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Golden State Warriors vs Toronto Raptors | June 10, 2019

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Motion Station

9 gün önce

The Golden State Warriors have forced a Game 6 as they defeated the Toronto Raptors by a final score of 106-105. Stephen Curry recorded a game-high 31 points, along with 8 rebounds and 7 assists to lead the Warriors, while Klay Thompson added 26 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists in the victory.


Maoan Zhou
Maoan Zhou 2 gün önce
It seems at the end of the game, the judges wanted to end up the finals and go for holidays earlier.
Broken Laptop
Broken Laptop 6 gün önce
R.I.P demarcus cousins
Broken Laptop
Broken Laptop 6 gün önce
BREAKING NEWS Raptor planning to give part time raptor owner lebron james a ring
Jack Rabbit
Jack Rabbit 6 gün önce
Lmao at delusional larriors fans “GSW at 7”? Bahah
Val Hustle
Val Hustle 6 gün önce
Raptors played an amazing game! Go raptors go! Proud to see fans reaction on my Channel! Raptors FTW
Crab Burger
Crab Burger 6 gün önce
Lucky f**kers!!!!!
Richard Cheong
Richard Cheong 6 gün önce
Jeremy Lin should've gotten MVP
KM Music and Games Channel
KM Music and Games Channel 6 gün önce
Donkey Green is Rigth. They will celebrate after game 6.
Jenny Catacutan
Jenny Catacutan 7 gün önce
Toronto fans and Drake yall got my respect
Jenny Catacutan
Jenny Catacutan 7 gün önce
Hustle Loyalty Respect You Can't see us Rise Above Hate Never Give Up Dub Nation
El Ka
El Ka 7 gün önce
Refs did all they possibly could for Raptors to win...but they got splashed
Tekeon 7 gün önce
3:43 Tetsuya?
mK RApS 7 gün önce
Who tf is this shitty commentator
たやあはなまなや 7 gün önce
日本人 ⤵︎ ︎
Rajesh Gurung
Rajesh Gurung 7 gün önce
dede elmagnifico
dede elmagnifico 7 gün önce
no 2 hero to zero las 1 minute
Dies und das
Dies und das 7 gün önce
If i want to see the highlights, i want to see and listen to the real atmosphere and not to a dude who talks bout the game while the game will be shown partially.
Since when
Since when 7 gün önce
It's not the 90s anymore, they only want attention seekers now
Yo Salma
Yo Salma 8 gün önce
the warriors suck
alejoplazas 8 gün önce
I’m the only one that thinks referees was very bad and biased to help Raptors? GS has a lot of turnovers but.......
King Kigen
King Kigen 8 gün önce
I hope he gets well soon.
Stop Blocking The Truth
Stop Blocking The Truth 8 gün önce
Why does it seem like no one plays defense anymore? Miss the days of Charles Oakley
mike brown
mike brown 8 gün önce
keep powering through TO because in the playoffs your running on non foul calls one after another no other team in 3 years had that many non calls. So if you beat the warriors you beat the reffs and your beat Vegas Odds, and a whole country will celebrate.
mike brown
mike brown 8 gün önce
k.D. i hope you will be okay any injury to that region can take a long time to heal from and even longer if a replacement is needed about 1 year. Now Toronto if you had of taken it to the rack they cannot stop you 3 cracks at it grrr.
Jason Hunter
Jason Hunter 8 gün önce
Warriors didn't beat the Raptors IT WAS THE REFEREE that Best the Raptors Watch the Games Closely nd WARRIORS getting away with Alot of Fouls
DanaPlayZ GAMES 8 gün önce
So who won
Jessette T.Dorado-Cailao
Jessette T.Dorado-Cailao 8 gün önce
GSW,let s ,go Golden State Luv yah!Warrior s
Jason Hunter
Jason Hunter 8 gün önce
With the Help of the Refs WARRIORS have the Refs in thier Shorts
CN 8 gün önce
Satılmış bir maç daha amk
Josh Jefferson
Josh Jefferson 8 gün önce
Ang yabang nang raptors nyo gago warriors ako gago raptors
Toronto416 8 gün önce
Kd is a true champ! A real team leader, a true warrior! Get well soon big guy!
