Dragon Ball: GT Review (Part 4) - The Shadow Dragons Saga

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Totally Not Mark

Totally Not Mark

Aylar önce

Dragon Ball GT has been a long road for old Totally Not Mark. Many people called it the worst series from Dragon Ball while others called it pretty good. Touting that Dragon Ball Super was far worse. Was this final arc of Dragon Ball GT good or bad? Omega Shenron, Goku, Vegeta and Super Saiyan 4 all present... it certainly has the potiential to be. Let's review and dive into Part 4!
The Shadow Dragons Saga
(Episodes: 48 - 64)
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Dragon Ball GTReviewpart 4the shadow dragons saga

Totally Not Mark
Totally Not Mark Aylar önce
Like the video and I will give you my TRwomen channel. Also I'm a notorious liar. Or am I? :O
Willie Will
Willie Will 10 gün önce
Goku jr. is kakarot’s third kid
Big Bang Attack4561
Big Bang Attack4561 16 gün önce
@KekoTheShibe ? For a second I thought Mark uploaded a video titled "Vsauce theme" and was very confused for that short period of time
KekoTheShibe ?
KekoTheShibe ? 16 gün önce
VSauce theme
Big Bang Attack4561
Big Bang Attack4561 Aylar önce
Can you do this kind of format for DBZ, DBS, and the under respected Dragonball the original
NinjaBoy 0
NinjaBoy 0 Aylar önce
What song plays at 23:27 and where can I find it
Calvin Kingsley
Calvin Kingsley 2 saatler önce
HyperSonicX 5 saatler önce
I haven't seen this, but the Shadow Dragons Saga gets a lot of love (compared to the Black Star and Super 17 arcs) and I think the concept alone goes a long way to carry the arc. If the show ever does get another conclusion like this either by remaking GT or through a replacing show (leaving GT as a spinoff) the Shadow Dragons as an idea absolutely deserve another shot. Also I do like Syn/Omega Shenron a lot and SSJ4 Gogeta was a stroke of genius don't @ me.
DigitalParallel 16 saatler önce
In summary: GT is good in theory, but the execution makes the majority of episodes pointless and tiring to sit through, though it has a great ending episode. Super, on the other hand, played it safe in many aspects, but had some really interesting arcs. The first two are awful compared to the movies, but when it comes to universe 7 vs universe 6, or revisiting Trunk's timeline, it makes for some interesting moments. Basically, only 1/5 of GT is good, but has a great ending, and 3.5/5 of super is good, but has a meh ending. Take that how you will.
RippahRooJizah Gün önce
As something of a Digimon nerd I have to say the whole "Shenron looks more digimon than dragonball" thing is kinda odd. I'm not seeing it. Cell/Cooler/earlier forms of Frieza look more Digimon than Shenron.
MisterTbone Gün önce
GT got ONLY 1 thing right, and that's Goku's ending
M.C.Sonic Gün önce
That ending got me tearing up
Shaun Riggleman
Shaun Riggleman Gün önce
Why does he keep calling him gill is that his manga/Japanese name? Because in the English dub they call him gero
Miriromi13 Gün önce
I don't necessarily agree with the idea that Bulma's machine helping Vegeta transform is unearned. Yes, it's a literal deus ex machina, but one of the key components in becoming Super Saiyan 4 is access to the great ape form and subsequently control of it which is a feature exclusive to Vegeta as he himself is the sole onscreen saiyan to fully master his own powers. This is an aspect of their heritage that Goku and all of the half breed children never properly confront until Goku goes Super Saiyan 4. Out of all the saiyan blooded characters we see Vegeta is the only person to retain his sanity while in his ape form. Going by the rules set here Vegeta met the checkpoints to reach Super Saiyan 4 long ago but since his tail was irreversibly damaged in his fight on earth even when he did achieve Super Saiyan he never had the chance. Bulma and her machine are not the thing that gave him this ability. It was his own training, his own power, and his own biology that allowed it in my eyes. If Vegeta's tail had, say, been wished back with Porunga it would have had the same effect. Heck, Vegeta could even use that power to make an artificial moon he displayed in Z. The difference here is that they had Bulma supporting her husband instead of doing what this arc is explicitly trying to tell us not to do. Abuse the dragon balls.
