Doctor Reacts to John Oliver | Last Week Tonight: Bias in Medicine

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Doctor Mike

Doctor Mike

7 aylar önce

John Oliver discussed medical bias on his latest episode and you requested that I react to it. This episode is slightly different than most of my other reaction videos as I gave a watch before doing the reaction video in order to vet the research discussed on the program. If you'd like for me to cover this topic in more detail please do comment below.
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Diversity Video:
If you have an idea of something you want me to cover in-depth, please let me know because I take your requests seriously. We will be back with more Doctor Reacts Series, Memes, & Responding to Comments so please submit more names of shows/episodes & questions you'd like for me to watch. Love you all!
- Doctor Mike Varshavski
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Dee Dee
Dee Dee 5 saatler önce
Just before I retired as an IM Triage, RN, BSN I had a female come into our office with bilateral axilla (armpit) pain/discomfort only- that started 1-1/2 to 2 wks prior to her seeing us. She was having a heart attack. After that happened, I started asking female callers, who I thought might be having a cardiac event, if they were having axilla pain. 9 out of 10 were having that pain & it started in the same time frame. I told them to run, not walk to the ER. All of them were having MIs.
Jamara Broome
Jamara Broome 6 saatler önce
Hey Dr. Mike! Wake up!!! The medical field know they are bias. You are my man using too many excuses. To keep saying we need to keep doing studies. My man this has been going on for centuries the prejudices, biases, and discrimination against African Americans in medical treatment. I love the fact you like to research and read articles. But you need to consider what source it is from. The list of biological differences. I froze the TRwomen so I could read it. OMG! Why does this list even exist. Like the man was saying how many of the med students were getting it wrong. They are forming in their mind that there is difference between blacks and white people. That goes all the way back to slavery. How the whites did not believe blacks were human and nothing like whites. They felt blacks biological makeup is they can endure more pain. So during medical procedures blacks were not given pain medication neither sedation. I feel for your patients. I would not want you as doctor. If I came in explaining to you my experience as a black person and you are not even aware of medical biases already put in place deliberately. How would you even recognize that some of schooling as a doctor was formed from biases. Stop covering up for your colleagues and call a spade a spade. A lot of those doctor's know what they are doing when they choose to discriminate. Believe me, there just aren't enough doctor's to call them out when they know their colleagues are wrong. My encouragement to you is study African American history and culture. In and outside the medical field.
Jamara Broome
Jamara Broome 6 saatler önce
Dr. Mike! Look how you under played the fact that blacks have a higher maternal mortality rate. I am from DC. And you need to look up articles on that. This is where the famous hospitals, GWU, Medstar Georgetown, Sibley Memorial. And there aren't any community hospitals located in neighborhoods for pregnant black women so they have to travel to these big hospitals to give birth and the maternal mortality rate is still high. Why? The man said because black women are not being believed. But why blacks and not whites or hispanics or russians or asians? Because doctors are taught to have a preconceived notion that blacks can bare pain longer and are of a different species. By the way the economic class of these women aren't just those that are considered poor.
Jamara Broome
Jamara Broome 6 saatler önce
Oh yes by the way! Thank God the black community does not get more opioids.
Ricky Gransee
Ricky Gransee 8 saatler önce
Maybe we needs to rephrase the question of "Why do Black patients get Rx'd 34% less?" (posed with neg. disposition), as "Why are whites Rx'd 34% more often?".
Rin Okumera
Rin Okumera 17 saatler önce
I was scheduled for back surgery and was in such pain that I went from my dr apt right to the emergency room and finally got pain medicine. And I opted for the surgery over going to pain management because I didn’t want to live on pills. The back surgery was a total success thank god and after the complaint I was treated with pain medicine when needed before and after surgery.
Parker Young
Parker Young Gün önce
I have to agree that conversations and their difficulty in interpretation can play a role. As well as mental state and factors in that regard. I'm just an armchair warrior with spotty medical results, though. ;) I also can't help but feel rushed by the medical process as to told not to waste the Dr's time. It would be nice to know when to ask what questions.
