How the Mavericks fell from world champions to the team nobody wanted to join

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In 2011 the Dallas Mavericks were on top of the world. A team in the truest sense of the word, veteran role players bolstered the stars. Dallas beat the Miami Heat, and their fancy big three, to bring home glory. But that championship team didn’t last. Nor did the glory.
There were just too many shiny free agents on the horizon, and the horizon after that, capturing Mark Cuban’s eye. So while he made cap room and pitched free agents, he said goodbye to trusted entities like Tyson Chandler, Jason Terry and Jason Kidd. Which, who could have guessed, hurt the team. Especially because those shiny free agents were like, “Join the Mavs? ...nah I’m good.”
While Dirk Nowitzki remained the star in Dallas, the Mavericks tumbled from the top of the world.
And now, you can relive all the twists, turns, bumps and bruises of that very long fall!
Written and Produced by: Clara Morris
Edited by: Jiazhen Zhang
Motion Graphics by: Phil Pasternak
*at 6:41 I mispronounced Monta, as penance I will rewatch the Mavericks 2014 season
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Garrett Kirk
Garrett Kirk Gün önce
My biggest take away is Mark Cuban is a garbage human being
Isabelle Tablate
Isabelle Tablate 2 gün önce
Stupid! Just stupid! A team that nobody wants.. owwwwkayyyyyyy!
Almond Robinson
Almond Robinson 2 gün önce
I don’t like your voice. That is all
Jamirimaj 3 gün önce
I would rather have the 2011 Dallas story than the 2012 Miami one
pewblo escobar
pewblo escobar 3 gün önce
I hate when the girl does the videos
pewblo escobar
pewblo escobar 3 gün önce
Whats wrong with cuban saying he wants to come back as himself when he dies hes a billionaire
Alex Googlehead
Alex Googlehead 3 gün önce
Didn't mention Peja in the 2011 team? Pity.
Michael Moore
Michael Moore 3 gün önce
"When I die I want to come back as me: one of the greatest billionaire quotes of all time
aleksandar stokic
aleksandar stokic 4 gün önce
Again,there is nowhere peja stojakovic,who have several times key role In playoff and final ,and media persistently don't talk about when they speak about 2011 Mavericks title!
Cyberprank 2077
Cyberprank 2077 4 gün önce
They won in a meme season.
Devan Yates
Devan Yates 5 gün önce
That's MON-tay Ellis, not MAHN-ta Ellis
ScootMagoot46 5 gün önce
Uhhh. Mavs just landed Kristop Porzingis last year. Lol. It was in a trade, but it was his choice. It's hard for every non-NY, non-LA team to land the giant stars who want the biggest media markets.
Stephen Yoho
Stephen Yoho 7 gün önce
Yeah just ignore the years prior to 2011 that the Mavs were consistently title contenders SMH including another Championship appearance just a few years before the 2011 Title. It’s easy to make fun of the downfall of a team during their superstars age 40 seasons lol
LA Sports Club
LA Sports Club 7 gün önce
please do collapse for san Francisco giants and Jacksonville jaguars
Lado Svec
Lado Svec 7 gün önce
World champs ? Can someone explain pls
Miroslav Dimitrijevic
Miroslav Dimitrijevic 8 gün önce
you didn't even mention Peja Stojakovic, dayoumn, that's a huuuuge miss
Ryan Bowlds
Ryan Bowlds 8 gün önce
Or caron butler. Or brian cardinal. Or Brendan Haywood. That 2011 bench was amazing
Jedwing Jay
Jedwing Jay 9 gün önce
I remember Cuban and Carlisle takin' smack about LeBron from the victory podium, all about how they won "the right way, not like Miami" which I guess the wrong was is when the players decide to work together. Whatever. The Mavs and Carlisle's record speaks for itself and LeBron, love him or hate him, has been in multiple finals and won 3 championships. Not as much as Jabbar, but the same number or rings as Larry Bird, and more than Cuban and Dirk and Carlisle. Let's see them win with injury prone Kristaps and Luka. It's funny how that smack talk and disrespect turned out to be (cue song) Dust in the Wind.
