I'm In An Anime?

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jacksepticeye Aylar önce
You are ALL floppy bananas
Raptor The Dino
Raptor The Dino Aylar önce
**wiggles around with my floppyness**
cfgaming22 Aylar önce
Xecution Gaming
Xecution Gaming Aylar önce
jacksepticeye ya buddy was the potato mode meme mine? i forgot and i cant find on twitter
mr. olives
mr. olives Aylar önce
you floppy potatoe
n ziom
n ziom Aylar önce
Moratorycandy1 26 dakika önce
Lol the intro is me when my friends are sad. MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEMES
amity p
amity p 2 saatler önce
has anyone only just noticed how big jacks nose is??? no just me?......ok
PotatoBoi pokegamer
PotatoBoi pokegamer 15 saatler önce
Jack talking about Luigi's and teachers asses while smoking grass
Sasha Squire
Sasha Squire 17 saatler önce
I heard anime I came
Common Freak
Common Freak 17 saatler önce
you look like that guy from the beatles, nah, love you jack
GameBoy Cooler
GameBoy Cooler 20 saatler önce
*Hits spud* dude, if a lounge is just a long chair, does that make the Earth a round chair? *whispers silently in your ear* woahhhhh...
Cheese Mama
Cheese Mama 22 saatler önce
Im too old for dis shit, he gettin grey hairs
alpha draws
alpha draws Gün önce
Me: *sees a the dragon prince reference* *surprised pikachu face*
T McGullion
T McGullion Gün önce
Dude plz check this and play Doki Doki literature club plz dude.
BeeIconic Gün önce
Wait wasn’t it Padame that said sand is bad? I thought-
stephen messick
stephen messick Gün önce
15:30 just had me straight cackaling
Bott Yuup
Bott Yuup Gün önce
Dude thats suck
Thegabester247 Gün önce
By this point I’m surprised he isn’t in everything
Cerinex 2 gün önce
is that just the lighting or does jack have gray hair? :o
•Itz._.Izzy• 2 gün önce
Ninja Masd
Ninja Masd 3 gün önce
did anyone else actually think he was gonna do the slap and was going to do it with him, or am I just weird?
nuha ibrahim
nuha ibrahim 3 gün önce
this is in 2020 but jack kind of does look like a K POP star
Paternal_rise 3 gün önce
He flips everyone off at 13:30
Diesel Shannon
Diesel Shannon 3 gün önce
0:22 that's what she said
Diesel Shannon
Diesel Shannon 3 gün önce
0:18 that's what she said for like 15 seconds
Sky Davies
Sky Davies 3 gün önce
I have a floppy banana like yours🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌
Squishboi 4 gün önce
I like the old look WAY better
Bco 06
Bco 06 4 gün önce
A floppy banana light saber.
Kore Arvie
Kore Arvie 4 gün önce
It's cold the dragon prince
Kore Arvie
Kore Arvie 4 gün önce
Yu got Netflix watch the dragon prince k it's good 3 or 2 seasons
Majin Prince.
Majin Prince. 4 gün önce
*I am everywhere*
Astro 4 gün önce
That intro made me think jack was Goku going SSJ 3 🤔
jacob's gaming spot
jacob's gaming spot 4 gün önce
no i am not am a potato jack
Polytherian2016 4 gün önce
the captions always fuck up everything you say lmao
Hazel Starlight
Hazel Starlight 4 gün önce
I can't photoshop but someone should do "Sean-ingan" Sean in a Sharingan lol
Yassin Amr
Yassin Amr 4 gün önce
Every single body on earth except jack: who are we? Jack: we are floppy bananas. Next meme Jack looks at baby Yoda :what are u, you look cute Baby Yoda : I am a floppy banana. Next meme Darth Vader : I am your father Jack : I am on the dark side now Darth Vader : now do my commands jack"sith"ticeye
Quốc Yên
Quốc Yên 4 gün önce
Almost 4 minutes in the video i see only bananas especially floppy ones
__Ndnny __
__Ndnny __ 4 gün önce
watching this with my floppy banana i got yesterday
torculas adlere
torculas adlere 4 gün önce
Cassiemations 4 gün önce
he knows what demon slayer is... HE KNOWS WHAT DEMON SLAYER IS
tyler koya
tyler koya 4 gün önce
at 13:33 he does the finger lol
Lukian Basargin
Lukian Basargin 5 gün önce
Who else skipped hem screaming at the start of the vid
Nicholas Patrick
Nicholas Patrick 5 gün önce
0:00 that was the moment I realized I fucked up.
