Inside the Tesla Cybertruck

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E for Electric

E for Electric

21 gün önce

First ride in the Tesla Cybertruck ( the electric pickup truck ) at the Tesla unveiling and here's the video of everything I saw during the ride! I was one of the first one to do and this was the very first video from any TRwomenr of the ride.

TeslaCYBRTRKTesla truckTesla electric truck

eliplayssims 16 saatler önce
ok but like where are the turn signals and shit
J McKech
J McKech 17 saatler önce
The steering wheel definitely needs to be a complete circle.... not... that...
Phantom goul
Phantom goul Gün önce
Alien spaceship!?
Jake Pinnick
Jake Pinnick 2 gün önce
Where are the rear-view mirrors??
PipenFalzy 2 gün önce
Tesla could of done better with the dash. Nothing there and but a computer monitor.
Nevin Cunill
Nevin Cunill 2 gün önce
Steering week looks like something on a go cart. Also I feel like the interior isn’t in a word... homey it looks like your inside the cart for a rollercoaster, idk it’s hard to explain.
Sacha Barnes
Sacha Barnes 3 gün önce
When are they going to finish the interior. It's sooooo boring and basic
Stabbed Osrs
Stabbed Osrs 4 gün önce
God I hate it what’s the link to pre order
CarrotAndCo 4 gün önce
It's not ugly, It's stylish
eevee squad
eevee squad 4 gün önce
I love this thing no matter how low poly it is
Lance Hondrade
Lance Hondrade 4 gün önce
*Perfect movie car.*
Gabe McCamley
Gabe McCamley 6 gün önce
I dont like the steering wheel
Yerr 6 gün önce
The steering wheel is to small that's dangerous
ferchoville 7 gün önce
Terrible that Tesla had to invade Bolivia and cause a massacre to take ownership of Bolibia's lithium to create Tesla's batteries.
Und34d Army
Und34d Army 8 gün önce
This looks like something Robocop would drive
ツii_smxkey 8 gün önce
Riding around in a shoe box
Guinevere Baroque
Guinevere Baroque 11 gün önce
The reason I gave up n64 to Nintendo Switch because of its polygonal graphics.
J A 12 gün önce
Steering wheel, nope. Cute but it’s not a plane, it’s a road vehicle.
Hm'd 13 gün önce
this is sad truck, and people will buy it why?
Rob Eigner
Rob Eigner 15 gün önce
Haven't read anything about the tires. I know they're Goodyear and I found the Wrangler MT/R with Kevlar model that has the same tread pattern but the sidewalls are different. During your ride were you able to see if the "hubcaps" or wheel/tire protectors extended almost to the bottom tread?
Al St
Al St 15 gün önce
А чего, круглых рулей не было?
Sed Muy
Sed Muy 15 gün önce
@2:35 That steering cross (can't call it wheel) needs to be reverted back to the standard steering wheel! It poses danger of locked (crossed) driver arms.
Marvin Hermenegildo
Marvin Hermenegildo 15 gün önce
Finally someone got my idea picture of me drawing this as a little boy
theodor michailow
theodor michailow 15 gün önce
The steering wheel is ugly... Unpractical
Dave 16 gün önce
The Camera Man sounds like the camera man from Outlast
Sam Britt
Sam Britt 16 gün önce
This looks like bullshit
Silmarillovich 17 gün önce
приборная панель справа от водителя?
9 4
9 4 17 gün önce
I ride with one hand on top of the wheel I’ll need a wood grain to go with the truck
Henri Hautala
Henri Hautala 17 gün önce
Please don't use a fucking camera again.
How many dead vampires can you fit in the
Toxic Sky9
Toxic Sky9 17 gün önce
Looks like a block ops 2 truck
Ventura Mar
Ventura Mar 17 gün önce
I think I want one
quality build
quality build 17 gün önce
I’ll wait for the 2025 edition.
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 17 gün önce
Awesome video!
Viktor Gold
Viktor Gold 18 gün önce
That shit isn't gonna work. Normal wheel
Deep hug
Deep hug 17 gün önce
This thing is insane, I want one so bad. I would love to see some crash test videos on this with competitor trucks.
Viktor Gold
Viktor Gold 18 gün önce
Can we have normal steering wheel?
MrBee214 18 gün önce
Eewww, this is a pick up?
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 17 gün önce
loved the new video?
Underrated Inventions
Underrated Inventions 18 gün önce
The perfect truck for virtual reality since that's the only place you'll see one. 🤔
Deep hug
Deep hug 17 gün önce
People are only saying it’s beautiful, because it’s something we have never seen before. Now in the future when cars all look futuristic, it will be considered ugly. 🤦‍♂️
Christopher Torres
Christopher Torres 18 gün önce
The futuristic pug of trucks and we love 🤩
David VAANAR 18 gün önce
Only if the spokes weren't so polygonish!!!
Junior Asvp
Junior Asvp 18 gün önce
It seems like delorean and hummer had a kid lol
