Impeachment Hearings: All The President’s Men Colluded | Full Frontal on TBS

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Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

7 aylar önce

The impeachment hearings continued this week with more witnesses, most notably the US ambassador to the EU, Gordon Sondland, who gave a damning testimony. Will this be enough to convince republicans? Hint: it won’t.
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Armenia Jones
Armenia Jones 5 aylar önce
No impeachment but the Wall of trumpput the wall up
SmellyFeet 5 aylar önce
Sam is THE best when it comes to political satire. Her writers are amazing, and her delivery is magnificent.
This is Corporate Media campaigning to get TRUMP RE-ELECTED just like how they got TRUMP elected last time by giving him $$BILLIONS in Free Media Coverage.
Trump will NEVER be convicted. But the Trial DEFINITELY WILL CONTINUE to drive UP Trumps approval ratings and ensure he gets re-elected.
Sam Bee LOVES TRUMP. Here she pushes Impeachment which has boasted TRUMPS APPROVAL Rating by 8%.... SO FAR.
Bobby Collins
Bobby Collins 6 aylar önce
and of course, nothing is or going to happen!
BRONXbeatz 7 aylar önce
@Full Frontal with Samantha Bee why did you leave out the most important part where sonderland says everything was down to his assumption's? you are a sneaky lier geeeez!
Ronald Miller
Ronald Miller 7 aylar önce
This is an actual show? Wow TV is really going down hill
John Doe
John Doe 7 aylar önce
Breaking news! Trump didn’t do anything illegal and he’s actually not going to get impeached!
Bill 7 aylar önce
This woman is proof that you don't need intelligence to host a show.
paw crawl Owens
paw crawl Owens 7 aylar önce
TRUMP 2020!
Dixie Ten Broeck
Dixie Ten Broeck 7 aylar önce
Sam Bee, *you are **_the best_** !*
James B
James B 7 aylar önce
How do people watch this garbage?
RED S7VN 7 aylar önce
Typical BS... Dimocrats lose the election in immediately Trump needs to be impeached and then spend his whole presidency trying to do so. NEWS FLASH....Trump hasn't done anything wrong unless you count bringing down unemployment to record lows boosting our economy to record highs and actually giving the US real foreign policy. I love it when they asked all the supposed whistleblowers if any of them had direct evidence that Trump had done anything wrong none of them raise their hand not a single one.
Pam Timmins
Pam Timmins 7 aylar önce
Impeach Indict Jail trump! SAVE OUR COUNTRY AND THE REST OF THE WORLD FROM trump and the cowardly gop thugs!.....sondland sang like no orher, he wanted to make sure they all went down together. trump is a nasty lying piece of sh*t. I hate trump, if anyone needs to be Impeached and removed from the White House and put into the Big House it's trump.
Geoffrey England
Geoffrey England 7 aylar önce
I love Devin Nunes. He looks just like the contents of my cat litter tray.
Lex K
Lex K 7 aylar önce
Nunes looked like he shat in his underwear and was worried if someone got a whiff of it.
Sonic Says
Sonic Says 7 aylar önce
This is sad that you people actually believe he’s gonna be removed from office 😑
Jeff Jeffries
Jeff Jeffries 7 aylar önce
Hearing /seeing an overuse /repeating of "actually", "obviously" and other words /phrases? Learn more about the paid trolls @ Allegedly
Shays my Name
Shays my Name 7 aylar önce
I think the trump cabinet thought that if they ALL claimed they all knew the telephone conversation was perfect and they all knew quid pro quickie was going on that they can't all be charged so they all knew...
Eric Burkheimer
Eric Burkheimer 7 aylar önce
3:31 Just wanna give a shout out to one of Florida's Democratic congresswomen, and former Police Chief, Val Demings.
Eric Burkheimer
Eric Burkheimer 7 aylar önce
I'm sorry, but I like Sondland. Yeah, he bought his ambassadorship, but I would too. And he only told the truth because he got caught... But there's just something about him.
Kirk Stamps
Kirk Stamps 7 aylar önce
Samantha bee looks, acts, and talks like the trailer park trash that appears on Jerry springers show... and possibly a Harvey Weinstein girl...
Rennay Hinds
Rennay Hinds 7 aylar önce
Nunes's face looked like his wife just admitted on live tv that likes to where her underwear lol.
jeddak 7 aylar önce
339 holdouts still feel Mr Trump is being treated unfairly
molly cruz
molly cruz 7 aylar önce
Or Robert Downey Jr. anyway.
Edward Lindon
Edward Lindon 7 aylar önce
A little hoarse, but still razor sharp.
bigjimmy 299
bigjimmy 299 7 aylar önce
I try to come and have an objective opinion, but this lady just takes it all out of context! Were gonna have a civil war and were ready! We have most of the guns!!! Good luck commies!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Cap'n caviar
Cap'n caviar 7 aylar önce
Somehow this is a lower point in Nunes life than the time he sued a fake twitter cow
Kevin Metz
Kevin Metz 7 aylar önce
Sondlands testimony was so damning Democrats don’t want to impeach anymore!
Kevin Metz
Kevin Metz 7 aylar önce
I feel sorry for people who get their news from people like this. Implicated Mike Pence? Missed that one.
Kevin Metz
Kevin Metz 7 aylar önce
Good job not showing him answering questions, then it would be in context.
mypassword ispassword
mypassword ispassword 7 aylar önce
