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I spent the day at NFL WR Antonio Brown's house! It was amazing.
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Deestroying 9 aylar önce
I got another whole vid with AB, hit the like if you want it !
jarcoya40 truitt
jarcoya40 truitt Aylar önce
I like all your video
Nubian Emporer
Nubian Emporer 2 aylar önce
Share lil bitty bih
Mathew Galipeau
Mathew Galipeau 2 aylar önce
AB was the GOAT. He deserves all he has. Too bad Pitt wouldnt give him the dough and treat him how he should have been. Funny how Bell left over money and AB followed
Justin Rivera
Justin Rivera 4 aylar önce
drop a diss track on Ab pleasee
rUpT Elite
rUpT Elite 5 aylar önce
And getting sued is what he gives you in return after you let him on your channel. This man's is trippin
Archangel Raguel
Archangel Raguel 2 gün önce
AB will become an ArchAngel when he arrives in the heavens. He will receive the highest honor. The only honor above that belongs to Jesus. I too am seated next to the throne of God next to Jesus. So will he be, #14 of the knights of the round.
THE BURGER KANG 9 gün önce
so is AB Jewish? that was the star of david in his church lol
Dennis Mensah
Dennis Mensah 11 gün önce
Why does AB sound so high. Who here in 2020
Kojo Peprah
Kojo Peprah 11 gün önce
You gotta wife her✊🏾💙🤞🏾
Teon Witcher
Teon Witcher 11 gün önce
Did anybody else hear that fart in the background 😂 when he was showing the college classes papers? They tried to act like the didn’t hear it
Teon Witcher
Teon Witcher 11 gün önce
Follow me on ig @abmtwisted
Stephen A Smith
Stephen A Smith 11 gün önce
I had to unsubscribe because your titles are garbage. You know why you put the adjective “insane” next to house tour.. we aren’t stupid. Do better you pos
Cavell Weaver
Cavell Weaver 19 gün önce
Anybody else see that six point star in his church ?
Kenzi 22 gün önce
11:09 I know they were hoping he wasnt gonna fart in that elevator on em
Rashid Madden
Rashid Madden 23 gün önce
U like the theme cause he's Tony Montana 😂
City of Trees
City of Trees 24 gün önce
Damn he has cte
Fuzzy Butkus
Fuzzy Butkus 29 gün önce
You know when you invite someone to come to your house thinking they’ll never show up and they do........Bam!!! That fart was spiritual as hell. I’d never get in an elevator when ole boy is letting off nuclear butt bombs
Sidney Goode
Sidney Goode Aylar önce
Boy stop acting like that was a lot of weight haha that was only like 225 or 245 hahha
Mlbon Fox
Mlbon Fox Aylar önce
Sorry my people/ he’s on steroids!
Dion Curtis Curtis
Dion Curtis Curtis Aylar önce
Yup that’s the crib that was on live
alex poythress
alex poythress Aylar önce
This man ripped ass loud af
alex poythress
alex poythress Aylar önce
AB just sitting around in a marble glass house, rippin’ ass all day.
Dre Awareness
Dre Awareness Aylar önce
This nigga definitely farted 😂
Juiceup _4
Juiceup _4 Aylar önce
Dis how u know he sued em cause he was broke
Josh Aylar önce
9:57 somebody farted 😂😂
Simi Faoa
Simi Faoa Aylar önce
What song is at the end ?
North444 Aylar önce
AB brain is slowly going from CTE, and it's honestly sad too watch, the NFL knows this but hiding it and not doing a damn thing about it, because it'll make them look bad.
Angie Felice
Angie Felice Aylar önce
Who is here after Antonio clown
Tatiana Wilson
Tatiana Wilson Aylar önce
Press forward to the prize of the higher calling of God in Christ Jesus! Keep making inspirational videos and focus some on the student-athletes that need your channel to be a way for them to release.. "Undefeated" - There are provisions inGod Promises for your life
Logan Forde
Logan Forde Aylar önce
how high is this mans
Micah B.
