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James Charles

James Charles

Aylar önce

Hi Sisters! As you know, I've been working on something really, really big. Well, it's finally here... my own reality competition show! Instant Influencer premieres April 24th, for free HERE on my channel, with new episodes weekly. You DON’T want to miss it!
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Nicolas Castillo Yambot
Nicolas Castillo Yambot 12 saatler önce
I want to injoy on instant influencer for my famely
Yostin Lami
Yostin Lami 2 gün önce
Adoptmelover !
Adoptmelover ! 2 gün önce
Elizabeth Christou
Elizabeth Christou 2 gün önce
This is like an American version of glow up but more camera presence to it.
anwar Ahmed
anwar Ahmed 2 gün önce
0:25 omg✨
Mxrgan’s Glow
Mxrgan’s Glow 4 gün önce
The best thing out of this: Paris Hilton’s dog, 👁👅👁
Vicky 5 gün önce
*00:42* _DON'T CRY BABY_
Georgia’s World
Georgia’s World 7 gün önce
did y’all not see Caroline Ricke????
praveena baby
praveena baby 7 gün önce
happy birthday james ........this may 23rd...brings u all the love n support.....😍😊😊
Gabhrhihela 9 gün önce
How do I addition
Szymon Lampa
Szymon Lampa 9 gün önce
I'm gonna miss instant influence
trieu huy phan
trieu huy phan 9 gün önce
ashley wins
Natalie Ramirez
Natalie Ramirez 10 gün önce
What you guys know tomorrow I’ll
Cakes 12 gün önce
Ashley won
Vicki Pascoe
Vicki Pascoe 12 gün önce
Who is watching in quarantine after all episodes
Savannah Wold
Savannah Wold 13 gün önce
How can I apply for the next season tho
fifa19 12 gün önce
somewhere in october or september he will put a video out saying the auditions can already start and all of that
Jennifer Vee
Jennifer Vee 13 gün önce
Where did they sign up ??
Jennifer Vee
Jennifer Vee 10 gün önce
fifa19 hell yeah , wish I would’ve known about it before lol
fifa19 12 gün önce
you're new here i can totally see that LMFAO
Brock Byfield
Brock Byfield 14 gün önce
Who’s watching when Ashley won
Numblame _.
Numblame _. 14 gün önce
Watching this back,and knowing who the winner is makes me feel special
Bryson S
Bryson S 14 gün önce
who’s here after Ashley won ?
Chloe Louise
Chloe Louise 14 gün önce
Ashley won
Lily Cole
Lily Cole 14 gün önce
I hope they make more seasons. 🥺🥺 ***Remember to blend but not blend in- James Charles 2020***
Like who is waiting for episode 4 of Instant Influencer AND are bored waiting for the premiere 😂😂 Edit:Man less than a minute and ALREADY a like?!
asui 14 gün önce
Yugvijay 14 gün önce
My favourite show
Yugvijay 14 gün önce
『Yqhurt 』
『Yqhurt 』 15 gün önce
Conspiracy : *Paris hilton is the dog, and her dog is the judge..*
Briella Gaus
Briella Gaus 15 gün önce
I can't wait to see tomorrow's episode
Briella Gaus
Briella Gaus 15 gün önce
Hello sister James I love the show and I love all the content
Bartosz Siwek
Bartosz Siwek 15 gün önce
Spierda**jcie naszpecone k**wy
Katie _Plays
Katie _Plays 15 gün önce
Is it on Netflix??
Queen Stella
Queen Stella 15 gün önce
OMG.........I LOVE you!! ❤
Le Thach
Le Thach 16 gün önce
omg caroline rick's video in the intro omg😭shes so funny and they rlly put her in thereee
Mint Love
Mint Love 16 gün önce
I'm waiting for Episode 4
Sydney Brown
Sydney Brown 17 gün önce
Where do you watch it
Atubilam Gigi
Atubilam Gigi 17 gün önce
Hi sisters
navpreet boparai
navpreet boparai 18 gün önce
Please do it!!🌸
navpreet boparai
navpreet boparai 18 gün önce
Hey sis I was i’m wondering if you could do a giveaway coronavirus edition!!!🦋
Angel Her
Angel Her 19 gün önce
Ivan biggest fan of your Tik Tok
Itz Me Diana
Itz Me Diana 19 gün önce