Gargwin Vinesnake
Gargwin Vinesnake Gün önce
Just spent two years trying to get referred to a gynecological specialist because my period was so heavy I was overflowing diva cups and overnight pads within an hour. It's constantly chalked up to me having depression, like the two are related. I'm anemic and my iron drops 1 point a month after my cycle and never returns. She refused to refer me, even after 16 days straight of bleeding too much for a Diva cup and pad to handle until I got an IUD. I've had an IUD before and had it removed when my tubes were clipped because I gained crazy weight and couldn't lose it. She botched the IUD so I had to go for an emergency internal ultrasound I bawled through to make sure nothing was punctured! Thankfully nothing was, yes my bleeding is lighter but still happens all but 5 days a month, I've regained all the weight I've lost even though my diet and exercise hasn't changed! The 3 month wait to see the specialist is now who knows how long with covid outbreak and the provincial government is trying to pull coverage for hysterectomies! Yes there is a bias against women, different races AND anyone with a mental health problem being taken seriously!
Kythlo Gün önce
You know what would help solve that discrepancy? Some kind of universal health system...
Alex Williams
Alex Williams Gün önce
Watched the first 7 mins & needed to turn off. Please hear me out. The fact we don't design & test medications with women's & people of color's different liver metabolisms IS the bias. It's systemic or institutional as opposed to individual. The convenience & intentional sampling of young, white, college males, the lack of grant funding being allocated to diverse recruitment for clinical trials (read on NIH's initiatives to improve diversity of clinical trial participants), etc. are the issue here. Just because the study didn't point at a particular doctor & incriminate them s biased doesn't mean it isn't showing bias & the structures it came from. When they cite that women's bodies respond differently to medication (as do children's bodies, bodies of different sizes, East Asian bodies, etc.), THAT's still showing a bias- that we have a medicinal dose gap. It just means that we don't think about about women from the moment an IRB is submitted or an experiment begins. It's in every step of the way. You're welcome for my time here. Please give me credit where credit is due if you reflect & use my/this material. I see what you're trying to do, but it falls short. I hope you can appreciate my statements.
guns and guitars
guns and guitars Gün önce
I sought out a better job because they provided better health insurance therefore I work for it. so should everybody else if you don't Elevate yourself you get what you get? we're losing our freedoms from a government that wants more and more power and we keep giving it away ~ over laziness. seems like you lean a little left. I'm out.
Sparkplug the fox
Sparkplug the fox 2 gün önce
I've seen enough horror stories for women that when I go to the doctor in the future I will be polite up to a point. If I think or feel like I'm not being taken seriously I will speak up or ask for someone who will actually listen to me. I have no more patients for lack of respect because others think that I'm incapable of voicing problems or will outright ignore what I say, some have the nerve to be surprise when I not only call it out but I will actively refuse something I've said I didn't want period. I also like to say that American's are like race horses. We're worked to the day we die with very few days off, we have ungodly high expectations placed on us by everyone else and as soon as we break a leg, you may as well take us around the back of the barn and shoot us because theres no way in hell we can actually afford it.