Aaron  Lajimodiere
Aaron Lajimodiere 8 gün önce
Drake sleeping in his raptors blankets in his Durant jersey
Aaron  Lajimodiere
Aaron Lajimodiere 8 gün önce
O kyle kyle you don't finish it in game 6 you think game 7 will be any different then this game thank you Durant for playing bro they dont need another ring just do it for Durant now he risked his career tonight to win and they did rusty my ass raptors are lucky he isn't healthy raptors in 6 if not this goes 7 and you no how game 7 goes for Canadians common now 1993 joe Carter. Dont blow it
Boggle Ha
Boggle Ha 8 gün önce
It doesn’t look like an injury lmao I can’t believe we lost by one point
Mateo Correa
Mateo Correa 8 gün önce
3:29 “Splaaaash” 😂 this commentator has me dead asf
Matthew YouTube Destroyer De leon
Matthew YouTube Destroyer De leon 8 gün önce
Hustle Loyalty Respect Rise Above Hate Never Give Up Dub nation
Matthew YouTube Destroyer De leon
Matthew YouTube Destroyer De leon 7 gün önce
Are you a Raptors fan you got my respect good luck on game 6
Troll 8 gün önce
Z-Luffy-Z : Xx_AkUma_xX
Z-Luffy-Z : Xx_AkUma_xX 8 gün önce
Jeroy Tee
Jeroy Tee 8 gün önce
wow kawhi is so lucky this season
Jeroy Tee
Jeroy Tee 8 gün önce
i think that gsw deserves the win
Danillo Oliveira Borges Borges
Danillo Oliveira Borges Borges 8 gün önce
Papatun Boss
Papatun Boss 8 gün önce
WARRIORS are trash lol the game was rigged lol oof
Joshuak01 8 gün önce
How on earth did u not include Powell’s massive dunk!?
Sayeda Munawar
Sayeda Munawar 9 gün önce
Jason Hunter
Jason Hunter 8 gün önce
American Refs are the Ones that Beat Raptors not the Warriors basket team
Shamin1x9 Playz
Shamin1x9 Playz 9 gün önce
Lol Kd is officially dead
Since when
Since when 9 gün önce
He should have never been playing for GSW anyways
JetsFan123 9 gün önce
Very intense game. Especially last few seconds. Would be insane if Lowry got that last basket and even if it bounced a few times lol.
Michal Rychter
Michal Rychter 9 gün önce
Good series but this commentator is the worst ever...
Ruggiero Campopiano
Ruggiero Campopiano 8 gün önce
Extremely biased :(
Asmelash Miki
Asmelash Miki 9 gün önce
Who else was Angry when Durant get injured ?
Since when
Since when 9 gün önce
Na we be celebrating Karma git him
Julio Trindade
Julio Trindade 9 gün önce
Jogaço... Top... Só fera ...
Martin Brankov
Martin Brankov 9 gün önce
Raptors lost the championship right there!!!
Martin Brankov
Martin Brankov 8 gün önce
@Joseph King lol indeed! He will not sleep for months and have nightmares if number 2 wins a championship!
Joseph King
Joseph King 8 gün önce
Joseph King
Joseph King 8 gün önce
Martin Brankov he also said Derek Fisher will b a better coach than Steve Kerr & that Johnny Football will b bigger in Cleveland than Lebron James ROFL so I wouldn’t put too much stock in wot he says 🤣
Martin Brankov
Martin Brankov 8 gün önce
@Joseph King Skip Bayless said it golden state in 7 hahaha!!
Joseph King
Joseph King 9 gün önce
maybe, maybe not Raps still got 2 more chances to take title off Loaded State Warriors! If u so sure get on betfair give me 1,000-1 odds Raptors dont win title, over most quarters Toronto been the better team, they shud of won G2 & therefore it wud of been a sweep!
