Disguised as Game Master for 24 Hours to Trick Hacker! | GM Network

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The Real Game Master

The Real Game Master

Aylar önce

Matt and Rebecca Zamolo along with GMI agents go undercover as the Game Master to trick Mr. X the Hacker!
After Rebecca Zamolo created 24 Hours TRAPPED in Tiny Room Above my House! (Best Friend Escape Room in Real Life), Matt and Rebecca uploaded Trapped for 24 HOURS Overnight in Garage by Best Friend Hacker! (Escaping at 3am), and the Game Master Incorporated made Confronting My Crush’s Boyfriend to find the Truth, now they must try to trick him to reveal the truth. First they track down Alice by the tunnel from big bear and she has a secret meeting with Mr. X. He tries to call his brother the Game Master but Daniel interferes and sends Matt there instead. Each person has 1 minute to diy an outfit to trick him. Everyone takes turns, next is Rebecca Zamolo, then Daniel and the two agents meet up in an uber that they hack into. Mr X takes the lie detector mixture in the uber that is mixed with diet coke and reveals the location of a secret meeting. Who is he meeting with and can we trick him in time?
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Many of you have asked if we are Project Zorgo or if we are affiliated with PZ9. No, we partnered with him one time but he betrayed us and he is now considered a rival.

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The Real Game Master
The Real Game Master Aylar önce
Do you think the disguise worked? What is Alice up to?
Mallory Dougall
Mallory Dougall 4 saatler önce
Why is my reply highlighted?
Gamer Chris
Gamer Chris 4 gün önce
And by the way happy early happy early Valentine's who is going to video about James
Gamer Chris
Gamer Chris 4 gün önce
Follow Lawton Oklahoma on their spit gold 15 hours and thenyou're going to see something and it's going to be look at this is going to be there's a Burger King and there's a clue under a table you have to pick the right table you got to read her but look I'm not really working red Hood I'm working for game master in court Castro's brother he's your brother to Rebecca
Gamer Chris
Gamer Chris 4 gün önce
I'm texting you at 7:59 right a mile away from me and you are the song you were sisters Rebecca he's not trying to mail you the one cuz he trying to Rosemary Beach Matt is trying to marry RV twin I promise you I'm telling the truth not working for rz20 I'm working for the redhead I mean gamemaster 2 red Hood hi guys hahaha we're going to be for Bill hahaha by the way not Rebecca but look I'm trying to work for you Rebecca and Matt you shouldn't be working he is game Masters brother to they're all Brothers I promise you believe me are you doing tummy aarthi twins coming I repeat goodbye
Vanessa Terrell
Vanessa Terrell 5 gün önce
Ido you not know
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez 3 saatler önce
Josephine Perez
Josephine Perez 8 saatler önce
It was funny in the beginning when it said"Alice nooo
Natasha G
Natasha G 2 gün önce
Can I be in the samfam
Natasha G
Natasha G 2 gün önce
You do A great job at this and I love your dogs Blackjack and Penut
Wolf Aylan
Wolf Aylan 2 gün önce
The wolf the equal and and the bat and the penguin are my favourite animals
Wolf Aylan
Wolf Aylan 2 gün önce
Wolf Aylan
Wolf Aylan 2 gün önce
You guys are so cool I wanna be I wanna be in there dad to spend quality
bradders gaming
bradders gaming 3 gün önce
Rebecca I love your videos # zamfam
Toys and Me #Fan 101
Toys and Me #Fan 101 3 gün önce
Samantha Miller
Samantha Miller 4 gün önce
I'm in the ZamFam,agent,game master spy
Eileen Adamson
Eileen Adamson 4 gün önce
Justyna Juszczyk
Justyna Juszczyk 6 gün önce
Alice is still a robot
shoaib khan
shoaib khan 6 gün önce
Matt's voice look like red hood more than game master
Joshua Baldwin
Joshua Baldwin 7 gün önce
safina majid
safina majid 7 gün önce
I subscribed turned on the bell and gave a thumbs up to the video
Sandra Bothwell
Sandra Bothwell 8 gün önce
Sandra Bothwell
Sandra Bothwell 8 gün önce
Game master has a sister?.....
Alyssa Woodling
