 gün önce
When the goat listens to young boy 🤣🤣🤣
david ramos.
david ramos. 8 gün önce
Alex Gomez
Alex Gomez 8 gün önce
1:08 cam almost busted his head 😭
TROLLPLAYZ 8 gün önce
18:48 damn Adam Levine went down a dark path...
Goatqueen 9 gün önce
why do little people have big asses?
Brodey Stevens
Brodey Stevens 9 gün önce
1:28:08 for Karl Stefanovic Aussie legend!!
Daytons games
Daytons games 9 gün önce
Danny gets hit it the dick: aww ouch Me getting hit in the dick:😲😢😢😢
Riki Kim
Riki Kim 9 gün önce
brandon biebel wanted to beat your ass lmao you want that smoke ? shut your meat head ass up brandon
Harrison Ranier
Harrison Ranier 9 gün önce
42:27 could be one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard
Nada Achmad
Nada Achmad 10 gün önce
it suprice me thst cameron is now on david jones vlogs
SlazzSlazz 10 gün önce
*danny duncan*
Antonia Pérez Delgado
Antonia Pérez Delgado 11 gün önce
Peppa pig el coche nuevo
Calvin Duncan
Calvin Duncan 11 gün önce
2018 danny’s was lowkey the best
Not Vybz
Not Vybz 12 gün önce
43:39 causally flexes his mills
UNKOWN 4218 12 gün önce
Danny u look like that kid from kids from the corn
Travis Scott
Travis Scott 13 gün önce
Do y’all hear sumn??
dfwmarc 12 gün önce
Fercia Rameriz-Gonzales-Ricardo
Fercia Rameriz-Gonzales-Ricardo 14 gün önce
Lady was turned on to see him drink her tit milk
Jet -
Jet - 15 gün önce
Joseph Ernie
Joseph Ernie 16 gün önce
33:26 how corona started
Henessy The Rapper
Henessy The Rapper 16 gün önce
this morning I found out my EX girlfriend was pregnant & getting an abortion because she thinks we can’t afford another child 🤦🏾‍♂️😭🥺 5 minutes later I seen the part @20:00 & somehow cracked a smile..thanks for the comfort DANNY 🤞🏾😞💯 word up.
Nate Thomas
Nate Thomas 4 gün önce
Hope everything going well🤝❤️stay up
Cool Man
Cool Man 16 gün önce
My pussy Hurts🤣🤣🤣
Devin Hatcher
Devin Hatcher 17 gün önce
Dang he lost hard
Devin Hatcher
Devin Hatcher 17 gün önce
debt089handsome fortnite
debt089handsome fortnite 17 gün önce
haha mu p#ssy herts
Pressy 17 gün önce
44:38 what an asshole
Brenda Bennett
Brenda Bennett 17 gün önce
Jarrett Jeung
Jarrett Jeung 17 gün önce
watching this at 3 am is a bad idea i’m laughing my ass off pissing my roommates off
Brenda Bennett
Brenda Bennett 17 gün önce
Does anybody else wish they had Danny's life
Lil ducky
Lil ducky 17 gün önce
i want to single handedly beat the living shit out of the guy thats “im alOt riCher i BeT” Going around looking a trucker who drinks non alcaholic beer coz hes a pussy and is trying to get through his 7th divorce and never gets to see his 38 year old child named randy
Kellie Bosarge
Kellie Bosarge 18 gün önce
Who else watched this hole thing without skipping?
Tobias Søe
Tobias Søe 20 gün önce
no Kap
Insane Dinosaur
Insane Dinosaur 20 gün önce
Bruh 7:03
Jayjay_ 2xs
Jayjay_ 2xs 20 gün önce
1:26 Keewan said "No No No No No HE ASKED ME!" Bahahahaha!! 😆😆😅😆😅😆😅
SteezDD 20 gün önce
ice pesodian .
its_ye badger
its_ye badger 20 gün önce
Anyone know the song playing when hes dancing in the restaurant?
Joshua Romero
Joshua Romero 21 gün önce
The girl near the end was weird af
Saltathan 21 gün önce
me still waiting for danny and the boys to get some fucking dino costumes and go have some fun
my pp itches
my pp itches 21 gün önce
" My pussy hurts "
Bloop Toop
Bloop Toop 21 gün önce
Free Cameron say it tell you can say it backwards no cap no yap
Rip pop smoke Sherell Jackson
Rip pop smoke Sherell Jackson 21 gün önce
I live in Idaho
AxEl Gaming
AxEl Gaming 22 gün önce
Why’s there like happy music at a cemetery
roboutot 22 gün önce
15:46 I did that in GTA5 never taught someone would do it in real life
Itz_Oliver 22 gün önce
How old is midget
Hambo 30 games
Hambo 30 games 22 gün önce
Bad vagina
j- exstra
j- exstra 22 gün önce
1:15:45 that hickey do be hitting
Casen Jeppsen
Casen Jeppsen 22 gün önce
Does anybody else think that Danny looks like the kid from the sand lot with the cowboy hat and sunglasses on?
Ryan Koons
Ryan Koons 23 gün önce
Pray for Donald 😢🥺🥺
XxDarkPharaohxX 23 gün önce
Bro that girl Samantha was something else not in a romantic way in a damn crazy way
Mark Joseph Panes
Mark Joseph Panes 23 gün önce
tanginang yan awit
Green Screen man
Green Screen man 23 gün önce
sum moner
sum moner 24 gün önce
What video is that 46:30 scene from with him throwing stars? I can't find the video anywhere. That girl is cute as fuck as well.
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