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Dave Chappelle discusses the trials and tribulations that his ancestors went through and how it took them 400 years to discover white people's true weakness.
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OB Saint Gospel
OB Saint Gospel 2 saatler önce
He's a great story teller
Grateful Dude
Grateful Dude 22 saatler önce
Something, something, something,.....Barack Obama..LOL
inotaishu1 Gün önce
His ancestors weren't kidnapped, they were bought from the local slave traders. This constant kidnapping nonsense is just a fairy tale that African Americans tell themselves so often because they cannot bear the fact that "their own people" sold them like a bunch of merchandise.
boston babe
boston babe Gün önce
Chapelle for President !!
Arvand Afsanehbaf
Arvand Afsanehbaf Gün önce
This is pure goooooold! Shit is so true, the white girls can't even laugh at it. x'D
Barry Mcclendon Jr
Barry Mcclendon Jr 3 gün önce
interesting..400 years..justice? kneeling????
Melissa Leon
Melissa Leon 3 gün önce
Yes Dave
tpsu129 3 gün önce
Not his funniest. For me, it didn’t get “funny” until the OJ walk.
meloncholykid •
meloncholykid • 4 gün önce
“Come on yall,WUTANG”😂😂
All Day
All Day 4 gün önce
Your own cousins and brothers sold you to the white man. You were sold end slavery by your own people The white man, just bought you. From your brothers and sisters and cousins and moms and dads. That's it.
GRiM 4 gün önce
God bless this nigga
Tree Cosmos
Tree Cosmos 4 gün önce
Fucking comedic genius
snipergames 456
snipergames 456 5 gün önce
They didn’t fight themselves out of slavery, there were very few black regiments most were white, can’t believe he tried to take that away.
Damien INSANE-O Gün önce
@AllM5 Xx getting high racist vibes out of you when you refer to white people as "oppressors"
snipergames 456
snipergames 456 4 gün önce
AllM5 Xx thanks man. And I agree with you but I trust some of the stuff I read Bc I don’t like going to government websites or books Bc I know they won’t tell the full truth
AllM5 Xx
AllM5 Xx 4 gün önce
@snipergames 456 I appreciate you not getting mad and attacking me you seem cool bro and tbh neither of us were there to actually know but if I had to guess based on History we were in every other war they tell us whatever and they try to keep around only the books and people that they control that's all I'm saying
snipergames 456
snipergames 456 4 gün önce
AllM5 Xx I’ve read many biographies from soldiers of black regiments at the time of the civil war. I have also read many journals and articles from people who have devoted their life to the history of the civil war. I don’t go to government funded study’s I go to independent ones. I’m not stupid and I know the government taints stuff so I don’t go to stuff involved with the government
AllM5 Xx
AllM5 Xx 4 gün önce
Reading books from the oppressor have you ever read any books by black soldiers around that time ? I bet you never even thought about picking up one huh lol gotta use your thinking cap
Damien INSANE-O 5 gün önce
Dave's a one trick pony now. Race, race, race. Division, tension, tug of war.
Damien INSANE-O 3 gün önce
@Jalan Neal no i do
Jalan Neal
Jalan Neal 4 gün önce
Damien INSANE-O you clearly don’t know shit about Dave Chappelle
Asa Harvey
Asa Harvey 5 gün önce
White people during the jussie smollett joke -haahhahahahhaha . white people during this joke😒
Damien INSANE-O 5 gün önce
@Asa Harvey no it isn't you racist
Asa Harvey
Asa Harvey 5 gün önce
@Damien INSANE-O that's racist that you would actually assumed that
Damien INSANE-O 5 gün önce
Getting racist vibes out of you
Sum Gumption
Sum Gumption 5 gün önce
It’s time we ALL stood up. For each other. Together as a strong republican nation.
