I'm Sorry.

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Russell Brand

Russell Brand

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This is how I say sorry and apologise to someone I've harmed...
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Marcus Abdul Malik
Marcus Abdul Malik 4 gün önce
O Russell Brand, I propose to you that your person is are more than mere energy and matter :) , more constant than that, & also I'd say you are more than I or any of us imagine (and this being true for each of us too) Anyway, thank you for your good will.
Marcus Abdul Malik
Marcus Abdul Malik 4 gün önce
O Russell Brand, I propose to you that your person is are more than mere energy and matter :) , more constant than that, & also I'd say you are more than I or any of us imagine (and this being true for each of us too) Anyway, thank you for your good will.
Paul Locubin
Paul Locubin 16 gün önce
Love ya man
Dylan Jones
Dylan Jones 19 gün önce
i love you mate
Patrick Babcock
Patrick Babcock 21 gün önce
Bless you brother.
setvice 24 gün önce
Is he just reading lyrics from a Paul McCartney song? If so, fair play.
Shalom McGilvary
Shalom McGilvary Aylar önce
Russell, could you do a video on your view on Jesus and who you believe He is pleaseee?? Not to push anything, I'm just purely curious, thanks x
dab life
dab life Aylar önce
I love you Russell brand 💛
Ben Mills
Ben Mills Aylar önce
Once I learned about the ego ! And my ego ! I learned to apologize and accept people for who they are and found forgiveness 💙💛❤️💚💜
allison hunter
allison hunter Aylar önce
I liked that🙂
Tonya Jade Lauren
Tonya Jade Lauren Aylar önce
Why don't you buy West ham United with all those million s of pounds you have Russell. Otherwise you will end up in the championship next season 🙂
柳岑焉 Aylar önce
Jason Gastrich
Jason Gastrich Aylar önce
Love ya man. Good luck bro.
Andy Mac
Andy Mac Aylar önce
Fully agree with apolgising, conceding sometimes if you care about the person and peace, holding on to being right is not a good place to be. However, some people and their wrongs can not be forgiven; doesn't mean you have to have an opposing stance or feel resentment, for me it means I have to 'let them go'. I wish these people no ill whatsoever, but I also don't want them in my life. I can also see most perpetrators are also victims, but I feel we must all take responsibility for our ourselves at some point - strive for a civilised way of life, and some people never do this, they only go on to cause yet more suffering and destroy what is good. I often hear forgiveness is the only way to overcome and move forwards in a healthy way, to feel free, so I have chosen to forgive myself for not being able to do this and this works for me. I'm no god so I don't need to forgive all, although I'd be open to some one repenting, I'm just a human who needs to love and respect myself first, because when I do this frees me up to offer my compassion to others.
Kirsten Joy Weiss
Kirsten Joy Weiss Aylar önce
Ive decided to use this video's audio as my new mediation 😆
Aimee Aylar önce
This one person who attacked, terrorized, slandered and ruined relationships in my life, I have forgiven. I truly believe this person is mentally ill and toxic. I will not allow this person back into my life due to self preservation. Only healthy, loving people may walk through my door. Peace, Love and Light! 😊
David Bauer
David Bauer Aylar önce
I have a little love nut for you Russell ;) . good video, however the only circumstance where someone is to blame is when they are aware of what they are doing and it is the wrong thing, if they are unaware ultimately then it is ignorance and all you can do is try teach or be an example if help is rejected.
eil Smile
eil Smile Aylar önce
Wise words Russell....
rickdtrick Aylar önce
just in time for my current situation
emmett fleming
emmett fleming Aylar önce
I’m sorry I listened to this
Tara Aylar önce
Please please help me. My friends 6yr old boy Denny needs life saving treatment. He lives in hastings, england. The NHS do not provide the treatment he needs, so he has to get to Philadelphia to have the treatment. Locals in our town have raised £180,000 but he still needs £330,000. He has a two week window before he will be too unwell for the treatment. I'm begging anyone that can share his story, or even donate a little if you can. Its 2020, we cant let this little boy die because of lack of funds. 🙏🙏🙏 His family made a video explaining his story 2 days ago, please watch and share and help if you can. Love to you all ❤ t.co/Xh9qZNJHWR
Charles Edwards
Charles Edwards Aylar önce
I'm sorry, I don't care.
Sandpaper Aylar önce
Can you talk about the other side, how to accept complements when you don’t feel like you deserve it?
Grace Schumacher
Grace Schumacher Aylar önce
Thank you again Russell. Namaste!
Don Jon
Don Jon Aylar önce
Starting to sound like a Christian. Could he be coming over to the light side !!?
Eddie Ingalls
Eddie Ingalls Aylar önce
It is often a shame Brand takes on the 'let me show how many bigger words than you I know' manner of a British A level student. (College know all) The desire to use 1, 000 words when 10 would be enough is indeed too reminiscent of exam taking at school, where you waffle away and keep talking and writing in the hope something will be plucked from it that scores points. Likewise, 10 seconds of listening to this is enough as the standard is set there and it is low - very low.