Alyssa Woodling 9 gün önce
Why does the him take there sunglasses off
Zara Usmani
Zara Usmani 9 gün önce
Game master I need to talk to you
Michelle Riddell
Michelle Riddell 10 gün önce
The GM is Alice's Uncle :O 😕
Nastacia Bowen
Nastacia Bowen 11 gün önce
Carla Eviona Cruz
Carla Eviona Cruz 12 gün önce
I live your youtube channel
Carla Eviona Cruz
Carla Eviona Cruz 12 gün önce
You guys are so funny 😂 😆😂 and work hard
Dayki Aram
Dayki Aram 12 gün önce
Alice is Hakcer
Kavyajiya Patel
Kavyajiya Patel 12 gün önce
Idk but 123 peanut and blackjack
jonny ibrahim
jonny ibrahim 12 gün önce
Game Master
yy z
yy z 12 gün önce
Why is Daniel breaking in to a car
Giancarlo Gileno
Giancarlo Gileno 12 gün önce
Mia Silva
Mia Silva 13 gün önce
Alice too your keys
Madison Moya
Madison Moya 14 gün önce
Rebecca you sound like RZ twin
Vanessa Haseldine
Vanessa Haseldine 14 gün önce
I think the disguise did work and I think Alice is mr Xs daughter
Jordan Holmes
Jordan Holmes 14 gün önce
The guy game master so he have to defeat mr. X punch kid nachos Alice I know what she got a personal leave and I want to give you and Rebecca sorry that your best friend betrayed you I helping you so
Tony Carrington
Tony Carrington 15 gün önce
I think alis hast to tell Rebecca something I don't know what or why just let Her talk to you please do it for the zamfam ❤️ from GM
Stefan Jordy
Stefan Jordy 15 gün önce
Guys there is aone more that is Mr e
Kate Mealing
Kate Mealing 15 gün önce
Norris nuts need help there being tracked down by the game master
stephanie Cormack
stephanie Cormack 16 gün önce
BAMMY GTH 17 gün önce
Is mr x your bother …
BAMMY GTH 17 gün önce
Of course
Fay Campos
Fay Campos 17 gün önce
I hate the game mater I like Rebecca I hate the game mater
Trynity Jackson
Trynity Jackson 17 gün önce
Hi Rebecca zomolo!
Makayla Brown
Makayla Brown 18 gün önce
I don't like the game master
Lizzii Hawkins
Lizzii Hawkins 18 gün önce
Game master I think Alice in the marry video Alice took some think
naliyah saez
naliyah saez 18 gün önce
Where is Maddie
Charlie Kennell
Charlie Kennell 19 gün önce
Hi Matt and Rebecca
Charlie Kennell
Charlie Kennell 19 gün önce
Hi Rebecca
Nhem Linmollika
Nhem Linmollika 19 gün önce
Were all related means Alice is Mr.X’s daughter
Jeff Jones
Jeff Jones 20 gün önce
Yes I do
naseem malik
naseem malik 20 gün önce
Emma Bristow
Emma Bristow 20 gün önce
Love the gmn trap Mr,x
Nyssa Ahshay
Nyssa Ahshay 20 gün önce
Yes I do she lying to you
Lauren Moonessar Villafana
Lauren Moonessar Villafana 20 gün önce
Rz. Twin. Is. Your. Mirror
Alyssa Lamp
Alyssa Lamp 20 gün önce
Help the Norris Nuts please! They need your help because The Game Master is also tricking them!
Gotcha Life
Gotcha Life 21 gün önce
Wait Mr. X is Alice’s dad right so that means that the game master is Alice’s uncle
genet tesfamichael
genet tesfamichael 21 gün önce
I love your intro
Life in the Forest
Life in the Forest 21 gün önce
Matt:Ha Ha Ha Rebecca: you sound like Dracula Me:😂😂😂😂
DGodley2 22 gün önce
I don't like Alice. She is a liar!!!!!!!!
DGodley2 22 gün önce
Who liked Rebecca when you were 5 me
Syed Hossain
Syed Hossain 22 gün önce
At 8:04 agent s almost gave a face reveal bc u can see his eyes
Lara Kareem
Lara Kareem 22 gün önce
When Matt laughed he sounded like the redhood
Dontae McCloud
Dontae McCloud 22 gün önce
Dontae McCloud
Dontae McCloud 22 gün önce
A is a cheque😡
Anne Marie O Brien
Anne Marie O Brien 22 gün önce
OMG l love you guys so much you are the best
Jonathan Akudike
Jonathan Akudike 22 gün önce
Hi Rebecca I'm Jonathan AKUDIKE and I'm one of your fans Please reply back😄😃
Carolina Maya
Carolina Maya 22 gün önce
My mom is super awesome even dow she is unoen
Ella Hood-Shirley
Ella Hood-Shirley 22 gün önce
Ella Hood-Shirley
Ella Hood-Shirley 22 gün önce
Do not trust
baldev salan
baldev salan 23 gün önce
I've been a fan of Rebecca and Matt since 2000 and I am 20 years old
Lachlan Binney
Lachlan Binney 23 gün önce
just gonna say Alice's name is Amanda
Steven Fegan
Steven Fegan 23 gün önce
Rebecca zamolo
Lala Gutierrez
Lala Gutierrez 23 gün önce
Erin 24 gün önce
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