Fortnite - Prop Hunt

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Faceoff in a thrilling game of hide and seek with a twist. Jump into StrayKite’s new Featured Island today and play with up to 15 friends using the Creative code: 6069-9263-9110
Use the new settings and devices added to Creative to create your own Prop Hunt game!

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Mr.FrogLP 12 saatler önce
I love it XD
julian arrowood
julian arrowood 2 gün önce
Whan i saw that van run i was laughing
DryZecks 2 gün önce
This is create by the community ?
SpokenTurtleBack 4 gün önce
Oh wow what another original idea Epic has come up with
Jeffyplayscod 112
Jeffyplayscod 112 5 gün önce
Hey how come the props jumped the fence
Rami 7 gün önce
Fortnite : can i copy your homework COD COD : yeah , but change it a bit .
Iaint TellinU
Iaint TellinU Gün önce
COD didn't create prop hunt, Gmod did
Nietenpreet Singh
Nietenpreet Singh 7 gün önce
When comes the legendary pump Shotgun back?
Alif Mahardhika P.
Alif Mahardhika P. 7 gün önce
That last one was a big twist, they have become one with their surroundings. OvO
JSG the Reactor Core Lady
JSG the Reactor Core Lady 8 gün önce
Ah yes! The best mode on Gmod has arrived to Fortnite!
المغامر احمد جيمر
المغامر احمد جيمر 8 gün önce
Make Middle middle east servers
Abstract Yester.
Abstract Yester. 9 gün önce
I have no friends to play 👌🏻
Elite Gamer
Elite Gamer 9 gün önce
Why can I see my friends names even on different teams I want to play normally but we can't Help
Amandeep Rehal
Amandeep Rehal 11 gün önce
can you add bening machines in crvite
Noahsan791 12 gün önce
My Ipad is running... ...Away from me! Anyway I wana be in this gamemode! I wana play it! SUMBUDY HALP MAHHHHHH!
Sergio Santos
Sergio Santos 12 gün önce
Noahsan791 Mines to
flaucho 12 gün önce
Code of the map please
MarioneteGaming 12 gün önce
10 second left before the soccer skin is gone Me:Sh!t i gotta buy it before it gone controller: *runs away*
ElectricalBoii 14 gün önce
Sponsored by gmod
Majurium axart
Majurium axart 14 gün önce
Homer 2137
Homer 2137 14 gün önce
I just remember Saints row, when saw running toilet
Movie Post
Movie Post 15 gün önce
*Fortnites adds prop hunt* Why you copying gmod???
Matouš Trédl
Matouš Trédl 18 gün önce
What a code
Sarwar667 gaming
Sarwar667 gaming 19 gün önce
I know
João Miguel gamer
João Miguel gamer 19 gün önce
Börk BÖRK 20 gün önce
0:08 all these things are gone!😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Box Cube
Box Cube 20 gün önce
@HmuJeremy 00:07 T-rex guy already have a diarrea time and it smells bad, *all of the stuff are running away from it cuz it smells really really BAD*
Adeen Bajwa
Adeen Bajwa 20 gün önce
Hey is your refrigerator running No but my toilet is😂
Adeen Bajwa
Adeen Bajwa 16 gün önce
Appelteen 16 gün önce
Dave Miller
Dave Miller 20 gün önce
To se a toilet runing and somebody chasing it its something
ZeTimeS 20 gün önce
Moi j'ai crée une map sur ma chaine et j'amerai bien que l'on me donne un avis dessus 😁😃
Emir Bas
Emir Bas 20 gün önce
Fortnite is Bad
Alfredo Moreno
Alfredo Moreno 21 gün önce
0:01 came here f*King toilet I have diarrhea
Lime Trap
Lime Trap 21 gün önce
When you don't have Gmod but Fortnite
toast studio
toast studio 21 gün önce
Its funny.
thuong cao duy
thuong cao duy 21 gün önce
New mode!
Brenier Bola
Brenier Bola 21 gün önce
Fortnite:* creates prop hunt * Everybody: like that
FaTaL GaMeR 22 gün önce
When you and your company are SO GOD DAMN DESPERATE for popularity,.you copy Gmod. I'm disappointed
Federico Mazzone
Federico Mazzone 22 gün önce
Epic Games: New shrinkray to morph into objects! Community: yOu CoPiEd GmOd !!!!1!!11!1!1
Madnard 20 gün önce
Community = kids
Federico Mazzone
Federico Mazzone 22 gün önce
A running toilet... Since today I've actually seen everything in this game.
