I Took The Longest Bus Ride in America... 84HRS OF HELL

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Yes Theory

Yes Theory

4 aylar önce

Seek Discomfort // Lululemon Collab: www.seekdiscomfort.com/ LIVE FOR ONLY 72 HOURS!
Watch Zac and Jay's video here! trwomen.com/id/video-mUEvuneqms0.html
This... Was probably a terrible idea. We found out about this bus ride a few months ago and have been trying to find a time to do it... And the day... Was finally upon us.
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Yes Theory
Yes Theory 4 aylar önce
THAT... Was insanity. But also surprisingly wholesome at the end... Check out Zac and Jay for their version of the experience and don't miss miss our Seek Discomfort x Lululemon Collab!! www.seekdiscomfort.com/ Much love everyone - Matt
Chal Ly
Chal Ly 4 gün önce
and ur shirts are suck man.]
Chal Ly
Chal Ly 4 gün önce
do you have manners?
Mike Bailey
Mike Bailey 9 gün önce
Well, let's be honest, it's nicer with folks you know and love...
AOC YEAH YOU KNOW ME 2 14 gün önce
You have to make an app for people to meet locally. I would love to have people get together everyday if they wish. A lot of us are alone, I have no friends where I moved. Your videos have been a great help, I've lost my brother my sister and my nephew, plus dad and am a caretaker for mom. While I have a great husband, I need people like you in my life. Please consider I'm not alone in this idea.
Jason Chris Taylor
Jason Chris Taylor Aylar önce
Hey @yestheory guys, hit me up when you going to Russia to the longest road trip, and if you like, I gonna volunteer to join to you guys, as a +1 crazy dude. That would be so epic route than whit all of you guys. American, French, English, Sweden, and me Hungarian. Fuck yeah! Seek Discomfort, aka as the Russian says искать дискомфорт (Iskat' diskomfort). I hope you guys gonna reply to this.
Jacob Othmer
Jacob Othmer 16 saatler önce
I get it’s supposed to be a challenge but if you’re on greyhound it’s not because you care what happens to you lol
WOOF Gün önce
And I was complaining about 3-4hr ride in the car from my town to Moscow...
8l70LD WЯ75Ь
8l70LD WЯ75Ь Gün önce
You should take a 7 day train from Vladivostok to Moscow/Saint-Petersburg in Russia. Thats a challenge.
Armand Azhari
Armand Azhari Gün önce
Is everything just late 😂
Bright Kaous
Bright Kaous 2 gün önce
Thank you for this! Me and my friend have started talking about going from Miami to Portland. This helped so much.🤣😵
Jason Shea
Jason Shea 2 gün önce
Aye was wearing Lululemon since highschool its really nice.
Biggie Cheese
Biggie Cheese 2 gün önce
*“LEGAL F*CKING MARIJUANA”* as they entered Colorado
Terra-lightning 2 gün önce
San Diego To Portland, Maine
Itz Vahl
Itz Vahl 2 gün önce
Jimmy Bear
Jimmy Bear 2 gün önce
Mrbeast video 10x
Jeremiah Suddreth
Jeremiah Suddreth 3 gün önce
Still not as bad as when You know moma is finna beat your behind when we get home.
Alex Bruno Carvalho
Alex Bruno Carvalho 3 gün önce
4:43 Nine out of ten dentists recommend brushing your teeth after every meal. LoL
Kyle Martin
Kyle Martin 3 gün önce
Please do Russia
Bojack Horseman
Bojack Horseman 3 gün önce
homie with the audi came through clutch as hell, perfect car for it too, cool vid, pc3!
Keane Nolan
Keane Nolan 3 gün önce
Yes do russia
Amanda Banana
Amanda Banana 3 gün önce
Lululemon is shit, and is known to be shit. I'm a little disappointed you collab'd with them, tbh. They do not have honesty or good faith as a company.
BrainWizard 3 gün önce
On mental toughness is it good book? Should I read it?
Afonso Marques
Afonso Marques 4 gün önce
I hope that soon, it will be possible to have these clothes in Portugal!
Zane Frohn
Zane Frohn 4 gün önce
Without internet for 5 months........ I literally had no entertainment...........
Hypebeast paradise
Hypebeast paradise 4 gün önce
ive been on a 3 day train from New York to New Mexico, it was terrible.
FreakyVines 4 gün önce
Definitely do the longest train ride in Russia!
Debarka Mukhopadhyay
Debarka Mukhopadhyay 4 gün önce
So it's not really the longest bus ride though. If you keep changing buses you can make your trip as long as you want.
ST6 5 gün önce
please do russia
Unheardmeat Studios
Unheardmeat Studios 5 gün önce
A moment of silence for the cameraman
au 5 gün önce
Portland is in Oregon
Михаил Кашкин
Михаил Кашкин 5 gün önce
Приезжайте в Россию
PaulPlaysStuff 6 gün önce
So basically, drum Corps?
Jason Muller
Jason Muller 6 gün önce
Would you ever do a Perth to Sydney trip? Would be interested to see that
Katherine 6 gün önce
Im an old lady and that was great fun and laughs LOL
Lucas Jean
Lucas Jean 6 gün önce
How about a new channel? No theory. I’d like it.
