I painted the Mona Lisa

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Joana Ceddia

Joana Ceddia

Yıl önce

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Happy 2019 guys!
Can I just say the number “2019” sounds strange. For some reason, all I can think about when I hear the number 2019 is the bitter taste of cardboard. Or the smells of a spiky porcupine. You choose.
In other news, my 2019 is off to a S T U P E N D O U S start. The gun has started and I am off sprinting; space is contracting and time is dilating as I travel closer and closer to the speed of light. Guess what I was doing in the wee hours of 2019? I was editing this video. And guess what happened? My laptop crashed and refused to turn on for a solid 50 minutes - this was all at 1:30 in the morning, mind you. So, I did what any sensible human being would have done: I bawled my eyes out to Gotye’s “Somebody that I used to know” (that song is still a bop - NAY! A KNEE SLAPPER, and you can fight me on that one). Wow, it’s only been 8 hours since 2019 began and I have already cried out my tear ducts.
Flipping the page once more, I would like to give you my New Years resolutions. You know those things people swear they will accomplish at the beginning of every year but end up forgetting about by February? WELL YEET! I WANTED TO MAKE MY OWN THIS YEAR! SO HERE THEY ARE:
1. Fix my pooping schedule. I have had digestive problems since I was 10 years old, and I still suffer from those issues. And the thing is, I get the urge to go at completely inconvenient times. For instance, in the middle of a cross country race, I will be happily running when my intestines suddenly shriek at the top of their lungs “WELL, THIS SEEMS LIKE A GOOD TIME TO POOP” and I am forced to deal with this intestinal immaturity. Do you think I chose this life? No, the poopy life chose me.
2. Hate lentils less. At the moment, they taste like ass. We have a long way to go, chief.
3. Learn archery. The apocalypse is looming and I must be prepared.
4. Actually understand politics. What the heck is a “subpoena”? That is way too many vowels in one word.
Anyways! That’s all I have to say and I hope you enjoyed this video. This is probably the video I put the most effort into so far so I’m actually kind of proud of it. Hope you enjoyed it too!
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With love,
Jiley Cyrus


