He Almost Died Pier Jumping!

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Danny Duncan

Danny Duncan

2 yıl önce

Glad we're alive. Thanks for watching guys I love you!
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Danny Duncan
Danny Duncan 2 yıl önce
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farquad Bech
farquad Bech Aylar önce
Danny people will try to do anything to live while they are drowning, it's a natural instinct for humans. That's why he was pulling onto you, he was trying to get above the waves. The only reason why I know this is because I watch documentary's on how to become a coast guard/rescue swimmer. Now however, things have changed I want to become a Navy Seal. It's been my dream to be in the Military ever sense I was like 3 and sense then I've been training putting myself in cold weather for long periods of time, work out like crazy every single day, wrestle, box, and mma. Also I know you do BJJ bc you got into full guard when you where wrestling somebody in a construction place, n I think you went for armbar bc he was complaining about his arm I'm not really sure tho. Also you did this while you where in full guard. Honestly I would have went for far side cradle or lateral drop or even a guillotine but those are wrestling moves I mean you can still use them in BJJ but you can grab clothes n shit so it's more easier for somebody to roll with you or even get like slide by's n shit. And holy shit I didn't realize that I have you like a whole ass backstory from the land before times like shit but either way I'm pretty sure yk why da keed was trying to pull onto you/ pull you out underneath.
Wes Hankins
Wes Hankins Aylar önce
James Hazard
James Hazard Aylar önce
I saw an angel of that I sure
Paula Pelegrin
Paula Pelegrin 2 aylar önce
UNKNOWN MALIK 3 saatler önce
How does he have cuts?
Incognito Mode
Incognito Mode 4 saatler önce
Why does the pier remind me of the pier in GTA5?
Daniel zzstu Stuebben
Daniel zzstu Stuebben 8 saatler önce
It’s called a current ur suppose swim side ways
Jeremiah Rhea
Jeremiah Rhea 20 saatler önce
“They say u only live once but if u live it right it’ll be enough” words by Danny dunkin doughnuts
Jeremiah Rhea
Jeremiah Rhea 20 saatler önce
He will be like the next gandi
lol Rav en
lol Rav en 22 saatler önce
One of my favorite videos from Danny
lol Rav en
lol Rav en 22 saatler önce
One of my favorite videos from Danny
Yandony Ramos
Yandony Ramos Gün önce
You copied stezzy Kane
it's yea boi
it's yea boi 2 gün önce
Dude when you guys were walking and you said were walking with a wet little person I was like dude it looks like Cameron just came out of the womb
steeler josh 45 Laskey
steeler josh 45 Laskey 3 gün önce
I love juju
You Pii
You Pii 4 gün önce
why your friends look always scared of you?? 🤔🤔 *Hard question*
Im Gump
Im Gump 5 gün önce
dude nice crack by the window 9:14
arandomweeb 5 gün önce
*why im scared of oceans
Sarah Nelson
Sarah Nelson 5 gün önce
I'm a girl and am 9
mattcat 0
mattcat 0 5 gün önce
Sarah Nelson
Sarah Nelson 5 gün önce
I'm a girl and am 9
Thomas Cower
Thomas Cower 6 gün önce
I’m a child of age 9 and not ripped.
thebluearow32 2003
thebluearow32 2003 6 gün önce
You should make virginity rocks base ball gear
dizzychizzy 8 gün önce
Janine Manasco
Janine Manasco 9 gün önce
Danny play fornite for 24hours
non conclusive
non conclusive 10 gün önce
Asian people are so nice
Toxic Trooper 51
Toxic Trooper 51 11 gün önce
Pseudo 12 gün önce
Who else wants to see Danny with out so, the hair
Pircle 13 gün önce
i know that fool who steps in the glass at venice
STiGZ 13 gün önce
Cameron is pretty jacked.
NotchieBoy 13 gün önce
2020 ANYONE?
Riley Zink
Riley Zink 14 gün önce
That guy was ripped
velocity _
velocity _ 15 gün önce
Is that were steely kane jumped?!?! Ik this is old
Ab Gtz
Ab Gtz 15 gün önce