JJ TT 2 gün önce
To me....doesnt matter who you are...I just want a doctor that's competent and qualified in your field
JLA A 2 gün önce
I am happy Doctor Mike that you say you are optimistic and that you open conversation to this controversial topic. I am troubled by your video but I am thankful 2M people have seen it and I urge all to do research beyond your opinions here. I am generally optimistic because when folks like Jaime Oliver finally addresses a topic that is long overdue, it gives hope because the truth is freeing. Truth is the beginning of reconciliation. However, I am quickly pessimistic when the response to a silenced narrative finally exposed is defensiveness... or quickly undermined or explained away point by point which you have done here today. There are many killer folks in the comments below, discussing the "women" issue. So I will focus on the race issue. (1) You kept replacing or qualifying race with the term "socio-economic factors." These are separate topics. A person can be black, rich, live in 90210 and still be discriminated against... Even Oprah was discriminated against in a store when someone didn't recognize her. Somehow by mixing these terms, it appears you've decided black = poor. I am sure this is not your intention. But it is a lazy or ignorant error in communication which perpetually undermines discussion about race (and frankly, is fundamentally racist in nature because even white men can fall under the category of facing "socio-economic disparities"). So, in the future please separate "socio-economic disparities" from the race discussion and talk about what people are facing simply due to RACE vs. due to being POOR (vs. due to a double whammy of race and poverty simultaneously). Where a person LIVES and other socio-economic factors are NOT the point of Oliver's investigative journalism, RACE was his point. Please acknowledge in your language that these two demographics are separate and that we are talking about race/racism here... if you are able. (2) I give you the benefit of the doubt that you do not mean to perpetuate racialized ideas while saying "it's easy to make such mistake." I see a doctor like you, who seems to care, but you have already excused yourself and others if you make any racial preconceived notions... A person dies from preventable medical disattention but after all, people make mistakes, right? Personally, you are probably a good, GREAT doctor who does none of these things YOURSELF. I wish you spent more time listening to patient experiences you know nothing about rather than choosing to spend more time trying to justify other doctors' intent, doctors you know nothing about. Defensiveness is proof that a person is not here to listen or to learn. (3) You were predominately downplaying many arguments about race and gender. Why? If you don't want people to jump to conclusions, why were you selective about which conclusions to prevent and perpetuate? At one point, you justified doctors making judgments based on past experiences... you recognize that is called PREJUDICE? Can you explain why the medical prejudice about "drug abusers" which leads to racial/zonal prescription disparity (your justification) doesn't match the statistics about those races and socioeconomic class of people who abuse prescriptions? (4) I noticed and I appreciate that after watching the first cut of the video, you felt bad and came back just to say out loud that you still "feel bad"... great saving yourself. But you finished by deciding that other factors were more important than race. It's a lofty place you sit, making that decision. (5) Very sad to watch this video. Patients are desperate for help from the discrimination they face and I can tell you went out of your way and did a lot of abstract/google research to disprove (or diminish by inserting other factors) this conversation. You didn't have to do that. I know "you don't want to get caught up" in these conversations about race. I ask this kindly then, please stay out of them then... allow those who don't mind "getting caught up" about ALL lives and ALL concerns, allow them to have these conversations and come up with solutions. Please, don't take this personally, it's not about you, it's about the system. Anyway, thanks for putting this conversation into attention.
Marc Right
Marc Right 2 gün önce
John Oliver is an idiot. Also "political correctness" often is simply denying reality because you don't want to hear it-
Daniel Byrne
Daniel Byrne 2 gün önce
i stopped going to doctors cuz i dont want stuff on my med history
Alessandro Rodriguez
Alessandro Rodriguez 2 gün önce
This/that video is so full of stupid things, that I barely believe that US have that kind of health service.
Emo Diva
Emo Diva 2 gün önce
I absolutely love Doctor Mike but this whole video it felt like he was making so many excuses to explain things rather than just admit that yeah the system is flawed.
pamela patterson
pamela patterson 2 gün önce
So if they are DOCTORS shouldn't they be as familiar with the biology of BOTH biological sexes of the human being? Why is there ever a situation where a doctor wouldn't know about women's biology? Are doctors NOT trained on female bodies? Why not study both sexes?
Randy Schuman
Randy Schuman 2 gün önce
I thought we had 72 genders. Your making it sound like there is only two. :)
Sithean 2 gün önce
As a women who suffers horribly from migraines that eventually led to a long hospitalization, more testing, a terrifying diagnosis and more serious treatment, I definitely have had serious and life-threatening symptoms taken less seriously, even when I've been thorough, yet concise, in the description of my symptoms. I've been a healthcare professional for more than 25 years, and even knowing what I know, even *very, very* strongly advocating for myself, even doing a metric ton of research via valid and credible sources (no Dr. Google), this still happened to me. There are amazing, compassionate, incredible physicians out there, both male and female, but we definitely do have the issues mentioned in this video. Keep talking, keep asking, and keep advocating. Change doctors, get a second, third, or fourth (or more) opinion. You are your own best advocate.
charles pfisterbaum
charles pfisterbaum 2 gün önce
I dont buy that. I believe it is more along the lines of how people percieve they are treated
hula691 2 gün önce
One thing I learned after the birth of my daughter is you have to be your own advocate for yourself or and your children or loved one. My daughter has ARPKD and I have spent more time in hospitals and ERs and gone through so many instances where her nephrologist was out of the country and the doc in the hospital didn't grasp her history. Ask those questions, do your research and trust in the docs who know you or your loved ones situation the best.