Killoer 9 gün önce
Really a shame that Raps fans cheered when KD got injured. Raps were humble and focus, but fans really showed shitty character. Off that behaviour alone, we deserved to lose that game, and karma bit us in the ass for that. Raps still have two chances to close, so hopefully they bounce back from this. But seeing this game, Warriors wont go down without a fight. We got a series on our hands and more playoff basketball. Both fanbases must be enjoying it!
Aaron  Lajimodiere
Aaron Lajimodiere 8 gün önce
No class that's Toronto for you
Karen Reeve
Karen Reeve 9 gün önce
Bad sportsmanship from a minimum amount of Tor. Fans 😱 look the word up in a dictionary.
os1one os1one
os1one os1one 9 gün önce
Пиздец как так в одно очко проебать финал это все голды их разорвут теперь
os1one os1one
os1one os1one 9 gün önce
@Pepe D I say that Golden state Для меня стала открытием многогранность человеческих взаимоотношений. На фоне ярких событий, происходящих в стране, мы видим зарождение прекрасной любви Андрея Балконского и Наташи Ростовой. Невозможно не восхищаться первозданной чистотой Наташи. Вся ее искренность, жизнелюбие и духовная красота - очаровывают читателей и они внимательно следят за развитием ее отношений с Балконским. Князь Андрей - человек, который ищет правды и смысл жизни. Несмотря на всю противоречивость его характера, мы невольно любуемся им. Нас восхищают его благородство и мужество. Две блестящие человеческие натуры, два разных характера, Наташа и Андрей - их отношения приковывают внимание читателей. Любовь на фоне мировых потрясений, войны, людского горя - сильный контраст, однако именно он придает роману реалистичности. Но... Жизнь диктует свои правила и мы с ужасом наблюдаем за тем, как разбивается светлое чувство наших героев - мы узнаем об измене Наташи с Анатолием Курагиным. Что же происходит с Балконским? В его сердце бушует война! Душевные страдания лишают Андрея покоя и мира! Жизнь всегда идет своим чередом... В итоге мир в сердце князя вернет именно Наташа Ростова. Перед смертью Андрей Балконский познает смысл жизни - прощение и любовь. Сердца наших героев вновь наполнит светлое чувство. Автор романа показал нам, что «Война и мир» - это не только мировые события, но и события, происходящие в личной жизни его героев. Такой литературный ход дает возможность понять, что все в жизни возможно, все может случиться с каждым из нас, учит нас жить достойно!!!!!!!
Pepe D
Pepe D 9 gün önce
What u sayin
Liam F-B
Liam F-B 9 gün önce
Even though I was not voting for Golden State, my best wishes go out to Kevin Durant, sad to see a great player injured.
fabiosuassuna78 9 gün önce
With KD the golden stete is unbeatable!
Clayton Robertson
Clayton Robertson 9 gün önce
This is so brutal to listen too.
Balázs Szabó
Balázs Szabó 9 gün önce
Kevin is most likely out for next match
special ned
special ned 9 gün önce
Lol I keep coming back to this vid as it brightens my day. Lmao it’ll be great to watch the shitty raptors blow the series, got my popcorn ready haha
Stelios Kapet
Stelios Kapet 9 gün önce
Last shot he should fake it and then one step in and make it
kayaga sid
kayaga sid 9 gün önce
2 more victories GSW, let's go!
Hockey Highlights
Hockey Highlights 8 gün önce
@kayagq sid I highly doubt GSW will win but ok👌
we the north Raptors
we the north Raptors 9 gün önce
They're so happy with the 1 point
Diana Carter
Diana Carter 9 gün önce
But 1 point really hurts lol
Onyash Ed
Onyash Ed 9 gün önce
Durant has proved that he helps the splash bros shine. They struggled a lot. Thursday game will be hot.
Yeatus FOG
Yeatus FOG 9 gün önce
To every bandwagon golden state fan , Raptors are going to win. I’m a kings fan btw 😜🥳
YSY A 9 gün önce
Jimmy Flynn
Jimmy Flynn 9 gün önce
Fucking Steph curry
Serbian Hitman
Serbian Hitman 9 gün önce
Great game.