Caizz Playzz
Caizz Playzz 22 gün önce
A toilet... WHY
king gaming bro
king gaming bro 22 gün önce
لو في عارب يشتركون في قناتي و ان ردهالك
vigge _mannen
vigge _mannen 22 gün önce
wtf you cant play whit ransdoms
Classica 17 gün önce
Elijah pinney
Elijah pinney 22 gün önce
the only objects that dont move at the end is the t-rex and the flowers TF since there is 2 objects TF2 clever...
Appelteen 16 gün önce
Mind = blown
XD-OPTICS 22 gün önce
I wonder where they got the idea from
GhostLeo 22 gün önce
when a interesante epic game will be 100 per cent to contact me because...
Hayden en Jaimy van Renen
Hayden en Jaimy van Renen 22 gün önce
“HEY i have seen this one”. “What do you mean you have seen this one its brand new”.
gastone 22 gün önce
Yo thats a cool thing , if only we can play fortnite offline this game will be awsome
Federico Mazzone
Federico Mazzone 22 gün önce
OMG, Fortnite offline! Behold this genius.
Spongy Meme Sause
Spongy Meme Sause 22 gün önce
They copying gmod now
Dark Virus
Dark Virus 22 gün önce
fortnite: we are not original, lets copy ! 3 hours later: fortnite prop hunt
Michelle annabianca Da lozzo
Michelle annabianca Da lozzo 22 gün önce
Schifo !👎
Squidian 22 gün önce
*Roblox has left the chat.*
Roosted Chicken
Roosted Chicken 23 gün önce
Someone call Vanoss
Fawnodin 123
Fawnodin 123 23 gün önce
Now kids will think Fortnite made que this mode and when they see it on other places they will say it copied fortnite
Madnard 20 gün önce
Fawnodin 123 i a bit agree, but for the moment i see only this, ThEy CoPiEd GmOd because when its minecraft or roblox they say nothing, but because people say that fortnite is cancer, they say that bullshit
Fawnodin 123
Fawnodin 123 20 gün önce
Madnard but 6 old kids wont think that way
Madnard 20 gün önce
So actually yes but no, because they are saying that fortnite copied gmod
Birdscout Heavy
Birdscout Heavy 23 gün önce
wow you guys made prop hunt, a mod that is been out like for every damn game in 15 years, congratulations epic, as original as always
Ghost Arrow Fire!
Ghost Arrow Fire! 23 gün önce
AntFilms 23 gün önce
The toilets running away because he has A: Diarrhea B: Never showered in weeks C: The Flu D: *DIEARRHEA*
Javier primo
Javier primo 23 gün önce
Rex is a sweat:after entering the barn every one else running
Hitmonbug 23 gün önce
me: *hmm i wonder what is this* *T o i l e t r u n n i n g f r o m r e x*
to go to hell
to go to hell 23 gün önce
Also why not try adding fortnite survival mode since you got creative mode. Fortnite survival mode gives you access to fun you start with a pick and you collect resources and items like guns and shield potions. Like battle royale but no pvp and just kill the enemys. You also have the choice to invite fortnite friends.
to go to hell
to go to hell 23 gün önce
I have an idea. Based on my favorite plush make a baige plush rabbit skin. nose pink. full black eyes. Black smile and a tag with a heart and a paw. Call it the build a bear rabbit skin. It will cost 500 v bucks
Hendrix :3
Hendrix :3 23 gün önce
*¿Hide online?*
Hallowedkiller 23 gün önce
when fortnite is dying so they have to copy stuff from other games...
Ilias EL-BIED 23 gün önce
_This is fun, I can be transformed into toilet paper_
Janice Paminiano
Janice Paminiano 23 gün önce
Prop hunt also known as next level Bush camping
Greatest Ever
Greatest Ever 23 gün önce
When you get a notification for a vid a week late
Ryani367 23 gün önce
Me: goes in the bathroom trying to take the number 2 Toilet: *runs away*
Drink my bleach
Drink my bleach 23 gün önce
for fortnite, this aint bad tbh
Realistic Raindeer
Realistic Raindeer 23 gün önce
I was a goat at cod prop hunts so... Gets find In 2.5 seconds
XarioX BlackHeart
XarioX BlackHeart 23 gün önce
When is this gonna be playable?
DorianCST 23 gün önce
I tought this was a game mode.. now i have no one to play with i guess
Emre EMRE 23 gün önce
Reminded me transformice
XxImMoRtAlXx007 392
XxImMoRtAlXx007 392 23 gün önce
To 12000 call of dutys did not like that
Lando with the Lambo
Lando with the Lambo 23 gün önce
Me: Epic are you gonna chill out on the spam updates? Epic: yes, but actually no Me: I'm done playing too much lag Epic: ok Me: HOW MUCH LAG ARE YOU ADDING?! Epic: yes
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