Chris Lund
Chris Lund 3 gün önce
I'd agree with how things are taught... In my Anatomy and Physiology Systems courses I've done for my Pharmacy degree, the examples given are always 70kg adult males
Terance Healy
Terance Healy 3 gün önce
John Oliver has a great platform for presenting problems. HE REGULARLY FAILS TO INDICATE THE CAUSE. He presents a series of excuses often without foundation and where his excuses are anecdotal. Even where he knows the specific reason that a problem avoids resolution/correction, he fails to present the correction or challenge the failure to address it. He is not permitted to speak about the cause IN THOSE STORIES THE SILENCE IS ALWAYS AT THE DIRECTION OF LAWYERS. The lawyers broke the judiciary and the system.
Ade O.
Ade O. 3 gün önce
Thank you for making this video! Yes, there are other systemic factors, but the constant mention that African Americans are served by lower quality hospitals b/c they are in underserved communities, does not absolve physicians of recognizing and addressing their bias, when treating patients of color, whether in an underserved community, middle class or an upper class community.
Roberto O. Millán
Roberto O. Millán 3 gün önce
Hey Doctor Mike I am a recent follower of yours on this channel I did not know who you were. I want to ask you if you have the time and even read this comments do you agree with medicare for all, yes or no and why yes or why not? thank you for your time and all these very great videos that you are producing to inform the people!!
Skeltro9k 3 gün önce
Just at the start of the vid it can also be bias on where they live and what they do considering I was testing out a doctor to be my gp because he was very good with my brother but long story short he hated me for no reason and called real issues "being a teenager" and told me that a lung issue needed antacids. Luckily I have a new gp that I like cause I see the things he does toward my symptoms being tested really well from what I understand. (P.s. bad doctor only liked my brother because of his college and asked him about how good the parties were when my brother is only academic about it.)
matthew beebe
matthew beebe 3 gün önce
Thanks for highlighting these problems. I especially appreciate that you do them in a politically unbiased manner and address them rationally and as societal issues. We dont need to place blame we need to find solutions.
KayValo87 3 gün önce
On the subject of women and pain killers: I cannot speak for all women, but myself and those I know prefer to avoid opioids unless absolutely necessary. Strong pain killers can be scary and we prefer to take ibuprofen instead of oxycodone.
Ashes, Ashes
Ashes, Ashes 3 gün önce
About 30 years ago my cousin had surgery on her knee. Afterward, it came out her surgeon had performed a less effective procedure because she was female. He seemed to think women didn't need full use of their body . Sadly, finances and social conventions of the time made improving the situation impossible. So there went her sports scholarships and hello anxiety, depression, and trust issues as she spent a few years doing a makeover on her self image and future plans. Bias is a biatch
David Wells
David Wells 3 gün önce
You better watch it, Doctor Mike! Claiming that men and women are so different in so many ways, and stating that they require different treatments based solely on their biological sex, can get you in a lot of trouble with various progressive rights groups. Not joking, and not exaggerating. Canadian OBGYNs, for example, are required to perform pap smears and cervical cancer checks on trans-women, despite the government website for healthcare admitting that trans-women don't have the organs required to perform these tests (and YES, that includes people who have received bottom surgery; they can't create these organs or parts out of nothing, and can't transplant them).
Let'sArt 3 gün önce
John Oliver is an idiot
Janet Halley
Janet Halley 3 gün önce
You are making excuses and this stuff should be dealt with in Medical school.
Zach Lasagna
Zach Lasagna 3 gün önce
Next headline: Dr Mike is a racist and a bigot
SicaGR 3 gün önce
But with the opioid laws, doctors don't want to prescribe them too. Patients that were asking were directed to go to pain management and refused as the patient felt it wasn't necessary to go to pain management and that the Dr should just give them the meds.
indoctus41 3 gün önce
I thought maybe the bias was partly a result of a private health system, until I realized that the first study was by the CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal), a country that has universal health care.