I am so grateful to have stumbled on to this. I cannot explain how much I am in agreement. In everything even your tone of voice. Gosh. Im in the process of divorcing the addict that was my husband who. Til this day refuses to own his part and refuses to apologize. I’m so done. Russell let’s move on together!💪🏼🙌🏼🙏🏼
flyGIRL Kelley
flyGIRL Kelley Aylar önce
“The glory days...” 🤣 You are such a breath of fresh air. I appreciate how authentic you are and how you put yourself out there when you understand and accept that some people are going to give you the “👎🏼.” I don’t understand why there are people who want to criticize... Thank you for making me laugh in the midst of some serious and deep concepts!
joe thompson
joe thompson Aylar önce
Apologize never say you're sorry In what I mean is never say you're sorry say you apologize
Rpm Aylar önce
Thanks for using subtitles. I don't speak English accent.
evolvinglight&love Aylar önce
Love you opening the video singing an Elton John! But it really is the hardest word, isn't it?
Leela Magic
Leela Magic Aylar önce
What about a situation in which you are emotionally and psychologically manipulated for months or years in a covert, sneaky, passive aggressive way and mildly tortured through the person preventing you from sleep and you finally snap and loose your entire shit at them. Feel horribly guilty, apologise in the most authentic and deep way possible and then they offer you forgiveness. And then say nothing else. I told him exactly what I thought of him and cut him completely out of my life. You know what I feel like for once in my life I have taken my power back and never again will I be passive door mat people pleasing idiot. Sometimes calling people put on their shit is not only appropriate, but incredibly self loving and self forgiving. Can you say something on that side of things please? Thank you, I love you, I see you. You are , in my opinion a 'lightworker' 💜
Life Happens
Life Happens Aylar önce
I am quick to apologize....even if I don't feel like I did anything wrong....if my actions hurt someone without intention...i apologize but i also say "i didn't mean for it to effect u...it was simply a personal decision". I also can drop people from my life like "3...2...1...Go". I love every1...forgive every1...carry no resentment or hatred. Jesus said turn the other cheek...I think he meant an ass cheek...like "now u can kiss my ass"...lmfao. sorry...sorry...sorry 🤣😂
Paul Torresi
Paul Torresi Aylar önce
Drug addict. Fuck off!
John Armstrong
John Armstrong Aylar önce
Hey brother,I would like to take up some space here to thank you for your candor in an unforgiving social climate obviously presenting vulnerability,and leading by example I typically don't subscribe to 12 step programs but for some reason you've made it palatable , speaking of which you killed it on " Hot Ones" mate,good show. Keep em coming brethren ! Cheers
Optimus Phoenix Prime
Optimus Phoenix Prime Aylar önce
I just did a vocabulary test 7th grade for fun Because it said most people couldn't pass it I know I was going and with flying colors I was curious 🕵️‍♀️ don't peek trwomen.com/id/video-0nDFlOBA4YA.html
Andrew McKay
Andrew McKay Aylar önce
The high priest of woke forgives you. The plastic jeuse spoke to his white privileged middle class vertue Signaling Brainwashed fools and victims of the PC elites and neo-marxist libraliasim ideology of fools check this wankers white privilege .
Optimus Phoenix Prime
Optimus Phoenix Prime Aylar önce
🕵️‍♀️ here Russell trwomen.com/id/video-ihhVe8dKNSA.html I don't listen to actors Or very few
Tim Fuller
Tim Fuller Aylar önce
I thought you were going to sing the John Denver song.
Inculcated Frankenbean
Inculcated Frankenbean Aylar önce
What the fuck did I just watch? Take your lithium, you lunatic.
Burnoutheclown Melanie Rodgers
Burnoutheclown Melanie Rodgers Aylar önce
you should definitely change your description from 10 to comedian/guru. Russell my friend your words have "literally " LITERALLY saved not just my physical life, but my sanity, & relationships! XO TY,TY,TY. 😘
nya Aylar önce
Willingness to actually change solidifies and differentiates true apology.