Since when did James Charles start doing his makeup? AMAZING SIS
Movie Dog
Movie Dog 19 gün önce
Is he or she
Joseph C
Joseph C 20 gün önce
rupauls drag race may the best woman win
Jayda Cassanova
Jayda Cassanova 20 gün önce
Laura Walkendorf
Laura Walkendorf 20 gün önce
When you realize that Kailin is 24 and married and Ashley is 28 and has a child and they’re both older than James
Flavia De Brito
Flavia De Brito 17 gün önce
yeah... i already knew that :/
NataliaPaw 20 gün önce
Love this show! Love you James!
Fun Faith
Fun Faith 20 gün önce
What about quarantine tho coz they will be next to each other ??
Fun Faith
Fun Faith 19 gün önce
@Me oh thank God haaa
Me 20 gün önce
Fun Faith they filmed this before the whole quarantine thing.
TheChosenMalfoy 20 gün önce
Who's here when the final trio got announced and are trying to dig scenes from this video?
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler 21 gün önce
This is why you should send your child to the army.
Jalal Khorfan
Jalal Khorfan 17 gün önce
Step sister
shrija ojha
shrija ojha 18 gün önce
Step sister
Hrishita Bhattacharya
Hrishita Bhattacharya 21 gün önce
This is how many people are addicted to "INSTANT INFLUENCER" ❤️💜💙 👇🏻 👇🏻
Dylan Loose
Dylan Loose 21 gün önce
I almost had a heart attack when he said free XD 😂
An actual Model
An actual Model 21 gün önce
When he said beauty superstar all I thought of is antm and ruptured drag. Like...James u ain’t no Tyra banks or bald headed miss Paul...i-
Jughead Jones
Jughead Jones 21 gün önce
Guys, this is the trailer for the entire show, not for Episode 3. Benny isn't crying in this cause he did something wrong LOL
Daniel Mitric
Daniel Mitric 21 gün önce
👁 👁 👅
Red Pandas Rule!
Red Pandas Rule! 21 gün önce
CUT! (Period.)
Cruzin' with Kal
Cruzin' with Kal 21 gün önce
I can't wait for episode 3 to come out today!! I have watched episodes 1 and 2, and I'm sister super obsessed with instant influencer!!!
Madison Ashton
Madison Ashton 22 gün önce
anyone know what time the episodes come out?
Haley Smith
Haley Smith 22 gün önce
After all the drama back in 2019, James has come back better than ever and is making names for himself. So proud of u man. ❤️
kqvre 22 gün önce
Arturo Garcia
Arturo Garcia 22 gün önce
Bob Angelo
Bob Angelo 22 gün önce
Omg bretmanrock
Lina 22 gün önce
I LOVE THIS I LOVE THIS SO MUCH Ok like I won't actually watch it because I'm not that interested in make up reality shows but I want to see James get so big, he deserves it so much
Exhile 23 gün önce
I love you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Emily Rios
Emily Rios 23 gün önce
Which day and time does it come out on in the week
Emily Rios
Emily Rios 23 gün önce
Jon Doughy tysm
Jon Doughy
Jon Doughy 23 gün önce
Emily Rios Friday and 12 pm Pacific time
Carmen Roman
Carmen Roman 23 gün önce
Love it
Maha Murtaza10
Maha Murtaza10 23 gün önce
when will u post new eps
Fernanda Mejia
Fernanda Mejia 23 gün önce
chriss g
chriss g 23 gün önce
britney didn’t deserve to leave
natalia **
natalia ** 24 gün önce
wait did you see the way how benny was crying? This is coming from a person that only seen 2 episodes because apparently i cant binge. anyways i really want to know what episode is that- ive been WAITING
iiAngieCream 21 gün önce
natalia ** episode 3 if I’m sure.
Androva J.
Androva J. 23 gün önce
Probably next episode I'm so excited
imaan abdi
imaan abdi 24 gün önce
Can we just talk about how bomb everyone looks in the thumbnail?
dadaism2 25 gün önce
Naomi Marin
Naomi Marin 25 gün önce
dude this came out on my birthday
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