Clijano 5 gün önce
"What are you doing nigga standup." 😂😂😂😂
Prezidential Onna Beat
Prezidential Onna Beat 5 gün önce
Chappelle is a fool man frfr 😂😂😂
jaggedbrain 5 gün önce
is that all you got dave? laaaaame
Chappell Hannon
Chappell Hannon 5 gün önce
Damien INSANE-O 5 gün önce
If you like social justice "comedy"
Daphene Stewart
Daphene Stewart 5 gün önce
Bob Stevens
Bob Stevens 5 gün önce
Very lucky his ancestors were kidnapped and brought to civilization. If it hadn't happened he'd be chasing lions in Africa right now with only a loincloth and a spear , not making millions shooting the shit
Jalan Neal
Jalan Neal 4 gün önce
Bob Stevens yes, thank god my ancestors were raped, kidnapped, lynched, and mutilated, for us to have successful comedians in a country that was built tremendously off of our hard labor. Hooray
Bob Stevens
Bob Stevens 5 gün önce
Is he that dumb or he's just playing?!
Mr. Nunuisance
Mr. Nunuisance 5 gün önce
Dave chappelle gives half truths while omitting hence the something something part and generalizing.
Clarence Lucas
Clarence Lucas 6 gün önce
Fucking genius... 🎬powiiiii
Paraguay Mike
Paraguay Mike 6 gün önce
They forgot to include the funny part this time.
AllM5 Xx
AllM5 Xx 5 gün önce
Brittle spirit lmao
VianneyCreates 7 gün önce
jay dowd
jay dowd 7 gün önce
If so bad here go your free go. Just remember this my great great grandfather fought to free black people. They didn't free themselves. Seems like you owe me a debt. For what my people did.
Blackapella Gaming
Blackapella Gaming 7 gün önce
The fact he said that white ppl had the right to call us lazy yet we did their work was on point. He’s also right about the whole we nearly freed ourselves. He and i both have an understanding that we did nearly the impossible but we’re also not saying that nobody stepped in to help. We had plenty of other ppl help our community. His stand up really opens my eyes on shit!
Damien INSANE-O Gün önce
@Blackapella Gaming look up "racist incident at uva multicultural center" This isn't a one off. There are many incidents where black people now say they want to be separated. It's fucked up. No i don't think you're bad people. I'm just annoyed by the staggering volume by which i see black people being overtly racist nowadays. Ever since about 2015 with BLM the anti white racism is off the fucking charts now. And i get really tired of that. I guess the struggle for civil rights and equality wasn't about equality.... it was about getting back at whites..... Black people used to be against racism almost unanimously. Now many use it regularly like a tool.... Its disheartening.
Blackapella Gaming
Blackapella Gaming Gün önce
Damien INSANE-O idk what makes you say that but honestly let me ask you something. Do you think we’re bad ppl?
Damien INSANE-O 2 gün önce
@Blackapella Gaming and now sadly many black people want to go back to segregation...
Blackapella Gaming
Blackapella Gaming 2 gün önce
Damien INSANE-O If you actually read my comment you would’ve seen that i said even tho ppl helped free us it felt that we were helping ourselves because society couldn’t accept us yet. Ik for a fact that white ppl helped but not all of you did and when we were free Jim Crow came and tore us apart my friend.
Damien INSANE-O 5 gün önce
400 thousand - 600 thousand white people died freeing the slaves. Did it on your own, please....
Marjorie Strait
Marjorie Strait 7 gün önce
Dave you are so crazy😅😅😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣Love It!!!
Chris Ngwenya
Chris Ngwenya 8 gün önce
At the beginning I feel like his talking to the last human race 😂
Rrivers411 8 gün önce
hamza niazi
hamza niazi 8 gün önce
holyshit the first 50 seconds were to real bruv.
Hassan Muhammad
Hassan Muhammad 10 gün önce
The GOAT!!!
Chuy 10 gün önce
I remember when he was funny.
Damien INSANE-O 4 gün önce
@AllM5 Xx ignorant assessment from an ignorant man. I've been following him since half baked He never used to be so....... sjw. He's basically a Bernie bro now. He used to comment on white America, now he's critical of it. Sorry agree to disagree.
AllM5 Xx
AllM5 Xx 4 gün önce
It's funny because he never changed his subject matter in his stand ups his whole career that's how I know you were never watching close enough
Damien INSANE-O 4 gün önce
@AllM5 Xx if someone were to day the n word we'd see who is truly brittle here. No it's just race, race, race all day with Dave now. White people are this, white people do that. Rejecting Dave's one trick pony race show doesn't equate to being "brittle" i for one am just sick of him summing up people like me. If i we're to do that toward blacks I'd be called racist.........