John Baglivo
John Baglivo 3 gün önce
Thank you. Love the honesty. Just found your channel, thanks to covid-19 (unfortunately). We need more truth especially from our medical and educational professionals.
Cynthia O
Cynthia O 3 gün önce
Thank you for discussing this.
Kathryn Kleckner
Kathryn Kleckner 3 gün önce
If you suspect heart attack ask for a blood test. Heart attacks put an enzyme in your blood that can quickly be detected. A second opinion doctor in ER saved me.
Zamani Chronicles
Zamani Chronicles 3 gün önce
Did you just cite as a 'reason' for the paucity of pain management for female patients that "maybe doctors are unaware of women's biology"? @7:21. How does one graduate from medical school, go through residency and whatever other certification and remain "unaware of women's biology"? How? How? How? Does medical school only teach male physiology?
N S 3 gün önce
So John Oliver is right, and Dr. Mike is in denial.
Hazarie Khublal
Hazarie Khublal 3 gün önce
Today is the first time I've become aware of you and for the most part I like what I've heard. In my opinion John Oliver is the funniest and smartest people on the planet and you have strength that opinion. In a number of instances, you said " there might be a plausible explanation for that." He is the comedian. You are the doctor. I would have heard you say " and the for that is " such and such. John is the Elon Musk of of comedy. I watched your interview with Dr Fauci and was very impressed by both of you. Recently someone on social accused me of being brainwashed. My reply was "yes, by people like Dr Anthony Fauci, Elon Musk and John Oliver. I wasn't aware of you at that time. Soon I may be adding you to my list. I wish you the very best in your endeavors.
Rebecca Rakuza
Rebecca Rakuza 3 gün önce
Does the study/statistic account for the fact that black families (black women) generally have more children. Of course it's more likely to die doing anything you do more than any other person or demographic. These studies are hard, statistics need to be inclusive of so so many factors, it's incredibly difficult to find initial information that is accurate to base these later statistics on. Especially when some are specific, some are clustered in some geographical areas not randomly, some are per capita etc. This is still hard
Low Quality Hospital= Doctor with Ivy League degree wants to do more than GSWs.
Don’t like John Oliver’s Leftism and race-baiting? Join the Club
Diane Derenia Photography
Diane Derenia Photography 3 gün önce
Can you really call it atypical if it's a common presentation in women? Or do they mean atypical because their presentation is only measured against the typical male symptomology?
demonsluger 4 gün önce
take it from a swed with 4th highest tax in the world take that money and do something fun 90% of all those studies made are not worth it and will harm society
demonsluger 4 gün önce
if a patient is treated bad just CHANGE FUCKING DOCTOR AND HOSPITAL its not like u have to go the the nearest you live in fckin MERICA u choose w/e u want and take it!
demonsluger 4 gün önce
the difference in collagen can be attributed to western food
demonsluger 4 gün önce
how come its all non white in all countries that get " treated" worse or might i be the non white's that are just worse at getting treated
demonsluger 4 gün önce
hmm what happened to 2019... hmm might a an weird orange man started to actually care for blacks instead of just saying it
demonsluger 4 gün önce
so what your siting and talking about studies done 7 years ago brought up by a biased talk show host? and call it facts? XD
Christopher Quinonez
Christopher Quinonez 4 gün önce
First of all I love your Chanel Doc! Keep it up I did experience a doctor talking to my gf like she was exaggerating her symptoms and legitimately treated her like she doesn’t know anything for being a woman, I’m glad the large majority of good doctors, I couldn’t even process how ignorant and disrespectful it was, lucky the remainder of the staff at the hospital at the time were friendly, respectful and very professional
Carl OnDuty
Carl OnDuty 4 gün önce
how is 18 females vs 3 males "diverse". Am i missing something?
