Huawei Mate 20 pro Launch Event In India 🔴 LIVE NOW 🔴..

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Techno Arup

Techno Arup

7 aylar önce

Huawei Mate 20 pro Launch Event In India 🔴 LIVE NOW 🔴
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HUAWEI MATE 20 & MATE 20 PRO 🔴LIVE LAUNCH EVENT.Watch the dawn of a new era of #HigherIntelligence as we welcome the #KingOfSmaartphones #HuaweiMate20Pro to India!
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Tyler Davis
Tyler Davis 46 dakika önce
Holy shit just woke up to this too
Derick Mayberry
Derick Mayberry 7 gün önce
I usually just buy iphones but am seriously going to check out Figgers Communications F3 phone, which was the first 5G smartphone in America and may give Apple a run for their money.
goheechian Evelyn
goheechian Evelyn 9 gün önce
english india very headache . speaking can not hear . dont like india
MuTeD X 7 gün önce
kader gumus
kader gumus 11 gün önce
Creepy to see people waking up to this... Huawei did it as a result of the events that happened (like Google ban, SD ban... ). That's my theory.
kader gumus
kader gumus 11 gün önce
Aand Mate 20 Pro has Android.
Mario 14 gün önce
WTF it wasn't so creepy until i woke up and saw this on my screen and then i scroll down I see jana elbahaey comments
devin Anthony
devin Anthony 19 gün önce
i subed am not from india am in chicago
Crazylemon 999
Crazylemon 999 20 gün önce
The ad spam tho 😂😂🖕 thing to make money from nothing
FBI Aylar önce
I see little bit video on your ad sir
Sumer Mihai
Sumer Mihai Aylar önce
Huawei was banned from using android apps,so..useless
Oraine Gordon
Oraine Gordon Aylar önce
it looks like a real competitor for iphone
Oraine Gordon
Oraine Gordon 5 gün önce
@Killer Bee so is facebook, twitter, instagram, whats app and google but we all use those still the real problem is money and the company refusing to go public
Oraine Gordon
Oraine Gordon 6 gün önce
@Killer Bee everything with a transmitter is a spying tool
Chida Mukkati
Chida Mukkati Aylar önce
Why did this pop up and start playing all of a sudden from no where ?!
justin alashkar
justin alashkar 10 gün önce
same here
Ticalicious Brataden
Ticalicious Brataden Aylar önce
Dont waste your money.. wait for pocophone f2 say goodbye to overpriced phones.
henry patiño
henry patiño Aylar önce
jajajajajajajajaja eso para que hahahahahahahahahaha
anfall28 Aylar önce
Its a joke? Mate 20 ahahaha 🤣😂
Playing pleasure
Playing pleasure 2 aylar önce
голос и звук - боль в ушах
Scaptie 3 aylar önce
T series is the reason this has been made because Indian phones didn’t have ads before
jana elbahaey
jana elbahaey 3 aylar önce
wtf i was sleeping and i wake upto this vid
Tyler Davis
Tyler Davis 38 dakika önce
What were y’all watching before this? I am so curious as to why this specifically is happening to people who fell asleep watching a video. Just happened to me too
Bobi7x7 Bobi7x7
Bobi7x7 Bobi7x7 4 gün önce
Me too today was fucking high sleep then i wake up on this video 🤨🤔
Dr. donna Walter
Dr. donna Walter 10 gün önce
@Robert Carroll - It will be a cold day in the hot spot before I buy a Huawei phone with all I know about them. Too bad as some of their phones like the Mate X had my attention.
Haha same
Aadil Jamal
Aadil Jamal 12 gün önce
damn so im not the only one same thing happened to me
phayke 3 aylar önce
Subscribe for win smartphone
phayke 3 aylar önce
I really want that phone
rusdy roslee
rusdy roslee Aylar önce
UbenQuben invest
UbenQuben invest 3 aylar önce
ive been loking dident fin no mats I would love to get one please love you and you fids
Luke 3 aylar önce
on the news this phone is bad because Huawei has done bad things before
phayke 3 aylar önce
@Wiranto Latief What
Wiranto Latief
Wiranto Latief 3 aylar önce
Kmo.o.ooooomlomkokmmkmok llolopokopoo
Wiranto Latief
Wiranto Latief 3 aylar önce
Wiranto Latief
Wiranto Latief 3 aylar önce
Okompoomokoookomoookokmokmknoppmkommomoomoopom lomokpoomolmom.kmooookomommmpkkoommoo kppokkopoom l.koo momomooo kokmoommommomoookmmokomkkkmomkommooo
Wiranto Latief
Wiranto Latief 3 aylar önce
RockinRose Donnell
RockinRose Donnell 3 aylar önce
I read Huawei is a great phone!
this is the end.
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