Izuki 101
Izuki 101 Gün önce
That ending...always brings tears
YoungComicArtist Gün önce
I love how a robot has done more important things then nearly everyone
Chaos Trauma
Chaos Trauma 2 gün önce
dragon ball gt has the best ending it always makes me cry
C.Y.N.I.C.Union 2 gün önce
From the sounds of it, The Four Star dragon is the best... if only there were a Team of Four Star dragons.
all about bees
all about bees 3 gün önce
I think gt is cannon but that's just my opinion
Jake Tylenol
Jake Tylenol 3 gün önce
So do the Z fighters like own the dragon balls now? Before finding a dragon ball was a once in a lifetime thing from the way it was portrayed that anyone had the chance of finding if they looked hard enough and what not (dragon radar aside) but like now I just kinda feel like the Dragon Balls on earth are property of Goku and Friends and that’s it really
Jess Agpaoa
Jess Agpaoa 5 gün önce
Ss4 and gogeta ss4 are the sickest thing in gt way better than super saitan god red and blue
Aischylos Lowell
Aischylos Lowell 5 gün önce
Since I don't have a way to watch Dragonball Super. I would definitely watch a review of it. Anyone wanting me to watch sub doesn't understand that some of us don't have time to not look away from a screen.
Qancer Clown
Qancer Clown 6 gün önce
em, gt was trash but that ending was the best Dragon Ball had to offer
Shadow Cerberus
Shadow Cerberus 6 gün önce
So can someone reply with a list of which wishes were used for each dragon?
1000 subs with no content
1000 subs with no content 6 gün önce
I really hope they redo DBGT in the distant future with the help of Akira Toriyama And make it cannon. For example Bulma looks into saiyan biology and so called blutz waves and then while Vegeta is dealing with some ass piss servants she blasts him with blutz waves turning him into a great ape, sense vegeta can actually think in this form and he's so much stronger than SSJ3 now he goes golden and naturally just turns into a super saiyan 4 and yeets the dudes. Then he goes and talks shit to Goku because he has now achieved 2 forms that goku has not.
Tadas Razauskas
Tadas Razauskas 6 gün önce
18:35 please song name
gamerstime 127
gamerstime 127 7 gün önce
22:44 don't you mean descendant?
Hawkatana 7 gün önce
May I ask the name of the song playing at 22:01?
Brady™ 7 gün önce
This comment comes way late. But I just wish to say it because I feel its relevant. The premise of this Saga was fantastic and the idea of the negative energy being what made the dragons evil because of overuse of the dragonballs was nice. While the fights and villains were quite lack luster, in the end this Saga was better at the very least then the first and third ones. Some of the most notable stuff for this Saga is namely: SSJ4 Gogeta Universal Spirit Bomb And the ending. When it comes to GT there are a lot to be desired, however at the same time while its not as good as its counterparts and has quite bad story telling at times, it did at least have one thing that Z never gave at the time this was made. An Ending. GT had probably my most favorite Super saiyan transformation in the form of SSJ4. But the thing that made me enjoy it most was honestly the final episode. To me personally it took all the bad and rectified it. The ending was heart wrenching, it made us remember all we loved about the previous series in the form of the original Dragonball and Z. It then gave to us that ending which was something people desired with Z, and something that even though it was stated it wasn't canon, at the time made me feel like it was better to be canon since it at least had that ending that felt right for the series. While Super is the canon continuation for Z, there is some hope within me that perhaps if they do another series for Super, that perhaps it gives that end towards Dragonball, a canon end towards a series thats been part of all of us for so many years. And I dearly hope that if it does give an ending like that, that the ending is as impactful as the one in GT was. GT may have been bad, but it had its ups. With that ending probably being honestly the best episode of the series in my opinion. They ended it with a bang, and its to this day still an ending that brings me to tears.
flame phoenix
flame phoenix 7 gün önce
they need to make gt over they messed it p
Mingfei D.
Mingfei D. 8 gün önce
Wait, isn’t Piccolo dead? Why are there Dragon Balls?
Espeon N208
Espeon N208 6 gün önce
Because Dende replaced the old Kami in Z. Piccolo absorbed Kami in order to beat the abdroids so the dragon balls ceased to exist for a while
Giovanni Grignani
Giovanni Grignani 8 gün önce
I wonder how they managed to fuck up the drawings so bad in dragonball super. Gt might have a weak story but at least the art is great. Sometimes it physically hurts to watch super, it looks like fan art professionally animated
Riann Lim
Riann Lim 8 gün önce
Why is Bulma beside Pan @ 22:56
BlAdE_unknown _yt
BlAdE_unknown _yt 8 gün önce
Is it just me or was the ending kinda touching
Jordan Major
Jordan Major 8 gün önce
How The fuck did Vegeta tank top regenerate when ssj4 ended, same with gokus gi??