UrbexClimb 6 gün önce
Do Russia!
Pauli Helsi
Pauli Helsi 7 gün önce
Zac or Jay idk wich one is wich but one of them kinda looks like Matt from demolition ranch
Gab Is me
Gab Is me 7 gün önce
I can barely stand a 4 hour bus ride I can't imagine riding a 3 day bus ride
jamie 7 gün önce
Do Russia
Lisa Wilson
Lisa Wilson 7 gün önce
Wow, I live in Mt Vernon, IL. I know that interstate McDonalds.
Drew Schlosser
Drew Schlosser 7 gün önce
I took a bus trip from Salinas, CA to Charlotte, CA. 68 hours of hell!
Andrea DReyes
Andrea DReyes 7 gün önce
I call Kansas the state of corn and porn. I grew up in Kansas City, Missouri and I have NEVER seen so many signs of XXX just 10 miles off the highway. All 18 hours across the state, there were adult stores every exit.
Alexis Cormier
Alexis Cormier 5 gün önce
Andrea DReyes it’s all they have to do out there. My mom always you were lucky if you see a tree in Kansas
Sebastian Alvarez
Sebastian Alvarez 8 gün önce
Did the Tampa - Oregon thing
Emma Casey
Emma Casey 8 gün önce
Do Russia
Sacred Sun
Sacred Sun 8 gün önce
I used to take a bus from the deep south to Arizona every year or less. They take a lot of leg breaks.
D' Essay
D' Essay 8 gün önce
1.6 million thumbs down against 102 thousands thumbs up..relieved to see a majority agree this video is purposeless and useless.
musicallyrics 3
musicallyrics 3 8 gün önce
The crutch falling on him as they're chanting greyhound 😂😂
Sara Martin
Sara Martin 9 gün önce
Can I suggest the trip from Delhi in India to Pokhara in Nepal... including crossing the border...
Gediminas Garla
Gediminas Garla 9 gün önce
This is nothing compared to the bus ride from Rio to Lima.
Mike Wynn
Mike Wynn 9 gün önce
Y’all make life look sooooo good but it’s not 🙁
Parker t
Parker t 9 gün önce
That mother was probably dreading having to take her kid on a long bus ride across the country. Kids are super antsy and don't really process all that's going on or needs to happen. You guys seemed to make that little girls bus ride 10x better, and probably took a huge load off that mothers shoulders. I'm sure she was super appreciative, good on you guys!
ortiztuc1 9 gün önce
Done 48 hrs in a bus. I thought that was insane, and I'm 6'2
Sinister TV
Sinister TV 9 gün önce
Excited to see you do a bus trip up the country. Why not RV trip ocean to ocean stopping at camp grounds and rv parks meeting people along the way and stopping and see famous tourist spots. Maybe have a bunch of random challenges a long the way. Get out of your comfort zone and usual air travel ways and stick to the ground more. Been a personal goal of mine for many years. Wouldn't mind seeing your adventures as a sort of yellow brick road for an adventure of my own in the future. Love you guys and cant stop binge watching your videos. Much Love ♡ Jordan
Speedy 9 gün önce
Lol, I'm making a story about some kids riding a bus but for weeks in the apocalypse. Cool coincidence
AM MR 9 gün önce
Andrew Christison
Andrew Christison 9 gün önce
Jeffrey Champagne
Jeffrey Champagne 9 gün önce
Am I the only one who thought the thumbnail looked scary
Austin Holmes
Austin Holmes 9 gün önce
Anna Hovsepyan
Anna Hovsepyan 9 gün önce
Do Russia and take me with you, I’ll help translate 👌🏼
Zach Robledo
Zach Robledo 9 gün önce
Good to know the Yes Theory guys are prequel memers
stella hurtado
stella hurtado 9 gün önce
I am from salt lake city thats all :)
Lindan Cigars
Lindan Cigars 9 gün önce
Thanks for posting this. Used to do this in Europe in my younger years. Go to the train station on Friday when classes end, and see which train was interesting to hop on.
Yung Mosart
Yung Mosart 9 gün önce
you guys neeeeeeeed to do russia😱
Faroos 9 gün önce
peter fabian
peter fabian 9 gün önce
15:30 I love how he was gonna say "Too damn long" but then he realised he was on camera so he didnt wanna swear
Blake Shaffer
Blake Shaffer 10 gün önce
10:06 St. Louis... Illinois?
HOLDONFANKS 10 gün önce
"only people crazy enough to say yes." me: bruh id love this, id say yes in a heartbeat.
Barbriallen 10 gün önce
america is a continent
Wesley Ramberg
Wesley Ramberg 11 gün önce
Yo do the Russia trip please.
Damnboi its7am
Damnboi its7am 12 gün önce
Do Russia now you fucken pussies.
Peter Zeller
Peter Zeller 12 gün önce
12:10 Me every time I leave Kansas
JC Aranda
JC Aranda 13 gün önce
We are in “boys” Idaho 😅🙈
JC Aranda
JC Aranda 13 gün önce
Matt is too cool for school 😎
CoderShare 13 gün önce
When backpacking Europe, I used to book overnight bus journeys to avoid paying for a night in a hostel. Get a pillow and some ear plugs and you can sleep almost anywhere.
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