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Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn Hill

Aylar önce

Hey Guys, I hope you enjoyed this video & hopefully learned a few things! Leave your tips & tricks down below! XOX
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sinsheavierthanstone 5 saatler önce
Am I the only one that has always thought she looks like a damn FOOT?? 🦶
Lola M
Lola M Saatler önce
sinsheavierthanstone she destroyed her ass you mean face.
Marie Diaz
Marie Diaz 10 saatler önce
Verônica Santos
Verônica Santos 12 saatler önce
can you help us to make the makeup last for 5 years
Lydia Arredondo
Lydia Arredondo 19 saatler önce
I remember when u would actually teach in ur videos u should go back to that
Meghana D
Meghana D 21 saatler önce
Farida Sief
Farida Sief 21 saatler önce
Honestly it looks good because she has greats skin but if someone had a pimple or scare it would look like shit
Bintang June
Bintang June Gün önce
does anyone measure the speed of her talking?
Purple Panda
Purple Panda Gün önce
I swear every sense she mentioned the smash box primer oil I’ve been obsessed but I 100% using only there primers for maximum smoothness
Sail Oria complete refit
Sail Oria complete refit Gün önce
Just spray laquer over that ridiculous paint job!!!
zacho cracy
zacho cracy Gün önce
*Jacilyn* How to make your makeup last all day _use my makeup and develop a fungal rash that'll stick for up to 2 weeks! that natural red rash will have all the boys raving_
Jennifer Gonzalez
Jennifer Gonzalez 2 gün önce
Her nails are giving me so much fuck anxiety.
Madison Likens
Madison Likens 2 gün önce
i mix 2 spray of setting spray into a full bottle of foundation
parda Hata do
parda Hata do 2 gün önce
Each n every step is not necessary.. then y u doing it..??
Queti Banos
Queti Banos 2 gün önce
you should do a video nightly routine
Vsure79 2 gün önce
How about no.......
l a
l a 3 gün önce
she looks so fcking blurry God
Makeup Kristi
Makeup Kristi 3 gün önce
So true that blush fades so quickly! Loved this video, so helpful! 😀❤️
Joshua Snyder
Joshua Snyder 3 gün önce
From the looks of it that thick crust of makeup is going no where without some laquer thinner or jet fuel to take it off.
Bryce Jefferson
Bryce Jefferson 3 gün önce
It seems that in all of your make up demonstrations, you make your beautiful eyes look smaller instead of emphasizing them.
Vanessa Makeup
Vanessa Makeup 3 gün önce
Followed those steps but I’m still cakey af
Who Think this was a Great Topic??
Sharon 3 gün önce
This is the first time I’ve watched a JH video. I don’t like the goofiness. What was with the naked chest anyway? She also said she was gassy. I really needed to know that.
Bob Smothers
Bob Smothers 3 gün önce
Jesus christ what foul demon monster is this!? Doom eternal looks more and more badass every time I see it.
aa s
aa s 4 gün önce
العيون ☹💚
Nicole Bermeo
Nicole Bermeo 4 gün önce
So now I have all of them
Nicole Bermeo
Nicole Bermeo 4 gün önce
I literally got her palette today 😁🤣❤️
parda Hata do
parda Hata do 4 gün önce
If someone with that eye makeup would come to me in dark... God I'll die getting scared
Briana LaShawn
Briana LaShawn 4 gün önce
I’ve always thought my makeup looks better after the touch up, but I felt like that meant that I didn’t do it right the first time 😂😭😭😭
Kat i
Kat i 5 gün önce
Her videos look completely normal at 0.75x speed
Much Sunshine
Much Sunshine 5 gün önce
She goes from looking pretty good without any makeup, to full on ridiculous clown with a full face of makeup.
Hanan Saleh
Hanan Saleh 5 gün önce
شكددددددد تحجي
Ela Torres
Ela Torres 5 gün önce
8:08 😂😂😂😂😂
suki Sk
suki Sk 5 gün önce
Koliko pričaš ženo ,zabole me glava nakon prvog minuta slušanja.