Youya Anber
Youya Anber 9 gün önce
Warriors gooo !! 👊
장승민 9 gün önce
I believe that the splash bro gonna make it
Jafar Dajani
Jafar Dajani 9 gün önce
Whoever understands basketball knows that KD is the best player ever, no doubt.
Andrew KP
Andrew KP 9 gün önce
I don't think so
Loverboy Boy Petiks
Loverboy Boy Petiks 9 gün önce
Palagay ko dipa tlaga ganon ka galing yung injured ni Kd.pinilit lng na paglaruin at sya din mismo pinilit nya lng din maglaro.kaya panigurado sa game 6 di na ulit mkakapaglaro si Kd, tigok na gsw champion na Toronto sa Game6 .
Hec Dua
Hec Dua 9 gün önce
KD really needs another sneakers and work on that weak ankles.
Daniel Banz
Daniel Banz 9 gün önce
Amazing effort by the Warriors to contain us throughout most of the game - outstanding work by Kawhi to put us in front towards the end - legendary performance by the Splash Brothers to edge right past us!! Great game, not even mad that we lost. Raps did the best they could, Warriors were just the better team last night. Executed just a bit better. See you at Oracle!!
Daniel Banz
Daniel Banz 9 gün önce
@we the north Raptors I don't understand what you mean!
we the north Raptors
we the north Raptors 9 gün önce
We already won before we loose,and we already won before win!!either way still good 😋
Odeck Magpantay
Odeck Magpantay 9 gün önce
Gogogo raptors for the champ....
tszwing lai
tszwing lai 9 gün önce
I like this match
Raphael Granger
Raphael Granger 9 gün önce
At 106 to 105 why did they try for the 3 and not an easy lay up
Aaron  Lajimodiere
Aaron Lajimodiere 8 gün önce
Raphael Granger
Raphael Granger 9 gün önce
@Chavez Wallace that's what I was saying. Best case scenario they would have scored and won the game, worst case they would have drawn the foul and have the opportunity to either tie or win. If gsw come back and win the series this will be the moment that they threw it away
Chavez Wallace
Chavez Wallace 9 gün önce
IKR,they could of easily go for a lay up and maybe get fouled.
Raphael Granger
Raphael Granger 9 gün önce
His shoes look too rounded on the sole to me
༺ཌʏʀAད༻ 9 gün önce
General Cookies
General Cookies 9 gün önce
special ned they wont im screenshoting what you just told me right now and then i will find you and spam you your own comment after the raptors demolish gayden state warriors
special ned
special ned 9 gün önce
General Cookies lol raptors fan lmao you lost losers . It’ll be nice to see them blow the series
General Cookies
General Cookies 9 gün önce
Shut yo ass up boi
Rodri13 9 gün önce
General Cookies
General Cookies 9 gün önce
Rodri13 shut yo ass up fortnite player
MC Logal
MC Logal 9 gün önce
After hearing the Toronto fans cheering for the injury to KD I now want GS to win....I hope they make the come back I am sure it's time for a Raptors choke anyway.
leverose lao
leverose lao 9 gün önce
david durbano
david durbano 9 gün önce
Lol I remember when a hockey player played with a punctured lung. Btw it’s still hockey season let’s go bruins. Miss me with this gay basketball shit
R oliveira
R oliveira 9 gün önce
Let 's go warriors
Neil Rada Rutor
Neil Rada Rutor 9 gün önce
Maria Lopez
Maria Lopez 9 gün önce
Go Toronto,go Ibais,go Marc🇨🇦🇨🇦🇪🇸🇪🇸
Jackson repaso
Jackson repaso 9 gün önce
Gsw in 7..
Jack Rabbit
Jack Rabbit 6 gün önce
Stfu bandwagon pussy
健光阮 9 gün önce
cousins is garbage
Manuel Orero
Manuel Orero 9 gün önce
Time-Out 6 points Up and Leonard ON FIRE ?? REALLY ???
