Full Interview: CM Punk answers if he would return to the ring | WWE BACKSTAGE | WWE ON FOX

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7 aylar önce

In his first full interview on WWE Backstage, CM Punk answered a wide range of questions, from what brought him back to the wrestling world to whether he could potentially step foot back in a WWE ring. He didn't rule it out, but said that it's not something he's actively pursuing.
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Full Interview: CM Punk answers if he would return to the ring | WWE BACKSTAGE | WWE ON FOX

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WWE ON FOX 7 aylar önce
Do you think CM Punk should return to the WWE ring?
Jordan Hetrick
Jordan Hetrick 18 gün önce
He’ll yeah
The Dude824
The Dude824 18 gün önce
KINGMEMEYCREAMY Memer Boi 19 gün önce
The Architect
The Architect 2 aylar önce
PAIN 3 aylar önce
The Ares
The Ares 3 saatler önce
I don’t care how much it cost... get him back... they better give at least $25 for one year I bet he will take
Sul Wah
Sul Wah 7 saatler önce
If he returns I will get wwe network For 12 months
Franklin Clinton
Franklin Clinton 17 saatler önce
Yes yes yes
Matthew Richards
Matthew Richards Gün önce
when women say men only want one thing. they’re right. the one thing I want is a cm punk return. it’s a dream that won’t become reality but I can picture it now: royal rumble, entrant number 30, crowd counts down, 3-2-1, BUZZ, cult of personality starts playing, crowd bursts into cheers, loudest pop ever, he wins the rumble, and goes on to main event mania like he should’ve.
Jude Meggenberg
Jude Meggenberg Gün önce
cm punk is a BIG troll so he might not return
Redx745 2 gün önce
1st Punk is my all time favorite wrestler 2nd People still would chant his name if they were there
Christina Thomas
Christina Thomas 4 gün önce
Best would
OG P-Daddy
OG P-Daddy 4 gün önce
Deimos The chosen one
Deimos The chosen one 4 gün önce
He should just be an actor lets be honest. Could easily get to the level of Dwayne Johnson.
Harri Worthing
Harri Worthing 5 gün önce
Harri Worthing
Harri Worthing 5 gün önce
Harri Worthing
Harri Worthing 5 gün önce
Zurcino 5 gün önce
please bring him back and make him & jeff hardy rivals again :(
Drake Ryden
Drake Ryden 6 gün önce
He should’ve signed with AEW!! He really looks boring being a on screen guy and he still hates WWE smh,
ASD 79
ASD 79 6 gün önce
How John cena is like 43 and he looks younger than cm punk
King Of Detroit
King Of Detroit 7 gün önce
He wasted he's prime when he was on top...how sad
Ela Jonathan
Ela Jonathan 8 gün önce
Imagine him and aj return as a partner
Arlina Cashin
Arlina Cashin 8 gün önce
Blanes 9 gün önce
le spycrab
le spycrab 9 gün önce
unpopular opinion but I think cm punk thinks he is a lot better than he is in everything except promo work.
devon reeder
devon reeder 10 gün önce
Who rembers the fact that cm pubk wanted wwe icecream bars back
Deborah Elsby
Deborah Elsby 11 gün önce
434 Days of being wwe champion THE true Best In The World CM punk
Aasuper Luigi and Piranha Plant
Aasuper Luigi and Piranha Plant 12 gün önce
I wanna see cm punk back in the wwe again. I miss cm punk
Aasuper Luigi and Piranha Plant
Aasuper Luigi and Piranha Plant 12 gün önce
LibsDrawingMuseum yep. And You know who I miss also. Bad news Barrett
LibsDrawingMuseum 12 gün önce
Aasuper Luigi and Piranha Plant him orton and Shawn M are my favs
Aasuper Luigi and Piranha Plant
Aasuper Luigi and Piranha Plant 12 gün önce
LibsDrawingMuseum he was my favourite. And he still remains my favourite. I like 2 of his themes.
LibsDrawingMuseum 12 gün önce
Me too
Roxie Shamburger
Roxie Shamburger 13 gün önce
World Trampoline Wrestling
World Trampoline Wrestling 16 gün önce
WWE Would Be Stupid Not To Get CMPunk Signed To a Contract.
Destiny Mills
Destiny Mills 16 gün önce
WWE became boring when these entertaining superstars left it wasn't funny anymore it was like important talk
Bevon Hall
Bevon Hall 16 gün önce
Imy fav wwe superstar i miss you so much man😢😢😢😢
Donald Trump
Donald Trump 16 gün önce
CM Punk vs Edge CM Punk vs Goldberg CM Punk coming and saving Dominik CM Punk vs Sheamus (I really want this match with Sheamus old look and old theme song. He could win) CM Punk vs Apollo Crews CM Punk vs Shelton Benjamin CM Punk vs Matt Riddle or Adam Cole CM Punk vs Aj Styles CM Punk vs Seth Rollins
Donald Trump
Donald Trump 12 gün önce
LibsDrawingMuseum 12 gün önce
CM punk vs edge
ᴢᴋᴅʟɪɴ 18 gün önce
if he comes back, i will start watching wwe again
horacio ngovene
horacio ngovene 19 gün önce
HE should join AEW