Idalia Garcia
Idalia Garcia 6 gün önce
Reminds me of Adrienne Bailon both beautiful ladies 😍😍😍
Anony Page
Anony Page 6 gün önce
Damn u Jacqueline the hill
J Crew
J Crew 6 gün önce
Is this Tati hey Girl,I agree with your #byesister #booyaa
Madison erickson
Madison erickson 6 gün önce
I hope you continue making make up videos! You are one of the best and I literally am smiling/laughing/learning so much while watching you! Never stop being you, you’re amazing! God Bless!
steph baybiie
steph baybiie 6 gün önce
When did u become so obnoxious? I cant even watch the whole thing
Britt Car
Britt Car 4 gün önce
steph baybiie you typing paragraphs but don’t care HA 🤡
steph baybiie
steph baybiie 4 gün önce
@Britt Car ive been watching her since before sigma. Just cus ur an in denial stan does not make u right. Everyone else can see her for what she is. Stop tagging me, idgaf about ur opinion cus it is not true.
Britt Car
Britt Car 4 gün önce
steph baybiie go back and watch then lol.
steph baybiie
steph baybiie 4 gün önce
@Britt Car definitely not. Good try tho 😂😂
Britt Car
Britt Car 4 gün önce
steph baybiie she’s been like this since day 1 lmao.
Alyson Greene
Alyson Greene 6 gün önce
Were those people in there when you didn’t have a shirt on? 👀
will Sanders
will Sanders 6 gün önce
5 pounds of makeup
Stormborn 6 gün önce
When applying the setting powder with the beauty sponge is the beauty sponge still damp?
sam 123
sam 123 6 gün önce
Yes 😊
Jamais Vu
Jamais Vu 6 gün önce
I think she is prettier without makeup. 🦄
Karen Reta
Karen Reta 7 gün önce
Imagine a conversation between her and James Charles. So loud, so fast, dear lord...
Violetta Miti
Violetta Miti 2 gün önce
thought about James Charles and I's like :let's see what people write in the comments. Lmao
Carol Deaton
Carol Deaton 7 gün önce
Lisa Escobar
Lisa Escobar 7 gün önce
What shade did you use in The Born this Way Foundation?
Nicole *
Nicole * 7 gün önce
What are you wearing on your lips? I wish you would list the used products in the description box.
Khorri Jones
Khorri Jones 7 gün önce
She has no!?!? my pores are awful
Kenndi Torres
Kenndi Torres 7 gün önce
Show us how you do your hair and how your hair stays need all the time.🙃🙂
Shakila B
Shakila B 7 gün önce
This seem so freaking complicated! I’ll pass.
laura lockhart
laura lockhart 7 gün önce
Her grey eyes are creepy
dezzi 6 gün önce
@thatoneperson noonelikes Ah that makes sense. Bummer though. Ty for the explanation I've always wondered.... not the first time I've heard this
thatoneperson noonelikes
thatoneperson noonelikes 6 gün önce
dezzi it's just the fact that grey clouded eyes are associated with the deceased or blind, it's just a little creepy because with the makeup they really stand out. It comes to preference though.
dezzi 7 gün önce
How? Lol
jennifer taylor
jennifer taylor 7 gün önce
I’m so stressed about it. I got the beads and bubbles and texture..I didn’t inspect for hair and I lost my glass for my astigmatism..and I wish I would’ve tried to inspect another way because I’ve had burns, cracking, swelling and tightness. It took forever to get a response from them and I’ve gone back and forth with them to get my refund and they won’t give it to me! They keep stalking and asking for ridiculous things like a picture of my order, why? Here’s my number, they can look at it! So pissed..sickened by the entire situation.
Lucy Brown
Lucy Brown 7 gün önce
Hi loved the video always learn so much been following you from the start... but can you do a high street recent one. can you do one that the products are not so expensive. Wish I could afford the ones you use but I can’t . Also Do you know a good setting spray that’s high street. Could you do a vid that is with cheaper products available in uk stores. Also a good primer ect. Basically everything you need to do make up but a cheaper way. If you could would be amazing for help as cost so much trying them out all the time . Keep going & smiling !! always supporting 😃
luz ortiz
luz ortiz 7 gün önce
I forgot how great you are sometimes .. soooo much info !!!! I love you !