John McKinney
John McKinney 18 gün önce
Lets run some live tests truck versus truck. Have chain will travel. We pull test it on the street, versus different trucks. Then it has to race in mudville. And prove to be a work truck. Hauling trailers. It sure looks like a big off road rc toy. Its yet to show me it can haul.a refrigerator or pull just a 20 foot boat on a hot day. Like a real truck does. All makes and models.
John McKinney
John McKinney 18 gün önce
Wont you boys take an oodle at my new thybertruck. With the really big thyberscreen.
dxelson 18 gün önce
It looks rather cramped for the size of it. And that steering wheel isn't really comfortable for public roads...
Mihai Craciun
Mihai Craciun 18 gün önce
this is my literal drawing from 2nd grade. Still love the car tho
Rubster760 18 gün önce
2:18 The moment he wanted to eject the passenger for not owning a Tesla. Look at his thumb 😂.
Billy Bob
Billy Bob 18 gün önce
Ugliest thing I've ever seen !
Tayshawn Price
Tayshawn Price 18 gün önce
I hate pickup trucks. The traditional look of one. But I actually love this. Definitely feels like the future has arrived and are part of a sci fi movie. Will be interesting to see how much changes. Only thing I did not like was the steering wheel.
Jack Napier
Jack Napier 18 gün önce
Too bad it’s a test ride at night!!
YouAreReadingMyName 18 gün önce
People are only saying it’s beautiful, because it’s something we have never seen before. Now in the future when cars all look futuristic, it will be considered ugly. 🤦‍♂️
Cassie 18 gün önce
This thing is insane, I want one so bad. I would love to see some crash test videos on this with competitor trucks.
IsThat ATesla
IsThat ATesla 18 gün önce
Great footage Alex, of the truck we didn't know that we would end up perplexed by, excited about, and for sure plan on buying!
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 18 gün önce
I first don't like it, after Elon said 14k towing capacity and 2.9sec o/60 and now i want it 😂👌🏽
David Tucker
David Tucker 18 gün önce
It's ugly and I already have a golf cart.
VersionBest 18 gün önce
It's like a freaking Mars rover. I love it!
Instagrasm 18 gün önce
Guess what car the Doc is getting next
Chase Rayfield
Chase Rayfield 18 gün önce
It's growing on me but the truck bed is impractically high... truck beds that people actually use for work are low for a reason.
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 18 gün önce
Desingers: o k
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide 18 gün önce
its bad as Mad Max , can definitely see this taking off once people get over how different it looks
Only Human
Only Human 18 gün önce
Best design ever
felipe montoya
felipe montoya 18 gün önce
You can't even see the interior!, i've even tried my full brightness and could nearly see!. Bad Quality, Bad Resonance, Bad Demonstration, Bad video.👎🏽
Joe Anthony
Joe Anthony 18 gün önce
blow that ugly, truck up. pure juck juck juck and more juck,,,,,
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide 18 gün önce
Apparently Tesla now uses warehouse employees to design their cars....
David Garris
David Garris 18 gün önce
Hmmm, someone NEEDS to look up the ASTON MARTIN BULLDOG , AND LAGONDA. This is 1980s all over again. And that's a good thing. Jesus Christ, everything looks the same from a block away . At least this has futuristic looks. Think 1960s Lost In Space meets Star Trek. I think it's cool as fuck. MAX HEADROOM, RoboCop.
Jesus Rubio
Jesus Rubio 18 gün önce
So where’s the side mirrors?
TheSilliestWilly 18 gün önce
Wow this video is great! I loved how you panned around to empty blackness for most of the video and got a few out of focus shots of the dash screen. I really got a feel for the truck from this video. Good work
Talon Black
Talon Black 19 gün önce
That's the stupidest thing I've ever seen.someone slap the person who made that.
Penguin of Death
Penguin of Death 19 gün önce
A pointless, ugly piece of crap. I hate to think how many people are going to be killed by the pickup/Tesla fanboys that will buy them and proceed to drive like c*nts
prophet1k 19 gün önce
Designer was a 5 years old kid
redcat608 19 gün önce
I want one...
Bryan Thunders
Bryan Thunders 19 gün önce
Hey I remember drawing this truck in 2nd grade I was ahead of my time
Ruckus Ricket
Ruckus Ricket 19 gün önce
Elon: alright guys we need to design a truck, any ideas? Designers: how bout something futuristic Elon: how bout something so vaporwave and aesthetic it'll be polygon as fuck Desingers: o k
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