AllM5 Xx
AllM5 Xx 5 gün önce
How ? That's what the skit was about that's why he started with the history lesson at the beginning lol
Damien INSANE-O 5 gün önce
@AllM5 Xx you're still a racist though. Oppression is irrelevant to what we're talking about.
Brian K
Brian K 10 gün önce
In an anything goes world of comedy, why not bring back minstrel shows. I hear they were funny. Oh, wait, racist, right?
AllM5 Xx
AllM5 Xx 5 gün önce
@Cal W no this shit was funny af It's fair game it was all the news and people were talking about so he's no suppose to speak honestly about how he feels on it lol brittle spirit
Cal W
Cal W 9 gün önce
Black people exist we don’t need a white Person to change their appearance to look like something they not. It’s obviously an over exaggeration and not even funny.
TheSunnyMaloni 11 gün önce
truestdude 11 gün önce
That's a brittle spirit
Shaun Reed
Shaun Reed 12 gün önce
Dave can't be touched! No one even comes close. I said it.
Damien INSANE-O 5 gün önce
Bullshit He's sjw comedy now
Marquis Roberson
Marquis Roberson 8 gün önce
Shaun Reed frfr
Gazzara5 12 gün önce
I never particularly cared what a second-rate football player did, one way or the other. Half-white and raised by whites and he hates whites? Oh, come now. Why give him the attention he can't earn on the field? Let him kneel. It's his right. First Amendment and all that stuff that most African nations don't allow.
Terry van scorpio
Terry van scorpio 13 gün önce
The only reason people won't admit he's the GOAT is to honour the dead No disrespect to anybody but there's never been anyone better than Dave
Terry van scorpio
Terry van scorpio 4 gün önce
@Damien INSANE-O Ayt
Damien INSANE-O 5 gün önce
Bs He's sjw comedy now. Weak
Terry van scorpio
Terry van scorpio 10 gün önce
@Brian K Nigga what😂
Brian K
Brian K 10 gün önce
He's not good enough to shine Richard Pryor's shoes. Now that was a joke, so if you are offended, fuck off.
Lucas M
Lucas M 11 gün önce
he's the goat man, he kills it everytime
Angel Rai
Angel Rai 13 gün önce
anyone care to explain the joke?
sang 13 gün önce
Damn he's not even gonna use an ashtray though 😂
John Rome
John Rome 13 gün önce
How can I get my hands on one of those Chapelle jackets
Brandon O'Neil
Brandon O'Neil 13 gün önce
should be a camera and recorder on this guy at all times, about as close to a safe king midas as well get
joshua thompson
joshua thompson 14 gün önce
Real talk.
SimplyComplicated 14 gün önce
Who’s here after Jay-Z & Beyoncé sitting during the national anthem at Super Bowl LIV? 🤣
Jake Naar
Jake Naar 15 gün önce
The reason the people hate seeing them kneel is because most viewers of the NFL are middle class Americans who are watching millionaires kneel to a flag that represents the country they're able to live their wealthy lives in. It's also about having class
Damien INSANE-O 5 gün önce
@Josh Nippleton bullshit
Josh Nippleton
Josh Nippleton 7 gün önce
its a protest about police brutality. Has nothing to do with "hating AmericuHH!!"
Putaspellonyou 15 gün önce
I think these small club shows are Dave at his best. He's channels Eddie, Richard, and Lenny.
MR SK1LLFUL 15 gün önce
the only dave Chapelle bit I didn't laugh at.
Damien INSANE-O 5 gün önce
@AllM5 Xx no, i didn't either. This is sjw comedy
AllM5 Xx
AllM5 Xx 5 gün önce
You tried hard not too
William Lopez
William Lopez 15 gün önce
Lmao bro that shit was hilarious!!!
x l b L o O d l x
x l b L o O d l x 15 gün önce
The Wu-Tang reference gets me every time.
SeeMypick 15 gün önce
The realest people are the most lovable
kyoko703 16 gün önce
Computer Crazies
Computer Crazies 16 gün önce
It's sad to see celebrities sucked into this social justice nonsense, it really is like watching someone devolve.