You Tube
You Tube 7 gün önce
In an earlier video she said that primer was pointless and a waste of money? Say what, sis?
dezzi 7 gün önce
She can't keep up with her own lies
Ana D
Ana D 7 gün önce
I'm sad because I don't like this kind of new videos with people talking on the backround ... You used to talk to us like a two-way conversation that involved us in the video. Now you're always laughing and talking to the side to them and it's just weird... Like if we aren't a part (i don't know if it makes sence). I say this with sadness. I subscribed to the channel and watched the videos from the beginning, ages ago. Now i am not anxious to see the new videos.
rabbia molai
rabbia molai 8 gün önce
Ok quick question when I’m baking under my contour if I’m more medium skin with gold undertones should I just use a translucent powder or a more yellow/banana type powder????
Jessica Broom
Jessica Broom 8 gün önce
I love this and you.
La La
La La 8 gün önce
You are a disgrace.
Patrick Murphy
Patrick Murphy 9 gün önce
Is this a guy?
Elizabeth L
Elizabeth L 9 gün önce
I wish you would list all the products you’re using here.. you’re so beautiful btw
Vanessa Montoya
Vanessa Montoya 9 gün önce
🔥🔥🔥🔥🍸🍸 freaking luv ya just copied your sunglasses
Mary Durham
Mary Durham 9 gün önce
A magnetic mirror ? 🤔
G&J Journey
G&J Journey 9 gün önce
what lashes??? I'm in love
Destiny Gonzalez
Destiny Gonzalez 9 gün önce
Your Lipsticks Ain’t it Sis🙆🏿‍♀️. Fuck THAT🤢
Alexandra Valdivia
Alexandra Valdivia 9 gün önce
I can’t WAIT to get ready with this video the next time I do makeup!!! I love all these tips so much.
jesslyn Sullivan
jesslyn Sullivan 9 gün önce
Huge helpful tips! But I'm putting in a request I'm about to get married and I would love for you to see something very bridal with all these tips! Doing my own makeup might stress me out more than I think I'm such a crier so tips for that as well!! My biggest inspiration!!!
Simply Sammy B.
Simply Sammy B. 9 gün önce
:/// was trying to find the best way to keep eyeshadow from creasing. Ugh!! Urban Decay's primer doesnt work for me and I've tried a few other things, recommendations????
Kira Havird
Kira Havird 8 gün önce
Jaclyn used to talk about using MAC Prolong Wear Concealer to not only conceal but apparently it is also designed to prime the eyelids as well.
Coldasmeg 9 gün önce
How to make your makeup last 5 years
Matthew Taylor
Matthew Taylor 9 gün önce
I LOVE hearing you interact with the people you are with while recording your videos
Buck Fuddy
Buck Fuddy 9 gün önce
Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics.."coming to a discount/resale store near YOU!!"
Brianna Homminga
Brianna Homminga 9 gün önce
Can we please talk about those hoops though! All I kept thinking in my head was you saying "da bigga da hoop da bigga da hoe"! Legit every time I buy a new hoop earring that's what I say to myself because of you haha!
Sarah Grace
Sarah Grace 9 gün önce
Tip 5: the fuzzies and bead balls in my lipsticks make them really gritty and stay all day long 😍😍😍😍
steph baybiie
steph baybiie 6 gün önce
Sarah Dunkley
Sarah Dunkley 9 gün önce
what the hell is up with your business practices really u should stop lying to fans about the quality of your products. so discaceful
muadawnaisha 10 gün önce
You dropped some gems girl ! Yass!
Angelymar Rodriguez
Angelymar Rodriguez 10 gün önce
Wtf .... is this porn?
Jacob Aragon
Jacob Aragon 10 gün önce
2 tons of makeup "how am i so perfect" lol
abbey Olivia
abbey Olivia 10 gün önce
more like “how to scam your fans with expired and hairy lipsticks”
Lola M
Lola M Saatler önce
abbey Olivia right? The audacity this greedy woman has is outrageous.