Drew reaper05
Drew reaper05 5 gün önce
Old jack is best jack
Krissy Grant
Krissy Grant 5 gün önce
I think change it good. Jack is not the same person he was when he started. People change, that is their choice. We can't do anything about it. If everything stayed the same nothing would happen. Nothing would improve. Things would be boring as all hell. Green hair gone, oh well. Not same intro, oh well. Life can't be the same ALL the time. That's the point of life. If we didn't have chance we would have the technology we have that gives us the ability to be sitting at home, watching people around the world that we would never knew they existed, play game, talk about things, as Jack does both. I hope you all understand that you changed to. Your not the same. Keep that in mind. Love you all. No hard feeling....
Krissy Grant
Krissy Grant 5 gün önce
I hope Jack sees this. He probably won't. I'm not cool enough but hey, it's worth a shot......
Ry's Gacha
Ry's Gacha 5 gün önce
Me: *sees the 3% Irish meme* Also Me: *screams* I CAN TOP THAT IM LIKE 65%
pigeonboi 742
pigeonboi 742 5 gün önce
me: is water wet?(just to piss him off ) Sean: WHO GIVES A SHIT!
Gage Griffith
Gage Griffith 5 gün önce
Want to make him mad make a potato banana 🍌 and send it to his Twitter
Ashy Eldridge
Ashy Eldridge 5 gün önce
8:09 Jack: you want it? Me: :D 8:16 Jack: no Me: . . . D:
Gavin Detwiler
Gavin Detwiler 5 gün önce
Did anyone else relise that baby today was looking at sean
Joshua Storm
Joshua Storm 5 gün önce
you always change ur glasses
madoria female deku
madoria female deku 5 gün önce
madoria female deku
madoria female deku 5 gün önce
Now it's Bean 3 months
Alex 5 gün önce
Me: Replays video just to watch the intro over and over again
Nathan Meunier
Nathan Meunier 5 gün önce
when Jack threw the banana and it stuck to the board for a sec i died a little :0
IMMA BIRD 5 gün önce
Nobody: 14 year old girls on snapchat: 10:28
Emmag McMahon
Emmag McMahon 5 gün önce
0:18 everyone with a dirty mind will get it
D Mittleman
D Mittleman 5 gün önce
Boss: Why are you laughing? Me: No reason. My brain: Jack”Seth”ticEye...
GalaxyChan 6
GalaxyChan 6 4 gün önce
Shannon Walls
Shannon Walls 5 gün önce
This is the cross-generational gift of Jacksepticeye: when the 12 year old I was babysitting started singing "It's MEME time, it's MEME time" as we walked along downtown, I was able to join him. Jack, you build relationships. :)
Tulip Chan
Tulip Chan 5 gün önce
😂Yes i gone blind. You make my day like always UwU🥰. I feel loved on this channel ❤️
emma mihai
emma mihai 5 gün önce
is that anime real? if so, then can someone please let me know the name of the show/movie?
Sauliukas Butas
Sauliukas Butas 5 gün önce
The title isn't an anime though
Cookie Smart
Cookie Smart 5 gün önce
I felt attacked when jack said ,, you have your sandals on, NO SOCKS I'm not moron", like Seán don't attack Czech ppl
Gaming With Lachy
Gaming With Lachy 5 gün önce
Who else got a bit triggered when jack said Lachlan wrong. It’s said the same way if it were spelt lochlan
Sara Boatman
Sara Boatman 5 gün önce
Combativebee 624
Combativebee 624 5 gün önce
Shawn mclachlan
S0thernman 5 gün önce
Hotdogs are sandwiches
falloutdude 7141
falloutdude 7141 5 gün önce
Memes lol
Memes lol 6 gün önce
TBH that "anime" is called dragon Prince and I have binged watched it , it was amazing
Lord John
Lord John 6 gün önce
Not anime or cartoon it's a hybrid of anime and cartoon
Dawson Ryan
Dawson Ryan 6 gün önce
Jack: “Us Irish didn’t invent the potato for you to go and insult it” Me: “That’s because the Aztec invented the the potato for us to insult it. The Europeans just take all the credit.”
Luigi's Mansion 3 2019
Luigi's Mansion 3 2019 6 gün önce
What if it's a nice comment about your hair..? because your hair looks really nice :))
still chill
still chill 6 gün önce
ding ding ding top of morning
Max Machac
Max Machac 6 gün önce
Teacher:What are you laughing at? Me: Nothing My brain: Lock and Mcloadghlin (*cocks shotgun*)
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