Remy D
Remy D 17 gün önce
He endorsed Andrew Yang. :)
leroy grant
leroy grant 18 gün önce
beyondmetaphysics 18 gün önce
Both sides of my family came here dirt poor from Germany in the early 1900's around WW1. Even though my ancestors played no huge part, I still think we as a country should fix what is left broken. Things like generational poverty and economic disparity. Many neighborhoods are still self segregated today and nobody asks why. The first step to really and I mean really fix what is broken is to fix the neighborhoods. Create affordable diverse middle class neighborhoods and environments that are welcoming to all people. Poverty should not exist in the richest country in the world. Lower class poverty stricken neighborhoods of today should not exist. But of course it's always how to get from point A to point B. One step would be to just build nice modest middle class homes that don't require 30 year mortgages to buy. Build until you can't build no more. This would bring home prices down across the country. We have the technology to mass produce cars that are complex in design and features at a affordable cost but we cant mass produce a simple 3 bedroom home with 1 bath and a kitchen and a roof for the same as a modest new car? Even the manufactured trailer home prices produced today are ridiculous for something that has no foundation and thin aluminum walls. Even many of the homes that were built 100+ years ago and are falling apart but still livable are ridiculously priced. People who own homes are more likely to care about their neighborhood and take pride in it. The majority left in the cycle of poverty share one thing common and that is they most likely rent from someone else. They always owe someone else. And everything is always out of reach. The next thing would be to treat all public places the same. One area shouldn't have a bigger budget because that is where all the upper class people live. All the streets and public facilities should be treated the same. Anyway I have a lot of thoughts on this matter. I kinda went on a rant that was suppose to end in a Dave Chappelle style joke but oh well.
Roy Batty
Roy Batty 19 gün önce
Your ancestors were sold by your ancestors*
AllM5 Xx
AllM5 Xx 5 gün önce
According to "HIStory"
AllM5 Xx
AllM5 Xx 5 gün önce
According to "HIStory"
Barbara Carter
Barbara Carter 19 gün önce
Fucking Genius!
Sloppyballs McGuillicutty
Sloppyballs McGuillicutty 19 gün önce
so it’s believed that short unathletic white guys went to Africa and chased down 7ft tall lion killers ?
anime lover
anime lover 19 gün önce
Man it's not funny only resets
Buddah Theepoet
Buddah Theepoet 19 gün önce
The o.j. thing 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😥
Jeremy Overton
Jeremy Overton 19 gün önce
Bet nobody noticed fuckin Bradley Martin sitting in tha front row😂
Harsesis Hok'tar
Harsesis Hok'tar 19 gün önce
It's ok. Dave Chapelle is black. So, it's ok if he marginalises and lie about white people. Democrats love and applaud this behavior. It gains votes and keeps black people on the defensive.
Damien INSANE-O 4 gün önce
@Josh Nippleton no i Don't know that he is telling the truth. And of i were to sum up a race, funny or otherwise I'd be called racist. You bigots and your double standards.....
Josh Nippleton
Josh Nippleton 5 gün önce
@Damien INSANE-O He did sum up your race. But he made it funny. And on top of that, he isn't lying either. Some of you just get way too bent out of shape for the american flag.
Damien INSANE-O 5 gün önce
@Josh Nippleton he raises a good point. Why is Dave allowed to sum up any entire race in short order but I'm not allowed to without being called racist?
Damien INSANE-O 5 gün önce
@Jzhu 64 why?
Jzhu 64
Jzhu 64 14 gün önce
Harsesis Hok'tar shut the fuck up
timothy mcfall
timothy mcfall 19 gün önce
Kneeling during the national anthem is just ignorant if they don't like it here they should get the fuck out because no one gives a fuck about what they think
Geo HVL 20 gün önce
Democrats bound yours and Republicans Freed yours. President has let more minority people out of bondage than any other president.
Hugh Evbuomwan
Hugh Evbuomwan 17 gün önce
MISHIT KINGS 20 gün önce
Sheik Asor RehtnaP Knip
Sheik Asor RehtnaP Knip 20 gün önce
If you are born in America, you are an American.
Itachi Hyuga
Itachi Hyuga 20 gün önce
Mad ass funny
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