Erin Elizabeth
Erin Elizabeth 7 gün önce
abbey Olivia 😂😂😭 not funny but it is
Χρύσα Χ
Χρύσα Χ 8 gün önce
Mia Long
Mia Long 10 gün önce
U remind me off jacky off of hollyoaks think its just the hoops xx
LaShayla Williams
LaShayla Williams 11 gün önce
Also, what happened to using products that a basic person could afford? $190 something primer? About 5% of your viewers can probably afford that. Another reason I don’t watch as much anymore is I can’t get any suggestions from you anymore about what I should buy and try because you use such expensive products. Remember who your audience is Jaclyn.
Karla Daniel
Karla Daniel 11 gün önce
Idk if it’s me but does her left eyeshadow look more orange ish than the one on the right? The one on the right looks a bit more redder
Ric Rovey
Ric Rovey 11 gün önce
How do you keep your lipstick on after 2 or 3 BJs
Yectivani Rodriguez
Yectivani Rodriguez 11 gün önce
How about all day makeup for someone who doesn’t use that much makeup? I would love to wear a full face but really I live in a small and run kids around all day. I’ll try these tips you have on this video. Will see how it goes.
Yanira Montalvo-Claudio
Yanira Montalvo-Claudio 11 gün önce
Mrs. Farts(? LuL
Vanessa Pulecio
Vanessa Pulecio 11 gün önce
ur beautiful AS ALWAYS ❤️ I learned EVERYTHING I know about makeup because of you. I owned my first mascara at 21! I owned my first foundation at 23 and my first concealer primer eye shadow pallet bronzer highlighter setting spray setting powder etc by 25. Lol I’m a pro now lol THANK U
Carolyn 11 gün önce
Moving to AZ soon, pray for me girl, that hEAt
Samantha Simonton
Samantha Simonton 11 gün önce
This was so helpful.. I spent most of my life doing makeup so simply just foundation, powder, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara.. I didn't discover how much there really was to makeup until about a year ago and I'm definitely still learning.. so many of these tips and tricks I didn't know and can't wait to try them.
Melissa Smith
Melissa Smith 11 gün önce
During your intro all I kept saying in my head- “the bigger the hoop, the bigger the hoe” I love you!!!!! 🤣
Savannah Orme
Savannah Orme 11 gün önce
LOVED this video!! what eye cream would you recommend?? I'm on the hunt for a good one and we kinda have the same skin type!! :)
Steph LuVa
Steph LuVa 11 gün önce
using good primer is really whats get my makeup flawless. cant wait to try your lipsticks
Natalie Sanchez
Natalie Sanchez 11 gün önce
👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 you slay everything! Thank you for putting out quality content ❤❤❤
McKenzie Weirich
McKenzie Weirich 11 gün önce
I wish you would link all the products you used
Kandis Bessette
Kandis Bessette 12 gün önce
Okay I’ve got a question! I’ve got two concealers (both of which I was sure were my color until this happened) one is tarte shape tape and the other is naked. Both of them turn an awful yellow/orange color like five minutes after they’ve come in contact with any setting powder (I’ve tried translucents from tarte clay setting, Kat von D, and a couple drug stores) I feel like no matter what I do they turn this color. Any idea why?? Is it the wrong shade for me? Or do other people have this problem??
Kaisha & Njuguna
Kaisha & Njuguna 12 gün önce
Upload more often😩😩
T Grayson
T Grayson 12 gün önce
Stunning as usual...what eyeshadows did you use so beautiful 💖💖💖
MAX MAX 12 gün önce
That setting spray and sponge tip she copied from Huda.
Sierra Ackerson
Sierra Ackerson 12 gün önce
How do you keep your eyelids from creasing?? My eyeshadow looks GREAT when I finish but within an hour or so my eyeshadow starts creasing and feels almost greasy!!
DJ/ DJ 13 gün önce
I could never ever use that much powder. Your skin looks flawless
elementalAMV 13 gün önce
It would be so cool to see you acually do a touch up video like a few hours of wearing a makeup look and how you would touch it up!
raiderett6 13 gün önce
My Weekends
My Weekends 13 gün önce
I only have like 20 mins to get ready in the morning from brushing my teeth to putting on my uniform. I don’t have time for a glam 😔
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