Sissy Boy
Sissy Boy Aylar önce
You're just talking - nothing you do changes anything
eLisabetta DiMauro
eLisabetta DiMauro Aylar önce
AHAHAHA!! 🤣😂👏The song! 😂👏The Love nut song! I’m dying! 🤣🤪You are too funny! 😆😆😂 How could ANYONE even stay mad at you!?😆🤣😂😂👏👏👏👏... and yet when you got into the serious part of this, I was so absorbed, it was like #ASMR! 😍 I think I got hypnotized. 🤣😋🤩And then, I started crying. 😰😥😭No explanations. Whaaat???🤪...What the heck is going on over there??😢😬🤗🤗🤗Hugs?? 😇🙏🤗🤗🤗Here is my nut, dude... 🤪🌰 a freakin’ Love bomb, for You!!!😂🤪✨🤣🔮💜💣💌 Praying!!!!😂🤣🌅👏✨ #Sorry!!🙏🙏🙏🙏#LoveNuts!!😂😂👏🌰🎉💜🔮💟🤗 Ps. One was written three days ago for your Facebook and I guess I did not get a copy and paste it here in your TRwomen 😂😂🙌🌅🏝🌻🎉👙 I’m not always close to Wi-Fi but you know I love you 😂😂🙌🤗🤗🤗🌅💋💋💋
eLisabetta DiMauro
eLisabetta DiMauro Aylar önce
Holy smokes, Siri is having trouble translating from English to English now!!😂✨🙌🤣🏝🇲🇽 I guess she thinks it’s somehow supposed to be Spanish?? 😂😂🙌🤣#SorryAboutTheBrokenEnglish 😂😂🙌🤣😆
Eden Alfassy
Eden Alfassy Aylar önce
Currently watching hamlet in English class and all I can hear is his voice when I hear russell speak ...
HUMAN REBEL Aylar önce
I'm not sorry for telling you that you are an new age idiot manipulator and everybody who folow you is simply brainless sheep.MEEEEE
Will. Aylar önce
Russell - you should go on the Jesse Lee Peterson show.
Chicken Speed
Chicken Speed Aylar önce
Just say my bad and move on, because forgiveness doesn't exist nowadays
Goofin Hiemer
Goofin Hiemer Aylar önce
Hoped this was about clinging to his leftism and now he is ready to repent.
Rendell001 Aylar önce
son up, excellent trolling Sir... you win a nut. ;-)
John Smith
John Smith Aylar önce
I see why there is caption. You have no idea how a mic works.
Rochelle Sumeray
Rochelle Sumeray Aylar önce
When it’s “50/50” we make amends for our 100% part. Thank you Russel. Also, how’s that outro music ?? Very reminiscent of Breaking Bad ! 😉😉😉
Justin C
Justin C Aylar önce
Awesome message and very wise man, I just wish the sound didnt go quiet 1:05 in - any way to normalize the volume throughout your videos?
Eggbert08 Aylar önce
I love you Russell, you have been a huge staple in my sobriety. I keep you book "revolution" by my side all the way through rehab. You really are a bright soul among dark times
RockaRolla Wmn
RockaRolla Wmn Aylar önce
Thank you Russell for going through a life that was bad & good but has culminated in you growing wise & choosing to give. That wisdom being shared with those who will LISTEN is a beautiful seed that can germinate every time one of your students replants into the gray-matter of the next student.
Timothy Atwater
Timothy Atwater Aylar önce
talking about monkeys! lol!
Timothy Atwater
Timothy Atwater Aylar önce
a lot of truth but better than all that is the laughter. Thank you!
ManOnWire23 Aylar önce
I wish I could talk to you for hours or days for weeks. I feel I could give a lot in conversation back, but I also wish I could just hear more in conversation with you. You’re doing a really important thing. Wish I was in your shoes. Thank you Russell.
zane brain
zane brain Aylar önce
Bruh what the fuck are you on about?
Kasper Hauser
Kasper Hauser Aylar önce
Young, hippy santa.
Popsi ji
Popsi ji Aylar önce
Sorry Russell, but you still believe you are form.
Krispy Bacon
Krispy Bacon Aylar önce
im sorry i wasted 6 minutes on a failed comedian who now parades about like hes the hippy Dali llama
r385671 Aylar önce
Russell is vying for the award of 'Biggest Douche on the Planet.'
DaveyBoy Aylar önce
Thank you
Joan Commissiong
Joan Commissiong Aylar önce
Whenever my Heart acknowledges wrongdoing on my part only then can I say, I'm Sorry, and truly mean it; otherwise just saying I'm Sorry because I'm expected to do so is meaningless.
David Stewart
David Stewart Aylar önce
Thank God this is Captioned! The volume is so low, it's a constant strain to hear what Russel is saying. Is it really too much trouble to check the volume levels before posting??
Peter Scarr
Peter Scarr Aylar önce
How forgiving would you be if someone without notice cut your hair bun off completely ?
Peter Scarr
Peter Scarr Aylar önce
There was no big bang. I forgot the wording an enegetic start of interface dimensional something a rather. Nothing any human or cow farting has contributed to global warming. I'm 90days opinion clean i put all my opinion in the toilet and use acid ajax chlorine and draino to flush them down the toilet and also I'm thinking of getting a t-shirt printed explaining please be respectful and don't offer or unload your opinion as i no longer give or receive opinions
Peter Scarr
Peter Scarr Aylar önce
Just send a sms
Peter Scarr
Peter Scarr Aylar önce
I try to see things from your point of view just have trouble getting my head that far up my arse
Rozmic Aylar önce
I'm sorry you were born.
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