horacio ngovene
horacio ngovene 19 gün önce
HE should join AEW
darnel destra
darnel destra 15 gün önce
Hahah stfu
kevin bell
kevin bell 20 gün önce
bruh was beastly in game and irl
Mohd Ramzul Adli
Mohd Ramzul Adli 21 gün önce
Jon moxley should vs cm punk coz cm punk hug jon wife
No Ur Roll
No Ur Roll 21 gün önce
Only thing that's holding him back from coming back is his and vinces problems with each other...if they both could put that to the side and give a lil to what they both want out of the deal theirs a lot of money to be made for another 2-3 year run
AkWolfByteGaming 22 gün önce
Cm punk? Havnt heard that name in years😪
King Lyonix 24
King Lyonix 24 24 gün önce
If he comes back, I’ll start watching again
Super Vegito
Super Vegito 23 gün önce
He will not come back
Gerardo Ilescas
Gerardo Ilescas 24 gün önce
CM punk would run WWE IF HE RETURNED.
Gerardo Ilescas
Gerardo Ilescas 24 gün önce
One of the absolute BEST to ever get in the ring.
A B 25 gün önce
WWE booking is garbage at the moment, Punk will add a lot to RAW.
Micah David
Micah David 25 gün önce
"I'm a master of wrestling" lol😂😂 how about ufc??
Kelvin Reaves
Kelvin Reaves 27 gün önce
No cap but Phil is the most overrated wrestler to come thru the WWE in the last decade imo. People seem to love him tho for reasons I can’t even begin to fathom fr. However if that’s their opinion then it’s their opinion & I can respect that
Black_Wolf59 28 gün önce
CM Punk vs Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania eventually. Garunteed
BA_PLAYZ Aylar önce
CM punk will be back when people come back
Dren Leka
Dren Leka Aylar önce
Who is watching this in 2075?
Snake Pliskin
Snake Pliskin 19 gün önce
Its 2077 now but yes still relevant
into the wild
into the wild Aylar önce
Renee ask CM punk if he's the SmackDown hacker
Jonathon Byrne
Jonathon Byrne Aylar önce
He is but this was in 2019
into the wild
into the wild Aylar önce
Cm punk are you the SmackDown hacker
Kylee Villebrun
Kylee Villebrun Aylar önce
So many people are so happy to hear it is clobbering time
OPS- camo
OPS- camo Aylar önce
Who thinks he should go back to ufc😂😂😂
BG_WIN Z Aylar önce
When she said best in the world I thought chris jericho would come out not gonna lie boys im a little upset🤣
KabzHD Aylar önce
Punk and Orton are just elite Personas in the history of WWE. Really hope Punk returns with at least one more Championship win and hopefull orton can get two more before he retires.
Brandon Labissiere
Brandon Labissiere Aylar önce
Cm punk bay bay🔥🔥🔥💥🔥🔥🔥
Bang Basketball
Bang Basketball Aylar önce
The Michael Jordan of Wrestling
Uncle Iroh
Uncle Iroh Aylar önce
Should cm punk return in ring YES☝️YES☝️YES☝️YES☝️YES☝️
I am Flix
I am Flix Aylar önce
7:33 you can thank me😘
FBI Aylar önce
7:33 Dont Waste All Your Time
Hound Dog1979
Hound Dog1979 Aylar önce
Well the guy can’t fight so the guy needs a job
Lil’ Casper
Lil’ Casper Aylar önce
He’s 41!? He looks like he just turned 20!
ガブリエル Aylar önce
We (the WWE Universe) need you, Punk. Please come back and give us the week-in, week-out 5-star matches we long for... Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan and Drew Gulak to name a few would put on A+ performances on a regular basis with you as their opposition.
ガブリエル Aylar önce
He made a WWE-like entrance. “Cult of Personality” blaring, shouting his famous motto, while even dropping to one knee as he did back in the day. Punk may have left wrestling, but wrestling never left Punk. I hope he returns one day.
TBMCloudzzz Aylar önce
7:34 your welcome cm punk fans
The Swedes Versus
The Swedes Versus Aylar önce
I agree with Punk about the state of pro wrestling. It could and should be so much more than it actually is.
Deborah Elsby
Deborah Elsby Aylar önce
I hope Cm Punk comes back hopefully
Tyrshema Eiland
Tyrshema Eiland Aylar önce
Yes I want cm punk back in the ring
er1ctorre5 Aylar önce
Anyone else think he would be a perfect fit for AEW
Snake Pliskin
Snake Pliskin 19 gün önce
MCL Aylar önce
I love how casually he mentions that he texts back and forth with Jim Ross. THE JIM ROSS.
NGU Warrior
NGU Warrior Aylar önce
Imagine if Punk comeback in a royal rumble and wins it and main events wrestlemania the thing they denied him for years.
Walker Rockwell
Walker Rockwell Aylar önce
Get rid of Shane McMahon and make punk the CEO of smackdown. Taker beat SHANE he shouldn't even be the CEO
BoiBoi800 Aylar önce
Cm punk already said he will return for 23 million dollars
Joebel Bartolome
Joebel Bartolome Aylar önce
The best in the world
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