I've Eaten Only Mac & Cheese for the Past 17 Years, Here's Why

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Aylar önce

For most people, eating nothing but mac and cheese seems like a childhood fantasy. But for 20-year-old Austin Davis, who has been eating nothing but mac and cheese for the past 17 years, it’s not a fantasy -- it’s his reality and has become his affliction. For Austin, it’s about much more than just “liking” mac and cheese. Austin suffers from Selective Eating Disorder, also known as Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder, an anxiety disorder that’s characterized by the persistent refusal to eat specific foods or refusal to eat any type of food due to a negative response from certain sensory characteristics of that food.
VICE travels to Florida to meet Austin to learn more about the origins of his eating disorder and join him as he embarks on his journey towards recovery.
For more information and resources about eating disorders including ARFID, please visit www.allianceforeatingdisorders.com/
Watch our full video on what it's like to live with an eating disorder: trwomen.com/id/video-v1TWvXwgKr0.html
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Austin Davis
Austin Davis Aylar önce
This video turned out amazing guys! I really appreciate all you guys did for me. Lots of people in the comments confused or concerned. I appreciate all of the positive comments and all the negative ones are just too funny. For anyone interested, since this video was filmed I've lost a ton of weight, down to about 188 now (I was 245 when this was filmed) nothing but pasta makes it difficult but I'm getting there! Working with Ashley has been amazing. Keep making great stuff guys!
Bom Aylar önce
You're a Chad Austin
dylan Stinson
dylan Stinson Aylar önce
Good for you man!
The Ghost
The Ghost Aylar önce
You look like Mac n cheese
Jazz Mina
Jazz Mina Aylar önce
you look so cute here Austin :)
Brenden Barnett
Brenden Barnett Aylar önce
I was going to say something snarky just to be funny but I do honestly understand how anxiety and needing a specific thing to get by. I hope you continue to be well my dude.
Jaleel Sobers
Jaleel Sobers 5 dakika önce
His parents are bad parents
Allie Cheatwood
Allie Cheatwood 32 dakika önce
This makes me want Mac and Cheese. Anybody else?
BLADE Curtis
BLADE Curtis Saatler önce
Imagine this guy seeing costco's bucket of Mac and cheese
TARAJOSU Saatler önce
now I want mac and cheese.
TARAJOSU Saatler önce
Actually, I'm going to the neighborhood Walmart and getting this brand to better understand his experience.
Jomanie 2 saatler önce
Wait are they playing the same game or are those controllers props
mescetacy 3 saatler önce
I wonder if someone with this strong of a taste aversion has ever tried cunnilingus.
Annabelle Marsden
Annabelle Marsden 4 saatler önce
Of all the things to be addicted to.....mac n cheese?!
NeWx89 4 saatler önce
There has to be a lot of protein and vitamin deficiencies when eating the same thing all the time. It can be deadly.
Джон и Ева
Джон и Ева 4 saatler önce
This makes me want some mac and cheese.
Bryce Walburn
Bryce Walburn 4 saatler önce
These comments are horrible
domenic sutter
domenic sutter 4 saatler önce
Bro u gotta try the Cracker Barrel shit is straight fire🔥🔥
Paper Box
Paper Box 5 saatler önce
This guy is going to have some major health issues by the time he's in his early 40's. He's destroyed his gut biome. He's not getting micronutrients and vitamins he needs. Which in the short term doesn't feel like much. He may show some signs, like mild random headaches.... Or constipation stuff that isn't a big red flag. He will continue to destroy his body till it gives out and starts causing real issues.
ezebob 5 saatler önce
No one noticed his desktop login name is "Itta Pupu"? Just me? Ok
Tadas J.
Tadas J. 5 saatler önce
2 years with therapist and nothing? Therapist know how to have stable hours :D
omar ahmed
omar ahmed 5 saatler önce
What a puss
Ben Dodd
Ben Dodd 8 saatler önce
This is what your kids turn out to be when you don't make them eat other foods as a small child. I bet his mother fed him "whatever he will eat" and then he is spoiled for life. I grew up eating what my mom put on the table or you didn't eat.
Alec Hänninen
Alec Hänninen 11 saatler önce
He is only 20 and he is already in bad condition. Overweight.
Brian Henry
Brian Henry 12 saatler önce
Dude - your colon will be clogged and the negative health impact is off the charts. I hope one of your counselors has the balls to tell you that you will be suffering the consequences for years.
Matthew Green
Matthew Green 12 saatler önce
He looks like a pale ghost.
Gabriel Cordova
Gabriel Cordova 13 saatler önce
give this man weed
novemberSUN1 13 saatler önce
At least have wholesome ingredients...freshly made pasta and actual cheese...
J. Davis
J. Davis 14 saatler önce
Here's why: mental illness. End of video.
Sophie Auld
Sophie Auld 15 saatler önce
Okay but this has to be exaggeration on some level because he literally would have died of scurvy
ZX10rjet 16 saatler önce
The boxing coach said he gotta eat better to do better in boxing but the coach out there looking like a damn working van himself
Tom Fox
Tom Fox 16 saatler önce
This is a really cool, and insightful video. Thanks for sharing. Austin I hope all is well for you, thank you for sharing your story, you are incredibly brave!!
mark kevorkian
mark kevorkian 16 saatler önce
This is a goof. How could you even find out if it was true? Why does vice waste their time on this idiot and his phony bullshit.