Lucas 941
Lucas 941 7 gün önce
Still salty about 2011? Jason Terry outplayed LeBron in game 6 😂 hilarious
nesbin 9 gün önce
So they never corrected "Lamar Odon" at 3:12?
wildhorse891 9 gün önce
Kevin1242 9 gün önce
7:43 Did anyone else realize that the 3 here went to the Spurs instead of the Mavs?
Jacob Williams
Jacob Williams 10 gün önce
One thing this video didn't mention is Dallas under Cuban ALWAYS had this mindset of chasing the flashy big name free agent even before they won a title. During the Shaq/Kobe split Cuban lowballed Steve Nash leading to him signing with the Suns in the hopes of being able to land Shaq. It's always been how they ran, and it really has yet to work out for them.
GreaterGood510 10 gün önce
New narrator please
Ulquiorra Cifer
Ulquiorra Cifer 10 gün önce
7:43 - What happened with the score?
MutinyTV 11 gün önce
Mavericks like always made the playoffs. But ok, cute video.. we got a ring.
Dannyvirk 11 gün önce
Houston sounds like an american version of the U.K's Leeds.
Uriel Landeros
Uriel Landeros 11 gün önce
Man this was gold! 👏🏽
TheRealBandito 11 gün önce
they should not have broken that title team or at least let Chandler go
Colby Garrow
Colby Garrow 12 gün önce
Why would someone not want to play in Dallas
A V 12 gün önce
This video's stupid yes Chandler was defensive player of the year but all the guys were veteran journey men she's acting like they were a bunch of young talent
Nicholas Reynolds
Nicholas Reynolds 12 gün önce
Good thing the futures looking pretty bright now.
Eric Almaraz
Eric Almaraz 13 gün önce
This is the last so called wild card team to put it together at the right time this team swept the lakers defending champs young rising okc team with harden n to beat the big 3 in Miami in their 1st year 1 hell of a team put some respeck on they name Go Mavs
THE DERP kNiGHT 13 gün önce
Damn, really shows that mark cubain makes a lot of dumb mistakes
mrbrockpeters 13 gün önce
No loyalty in basketball after Dirk.
Gabriel Cruz
Gabriel Cruz 13 gün önce
But, we are now rising cause we have the 2 of best young players in the league right now. Watch out nba!
pvanganimare 14 gün önce
I love the possibilities of signing "cap space." 😭😭😭😭 If a team can't sign a good free agent, "cap space" is pointless. It took luka a decade later for the mavs to get back into the playoffs.
pvanganimare 14 gün önce
Point is, "cap space" can't suit up and play basketball.
ESSJ333 14 gün önce
Never let a woman with a annoying voice narrate these videos stick to the dude.
ESSJ333 14 gün önce
I was happy for guys like Dirk, Kidd, Terry, Chandler, Marion who won rings. However I knew this was just a one off this team was ageing they could't be a dynasty.
Dingo Lingus
Dingo Lingus 14 gün önce
If the Rangers hadn't't choked in back to back World Series appearances, Dallas would have a championship in each of the 4 major US sports.
david bond
david bond 15 gün önce
Miami lost that series more than Dallas won it
ogie38 15 gün önce
Mavs fan here. Man oh man.. those were some really rough years after the championship. But if it meant we would have Luka and KP on the team, then I would not change a thing. Wish Dirk had won another ring though..
Gerrit Durant
Gerrit Durant 15 gün önce
7:40 LMAO look at the scoreboard after
Mike Vandyke
Mike Vandyke 15 gün önce
But now they have Luka and Kristaps
Niall 16 gün önce
I'd love to see a video like this about Golden State and their fall to the bottom of the table after losing the finals to Toronto
Marcus de la Fuente
Marcus de la Fuente 16 gün önce
Stopped watching when the narrator said "Two-peat." Hey, Lady... you can just say "repeat."
