Giving Flowers to girls ( Babysitter Part 12 )

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It's Alex Clark

It's Alex Clark

4 aylar önce

Flowers are the way to a woman's heart... or am I an idiot?
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Ekam Singh
Ekam Singh 5 saatler önce
Mr. Zeasly
Mr. Zeasly 5 saatler önce
he says flowers, he crushed all of them but ONE.
Mr. Zeasly
Mr. Zeasly 5 saatler önce
HOLY SH*T his bike was broken and then it was fixed in the next shot! Ether Alex has a magic bike or a magic grandma!
King Jman127
King Jman127 7 saatler önce
Y not invite ur girl friend to ur Grandma's birthday party as a date
Brandon Crader
Brandon Crader 7 saatler önce
YES! That's smart she hadn't told you that she's lier she don't like no more
Christian Burgois
Christian Burgois 9 saatler önce
Kick he’s ass
Jacob Saltares
Jacob Saltares 9 saatler önce
what nooooo
Izaiah Castillo
Izaiah Castillo 11 saatler önce
GD Gruff
GD Gruff 11 saatler önce
Fell on flowers its a sign...... FOR UNDERTALE
sylar alton
sylar alton 11 saatler önce
i died lafing and chocing on my spit and im still laghfing about the the part ur gandmother saied un =less u flated them with ur big ass XD
Kake Popz • 10 years ago
Kake Popz • 10 years ago 11 saatler önce
Honestly you need to make a movie/series on netflix
SyRaq 4800
SyRaq 4800 14 saatler önce
Wtf bruhh i need part 13 i just watch all of them 🤦 & you did the right thing fuxk her family first 💯🖤
Elena Guerrier
Elena Guerrier 16 saatler önce
Mrstorm2005 16 saatler önce
Alex you did what you had to do if I was in the delema then I woud chose family first because they have less time to kick the bucket before you do.
Kidd_spin 1
Kidd_spin 1 17 saatler önce
This issssss AMAZZZZZIIIINGG, yo ion know if these stories are real but this is the best story series I’ve ever heard in my life
Pedro Vasquez
Pedro Vasquez 20 saatler önce
good gob
Cat lover gaming Eevee
Cat lover gaming Eevee 20 saatler önce
I thought it would be related to darell!! OMG
Joshua Monroy
Joshua Monroy 21 saatler önce
were is the last episode why i think you broke up and no you didn't did the right you should murder the gay yesss
Tamarion Kennedy
Tamarion Kennedy 22 saatler önce
I shouldn't have clicked part 1
Jacob Hart
Jacob Hart Gün önce
I wonder if the Babysitter watched any of these videos 🤔
LilyGamer XD
LilyGamer XD Gün önce
I think your gonna break up
WAFFEL animatee
WAFFEL animatee Gün önce
A signol of luv
IAAB_yusuf Cooleo300
IAAB_yusuf Cooleo300 Gün önce
Part 13 anyone
atom_ carlos
atom_ carlos Gün önce
Matthew Marsh
Matthew Marsh Gün önce
What happened to the old girlfriend
Hayden Brown
Hayden Brown Gün önce
you still a good person
714 tiny
714 tiny Gün önce
where part 13
NinjaShadow 82
NinjaShadow 82 Gün önce
Whensssss part 13
Shalimar Cha
Shalimar Cha Gün önce
a Big shout out to my Crush/FutureGirlfriend Sophia Gomez the Beloved
Sad Jeans
Sad Jeans Gün önce
Is this the finale
Stupid Guy
Stupid Guy Gün önce
make another episode
Yousef Dwaba
Yousef Dwaba Gün önce
You did the right thing leave that bitch
Colton Ssj
Colton Ssj Gün önce
Daivaras Mikutis
Daivaras Mikutis Gün önce
Kik im in a gles an sai you stol mai ex
theonly 1
theonly 1 2 gün önce
This is episode 12 of Alex's big head
Nikolai McGuire
Nikolai McGuire 2 gün önce
Break up
Nubie YT
Nubie YT 2 gün önce
U got some good family members m8
Zenon Mario
Zenon Mario 2 gün önce
Part 13? also I think you beat up Darryl and his brother
Disney Movies for kids
Disney Movies for kids 2 gün önce
Where is part 13
Disney Movies for kids
Disney Movies for kids 2 gün önce
