Fortnite Employee Hates Me!

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Danny Duncan

Danny Duncan

Yıl önce

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Danny Duncan
Danny Duncan Yıl önce
sorry about earlier this bs would only upload at 360p lmao. ONE WEEK UNTIL TOUR!!! see you guys soon
Marvelous Maja
Marvelous Maja Aylar önce
danny hmu u should come to my farm
ABBOTT 8 aylar önce
Danny Duncan that fortnite worker is a pussy
Julie Moyle
Julie Moyle 8 aylar önce
Danny Duncan poor person weird life with ppussy
It's me the Boss
It's me the Boss 8 aylar önce
Danny Duncan heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
logan loner gage
logan loner gage 9 aylar önce
Your hilarious and you bring me up when I'm down thanks dude I'm your biggest fan
Oliver Hall
Oliver Hall Gün önce
I aM NoT A viRgIn
glowing pizza
glowing pizza Gün önce
Little Mongolian boy LMAO!
Tuker_LILRED 4 gün önce
Says tha guy that put Lego Jim hopper fuckin Joyce Byers on his Snapchat💀
Brody Brians
Brody Brians 4 gün önce
2:34 Danny really said 😬
LukePlayz YT
LukePlayz YT 6 gün önce
Chemy 7 gün önce
At the beginning that was elixir. He has like 300k subs
jacob thiel
jacob thiel 7 gün önce
little mongolian boy
Revert 7 gün önce
Intro song? 0:01
KingDubz 247
KingDubz 247 8 gün önce
2:20 hhah
Terry Terwilliger
Terry Terwilliger 9 gün önce
i want the danny duncan lego
Zk 559
Zk 559 9 gün önce
That fuck with the popsicle really pissed me off fuck that guy
Stoner IVXX
Stoner IVXX 11 gün önce
Danny Duncan is the most annoying piece of shit ever I wish I seen his lame ass in IRL so I can whoop the dumness out of his dumbass
KY3 Junior
KY3 Junior 12 gün önce
Im gonna need your friend to stop talking shit about my brain
I’m Intelligent
I’m Intelligent 12 gün önce
How he doesn’t get in any kind of big trouble idk
Austin Stevens
Austin Stevens 14 gün önce
whst was sonic on
TSM Drex
TSM Drex 14 gün önce
i have a brain and i watch you danny❤️
Juston 1211
Juston 1211 15 gün önce
Fuck the guy with the #beast shirt
Cøpenhagen 290
Cøpenhagen 290 15 gün önce
What do you play PUBG on
Javier Nunez
Javier Nunez 17 gün önce
Javier Nunez
Javier Nunez 17 gün önce
You suck
Wrigley Bates
Wrigley Bates 17 gün önce
That was elixir
jody sisson
jody sisson 17 gün önce
my brother used to watch you now he has no brain when he died my family donated it to a thing so they can learn more about the human brain
JJ C 19 gün önce
Bring back Marvin
Chinenye Brye
Chinenye Brye 22 gün önce
that was elixer
ScoPeZz Dare
ScoPeZz Dare 24 gün önce
I've already seen this but don't make your channel cancer with fortnite.
Lil sk1es
Lil sk1es 27 gün önce
Go to 2:36 Danny’s face though
Trippy T
Trippy T 27 gün önce
Kid sits there like I’ll never stop playing with LEGO’s Danny rants about life kid 😐 I still like LEGO’s like if u agree
Hey Omar
Hey Omar 28 gün önce
I have fucking brain
sootiesfire vlogs
sootiesfire vlogs 29 gün önce
I have that same rc car well I have the body of the car
Stoopid_yuh Stoopid_yuh
Stoopid_yuh Stoopid_yuh Aylar önce
Put bull horns on the rc car
Aidan Beach
Aidan Beach Aylar önce
Plz do more stuff with the rc car
SandboxArrow Aylar önce
sid schwert
sid schwert Aylar önce
Pubg baby
Risky Shum YT
Risky Shum YT Aylar önce
I love how Danny Duncan just walks around and pisses people off it’s hilarious
TristenNator Aylar önce
yo thank god Danny duncan is pissing off fortnite employees they piss off there millions of player base
2U Black0ut
2U Black0ut Aylar önce
Mattix MacBean
Mattix MacBean Aylar önce
I’m 7
Flamingoose Aylar önce
5:35 i DIED LMAO
KK SAVAGE Aylar önce
My dad has the same rc car as you
Rhys Sutherland
Rhys Sutherland Aylar önce
Little Mongolian boi
Tina M
Tina M Aylar önce
i dont watch them
swetho boi
swetho boi Aylar önce
Happy creg Oh no no
Happy creg Oh no no Aylar önce
No I don’t have a brain ok 👍
Debbie Fougere
Debbie Fougere Aylar önce
I subscribe to your video
Debbie Fougere
Debbie Fougere Aylar önce
I watch your video
Marlon Parsons
Marlon Parsons Aylar önce
(Im shitty but 7 year-olds dont watch me) a few seconds before he left a 7 year-old speechless lol.
_ J⃟o⃟s⃟e⃟p⃟h⃟ _
_ J⃟o⃟s⃟e⃟p⃟h⃟ _ Aylar önce
1:09 that’s Cameron Boyce
El Javi
El Javi Aylar önce
Damn Danny has a strong jaw
angel in die sky
angel in die sky Aylar önce
6:20 Goes drifting and then put on the belt
the boiz fishing n hunting
the boiz fishing n hunting Aylar önce
Come to Darwin Australians fuck around you probably get knocked out
Mega SharkGamer
Mega SharkGamer Aylar önce
He’s a virgin! No I’m not😂
Shannon Kelly
Shannon Kelly Aylar önce
Jake doesn’t have a brain
Soren Swenson
Soren Swenson Aylar önce
Anand K
Anand K Aylar önce
Elixir is my dude
Maverick F
Maverick F Aylar önce
I don’t know much about Danny Duncan but it seems like he pisses people off.
Cody The Fantastic
Cody The Fantastic Aylar önce
I have rc cars and thay are )$600
Dasavage 17124
Dasavage 17124 Aylar önce
My life’s a mess I’m an Adair I have respaunsabilitys and I still play with legos
Gavin SanCartier
Gavin SanCartier Aylar önce
2:56 blazendary?
Ctg_badonk 360
Ctg_badonk 360 Aylar önce
Jake looks like lil xan with not tats
Cory Kingbreaker
Cory Kingbreaker Aylar önce
0:30 The new model for the sonic movie
Chris kerwin
Chris kerwin Aylar önce
0:17 kid met ninja and Danny and I can’t meet my cat
DarkRedGaming Aylar önce
It's the leech from ices stream. 0:15
Larry Bird
Larry Bird 2 aylar önce
I work for fortnite and your account is temporarily suspended for profound language in the evention
ツElite_Mythic 2 aylar önce
3:36 danny did you really have to put the OG music? i miss it so much 😭
ZACHISCOOL45 2 aylar önce
I’m seven years old
Henry Hahn
Henry Hahn 2 aylar önce
Ppl who watch these vids jerk off half the day
Mike Hockhurts
Mike Hockhurts 2 aylar önce
And so do most other people
Punisher1101 2 aylar önce
Buy Marvin the most expensive LEGO set you can find.
Emile Leal
Emile Leal 2 aylar önce
You look like you do cocaine
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