Finally, Jada Is At The Red Table Admitting To An 'Entanglement' With August Alsina!

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As promised, Jada Pinkett Smith brought herself to the Red Table, and surprisingly, her husband Will Smith joined her. They talked about pain, healing, and yes, Jada’s “entanglement” with August Alsina.
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Yaser Saady
Yaser Saady 46 dakika önce
I lost so much respect for my favorite actor after this , he just sat there and laughed off his wife admitting in front of millions of people that she cheated on him 🤦🏻‍♂️
Marriage Culture TV
Marriage Culture TV 2 saatler önce
No words 😶
Abilash Nair
Abilash Nair 5 saatler önce
Well this is so heartbreaking💔. It's that era where men go through a lot and I guess men make a lot of sacrifices and they do a lot to keep a relationship going.
Chasity Fielding
Chasity Fielding 8 saatler önce
" we ride together, we die together bad marriage for life" WHAT DA FAWK kind mess is that 😭💀
Michael M
Michael M 16 saatler önce
She's lucky Will is such a nice person. So sad to hear him basically trying to rationalize it to himself.
YoungHoli718 19 saatler önce
Wait hold up, i had to come watch this after hearing but still ignoring all the bs about someone else's marriage tbh because it doesn't concern no one other than those involved. But they both admitted to being "done" with each other what do y'all really expect these days? Hell my daughters mother cheated on me while we were NOT done and still sleeping together, which is way more disgusting than jada and will facts. So i don't have nothing negative to say or even think about their business, one love!!
Keitumetse Mafora
Keitumetse Mafora 20 saatler önce
Am I the only one who sees the hurt in Wills eyes. I mean this marriage is over honestly they just holding on idk for what
Michael Rodriguez
Michael Rodriguez 22 saatler önce
This is her biggest role in years.....who cares.....blacks only care about themselves
Bob Bob
Bob Bob 22 saatler önce
She is lucky that will is chill
karan verma
karan verma 22 saatler önce
such stories always remined me to not get married
karan verma
karan verma 22 saatler önce
will is my favorite actor. i can see pain in his eyes
Shahrul Iqbal
Shahrul Iqbal Gün önce
Will and I sure as hell know the streets callin her already SMH
MadHatterx Gün önce
WIll needs to tap Rihanna and rub it in Jada's leather looking face
MadHatterx Gün önce
one time i entangled this girl so hard then i untangled all over her face
john d
john d Gün önce
This whole time my girlfriend accused me of cheating , when I was just healing in an entanglement 😇
Cosmic Perspective
Cosmic Perspective Gün önce
I came here From meme video and it's just as bad....
Look man, respect to Will, I’ve seen all his movies, and I do feel pain for him. But c’mon man, you can’t expect us not to clown you after This.
I’d like to add, Will can do so much better, this woman has him by the heart and she’s abusing that power, very very evil thing to do.
Ender Girl
Ender Girl Gün önce
This mans eyes look destroyed
Dave Daniels
Dave Daniels Gün önce
MiaTheMenace 0222
MiaTheMenace 0222 Gün önce
Imagine if this whole thing was a set up
J D Gün önce
I never understood why people think she is super hot, she is average at best. She has always come across as miserable and depressing, Will could have done much better
Hakeem Muri-Okunola
Hakeem Muri-Okunola Gün önce
Get a divorce will
Vishwas_M 2 gün önce
She doesn't deserve Will
John Carson
John Carson 2 gün önce
So.... guys are dogs if they cheat while separating but women do it, its entanglement? Y'all just bad
Christopher Buckley
Christopher Buckley 2 gün önce
The fact that his face became a meme clearly shows how mens mental health isn't taken seriously
Douglas Avelar
Douglas Avelar 2 gün önce
I'm talking about the young ones our future our seeds. After they become of age if they want to do that then you know what then you love them unconditionally. But until they become adults we are the ones that are supposed to lead them, teach them and love them as we are the consenting adults and we know better for the most part. Which makes me sad to say and see
Douglas Avelar
Douglas Avelar 2 gün önce
I have absolutely no problem with gays or transgender people not one bit in fact some of them that I've met are great people.
Douglas Avelar
Douglas Avelar 2 gün önce
We as human beings should not mess with God's will he made you who you are and embrace it love it and love with it. The gay movement and trans movement is forcing that shit on our culture and we the real America the great USA really would be sad and disappointed to realize that our country is going to hell for allowing our children do that to themselves
Douglas Avelar
Douglas Avelar 2 gün önce
Now when they become adults and they want to do stuff like that than you love and support them even though deep inside our hearts we know is wrong.
Douglas Avelar
Douglas Avelar 2 gün önce
Is too early for this poor innocent souls to make such big decisions like becoming something that they are physical not and try to be. We need to guide our children period
Douglas Avelar
Douglas Avelar 2 gün önce
I feel sick to my stomach how now alot of celebraties are letting their young ones make adult decisions like transforming to other sex
Douglas Avelar
Douglas Avelar 2 gün önce
Because God is the only way and the only answer
Douglas Avelar
Douglas Avelar 2 gün önce
If you notice they never once mention God and that's why they go through what they go through. And in the beginning of the video do they have a girl and a boy
AngelaXs 2 gün önce
Poor Will...
Reno Oblivion
Reno Oblivion 2 gün önce
TF they saying entanglement for like it isn't straight up cheating? Shitty is shitty.
