Galaxy S20+ 5G leaks w/ New Camera & Display details

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Brian Tong

Brian Tong

6 aylar önce

The Samsung Galaxy S20+ gets leaked in the wild for the first time and a boatload of confirmed details courtesy of Max Weinbach and XDA Developers. We learn more about its cameras and its display as well.
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Michael Quinn
Michael Quinn 5 aylar önce
5 Models. No 3.5mm. Really Samsung, My S8 is so tired.. :(
Anup Shrestha
Anup Shrestha 5 aylar önce
Highly excited friend...
Emmanuel Holliday
Emmanuel Holliday 5 aylar önce
I am going for samsung Galaxy s21 next year because I am don't think going different from s10 plus to get s20 now or s11 this year
Beauty Neytiri
Beauty Neytiri 5 aylar önce
i have a oneplus 7 pro so ofcourse i dont care about this one.... what are they thinking ? they are so far behind...
Buy n Large fan
Buy n Large fan 5 aylar önce
I love the new show, but what happened to the green screen format?
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 5 aylar önce
I’m independent and editing would take so much longer to do, so I’m focusing on the content being on point mixing it up with reviews and then whatever other content I want to mess with
Rafael Noble
Rafael Noble 5 aylar önce
I'm so glad that I left apple. Samsung and Android customization and capabilities are simply amazing and at a way lower price.
JonnyInfinite 5 aylar önce
I'm not excited about tech in 2020.. 😒
phil kester
phil kester 5 aylar önce
I away by Apple phones I have a 11 pro and a 11
P V 5 aylar önce
Samsung loses patent lawsuit to Apple. Then copies camera bump. Innovation!
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez 6 aylar önce
Definitely upgrading my S9+ to the Samsung Galaxy S20 Super Street Fighter II Ultra 5G.... I'm glad I waited 🥳
Jorge Offemaria
Jorge Offemaria 6 aylar önce
I feel excited with these advancements. But I don’t know, I always tend to wait post 6 months reviews before I gain the confidence to even consider a new Samsung device. A very different case with Apple.
Robbie Plank
Robbie Plank 6 aylar önce
Why are they jumping to S20? Just to get ahead of Apple? Lol
Giovanni 6 aylar önce
Yea man I like Saw this 2 days ago...😫
Clarence Wong
Clarence Wong 6 aylar önce
I'd like to make a change, but yeah i feel like I'm in apple's eco system deep enough
NutNbutSpeed 6 aylar önce
I personally don't like the on screen fingerprint scanner on the S10 so I'm not excited about the S20 having it too. It doesn't work well and if you put a screen protector, it's even worse. It's too bad it will only use a 12mp camera for ultra wide, even 20mp would have been better than the same old 12mp we've been having for years now. Also, I don't see why they need to make a regular "+" and a "+ 5G" version. To me that's just a ploy to rips us off and charge more. Why not just make them all 5G and move on, these prices are already getting out of hand.
Robert Conklin
Robert Conklin 6 aylar önce
Between my MacBook and Apple TV and iPad and iPhone I’m gladly stuck
Robert Conklin
Robert Conklin 6 aylar önce
Apple all day. Samsung could release the best phone of all time I’ll be sitting back with whatever iPhone released that year. Android is garbage
JonnyInfinite 5 aylar önce
iPhone sucks balls
DOODLE XENOS Infopinion 6 aylar önce
Samsung S20 plus 5g, No camera bump just a surround frame. no rocking when flat down.
Lord Adams
Lord Adams 6 aylar önce
All those ram and it still lags
Dwade561 6 aylar önce
Kind of crazy how technology advances in 10 years it’s not impossible for us to a galaxy phone that has a 8K 240 Hz display by the end of this decade.
Gary Major
Gary Major 6 aylar önce
Great show Brian. I am definitely getting the Galaxy S20+ 5G model.
Daniel Springer
Daniel Springer 6 aylar önce
Can’t wait for a budget iPhone with OLED and TelePhoto As per whether I care about Samsung’s innovations: competition is good for consumers.
ceemacgee80 6 aylar önce
I'm hype for the high refresh rate and 5G... not gonna upgrade til Note comes out!!
