iOS 14 Leaks! iPad Pro w/ Trackpad, Apple Watch Series 6 & StudioPods

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Brian Tong

Brian Tong

4 aylar önce

iOS 14 leaks from 9to5Mac reveal new details about iPadOS and a new Smart Keyboard with Trackpad. Apple Watch Series 6 and watchOS 7 brings new hardware and software, and the first icon of the Apple over the ear headphones.
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Califun0000 2 aylar önce
Great I just got a series 5 watch
Ken E
Ken E 2 aylar önce
I feel like I’m the only person waiting for some iMac news 🤦🏻‍♂️
Kim Rene Jensen
Kim Rene Jensen 3 aylar önce
WOW... Soon IOS may be doing what Android has done for years... Apple knows that EU is going to demand changes to iOS like they did to Microsoft Windows and Android.
PERIODT HOe! 3 aylar önce
Kristian Oreskov-Bovbjerg
Kristian Oreskov-Bovbjerg 3 aylar önce
Should i go for apple watch Series 5 or wait???
mrgoinin 4 aylar önce
Your the man . Watching this channel since CNET! Glad your on your own
Steve Burdex
Steve Burdex 4 aylar önce
Is the pro keyboard only for IPad Pro or will the ipads have this option also?
Raymond Vasquez
Raymond Vasquez 4 aylar önce
Long time subscriber bro. Keep up the great work
john roberts
john roberts 4 aylar önce
I love your videos. Very informative! Thank you Brian!!
Child Baby
Child Baby 4 aylar önce
I’m so excited for the new iPad. I want Apple to hurry up and release it though
Dominik 4 aylar önce
Daniel Lyons
Daniel Lyons 4 aylar önce
yes! Apple is the most abusive relationship in tech!
Jahson Star420
Jahson Star420 4 aylar önce
AutoSleep is my sleeping app on my Apple Watch
Dr.Jekyll 4 aylar önce
Sneak pick leak or the KKK lmao 😂
Ruchit Rana
Ruchit Rana 4 aylar önce
Hello Brian’s mom i know u read all the comments. Your son is doing great job....
TechMishMosh Adeel
TechMishMosh Adeel 4 aylar önce
Nice Video Brian. Hope to have iPad pro with smart keyboards trackpad soon
Navjot Singh Sandhu
Navjot Singh Sandhu 4 aylar önce
No one ever thought about blood oxygen level until apple...😑
Heck Yea
Heck Yea 4 aylar önce
Apple still has the best quality software and ecosystem .. everything just works so seamless and performs flawless.
leofranssen 4 aylar önce
Watch working with Freestyle blood glucose sensor is the thing I am waiting on for years now. Any Apple Watch blood glucose sensoring....
Dave Ahart
Dave Ahart 4 aylar önce
Thanks BT for bringing us updates! Looking forward to the next Apple launch! I won’t wear a watch to bed, so I don’t care about that. Head phones...maybe, but already have Bose and skull candy, not sure I am going to invest in a third set. Track pad on the iPad, maybe....not sure it is a game changer to replace the iPad Pro I already have.
curmudgeon 4 aylar önce
Hi Brian Tong's mom.
Dwade561 4 aylar önce
I wonder if they will ever add 120 Hz screen to the Apple Watch 🤔
g4meboy13 4 aylar önce
When that new iPad Pro comes out i may upgrade if it's a substantial leap over the current one I may even skip the next one
L Vino
L Vino 4 aylar önce
Why did he keep saying iOS? Isn‘t it iPad OS?
elem2618 4 aylar önce
Reminds me a bit of B&O styling
Jack Kuncze
Jack Kuncze 4 aylar önce
Damm I thought you would have more followers than u have
Aerych Grutzmacher
Aerych Grutzmacher 4 aylar önce
nice job... i love this... can't wait to see the new Ipad pro - Pro Keyboard.
plezx29 4 aylar önce
Basically, the NSA wants to know if you're still alive regarding the apps on the iWatch, lol
Guy Cruls
Guy Cruls 4 aylar önce
left unclear whether current ipad pros will get the upgraded keyboard...
DJ BULLET 4 aylar önce
So basically they are turning the #IPad back into a #MacbookPro,,,am I the only one who doesn't see how this looks hilariously stupid lmaoo!!!
Wind-In My-Face
Wind-In My-Face 4 aylar önce
That was a lot of information, great job! Personally I’m really liking those Apple Watch improvements. I already have Bose headphones so don’t need anything there.
raphy J
raphy J 4 aylar önce
What are the release date estimates for all these?
Let’s Find Out
Let’s Find Out 4 aylar önce
“And I, brethren, when I came to you, came not with excellency of speech or of wisdom, declaring unto you the testimony of God. For I determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified. And I was with you in weakness, and in fear, and in much trembling. And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man's wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power: That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.” ‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭2:1-5‬ ‭KJV‬‬
Wong Tran
Wong Tran 4 aylar önce
you cant do sleep tracking cos you need to charge the bloody thing when you're sleeping cos the battery is shit.
skyler warren
skyler warren 4 aylar önce
1:30am who need sleep when theers tech news
Christopher Maluya
Christopher Maluya 4 aylar önce
4:03 ( Stockholm Syndrome?
john condron
john condron 4 aylar önce
How about a bigger one
Chris Reynolds
Chris Reynolds 4 aylar önce
Ios 14.... do they fix shitty Bluetooth drivers? Maybe make even the AirPod pros be more stable? Just s thought...
Jonah Kaplan
Jonah Kaplan 4 aylar önce
i just hope the new keyboard works with the current 2018 ipad pros since it is supposedly going to have the same design
Abhishek Kalla
Abhishek Kalla 4 aylar önce