Krissie 16 saatler önce
Good luck to you, Austin! You have all the makings of a vegan in you since you've already been meat-free for so long! Whatever you choose, I wish you lots of health and a long, happy life! ❤️
amado negron gonzales
amado negron gonzales 17 saatler önce
Ofc he’s from Florida 🤣
YoureAMess 19 saatler önce
I like how self aware he is. He knows there is an issue, he knows it's bad for you, he wants to change, but he can't without help.
A Rico
A Rico 19 saatler önce
very self aware but terrified of change. this guys parents are to blame. its a 100% mental issue
Vadim Karchemkin
Vadim Karchemkin 19 saatler önce
The coach himself needs to get in better shape
Nathaniel Beven
Nathaniel Beven 19 saatler önce
"im not crazy, it has a name" well...it having a name doesnt mean its not crazy :-)
Nathaniel Beven
Nathaniel Beven 20 saatler önce
"I'm not a heathen, I use silverware" eats out of the pan. Almost my dude, almost.
Roger 20 saatler önce
I’m craving Mac n Cheese
Geo_Star 20 saatler önce
"A man ate nothing buy Mac & Cheese for 17 years, here's what happened to his kidneys"
Jared Storck
Jared Storck 21 saatler önce
Somebody get this man a waffle
stacey jones
stacey jones 21 saatler önce
And hes still alive?? Wow
Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson 21 saatler önce
Oh shit, he's from Florida, big fucking surprise there.
Hey There Stranger
Hey There Stranger 21 saatler önce
Sponsored by Velveeta
Dave Smith
Dave Smith 22 saatler önce
Typical Snowflake!
Knock Em Down Airsoft
Knock Em Down Airsoft 22 saatler önce
Let dude starve for about 3 days, I promise he would love a tbone. I bet ppl in Africa don't EVER have this probelm.
Happ Loc
Happ Loc 22 saatler önce
Was this foo and his friend just playin xbox and playstation at the same damn time
Danny 23 saatler önce
He sounds like Danny McBride
dachicagoan Gün önce
There are probably several million Americans that have this same diet LOL
I blame his parents. At some point I feel they reinforced this.
Silva Wanderlie
Silva Wanderlie Gün önce
Lol he is retarded, i have never tryed mac n cheese, sounds disgusting only carbs and fat..
Alexander Dadras
Alexander Dadras Gün önce
he looks like hes been eating mac and cheese for seventeen years
かずとKazuto Gün önce
You should try adding hotdogs or pork sausages to the mac and cheese. I recommend it heavily
かずとKazuto Gün önce
You should try adding hotdogs or pork sausages to the mac and cheese. I recommend it heavily
Born2fap Gün önce
doing dishes after cooking, is for BOOMERS
Ailis Mullins
Ailis Mullins Gün önce
What an amazing dude, taking his life back into his own hands. I'm sorry you lived through the abuse, so glad you're in control of your future !
so u mean to tell me this dude ate nothing but mac n cheese since he was 3 yrs old.... interesting.
juice ginner
juice ginner Gün önce
I know exactly what he means about gagging. I cant eat bell peppers or those green crunchy vegetables like broccoli and lettuces 🤢🤢🤢🤢
Johnston Steiner
Johnston Steiner Gün önce
Yeah I eat the bush.
Brandie Heart
Brandie Heart Gün önce
good for you, austin! i love your spirit and how you seem to take negativity with stride. you're a tough and strong noodle of a guy! as someone with a long extended history of an eating disorder that nearly took my life more than once, i definitely get the concept of food rituals and rituals with or surrounding said food(s) (like using the same pan, same brand, same amount etc ) and you're so great for coming out with your personal story that is so open, and honest. I'm so proud of how determined you are to stay as healthy as you can through your journey. and remember... carbs are what fuels your brain!
jeffbrownme2 Gün önce
Youd think he'd at least try to make some home made Mac and cheese and get away from the prepackaged ones
Brandie Heart
Brandie Heart Gün önce
it's a sort of Obessive compulsion which is why he always goes to the same brand mostly, and uses the same pot, same size packaging, etc.
Elijah Sky
Elijah Sky Gün önce
He was emotionally attached to mac n cheese down to some fucked up thing that happened to him. Next time dont be so quick to judge someone for being different, it's quite likely that a traumatic event made them the way they are🙏
Heat.Trades Gün önce
The more this guy eats Mac and cheese he gonna look like a macaroni
Sean Callan
Sean Callan Gün önce
Don't worry about your future kids diet Austin... trust me
Sean Callan
Sean Callan Gün önce
His coach doesn't look like a diet roll model either. jeesh
Sean Callan
Sean Callan Gün önce
Failure to launch...... He is going to be living there a lot longer than his 30th birthday Granny.
Sean Callan
Sean Callan Gün önce
"I'm not heathen. I use a fork, straight out of the pot!. oh wait... doh!!!"
Sean Callan
Sean Callan Gün önce
You can go blind from not eating properly over a long period of time.. Good luck
Josel De Leon
Josel De Leon Gün önce
Have you tried french fries
Smeario Gün önce
Do people in the U.S have KD?
Tyson Ogloff
Tyson Ogloff Gün önce
Does anyone else hear the voice of Danny Mcbride when this dude talks?
Cesar Luna
Cesar Luna Gün önce
Grow tf up
Cesar Luna
Cesar Luna Gün önce
Haley B
Haley B Gün önce
Dam I want some of that Mac now!!!
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