Annika R
Annika R 4 gün önce
If in doubt, blame the woman for not explaining properly 🤦🏼‍♀️
Alex Shimla
Alex Shimla 4 gün önce
I used to watch n enjoy him.... But when i researched some of his episode, i found his episodes have some solid hard facts some reality but he very sneakily puts in critical peice of info thats not substantiated and usually they are critical coz he uses those unsubstantiated data as facts that help him make his case...... Many times he would take some clip remove the context trim the beginning and ending of it and just use a fragment to malign someone........ Many times his episode feel like agenda that he n his writting team is pushing plus the fact that he puts in alot of solid facts makes people easily believe him...... U tell 10 facts n then sneak in 2 lies n no one notices
Denise Frame-Leitch
Denise Frame-Leitch 4 gün önce
Do you think that the reason doctors do not prescribe opioids for their female patients has something to do with their societal created gender roles? A large majority of men still see wives and mothers when they think of women. Also, some of these men do not see why women should have a right to choose what they do with their bodies; thinking a woman's wants and needs are diminutive or even needless. African American women have even more scrutiny from physicians. It's wrong.
Marianna Ring
Marianna Ring 4 gün önce
Interesting critique but there are a couple of points I'd like to bring up, though I doubt you read these at all. A bit disappointing that you refer to women's presentation of a heart attack as atypical, despite acknowledging that there are differences in how men and women present with heart attacks. A woman's heart attack only presents atypically in comparison to men's heart attacks which medical providers (even the new generation apparently) seem to treat as the norm. This little linguistic quirk goes to the heart of the inherent bias that even impacts how their health is discussed... being addressed as typical or not in comparison to the baseline standard created by expectations of male outcomes. Also, in regards to race and racial differences in health. The differences do not exist the way you imply that they do. It would be awesome if some doctors out there recognized some of the nuances of that issue. It would likely improve care by treating the problem rather than the race and definitely decrease unnecessary racialization. Here is a peer-reviewed journal article discussing race and biology, I am sure you can get access
kungfreddie 4 gün önce
So 18 of 21 were women.. so its women that's racist and sexist! Okay! Good to know!
Blk knight
Blk knight 4 gün önce
Normaly I ask tylenol for pain
David Fisher
David Fisher 4 gün önce
20:10 -> African American community may be more likely to face substance abuse problems -> which substances are you talking about? Because it's certainly not opioids. I would argue that the wealthier you are the easier it is to hide those substance abuse issues. Both of my grandfathers had an addiction that ultimately led to their death but they were white. I know plenty of privileged white alcoholics that slide past your biases. Alcohol isn't that bad and it's legal. Obviously, it's not weighed as heavily as someone with a meth problem... But who was more likely to take adderall ... Or should I point you to a 2008 study Race/Ethnicity and Gender Differences in Drug Use and Abuse Among College Students that shows the disparity which predates this by 4 years. Now, I will say I spent a little bit of time looking for something more recent but the most I could find was over a specific gender, involved vape pens, or was not for the US. And it's hard to classify vape pens as substance abuse because they weren't monitored or controlled until people started dying. I understand you're trying to advocate that you're peers aren't bias, they are just uneducated. We want to see the best in people but assuming that poorer neighborhoods are more likely to suffer from substance abuse is also an incorrect bias. And if I need to show neighborhoods were built with a racial bias, then I think we should have a conversation away from a public forum. Because like you said, we need to look at all of these things so we don't fail in one area. You then mention that the best these patients insurance policies will cover is Ibuprofen but in the next clip John cites that "even when you control for sociology-economical like ... insurance status." And then say that the hospital may not have the means to treat the patient. Your argument for quality of hospitals here seems a little ridiculous. What you're saying is that the lower quality doctor that did earn their M.D. can't make the life saving decision because the hospital lacks the resources? If that's the case, lawyers with a predatory practice would take this on with contingency because it would be negligence. We aren't talking about a CT Scan. We're talking about child birth, something as common place as a man and a woman. I'm just being nit picky over 1/5 of your video. The rest of it is great.
Harri 4 gün önce
He straight up cut this section out of his video where john shows a modern textbook that says stuff like "Hispanics may believe that pain is a form of punishment and that suffering must be endured if they are to enter heaven". I guess that was just socioeconomic factors too.