Hey Brian, been watching your clips for a while now. Nice job with the previews and the honest look at all things Apple. I keep wondering why Apple has never bothered to update the Music app with a landscape feature, which could be useful in many ways. It seems like after all the refreshed devices and IOS versions, they could have spent just a nanosecond on improving that app (basically the thing that launched the iPod).
Tony Nicklow
Tony Nicklow 4 aylar önce
It's so silly that people buy iPads when the surface and other PC 2-in-1 exist for less than a stupidly overpriced iPad. You guys are excited about something that has existed for almost a decade, lol. Why does Apple have you so brainwashed that you pay soooo much more than you have to and you get lower specs and a mobile OS for so much more??? It doesn't make any sense. How has Apple brainwashed you?
The Mighty
The Mighty 4 aylar önce
Apple is making a comeback & I'm coming back to Apple as soon as the iPhone 12 surfaces. Looking forward to the iPad with keypad & watch
Christopher Sullivan
Christopher Sullivan 4 aylar önce
Unless true multitasking will be introduced, iOS 14 is just another update that isn’t that exciting to me. I want to see this introduced for the iPhones because android phones have had this feature for years but iPhone is still stuck in the Stone Age without that feature smh.
Ad Den
Ad Den 4 aylar önce
a sleep app? my samsung tab got that feature already, no need for an overpriced watch for that.
Paul Williams
Paul Williams 4 aylar önce
I love my iPad Pro , but never was a fan of the smart Keyboard Folio, but if it brings an trackpad to the keyboard ⌨️ along with the scissor switch . I’m def going to invest in that
Tankypoo 4 aylar önce
none of it..... i've been duped by apple since the original i phone and 1st generation i pad. I still have them both, but as they update the firmware, the devices have been rendered a £700 device useless, and my 2011 imac which i can barely do much on...... £1,200 down the drain. I refuse to buy the over priced 2 - 5 year shelf life devices.
jackal monkey
jackal monkey 4 aylar önce
I got so used to listening to your pod cast I didn’t notice you had newer videos
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 4 aylar önce
It’s everything! Thanks for your support!
Egner Ozo
Egner Ozo 4 aylar önce
Now heading to microsoft surface pro... interesting to see that...
S Tea
S Tea 4 aylar önce
right now, all we need is an imask and icure
Peter Peter
Peter Peter 4 aylar önce
299 for the pro keyboard? Thats basicly the price of the base ipad.
Peter Peter
Peter Peter 4 aylar önce
Brian Tong nope Dx
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 4 aylar önce
Would it surprise you?
Squall Leonhart
Squall Leonhart 4 aylar önce
I had a messy divorce from Samsung and Google and have an iPhone but is not the biggest fan. I would just like to remind people that Samsung Active has an option to do blood pressure measurement. Do you think Apple will do it by 2025-2030?
Chris Pacman
Chris Pacman 4 aylar önce
They really need to redesign the apps. iOS looks very boring now
Sayed Kamran Nasir
Sayed Kamran Nasir 4 aylar önce
If Apple can add functionality to measure the Hormones level of blood will be great.
Steven Sleight
Steven Sleight 4 aylar önce
iPad OS with trackpad and Apple Watch SPO2 would be two game changers for me!
Ricky Gallegos
Ricky Gallegos 4 aylar önce
So will the new iPad Pro be a real option to replace a laptop for people who are interested in doing stuff like video editing
Jacob Dylan
Jacob Dylan 4 aylar önce
You said you wanna know what I think, so I think that you revealed lackluster news and just talked way too much about nothing. You were also very annoying through the entire process
Saffire Animation
Saffire Animation 4 aylar önce
Love your videos. I just bought an ipad pro 11...i would hate apple if they release a new one this March
Alan Gillette
Alan Gillette 4 aylar önce
Please Apple with that back lighting
Old Guy Grows
Old Guy Grows 4 aylar önce
Apple’s painfully slow rollout of features makes me crazy.
Ronel Mesaros
Ronel Mesaros 3 aylar önce
You’re not alone
Mark Graham
Mark Graham 4 aylar önce
Hey Brian’s Mom! You did good with him. Great video took and looking forward to the iPad Pro keyboard!
Bob Ma
Bob Ma 4 aylar önce
I NEED IPAD MINI PRO SO FUCKING MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jon Son
Jon Son 4 aylar önce
The one real thing I need for ipadOS is proper display support. I want to connect an external display and then use it as a second desktop instead of a 1:1 mirror of the ipad home screen
Anthony Crowe
Anthony Crowe 4 aylar önce
How about the emojis from iOS 13... we still waiting
Yuuki 56784
Yuuki 56784 4 aylar önce
Would new Smart Keyboards come for the other iPads like the air and 10.2
Omar Lopez
Omar Lopez 4 aylar önce
The reason apple holds back on features is so that they can sell u the same crap next year but with features that been out for months, but that's how they stay in buisness by making suckers out of customers ml
crash davis
crash davis 4 aylar önce
I love the iPad keyboard
Carl Tanner
Carl Tanner 4 aylar önce
Hey Brian, hang in there with that cold
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 4 aylar önce
😳😂😂😂 I was like...sick?!?
Carl Tanner
Carl Tanner 4 aylar önce
Whoops, my mistake. Some how my playback setting was at 0.75 .
Dalton - My World
Dalton - My World 4 aylar önce
Thanks 👍🏾
R MCK 4 aylar önce
Hi Brians Mum
SGT XJ427 4 aylar önce
I want a circle Apple Watch
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