McCse Suggies
McCse Suggies 23 saatler önce
At 4:20 onward. An anyone else hear what sounds like penny arcade? If confuzeld
Regina Mills
Regina Mills Gün önce
Omg I just realised something... you will probably never read this because it’s been a year but your Mona Lisa looks like the “real life Mona Lisa” from that one episode of Wizards is Waverley place :D
EJoy Turay
EJoy Turay Gün önce
Paint the Mona Lisa but with John Cena’s face. It’s the chaos we deserve
Lydia Meadows
Lydia Meadows 2 gün önce
Like this is 2020 and literally she paints so much more and what does she do with all these paintings
Unicorns Sparkle Rainbow somthing like that
Unicorns Sparkle Rainbow somthing like that 4 gün önce
It looks so good ! 😱
Chilll 90
Chilll 90 8 gün önce
She began to paint the Mona Lisa on my 11th Birthday
Amy Rooplall
Amy Rooplall 9 gün önce
Why study when you can eat your notes?! *BIG BRAIN 100*
ILuvAsianMen 9 gün önce
Why do u look like an 11 yr old in the thumbnail, I’m incredibly confused
Rike de Paula
Rike de Paula 9 gün önce
DinoField 10 gün önce
Joana is the one girl in class that draws a masterpiece and says "this sucks"
King Krasi8
King Krasi8 12 gün önce
crazy cat 3
crazy cat 3 14 gün önce
That is the longest description I have ever seen... cool
David Gramz
David Gramz 15 gün önce
plushowy foxy
plushowy foxy 15 gün önce
Sodacan Artist
Sodacan Artist 16 gün önce
Joana: I’m just gonna jump into this. Everybody: Her ranting for a minute
Adee green
Adee green 17 gün önce
I have to say, you look like mona lisa
TYL4027 Hi
TYL4027 Hi 18 gün önce
*John Cena sees Dad Cena at the table* *Screaming her battle cry, John Cena uses "can you go?" It's super effective! Dad Cena is down!!* *Everyone give it up for the winner, John Cena!!!*
Emo and Scary
Emo and Scary 18 gün önce
John cena - glasses = Mona Lisa
Succ 22 gün önce
Art teachers: Im not a artist!? Also art teachers:
If I get 1K Subs I'll Post A video
If I get 1K Subs I'll Post A video 26 gün önce
TheRebexa 27 gün önce
Baby girl, you gotta paint the background first!!
LEAH KEHR 27 gün önce
How come Mona Lisa has no boobs?
Abigail Megan
Abigail Megan 29 gün önce
U make my day💓
Paola Officials
Paola Officials Aylar önce
"I woke up and I was 6 months pregnant" Me : *looked at my tummy*
Dr.Mariam Fathima Mohammed
Dr.Mariam Fathima Mohammed Aylar önce
Omg I would but for 1million jonnars
Lois Emily
Lois Emily Aylar önce
bOlcAnY -John Cena
Progoleando Aylar önce
She looks like a tootache
Kate Martin
Kate Martin Aylar önce
Actually, the version of the Mona Lisa you are referencing was painted by a student of Da Vinci’s, not Da Vinci himself! That’s why the colors look brighter and the background is more complete, he actually had time to finish.
J toilet
J toilet Aylar önce
Not gonna lie at first it looked like George Washington.
casara mayea
casara mayea Aylar önce
You should draw the nun from the movie the nun🤔👀
Wheres Pluto?
Wheres Pluto? Aylar önce
I have that " are we there yet" vibe all the time
euphoric !
euphoric ! Aylar önce
the mona biza, the mona giza, the moana gizzard
Lokilk Wamen
Lokilk Wamen Aylar önce
She used a paintbrush for a microphone!LOL
Draco Safarius
Draco Safarius Aylar önce
Man I remember being made to draw the Mona Lisa with stupidly detailed shading in like 7th grade, WHO makes a 7th grader do that
Javier Corral
Javier Corral Aylar önce
Yo, a pocket projector helped me with accuracy and precision on previous art projects, be sure to use those sunglasses because you could go blind : )
Artistartvalley Aylar önce
😂😂😂👍 Aleast you started to paint good job 👏👏
0 subs with 1 video challenge
0 subs with 1 video challenge Aylar önce
Okay but like 2:50 *stonks*
Lamisa Zara
Lamisa Zara Aylar önce
It’s the “ Joana Lisa “ Open your eyes joana Lol 😂
anyway Aylar önce
I hear Mozart in the background
AL Eguia
AL Eguia Aylar önce
When you paint: this is a disaster When you don't: this is pretty awesome
RxseyPxsey 2 aylar önce
That one is even better man
grace adeline
grace adeline 2 aylar önce
my art teacher is painting mona lisa as a pigeon.
robin deakin
robin deakin 2 aylar önce
I love this video, this is every day happenings for me , you should try under painting first and watch this painting come alive , happy painting, robin
•Appľè Pîę•
•Appľè Pîę• 2 aylar önce
ok its just my opinoin but i like it but Leonardo Da Vinci is the one that i like😕 but i like it too❤❤
Anna Meow UwU
Anna Meow UwU 2 aylar önce
did you legit kick your father out of the room?? that is so messed up...
johi chan
johi chan 2 aylar önce
You should make measurements when painting portraits and her face coulve looked better if you did so
*•Anna Gulua•*
*•Anna Gulua•* 2 aylar önce
thats pretty good it also reminds me of the mezmirize and hypnotize covers
Sabrina 2 aylar önce
i'm trying oil paints because of you
Paint the Sky
Paint the Sky 2 aylar önce
Your teeth are so white and perfect.
Hi I’m Faithy
Hi I’m Faithy 2 aylar önce
Yeepity 2 aylar önce
the fact you dont know if shes smilling (joana's paint)
Inertiaa 2 aylar önce
0:00 *demonetized*
Mia Kraljev
Mia Kraljev 2 aylar önce
Why does she always seem to wear white in her painting vids? Tsk tsk john cena what a rebellious legend
Laylooo Jimale
Laylooo Jimale 2 aylar önce
*1 year later* a blondie that like to paint on her wall and eats avocados
laikamente 2 aylar önce
"aren't that good artist"... literally painted Mona Lisa.
Sophia Fischer
Sophia Fischer 2 aylar önce
Me: Get some eyebrows Mona Lisa: What are “eYeBrOwS”
Johnathan Chambers
Johnathan Chambers 2 aylar önce
1:08 turn on captions lol
Asuuii 2 aylar önce
2:36 the painting looks like the stonks meme
A.Berry 1
A.Berry 1 2 aylar önce
I love the captions of this video ha
J.P. Brady
J.P. Brady 2 aylar önce
2:44 she kinda looks like a grown skinny baby
TYL4027 Hi
TYL4027 Hi 2 aylar önce
The anger and frustration when you can't do anything right is so relatable.
LilAsian 2 aylar önce
I always comment at this exact time on your videos every day. I'm a hundred percent sure that all my comments go to your spam. But nonetheless I will continue because I'm annoying. :)
Vanilla Meddled Cosmos
Vanilla Meddled Cosmos 2 aylar önce
All jokes aside, your paintings are fucking resplendent. I envy you so very much.
Daniel Hartsell
Daniel Hartsell 2 aylar önce
The captions are stupid funny
M00N_BIT 2 aylar önce
Omg the captions-
Casty M̶e̶l̶l̶o̶w̶
Casty M̶e̶l̶l̶o̶w̶ 2 aylar önce
Just oof
hacker zae 101pz s
hacker zae 101pz s 3 aylar önce
It’s 2020
Cloud Moon
Cloud Moon 3 aylar önce
I'm here a year later r r
뽀옌 3 aylar önce
watched this video again to listen HAPPY NEW YEAR from her
Mdx 136
Mdx 136 3 aylar önce
Jillian Dizon
Jillian Dizon 3 aylar önce
I’m here in 2020 Jan 1st LMAOO when she said happy new year I was like wait you dyed ur hair brown???
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