Sabotower 8 gün önce
Look...I hate GT. I disliked a lot of Super but I still hold it far above GT. Yet! GT has *by far* the best ending to any of the shows in the franchise, and I don't see that changing any time soon.
Mr. Awesome
Mr. Awesome 8 gün önce
8:04 Wait till you get to Pokémon, buddy.
Richard Warner
Richard Warner 8 gün önce
That ending was always super emotional no matter if you liked gt or not
Julián Oliva
Julián Oliva 8 gün önce
The reason for Pan tagging along was Giru, the radar that'd only go with Pan, despite her mistreatment
Cry Wolf
Cry Wolf 9 gün önce
Honestly..... i disagree with what you say about this arc..... i liked it better than baby saga actually.
Benjamin Spreen
Benjamin Spreen 9 gün önce
Gt is better than Super by a long run
saiyan24 9 gün önce
Say what you will about GT but that ending gets me teary eyed each time!
Akatsuki-Nate 9
Akatsuki-Nate 9 10 gün önce
GT was a almost perfect ending for me for Dragonball. Sure some of the filler was stupid, and some of the arc’s were not the greatest.
robin martin
robin martin 11 gün önce
10:43 Is that a Jojo's reference?
Kyle White
Kyle White 11 gün önce
I really like that the 4-star dragon star saved Goku!
Jovan Balom
Jovan Balom 12 gün önce
I don't hate gt but it's not my favorite in the series. I hope that super can take things from gt like they did with broly and make it better. Perhaps make pan and Maron the center of attention
Kaprise Edwards
Kaprise Edwards 13 gün önce
If the blue dragon had a spliff in his mouth that would have been 10/10
1un4cy 13 gün önce
Wait, I thought the shadow dragons was the first saga, which was the reason to go out into the universe in the first place?
God Emporer of Mankind
God Emporer of Mankind 13 gün önce
16:54 dafuq is with Trunks face there. He looks like he was born with one too many chromosomes
Felipe 13 gün önce
i honestly prefer dbgt, i almost cried just by remembering the ending, it just gives me goosebumps, i cant explain ...
Adem Foster
Adem Foster 13 gün önce
I don't care what people say about Dragon ball GT, but it's end was just perfect and it makes me so nostalgic today
wizardjack 14 gün önce
The fire and ice dragon was probably the only fight of GT I actually remembered in all these years. Their characters I actually cared about and the conflict between them was something I never seen in DB before.
Spooky CumRag
Spooky CumRag 14 gün önce
I remember it feeling like it took literally forever for the omega shenron fight to end, I remember it talking much longer than it actually does but like idk as a kid my time perception was terrible
darkcry7201 14 gün önce
The end of GT make me allways cry like a little baby -_- Best episode in the serie
SupermewX300 15 gün önce
Is... Is that electric dragon just Red Hot Chili Pepper from Jojo?
dz powell
dz powell 15 gün önce
Wasn't there a gt movie ?
Tia Blue
Tia Blue 15 gün önce
Oh wow I just noticed!! At the tournament in the last episode, Goku Jr’s former bullies are sitting near Pan! Puck and those 2 guys :0 That scene takes place after the special, so they went to cheer on Goku; nice touch! Although I wish Giru was there too, iirc they never say what happened to him
Ryan Wax
Ryan Wax 15 gün önce
Do it,
Navi 6991
Navi 6991 16 gün önce
i allways remembered that as a kid the shadow dragon saga as my favourite from gt, after watching this i think i just remembered with huge nostalgia the ending(wich i cried with again), gogeta super saiyan 4 and the few rlly good moments it has but in general it isnt as good as i recall
NexusX [GD]
NexusX [GD] 16 gün önce
I dont like Gt but i do like shenron's design
Austin Setser
Austin Setser 16 gün önce
What if they’d made the whole gang split up and each fight a dragon made from a wish tied to them? That would’ve made those episodes better tbh
KoboldCommando 16 gün önce
If we talk "fixing GT", I would probably take this arc and stretch it to be a majority of the show, make it a framing device for adventures similar to Dragonball. Rather than just a "boss rush" let each dragon affect a region of the world and control other people and groups. So the characters have to meet unusual characters and deal with unusual circumstances for a few episodes, then they reach the dragon and defeat him, maybe not always through punching. I think that would have been very fun and not nearly as repetitive, and would have nailed the nice callbacks to the earlier series that they were making.