Micah B. Aylar önce
AB walking like he’s an 80 year old man showing his glory days
BlessedOne Aylar önce
They def high
Hudson Gaming
Hudson Gaming Aylar önce
Good video
Old Soul
Old Soul Aylar önce
Looks like he ain't moved in and hes just renting or something. If you can afford a house like that get someone to decorate that shyt.
pablo escobar
pablo escobar 2 aylar önce
Nm I want that red pull over that thang fire fr
Felicio The God Of Sex
Felicio The God Of Sex 2 aylar önce
He had the wife beater on
Lebron Hardy
Lebron Hardy 2 aylar önce
6:45, dis nigga cussin' in the church. 😂🙏🏾
Carlos Chavez
Carlos Chavez 2 aylar önce
UCF Merch made him weak.Take out the deestroying Merch and it made him strong 💪
Alonzo Capistran
Alonzo Capistran 2 aylar önce
When this man farted I thought a bomb went off
mb_jdgg Green
mb_jdgg Green 2 aylar önce
Dessroying why yo avatar aka icon like thta
Objective Perspective
Objective Perspective 2 aylar önce
Sadly we brothers just send money on materials when we get pain instead of thinking longer term and having business
Rent To Own Rent To Own
Rent To Own Rent To Own 2 aylar önce
At the end of the day.....AB worked very hard for what he has and developed his skills to be one of the best NFL wide receivers to ever do it......Respect. Dedication and Hard Work.
Rent To Own Rent To Own
Rent To Own Rent To Own 2 aylar önce
Antonio is not trying to put on airs....just being himself......that's good.
Ezron Lightbody
Ezron Lightbody 2 aylar önce
Damn house big. Get tired jus walking around that house
Drippboii _LJ
Drippboii _LJ 2 aylar önce
Ong he high 😂
Atapana Meleisea
Atapana Meleisea 2 aylar önce
As a athlete man seeing someone who puts God first man you know he will dwell always in your place. Hands down
Atapana Meleisea
Atapana Meleisea 2 aylar önce
A church in a house? You know your blessed for sure. That’s cool..the lifestyle of a NFL athlete.
Quiadeer Bradner
Quiadeer Bradner 2 aylar önce
Is it me or AB got fat?
Crypto Dali
Crypto Dali 2 aylar önce
Nigga bought the Pope House
Giovanni DaGreat
Giovanni DaGreat 2 aylar önce
You look cool
Allen Laster
Allen Laster 2 aylar önce
You had a fan moment! It happened but don't let it happen again, 😂😂😂
MrJetsAllDay 2 aylar önce
On some real shit, this beats every MTV Cribs show. Like you deadass did a walk through AB (the Clowns) crib. Nice bro! Keep up the good work!
Nubian Emporer
Nubian Emporer 2 aylar önce
Boy that house Crazy
Nubian Emporer
Nubian Emporer 2 aylar önce
He got a room for his cleats
Kyron Moore
Kyron Moore 2 aylar önce
AB looks like a cool cat!!!!
Ce’Darian Carter
Ce’Darian Carter 2 aylar önce
11:43 is a frog your welcome👍🏾😁😂👍🏾
Yung Millyzz
Yung Millyzz 2 aylar önce
AB kinda burps at 6:21 then Kinda moves actin like it wasn’t him. But he did a better job acting like nothing when he let that fart out!
BasketballKing 2 aylar önce
AB’s house looks like a hotel tbh. That’s crazy!
Mary (Meg) Ackermann
Mary (Meg) Ackermann 3 aylar önce
With that long ass hallway Big Ben proabaly throws so many routes
Adrien Holmes
Adrien Holmes 3 aylar önce
Can I get a ten tose down hoody
Ethan R. Gallegos
Ethan R. Gallegos 3 aylar önce
Hey, checkout this ramp built for my home workouts, trwomen.com/id/video-qkMR3eGUsrQ.html. Please watch my video. Thanks.
Alijah_yt 3 aylar önce
Go to 10:00 someone farted
verxtiz Crew
verxtiz Crew 3 aylar önce
AB lool like cj from san andreas
COD GOD 3 aylar önce
Antonio brown is a Luciferian
Mr3191980 3 aylar önce
LOL man you crazy with it commercially started off with those weights LOL you crazy boy, you my boy
Brian Vratoric
Brian Vratoric 3 aylar önce
X has much respect for SUPERIOR 84# AB
Robert Pabon
Robert Pabon 3 aylar önce
Antinio clown is kill h
Al Whitmire
Al Whitmire 3 aylar önce
Average American is saying-smh...smh...smh...lol this dude lives like this because he's fast and can catch a football 😂! Like this is for real times right now 😂
jessbd1 3 aylar önce
Why he low key look like mozzy
meboi47 3 aylar önce
Antonio Clowney
tae the goat
tae the goat 3 aylar önce
in 2020
tae the goat
tae the goat 3 aylar önce
if u are watching this video like bro that house is so big and that lil kid is funny a lil bit
Steph Uslvc
Steph Uslvc 3 aylar önce
9:58 that fart got me though😂😂😂😂
CruzThaKilla 3 aylar önce
13:29 that voice crack
Joseph Henderson
Joseph Henderson 3 aylar önce
fuck you Antonio Brown
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