Shreyansh Vatsyayan
Shreyansh Vatsyayan 4 gün önce
Hi Dr. Mike, I find your channel very insightful and entertaining. Especially this piece is very well done, providing a very balanced view of the situation which can not be expected from a single individual like Mr Oliver discussing the issue on his own. That being said, I'd like to flag an issue that I believe you unintentionally downplayed a little, the maternal mortality. You said, that CDC has pointed out that the increased number of around 20/100,000 live births is not an actual increase but a better capture of data, it still isn't acceptable to have this high a number. And it only leads to one of the two situations. A. It has decreased since 2003, which means it was even higher back then. B. It has increased or stayed the same, whhich means the system is either getting worse or not improving a bit. With no proof to state either, the situation remains grave nonetheless. Apart from that, i really like the way you dug into every paper and interview to come up with the other side of spectrum. Kudos. And I wish you and your colleagues luck and thank you guys for your service to the community during this pandemic.
TrinlayK 4 gün önce
The big question I keep getting as I'm watching this video, is "So why *exactly* do the Black neighborhoods have the crappier hospitals.... " IT's BIAS. (Systems don't fund those hospitals as well, they don't get to hire the best of staff that's out there... they don't get the best equipment, or have the best ability to keep equipment running..." And yes, I spend over a dozen years with chronic illness from an undiagnoised abcessed appendix, that even when it finally became accute and I landed in the ER, told me it was something viral and I'd be fine.... (and a week later was in emergency surger) at no point in that dozen years had ANY of my doctors tested for thyroid issues nor ran a white cell count... I was told TO MY FACE that I was just lazy and needed to get my act together.
Mario Ramos
Mario Ramos 4 gün önce
I've been told that I'm drug seeking and I am if I'm in pain. It shouldn't matter if I smoke weed sometimes the pain is more severe than weed can help with. White doctors have power over my comfort they know that. I would say younger doctors are more will to listen to me. That makes me feel it's a generational and racial bias.
C PS 4 gün önce
Shoutout to all the suicide survivors that got told it was because you didn’t believe in jesus
Pa Bis
Pa Bis 4 gün önce
I’m gonna stay out of this for the most part but our entire system is incredibly broken. This pandemic might actually cause a change. Unfortunately, it will have taken a Pandemic and thousands if not millions of lives lost. Stay well people
Katya Vasileva
Katya Vasileva 4 gün önce
Do you think that it's also possible that women have a higher threshold of pain? The argument about women being hysterical about pain seems silly when they have to withstand monthly pains and the pain of birth, furthermore, all those cosmetic procedures' pain that they usually endure every once in a while like hair removal and so on? Maybe that's another reason why women take pain more lightly and report it less often... In my experience, women report pain less often since as a whole they are more used to it on a regular basis. That just my reasoning, but might be wrong, it's truly a view to consider, not a statement
Ian Gibbs
Ian Gibbs 4 gün önce
Silly question but one i want an answer for. But do doctors have to take like up skill courses when new information is made availible? Or is it a personal preference as to whether a dr wants to study new information off there own backs?
Noga Labin
Noga Labin 4 gün önce
As far as I know another major issue is the complete exclusion of women from older studies that based knowledge in the field and development of treatments. There are plenty of old researchers who simply decided to only include men in medical research because “women’s menstrual cycle is making them less stable and affecting the results”. Which is actually exactly why they should be studied! Luckily scientists now know that and new studies often separate results for males and females so that if differences appear they are noted and discussed. I still find it ridiculous that some of the basic treatments offered to women is not close to how effective it can be (and is for men) not because it’s unlikely to achieve but because some doctors from a long time ago decided it’s not worth including women in a research!
Lori Wolfcat
Lori Wolfcat 4 gün önce
I get it now that it’s minorities in poor neighborhoods, but I hate how they just leave it at that. Like no one cares to Fix it. I’m mixed, but Mexican and I was never mistreated, but I had better insurance. Better insurance and not settling for poor neighborhoods is what we need to do cuz every life should try to live.
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