Mark Bradshaw
Mark Bradshaw 16 gün önce
I know it wasn't really the point/tone of the show, but I feel like this arc could have been vastly improved by some of the crew splitting up to battle the different dragons. They really wanted to draw out that last little adventure story with this show and played up the whole "monster of the week" thing one last time, but it would have been much more interesting to have Goten and Trunks battle a couple of them, Majuub another, etc. Maybe have one of the dragons specifically attack Pan and Gohan's house so they have to battle him, and then have Vegeta join Goku to fight the fire and ice dragons. It would have helped break up that repetitiveness of this whole saga while also getting around the fact that tons of these other characters were apparently just sitting at home or training while Goku and Pan were doing all of the work. Vegeta in particular seems like he would have been all over that idea. As far as the dragon's lacking any particular motivation, that was something that also bothered me (what the hell did they WANT?), but I also don't know how to remedy that. When the arc first started, I thought the dragon's evil spirits were going to naturally (not purposefully) start destroying the Earth sort of like Omega Shenron's toxic gas (or whatever) was infecting the Earth at the end. It would have been a little more interesting because they wouldn't have particularly been villains, but the gang would have been forced to beat them to save the Earth. Instead, the dragons were just generic evil doers who were just going to continue to do bad things for some unknown reason. None of them even seemed spiteful that the dragon balls had been overused and turned them evil in the first place, so the "revenge" aspect wasn't even utilized.
Guillermo Sanchez
Guillermo Sanchez 17 gün önce
So he is a gt fan and that’s why every super preview he is says is bad
Ge Te
Ge Te 18 gün önce
Narcosys 18 gün önce
Check out the theory that goku was actually killed during his battle with omega shenron. Goku continually disappears, the Gi is was what goku was wearing, but ended up in the ground. Vegeta, piccolo and Krillin seem to know he's dead.
Argho Das
Argho Das 18 gün önce
Thank God I am alive to see DB super
Koh’li 18 gün önce
That editing at 24:37 had me cackling
Buzz The Buzzard
Buzz The Buzzard 19 gün önce
*Pan not going Super is the biggest sin of them all.* There were 2 good scenes in this series that could have facilitated the emotional trauma needed for the change and for a character that probably had the most screen time, her not having any real character growth is not only absurd it kills the point of the series that Goku is moving on and other will have to rise in his place. *This does have the best ending of any DB series though.*
Haku infinite
Haku infinite 19 gün önce
......They know even a weak spirit bomb can blow up planets, right?
THEEND4444 19 gün önce
Dammit, now I have to Nickname a Garchomp Shenron.
Thomas Campbell
Thomas Campbell 19 gün önce
trwomen.com/id/video-xkcUFEfbrQc.html Found it
Dillon Haggett
Dillon Haggett 20 gün önce
I enjoy your videos but damn is it annoying that you use sub clips and not sub clips
Jared Guzman
Jared Guzman 20 gün önce
Yes! Do GT vs Super
Amarie Parker
Amarie Parker 20 gün önce
This is the only arc I kinda like I wish the do a reboot of this arc in super but with a lot of changes (1) change dragon 2,5,6,7 designs and powers to match with the main characters (2) give them the “seven deadly sins” personalities pride, wrath, greed, envy, lust, sloth and gluttony (3) 1 star dragons personally is pride, pride of how he was born as a dragon or something.(4) 4 star dragon’s personality is wrath, angry of how weak they are always depending on the dragonballs to save the day but at the end of the day he is a good guy (5) his brother the 3 star dragon personality’s is greed and my opinion keep his personality make him a dickhead and greedy for power (6) 7 star dragons would be sloth make him lazy and make not want to fight (7) 6 star dragon’s personalities would be lust, make her love torturing people or something, make the dragon a badass female design ( or keep the female design in the show it a find in my opinion), and keep her powers of wind and the ocean and have a epic ocean battle ( maybe kefla or furture trunks) (8) 5 star dragons personality is um 🧐 envy, make him lonely and he jealous of how humans can find themselves in groups, and design and powers?? Give me some examples (9) is the 2 star dragon, his personality will be gluttony, he is the weakest out of all the dragons but make him beat up Goku and Vegeta to near death and have them retreat and make everyone see that if these to can’t beat the weakest one how can they beat the other six, power and design, idk but make him way better the the get versions (10) in my opinion will it be cool if Gohan is tail back and an eclipse happen and he turn into a special kind of ape and turn back into human and turn into super sayain eclipse the “true” power of a sayain
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