Oliver 7 gün önce
Underworld Films
Underworld Films 16 gün önce
Stupid....they had a system in 2011....why fix something when it's not broken....
JK 16 gün önce
And then luka came
Alby 17 gün önce
I want everyone to know that the Mavs weren't a title contender at all for 2011 we were a great team but at the time with The big 3 Heat, Celtics and Kobe and his Lakers we weren't expecting much except maybe the second so for the Mavs to "collapse" wasn't really a surprise since we were a team of old players, Dirk and Vets.
Sherwin Sayas
Sherwin Sayas 17 gün önce
Without those bumps and falls, luka magic wouldn't have happened. Now, dallas is on the rise again.
Jonathan Peck
Jonathan Peck 17 gün önce
Collapse: The Chicago Bears after Super Bowl XX
rad blogger
rad blogger 17 gün önce
This team with Jim Carrey as head coach was pretty darn good.
TowersPreston 18 gün önce
5:18 Someone on the Wizards finally lived up to their namesake and learned how to cast Mage Hand.
LonghornsLegend 18 gün önce
Narration is everything for me and this ain't it. Should have the dude who does the Rewind series do this.
Rafe Lliam
Rafe Lliam 18 gün önce
Anybody else stop watching the second they heard the narrator?
Ronnie Warford
Ronnie Warford 18 gün önce
Two words: MARK CUBAN
Femi Alex Williams
Femi Alex Williams 18 gün önce
This video broke my heart....
beasty4545 18 gün önce
Why is Mara from the Progressive commercials narrating this video?
Lucci7272 18 gün önce
What? Even Mavs fans didn't expect the team would defend the title and even if they tried they can't.. About free agency it is not that the management is stupid for signing players but the fact is no stars want to play with the mavs or with dirk. It is what it is... Do people think any stars will play with DIRK than a young Okc? Spurs? Or Miami where they can surely win a title? No stars want to play with the mavs unless of big money offer. As a mavs fan I'm not mad instead I'm happy that even though DIRK retired the franchise that I loved was in good hands with Luka and KP... Fun fact: Mavs has more haters than fans ever since so being a MFFL is so satisfying when that title run happens and for sure there's another coming in the future.. Bandwagons are coming too so welcome in advance.. 🤣
bobbycone2 19 gün önce
Yeah, I wish they would have done things differently since 2011 but I'll cherish every single game I got to watch Dirk play! Nothing will ever take that away and I am glad to saw I got to see him from beginning to end! 41-21-1
stormking989 19 gün önce
The Dallas Maverick team got blown up after Dirk got his first championship ring. I never understood that.
Derek Misic
Derek Misic 19 gün önce
Comrade Galloneye
Comrade Galloneye 19 gün önce
Downfall: 49ers (2011-2016)
Antonio Gamer
Antonio Gamer 19 gün önce
Then they got luka and kristaps...
clipobserver 19 gün önce
That's what happens when you depend on getting free agents.
Shace The King
Shace The King 19 gün önce
wow they didnt even mention luca
OnGoingBear 19 gün önce
I'm scared that the spurs might turn out the same 😔
Fredy Vergara Show
Fredy Vergara Show 19 gün önce
Where my Mavs Fans At ! Bs how this happened but 2011 mavs is the best sport moment of my life🏆🐐 Check my Ytube for nba wwe reactions.
Brian 19 gün önce
This ladies voice annoys me
Slick Rick
Slick Rick 19 gün önce
Monta Ellis was underrated for Dallas
Desmond O'Sullivan
Desmond O'Sullivan 19 gün önce
How can they say “team nobody wanted to join” with a straight face being where they are now? This is a video that would’ve been better made back in ‘17. Now, when the season stopped with them at #7 in the west and having Kristaps and Luka highlighting a loaded roster? Just strikes me as weird.
Nissan370Z Glass
Nissan370Z Glass 20 gün önce
Brian Cardinal was the best player on that 2011 Mavericks team.
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