Eragor the Kindhearted
Eragor the Kindhearted 6 aylar önce
I am really looking forward to the day when you only need 1-2 cameras to do everything that you currently need 4 cameras to do. Basically, having a camera that is wide angle (possibly using the shutter feature to expand the lens aperture for this) that also zooms to up to 10x optical, while having a secondary time of flight lens for AR, live video editing, and instant focusing. That would make the back of the phone look much cleaner and more elegant than it currently does with the massive patch
_ SHaDoW6 _
_ SHaDoW6 _ 6 aylar önce
I love everything tech, but my iPhone 11 Pro Max will do for the next 2 years. I’m really not impressed with the folding phone fad, screen is to soft and way to easy to scratch, will have to wait and see what the future will bring.
Chris Mendez
Chris Mendez 6 aylar önce
I love these leaks but i'm more interested in Samsumg coming up with something new and then Apple turning around and saying "never been done before" or "the first ever in a smartphone"
Michael Hall
Michael Hall 6 aylar önce
Chris Mendez I’m not counting on it. Innovation has hit its plateau with the exception of foldable phones. At this point, it’s just slight improvements every year.
William L
William L 6 aylar önce
Why would I buy a phone that’s ALWAYS 1 year behind Apple. I bet you apple does 120hz without compromise like Samsung has to with their inferior CPU
Renee’ Renee’
Renee’ Renee’ 6 aylar önce
I remember everyone mocking iPhone 11’s camera, now there’s a domino on Samsung’s new phone.
Michael Hall
Michael Hall 6 aylar önce
Renee’ Renee’ just like when everyone was mocking Apple about the notch and no headphone jack. But, no one at Apple cares when the company is raking in the profits.
CAK Nelson
CAK Nelson 6 aylar önce
Samsung is the father company 2020! They are pulling there belt out and whipping other companies like Pootie-Tang ,boooooy!
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 6 aylar önce
Josette, obviously.
Josette, obviously. 6 aylar önce
Mmm very smart naming... I look forward to the Note 21
You2Nosey 6 aylar önce
Waiting for Apple in September
L Rolfzen
L Rolfzen 6 aylar önce
CES might be over, but Brian is still busy keeping up with the Tech!
Matt Stiles
Matt Stiles 6 aylar önce
The extra cameras are a gimmick. We only need one camera on the back! They’re just trying to find ways to justify the prices
Mlordy 6 aylar önce
Look at Apple, only 3 essentials cameras on the Pro, no gimmicks at all.
Fido Montoya
Fido Montoya 6 aylar önce
Damn, just from the thumbnail I can still see that CHIN. No reason to even watch the video. Peace OUT!
if u have anime profile pic u're trash
if u have anime profile pic u're trash 6 aylar önce
s 10 rear camera placement looks so sleek, this just looks cheap and sloppy
teal'c kree
teal'c kree 6 aylar önce
Top new trending features of phone tech: Tech 2012-15 = Minor Camera upgrade Tech 2016-19 = More Minor Camera upgrade Tech 2020-25 = Tiny Camera upgrade Pay £1k phones = Minor camera upgrade.
Matei Licaret
Matei Licaret 5 aylar önce
Better screens, faster CPUs , bigger batterys, but ignoring the changes they are the same 😂😂😂
Merlin J.K
Merlin J.K 6 aylar önce
If 16GB of ram supose to be have A One terabyte not 512GB
Killer X9 Rodgers
Killer X9 Rodgers 6 aylar önce
@K'sEO Samsung is using a different type of RAM called LPPDR5 RAM I think which is more faster and efficient than they previous RAM used on the S10 line 🤔
K'sEO 6 aylar önce
I imagine large data files would transfer at the speed of light on a phone with 16 GB ram and 512GB- 1TB and 5G!
Merlin J.K
Merlin J.K 6 aylar önce
By the way if samsung able to play game on 120 fps lock on S20 Congratuliaton Samsung
Max Tech Studios
Max Tech Studios 6 aylar önce
282th like!
Poster Lover
Poster Lover 6 aylar önce
When apple comes with the square bump people said that’s ugly,but look they waiting to have it too😃😃😃😃
teal'c kree
teal'c kree 6 aylar önce
They wont be complaining about the phone rocking to one side when lying on the table now.
Michael Lozito
Michael Lozito 6 aylar önce
I’m excited about tech in 2020 but don’t care about Android
mrrock1201 6 aylar önce
Ultra 5g....?