Baby sitter part one : 12 million views Baby sitter part 11: 1 million views
TUC_DoctorGamer 2 gün önce
Ive binged the whole series, and now I have to wait?! NOOOOOOOOOO!
Adam Farhi
Adam Farhi 2 gün önce
Loved this series
JulianeDave Cruz
JulianeDave Cruz 2 gün önce
Still no part 13???
Gamers InAction
Gamers InAction 2 gün önce
I remember i watch alex vids when theres only 3 babysitter uploads then i lost my phone had to wait for my bday which is 9months when i got a new one i had to do it i had to do a marathon i watch all from the episode 3-12 with only 10% of my battery life i love grandma i wish my grandma is still alive love you mame(thats what we call her cause im a filipino) you
Furiousdeath H
Furiousdeath H 3 gün önce
Bro when you gonna post 13 it's been 4 months
Lukas loves Sushi21
Lukas loves Sushi21 3 gün önce
Do u how wat would help DATING YOUR GRANDMA omg I’m dead lmfao
Lukas loves Sushi21
Lukas loves Sushi21 3 gün önce
I just watched the whole series in one sitting and I’m sad it’s over
Erica Coleman
Erica Coleman 3 gün önce
You did the right thing to your grandma your babay sitter is mean
Angelic Hernandez
Angelic Hernandez 3 gün önce
Angelic Hernandez
Angelic Hernandez 3 gün önce
I subscribe to channel don't make me dislike
Angelic Hernandez
Angelic Hernandez 3 gün önce
No you should punch the babysitter ex nowwwwwww
T Rex
T Rex 3 gün önce
My grandma is dead
The radiator king
The radiator king 3 gün önce
I got it close enough for who it was
BB Borska
BB Borska 3 gün önce
My “ sign “ was that my favourite colour is blue and my crush favourite colour is yellow. We love watching PewDiePie. He is swedisch and the flat is BLUE and YELLOW. So i think we belong together🙃
Cholet Chua
Cholet Chua 4 gün önce
Everyone is going crazy about a part 13. :|.
Artis Rumph
Artis Rumph 4 gün önce
Here is my theory! Ok so this was all planned as soon as the ex/Daryl heard that you were dating the babysitter. So their plan was for you to get scammed by Daryl so he could give the money to the Ex. After that the ex can flex his money on the babysitter to try to get her back. Since you did the correct option and stayed at your grandma’s house, you probably had to tell her the truth and stuff happens. So either she forgives you or she just breaks up with you to go back to her ex
Bryan Chavez
Bryan Chavez 4 gün önce
come on you can do this to everybody I'm so mad (not really) I got so into this
tuchi got the k
tuchi got the k 4 gün önce
Some girls like flowers but most girls like DICK😈😈😈😈😈😈
Travis7patriot 4 gün önce
It’s been 3 months now and you posted an hour ago
ItzAshley ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
ItzAshley ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 4 gün önce
*You need to make this a REAL show on TV* *WHO’S WITH ME!?*
creepergirlfire 44
creepergirlfire 44 4 gün önce
You broke up with that back stabbing thing
abhishek paatni
abhishek paatni 4 gün önce
when will you publish next part
Seth Lampa
Seth Lampa 5 gün önce
I think Darrel is the ex of Alex's babysitter. Like if u agree
STRONG CJ 5 gün önce
You did the right thing Body
arlingtontrains7 5 gün önce
Argh I binge watches all the episodes! We need more! Haha
jose maya
jose maya 5 gün önce
neons da best
neons da best 5 gün önce
Girlfriends come and go grandparents dont
Chilly Boi
Chilly Boi 5 gün önce
14 may its ma birthday
MariannaPpgrg 5 gün önce
I don't care about the babysitter any more now I want The story to be just for grandma. She deserves it ♥️
CovertAlias 6 gün önce
L͙i͙k͙e͙ w͙h͙a͙t͙ w͙a͙i͙t͙i͙n͙g͙!?!? Ugh
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