Samantha bee looks like corey chase without the glasses.
Jerzy Feliks
Jerzy Feliks 7 aylar önce
You have to give it to Nunes, he came prepared, he brought tissues with him.
ms 3533
ms 3533 7 aylar önce
Can’t impeach progress !Trump 2020🇺🇸👍
My McKnight
My McKnight 7 aylar önce
Trump must have really fawked Sondland over big-time. Lol! 😆
Chrystal Jenkins
Chrystal Jenkins 7 aylar önce
Samantha is HILARIOUS😂😂😂
Eleanor Fudge
Eleanor Fudge 7 aylar önce
At 02:40, I also would have accepted "The Sound of Silence" by Simon & Garfunkel or "Just" by Radiohead.
Serephine Castro
Serephine Castro 7 aylar önce
Your show is garbage
dugfriendly 7 aylar önce
The senate won’t care how bad the evidence is. Mitch is gonna Mitch and continue his destruction of everything good.
Ryan, ndo
Ryan, ndo 7 aylar önce
Hillarybots still keeping Samantha's garbage career afloat.. lolz
Tucker Gary
Tucker Gary 7 aylar önce
you got it sam. humpty dump trump jumped off the wall and all of his minions can't save him
Catherine Gold
Catherine Gold 7 aylar önce
Oh my god, Trump’ s note is sooooooooooooo sad!! AAAAAWKWARD 😳😂😂
Catherine Gold
Catherine Gold 7 aylar önce
It is amazing that the most “entertaining” witness was the one who said “it was a quid pro quo.”
Noz Mo
Noz Mo 7 aylar önce
6:31... After you get caught with the cookie in your mouth, it's too late to put it back in the jar!
Noz Mo
Noz Mo 7 aylar önce
Oh s#!t ! Sondland thinks this will help him when he decides to run for president!
Richard Willette
Richard Willette 7 aylar önce
But... but.... but Hillary But.... but.... but Biden
ProjectFlashlight612 7 aylar önce
What's truly staggering about this is that these bungling crooks really thought they would get away with it. Even though a seven year old could have done a better concealment job.
Glenn Fuller
Glenn Fuller 7 aylar önce
I might not like this guy too much, but when the chips were down he did the right thing (but perhaps not for the right reason). He did NOT come across as an idiot.
M C Smith
M C Smith 7 aylar önce
Dear Samantha, your voice may not be at its very best, but, as usual, the words you say are pure gold. XOXO
Julie Henderson
Julie Henderson 7 aylar önce
Its "Conspiracy" not Collusion. Conspiracy is illegal. Collusion is not a legal term.
riley stown
riley stown 7 aylar önce
is it weird i prefer the hoarse voice?
Nj Osborne
Nj Osborne 7 aylar önce
They have taken tonight’s The Rachael Maddow Show off the air. She busted the thing wide open. Please, 👉🏽 visit “American Oversight” 👈🏾 They have this latest on the Ukraine With “Dozens” yet to come😘 Going beyond suppression For records our that Congress cannot get Using, the Freedom of Information Act🇺🇸
Bec Lane
Bec Lane 7 aylar önce
When Trump said "I want nothing" in front of the chopper, he actually sounded like a comedian doing a Trump impression.
Jessie Valentine
Jessie Valentine 7 aylar önce
Aww, does she have a cold? Her voice sounds a little raspy, but it could just be me...
Adar Watso
Adar Watso 7 aylar önce
Where can I get a Devin Nunes and Jim Jordan, they make great snakes for my snake collection
Adar Watso
Adar Watso 7 aylar önce
Do you remember when Obama wore a tan suit while saving the economy of the USA Republicans?
James Graham
James Graham 7 aylar önce
End of the road donnie boy
Trumpty Dumpty your fall is coming!
Trumpty Dumpty your fall is coming! 7 aylar önce
The writings on the wall, so Putin's already working on who his next Asset President will be.
Singing Bananas
Singing Bananas 7 aylar önce
Hilarious. 😂
Brian N Stone
Brian N Stone 7 aylar önce
"The call is coming from inside the house!"
Sully Tyler
Sully Tyler 7 aylar önce
At 5:03, I wonder who are the couple in the background with the kid on the skateboard.
Michael L. Snowden
Michael L. Snowden 7 aylar önce
He has a 'Get out of Jail Free Card'!
JN West
JN West 7 aylar önce
Trump admitted to his crimes on TV. Play those clips at the impeachment hearing. Still won’t be enough for Republicans because they are also owned by the Russians.
nina schust
nina schust 7 aylar önce
I love how Sondland emphasises that he uses a lot of 4 - letter words when communicating with Trump. He makes outright fun of him not being intelligent enough to understand more complicated or longer words 😉
Bessie Staton
Bessie Staton 7 aylar önce
Trump will not be impeached . He will wiggle his way out of this situation.. The whistle-blower came forward too soon. I would like to see Trump impeached Satan's chosen one need get out of the White. House .He have done a lot of things wrong, so far they are not impeachable crimes. Trump need to make one big mistake soon.
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith 7 aylar önce
It would be hard to married to Samantha Bee. She'd make fun of your shoes and your mom. It would be 4th grade all over again
Debbie Gross
Debbie Gross 7 aylar önce
I don't know what I would do without Full Frontal with Samantha Bee!
Lauren-Kate Kush
Lauren-Kate Kush 7 aylar önce
Samantha B is crushing the impeachment coverage.
Cyrus Slapatich
Cyrus Slapatich 7 aylar önce
You know what Miss Bee if any of your pinhead audience had watched the Impeachment hearings they would know that Sondland latter admitted that there was no quid pro quo. Not that they would know what quid pro quo means.
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