Alan Pedini
Alan Pedini 6 aylar önce
Do you really read these Mr. Tong?
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 6 aylar önce
Arm Mart
Arm Mart 6 aylar önce
Rafael Pretto
Rafael Pretto 6 aylar önce
Gonna change my Note 9 on this one.
jar puppy
jar puppy 6 aylar önce
then the oneplus will kill it and cheaper
Nando 6 aylar önce
The way the camera block loooks is awful, so FLUGLYYYY!!
Kjab97 Guitar
Kjab97 Guitar 6 aylar önce
Samsung phones have been stagnant since the s7,8
teal'c kree
teal'c kree 6 aylar önce
Same phone every year with minor camera upgrades and faster cpu. But then the OS becomes heavier which slows the phone back down again.
Film Gob
Film Gob 6 aylar önce
Tim Cook has left the chat
Mlordy 6 aylar önce
That phone looks horrendous on the back, at least the iPhone 11 Pro back looks original. This just looks like an Pixel 4 with extra steps.
2020 sucks
2020 sucks 6 aylar önce
2020 is my tech detox year. I ain’t buying nothing this year.
Thomas Buckley
Thomas Buckley 6 aylar önce
S20...??? Samsung's trying to make me feel like my S10's a decade old... That's just wrong
Ryan Nguyen
Ryan Nguyen 6 aylar önce
Thomas Buckley they will kick you S10 out of their updates list very soon next year also. It’s how Samsung tuns their business.
Johnny Darko
Johnny Darko 6 aylar önce
I'm all in with Apple from TV to CarPlay to iPhone/iPad/HomePod/AirPods… But I just wish Apple would go all out with bigger iPhone screens instead of worrying about cannibalising the lame, outdated iPad mini! The rumours say there will be a 6.7 inch iPhone this year but we are already seeing 6.9 inch from Samsung…
Jim Baggott
Jim Baggott 6 aylar önce
Too bad all flagship phones have to be so huge in 2020. The iPhone 11 Pro will go down as the last uncompromised size:feature phone ever to exist :'(
ytbywie0 6 aylar önce
Sounds cool and all but that blue bubble goes a long way! iPhone or no phone 🤷🏾‍♂️
Kanyes Son
Kanyes Son 6 aylar önce
Why tf is it called the S20? And not S11??
Ryan Nguyen
Ryan Nguyen 6 aylar önce
Mariano Kanyes Son it’s 2020.
D- Sean
D- Sean 6 aylar önce
Once Samsung has 120hz display, apple users cant use "it's not buttery smooth like an iphone" because they're running out of excuses. First they said Samsung phones was cheap plastic. Now it has premium material and has looked better than the iphone since the s6 edge in 2015. Then they said the galaxy lags. Lagging stopped since the note 8. Then they said iPhones are buttery smooth, Samsung phones are already fast and starting with the s20 it will be buttery smooth. So the last excuses is "apple ecosystem " lol. That just means you need multiple apple devices to have a great experience, which means you have to buy multiple devices (more money) whereas with Samsung you literally just need the phone to have a greater experience
teal'c kree
teal'c kree 6 aylar önce
Correction. Samsung phones only looks good on front, the back design has always been crap industrial looking. The quality isnt premium. It took a few years for my s8 to lose the water resistant and lines running down screen. The s10 whilst is nicer, it still lags with same annoying delayed input. Then there are the apps, such as youtube an fb, which performs smoother on iphone even though its by google and fb is working with samsung. Both iphones and samsung has their strength and weakness, the best phones on the planet would be a combination of the 2.
Matei Licaret
Matei Licaret 6 aylar önce
I would like to be exited, but when you think that in 2 years you won't get updates that kills the fun
Matei Licaret
Matei Licaret 5 aylar önce
Kilak you can try OnePlus because it is in my opinion if you don't care about cameras way better then Samsung. But I also have an iPhone 6s and I kind of like it more then my s8 so I get it
Kilak 5 aylar önce
Matei Licaret I really really want to give Samsung a try because damn those phones look sexy af buuuut my iPhone 7 is still butter smooth and I can't justify such a big purchase for a phone that is gonna be forgotten in 2 years. I love free and constant IOS updates. don't care about the latest shit.
EWave 5 aylar önce
The worst thing
Elite Casting
Elite Casting 6 aylar önce
Android news 🥴🤢🤮
ThexBorg 6 aylar önce
Why not just have a dozen cameras on the back, just for kicks...