I always love the intros
Camron Presnell
Camron Presnell 15 gün önce
Yo I do that too cut my pants and Mack them shorts
WhyIKill YT
WhyIKill YT 15 gün önce
Is were stizzy did it
Faze Realm
Faze Realm 16 gün önce
at 9:15 on the video kevin’s ass cheeks were showing😂
•CoopZ• 12
•CoopZ• 12 16 gün önce
Let’s go Steelers fan
Dauntae Auger
Dauntae Auger 16 gün önce
Can I be in one of your vids please
Hudzon 17 gün önce
Danny poop
Lucas Gerding
Lucas Gerding 17 gün önce
Danny Duncan and Joogsquad should collab sometime
Bob Woss
Bob Woss 17 gün önce
They did
Jenny Parthemer
Jenny Parthemer 17 gün önce
Danny you are oh awesome Coolest TRwomen or on TRwomen us history
Jr 0484
Jr 0484 17 gün önce
You only live once but if you live it right ounce is enough
KNG_ANIME TTV 17 gün önce
Bro cam is fucking ripped
the last one and the only simpson
the last one and the only simpson 17 gün önce
is that the pier that steely cane jumped off of for a girls number
Clout Attack
Clout Attack 17 gün önce
Will Ciabattoni
Will Ciabattoni 19 gün önce
No it’s not that
Zorktrain 123
Zorktrain 123 19 gün önce
Why are all midgets so ripped
Colton Foos
Colton Foos 9 gün önce
Zorktrain 123 bc they have adult muscle size but a child’s body. So they’re muscles are all bunched up sorta. Making them look really big.
Connor Bjernudd
Connor Bjernudd 20 gün önce
Is Danny good at everything?
Mo Chavez
Mo Chavez 20 gün önce
0:51 i'm just a fat blob of jello lol
Logan Will
Logan Will 21 gün önce
legendary vid
WillyPlayz 21 gün önce
Is no one going to talk about how awsome the intro was?!?
Polo Knight
Polo Knight 21 gün önce
Tf I thought that was faze censor
Space SurR
Space SurR 18 gün önce
Charlie Potempa
Charlie Potempa 21 gün önce
9:`14 kevin's assets
Spencer Krause
Spencer Krause 22 gün önce
spicy wenner
spicy wenner 23 gün önce
Gary Winthrop 😂😂
Brody Tyler
Brody Tyler 23 gün önce
probaly cause i watch a lot of yo vids that night
Brody Tyler
Brody Tyler 23 gün önce
i had a dream where i saw u and i yelled virginity rocks
Brody Tyler
Brody Tyler 23 gün önce
im 9 nine and i watch yo vids
xX CLUL3SSK1LL3R Xx 24 gün önce
he jumped because he heard there was www.dannyduncan69.com merch at the bottom of the water @ www.dannyduncan69.com go buy his merch its sick!
so_Okashu 25 gün önce
sombodys bootee is behind the glass @9:15
Justin McCulloch
Justin McCulloch 27 gün önce
din't sware ever again im grounded now how rude!
Amber DeRepentigny
Amber DeRepentigny 29 gün önce
Make merch that says "Daddy Duncan"
Sqx1d YT
Sqx1d YT Aylar önce
What’s up with you tubers and having a little person best friend? Just a question not being rude
Conor Shields
Conor Shields Aylar önce
This ain’t Santa Cruz 🤦‍♂️
BAD WRITING Aylar önce
how did he get those cuts like how i dont understtand someone explain it to me
BAD WRITING 29 gün önce
@cohen wilson ohh yea that toattaly make sense
cohen wilson
cohen wilson 29 gün önce
Probably from barnacles on the beams those cut you like crazy
gay insults
gay insults Aylar önce
Imagine if danny didn't jump with him. Kid would've died
Tfue Tfue
Tfue Tfue 15 gün önce
gay insults he would have jumped in lol
C2_Ryze Aylar önce
is anyone going to tell little people that the more buff they get the shorter they look
raZe ColtZ
raZe ColtZ Aylar önce
My last names duncan
Derryl Hegar
Derryl Hegar Aylar önce
Blexy Aylar önce
JK Hawk
JK Hawk Aylar önce
“The waves would like suck you back” *Yeah they do that*
leroy jenkins
leroy jenkins Aylar önce
Dumbass could of been a hero if he told them he jumped in to save him.
Big Goat
Big Goat Aylar önce
Why are little people so buff
nothin major
nothin major Aylar önce
Why is he friends with so many midgets
Nathan Apollo
Nathan Apollo Aylar önce
two and a half men going to the ER
Dunny Jr
Dunny Jr Aylar önce
i love the steelers to
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