Johnny Cash
Johnny Cash 2 gün önce
what a piece of garbage
Seth Clements
Seth Clements 2 gün önce
She is so RUDE and disrespectful. Cant stand her.
Cricket Keedy
Cricket Keedy 2 gün önce
Intention is important. You should watch all of the candid red table talks. These two are beautiful and open. Vulnerable and strong. If you see darkness only you do not see how talking out true feeling heals ourselves and others around us. If you are hating on people for their process its time for you to go deeper. Only then can you breathe and see how similar we all are. Growth.
AngelaXs 2 gün önce
peter villalobos
peter villalobos 2 gün önce
bulls on parade
Ciasto 3 gün önce
She belongs to the streets
AngelaXs 2 gün önce
RCS AQUARIUMS 3 gün önce
gabby b
gabby b 3 gün önce
How do you think 2pac would feel about your 'Entanglement' Jada??
Imooye Gabriel Ohiolebo
Imooye Gabriel Ohiolebo 3 gün önce
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i_tell_u_h'wat hill
i_tell_u_h'wat hill 3 gün önce
Lol he should have gotten rid of her, I would lol, I have more respect for myself. she was probably a nobody before getting engaged with Will Smith, and the way she laughs at him almost as if though she is mocking him and the whole thing is a joke to her. what a piece of shit.
Jr YeetYT
Jr YeetYT 3 gün önce
Jeon TaeKook's ffs
Jeon TaeKook's ffs 3 gün önce
I love him so much that i want to murder her
ominous cloud
ominous cloud 3 gün önce
Who cares about these closet cases.
Soulpsykadelics 3 gün önce
jada claimed her “i don’t give two fucks power”. she was 💯 in it is what it is zone .
LittleMiss Empath
LittleMiss Empath 3 gün önce
Guys I understand this is pretty bad. Shit happens. We’re all here to learn and grow. I’m sure Will pushed her to that point. Not justifying but damn. Let them be. She doesn’t seem like a bad person or for the streets Just tired of the bullshit
Bouzo Lastname
Bouzo Lastname 3 gün önce
She didn't cheat...she got into a relationship with August whilst they were separated
Transcendent Sacred Courage
Transcendent Sacred Courage 3 gün önce
Yet, not divorced. There's a damn difference. Idiots.
Aaliyah Aiken
Aaliyah Aiken 3 gün önce
when school starts again english teacher : why haven't you done your lanuage arts homework nobody: me: well I got into an entanglment with my math homework
Mrs S. B
Mrs S. B 4 gün önce
We ride together we die together and Jadas like but We Dont cheat together only i do that😑
Braveantking yt
Braveantking yt 4 gün önce
You can tell how he was feeling from how he said that 1:07
Itz Burt
Itz Burt 4 gün önce
Funny how the relationship is only ever at stake when the female is unhappy.
Transcendent Sacred Courage
Transcendent Sacred Courage 3 gün önce
Truth. This society is soft as hell and always caters to these harpies. I'm done. #SingleLife #MarriageIsDead2020
Clarens Caguioa
Clarens Caguioa 4 gün önce
Just a guy
Just a guy 4 gün önce
Why do girl defend the woman for the streets like I’m still confused
Transcendent Sacred Courage
Transcendent Sacred Courage 3 gün önce
Be sure they're the prime definition of stupid. That's why I'm staying Single and Recluse. #SingleLife #MarriageIsDead2020
JESUS LOVES 4 gün önce
Kaelyn Haines
Kaelyn Haines 4 gün önce
Unt unt
rich dick
rich dick 4 gün önce
leave her ass for real
selam Justin
selam Justin 4 gün önce
Man if will Smith was ma man I won't even think about another man I'll be all his and he I'll be all mine 🤞🏼😁😁😂
Tame Doggo
Tame Doggo 4 gün önce
who the heck would cheat on Will Smith?!?
cheesecake .babygirl
cheesecake .babygirl 4 gün önce
He was trying to crack jokes so he wouldn't cry I Fell bad for him
cheesecake .babygirl
cheesecake .babygirl 22 saatler önce
@MadHatterx she cheated om him while he was making money and providing for his family
MadHatterx Gün önce
you *fell* bad for him? let us know when you FEEL bad for him
AngelaXs 2 gün önce
Kimberly Adams
Kimberly Adams 5 gün önce
I Love Will Smith I'm Shocked That Jada Cheated On Will Also I Like That Both Will & Jada Said We Ride Together We Die Together Bad Marriage For Life Lol ❤️🔥
endo pickaboo
endo pickaboo 5 gün önce
Username 5 gün önce
Gloria the Hippo cheats on Oscar the Fish
El Guenfo
El Guenfo 5 gün önce
That's why his children grew to become f***ed up just see the mother
Transcendent Sacred Courage
Transcendent Sacred Courage 3 gün önce
A.w. A.w.
A.w. A.w. 4 gün önce
Randomnizer gamer
Randomnizer gamer 5 gün önce
His eyes 😩😢
Taco 5 gün önce
Idk how some people can take so much disrespect when they have so many other options but they choose the ones that causes the most pain and suffering.
Cruel -bomb G
Cruel -bomb G 5 gün önce
He is crying , I could tell
TrueNickz 5 gün önce
Imagine if Will cheated mad times before, that’s why he don’t care that much
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