John My views
John My views 6 aylar önce
Stratospheric specs but will wait for the note version. BTW I use Apple and the Note series, thanks for the update
Dragarmord 6 aylar önce
Bryan, you gave a lot of jokes about the iPhone 11 cámara design and you now say that you love the design of this Samsung design??? Pleaseeeee, it’s just awful, at least it’s a lot worse than Apple! But you don’t say anything negative about Samsung, because you always loved anything that Samsung puts out. That’s not innovation, it’s just adding up specs year after year!!!
George Klee
George Klee 5 aylar önce
@Brian Tong 👍
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 6 aylar önce
@teal'c kree It's not that at all. I'm just as critical about everyone. I've said it about Apple I'm not a fan of the patch, but the camera benefits now easily outweigh it.
teal'c kree
teal'c kree 6 aylar önce
yup same story with every youtubers. He's trying to get on the good side of samsung so he can get invites from them.
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 6 aylar önce
Huh? I've ripped on the design in the past?!?! I'm not going to be a broken record and say the same thing in video after video after video.
freaker126 6 aylar önce
i'm thinking what's coming for the next Note phone. Note 20? Also, I hope one day, I can zoom to the moon in note 100+ soon!
Neil Fiertel
Neil Fiertel 6 aylar önce
But no way i leave Apple ecosystem...i feel warm and cozy in
Darnell Evans Sr
Darnell Evans Sr 6 aylar önce
Hope they come in good colors for the US. We always get the TRASH colors.
Opala picking Swim
Opala picking Swim 6 aylar önce
I’m 12 years deep into the iOS ecosystem but I like when companies compete for customers by offering innovative new products and services. C’mon Apple step up!
WonderMePartyStrip 5 aylar önce
That innovation died when Stive Jobs died.
Opala picking Swim
Opala picking Swim 6 aylar önce
teal'c kree exactly.🍿
teal'c kree
teal'c kree 6 aylar önce
@Ryan Nguyen yup but i wished apple would do more new designs tho. iphone 6,6s,7 & 8 looked identical, same for ipad, watch and ipod. I bought my nephew a ipad mini in 2013 and it looks exactly the same as the latest 2019 ipad mini lol. So is my 6 years old ipad air. Looks exactly the same as the latest iPad (just ipad not the pro ipad). The design team must have the most chill job in the last 6 years.
Ryan Nguyen
Ryan Nguyen 6 aylar önce
Opala picking Swim hi 12 year old. Apple doesn’t do new innovative stuffs. They are famous for perfecting existing stuffs.
teal'c kree
teal'c kree 6 aylar önce
Innovation died years ago. Only thing new is minor camera upgrades.
UteZ 6 aylar önce
I will be exited only if all variants get the same features and specs and cameras. No skimping on the smaller models.
teal'c kree
teal'c kree 6 aylar önce
Weren't they and google the one who criticized apple for exclusively giving bigger variant higher resolution and more features? Now they are doing exactly what apple did.
Darrion S
Darrion S 6 aylar önce
Can't wait for the S20 Ultra 5G
teal'c kree
teal'c kree 6 aylar önce
Why so it can load youtube and facebook that millisecond faster? Or so it can take low light pictures a bit better? There's nothing to be excited about. Phones have stagnated for the last 5 years.
Blacc Keyz
Blacc Keyz 6 aylar önce
Sorry Sammy! Once you taste the 🍎 you never go back! 😁
DaPoets 6 aylar önce
So the Note 10+ 5G is an amazing phone and I'm wondering what Sammy will bring to the table for the Note 20+ 5G... Will it be enough to upgrade or will the Note 21+ 5G be the better way to go.... Love where this is going!
teal'c kree
teal'c kree 6 aylar önce
More minor camera upgrade. Nothing good about the way they are heading.
Josue Hernandez
Josue Hernandez 6 aylar önce
Robin Kovalevich
Robin Kovalevich 6 aylar önce
Rather that chin than a ugly notched forehead
Paradox 6 aylar önce
I would be excited... If they didn't run Samsung's OS
Robin Kovalevich
Robin Kovalevich 6 aylar önce
I have had both, Siri is shit, Google assistant is hands down much better!
THE K¡NG 6 aylar önce
Very very excited
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