Oleksandr Romanets
Oleksandr Romanets 9 gün önce
I thought that Toronto wins
Rafael Rodrigues
Rafael Rodrigues 9 gün önce
Eu acredito ainda 👏👏
Rafael Rodrigues
Rafael Rodrigues 8 gün önce
@Jasson Carmo vc é do Estados Unidos?
Jasson Carmo
Jasson Carmo 8 gün önce
VC e fo time do contra eu sou flamengo e admiro o Barcelona guando vai rolar o basquete
Rafael Rodrigues
Rafael Rodrigues 8 gün önce
No Brasil torço para o Palmeiras Time europeu torço para o Real Madrid
Jasson Carmo
Jasson Carmo 8 gün önce
Vc admira algum time de futebol gual ?
Rafael Rodrigues
Rafael Rodrigues 8 gün önce
@Jasson Carmo vai sim 👏👏
dvvmvp 9 gün önce
Get well, KD... 🙏
dvvmvp 9 gün önce
@Since when You have to work on your definition of "useless" as KD scored 11 points in 12 minutes on 60% shooting from the field...
customisedfitness 9 gün önce
Toronto will win, without Kevin GSW they are not on the same level. Kevin came in and broke his ankle?
DEPORTES MIX 9 gün önce
Let go warriors
Winsome aMclean
Winsome aMclean 9 gün önce
I can't believe the raptors loose the game last night, they play like they didn't want to win at the last half. come on raptors step up your game.
Pepe D
Pepe D 9 gün önce
Because commercials need to make money
Karen Reeve
Karen Reeve 9 gün önce
Easier said.
Айгуль Ахметова
Айгуль Ахметова 9 gün önce
same shit. why not kawhi for buzzer-beater?
empanado cedric
empanado cedric 9 gün önce
Unfair because KD play in the game 5 im go to the Toronto raptors💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪👌👌👌👌👌👌
empanado cedric
empanado cedric 9 gün önce
@Aks_135 ok i think they gonna 1v1 each other😅
Aks_135 9 gün önce
Hows it unfair, you have Kawhi and we have kd and when we do have kd we are clearly the better team
Wakemeup Now
Wakemeup Now 9 gün önce
Good to see the Raptors bandwagon fans staying to enjoy the entire game
Luismario Hernandezquiroz
Luismario Hernandezquiroz 9 gün önce
Con Kevin Durant si pueden warrions y no le gana a toronto
Gracie Kirkwood
Gracie Kirkwood 9 gün önce
Biff Tannen del Futuro
Biff Tannen del Futuro 9 gün önce
Toronto Pecho Frio
Harryquananh 9 gün önce
Eren jäger
Eren jäger 9 gün önce
Toronto came that close and KD got like 15 points. So if they play how they did without KD in golden state, they’ll win
chris 9 gün önce
@Eren jäger yeah
Eren jäger
Eren jäger 9 gün önce
chris Toronto would’ve won if they didn’t miss any of the free throws
chris 9 gün önce
no without kd raptors was nba champions game warriors lose the ring if kd dont come back...... :''/ p.s but amazing game for them ;D
Maihi Tarau-poutu
Maihi Tarau-poutu 9 gün önce
i knew gsw were gonna win because kd injury witch is gonna affect them this hype will make them win this next game youll see more of the splash brothers tonigh
Altano Dio
Altano Dio 9 gün önce
I'm a bit disappointed uhhh what can I say eish #but I'm still a fan of T.Raptors😊😊
nano. joe.
nano. joe. 9 gün önce
missed 33 days, eh? Got to give tribute to his Freemasonry masters.
TheSpiritOfTheTimes 9 gün önce
Lay off the crack pipe Joe
DocJ 9 gün önce
cousins is damm player without brain...never uses his brain in the game...even last game he was the one who doesnt want a championship ring...he always give raptors chance..due to his errors...
Geovani Pereira
Geovani Pereira 9 gün önce
Sou Toronto
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