iPad Pro 5G is coming. Plus, the latest iPhone 12/2020 rumors

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Brian Tong

Brian Tong

5 aylar önce

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Apple's working on an iPad Pro with 5G that we expect to see this year alongside the new 5G enabled iPhone lineup. AirPods Pro noise-canceling gets worse from a firmware update and meet the iPhone Guitar!
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Parama Shiva
Parama Shiva Aylar önce
As a responsible Electrical Engineer, I am telling you, 5G is seriously dangerous for human beings and other animals. If we don't buy these 5G devices, 5G towers won't prevail. So we all consumers should unite and deny this shit ASAP. Please don't buy any device that has 5G on it. Please play your part of responsible citizen. Just look at this Coronavirus Pandemic. Didn't you learn a lesson that these corporate don't bother to kill you to fill their deep pockets?
Parama Shiva
Parama Shiva Aylar önce
As a responsible Electrical Engineer, I am telling you, 5G is seriously dangerous for human beings and other animals. If we don't buy these 5G devices, 5G towers won't prevail. So we all consumers should unite and deny this shit ASAP. Please don't buy any device that has 5G on it. Please play your part of responsible citizen.
Nicholas Yow
Nicholas Yow Aylar önce
Should I buy the Current IPAD PRO if I'm not going to be using the 5G with the newer model?
jess jesse
jess jesse 3 aylar önce
5G = coronus virus world wide ! They warned you by 3g all danger ! Still deaf dude ...?
KAY DE 4 aylar önce
yea hell no imma just take an ipad minus off the 5g n besides looking at tablets with is friggin pricey. T.T
Photo Art
Photo Art 4 aylar önce
Sir someone did a skid mark on your hair.
Javarro Long
Javarro Long 4 aylar önce
POOH Xi 4 aylar önce
No charging port. So you must bring the wireless chager with you anywhere you go instead of a small cable.
poikatiikeri 5 aylar önce
Apple should make a (more expensive) version of iPhone with touch ID and a small punch hole camera or embedded to the upper bezel and no notch
8Jhartzell 5 aylar önce
I just want an iPhone shaped like the iPhone 4. I hate the curved bezels.
Martin Jönsson
Martin Jönsson 5 aylar önce
William Switzer
William Switzer 5 aylar önce
Someone tell Apple to remove the notch before going into production. Nothing matters more than the removal of the notch.
NileshR12 5 aylar önce
Since this is the 10 year anniversary of the iPad, I feel like Apple would d9 something bit to celebrate & commemorate that so if they bring an update to the iPad Air 3 since it's at the same $500 price point as the original iPad, it should adopt the design of the Pro with the mini LED display tech. It would be a huge improvement for the mid-range iPad that's meant to be have better specs than the base iPad & the iPad Air 4 would make it a much better experience with a nearly bezel-less 10.5" form factor
NileshR12 5 aylar önce
The next iPad Pros should have an OLED of mini LED display as an upgrade from the LCD displays the iPad has had for the past decade. If OLED is more expensive or problematic for such a big screen on the Pro models, then at least make it mini LED
AggiePride4life 5 aylar önce
I only use my iPad on WiFi, so I’ll buy the last gen on discount. I’ll get 5G on the iPhone!
ChuckandMax 5 aylar önce
Well 5g and a new camera are not going to make me upgrade my 512gb cellular iPad Pro 2018, even with a faster processor I’m sticking with what I have, they have not even taken full advantage of the current iPad Pro upgrading will just be more money nd I’m still making payments on mine now. And you might as well remove the messages app from the iPad due to the fact that Apple has restricted it to only sending texts to other Apple users, it wasn’t always this way in 2017 I was able to send and receive texts with my iPad and whatever upgrade they did they restricted it which is just ridiculous as I can send text sms messages on my iPhone and as far as I’m concerned for the price I paid for the 2nd to the top iPad Pro, it should be a pro and there should not be anything that the pro can’t do that an iPhone can. I spent 6 days with customer care at Apple and Verizon to get this fixed and neither party could tell me why texts were restricted, they made me reboot, do a factory reset take the iPad to the geek squad at Best Buy to wipe its software and still no texting capacity, the rep at Verizon finally found the document that said the iPad was restricted although she found one that said it wasn’t so we gave up and she gave me a $90 credit for all the hassle.
Jumbo Dogg
Jumbo Dogg 5 aylar önce
2020 is the the baby!
Mindaugas Karla
Mindaugas Karla 5 aylar önce
5g is nonsense, i dont waiting this crapp,.. zero potential for this future only to rise he price
Regino Hinojosa
Regino Hinojosa 5 aylar önce
Stop doing the sponsorship in the beginning. We already have so many ads from TRwomen
from Clark
from Clark 5 aylar önce
Just found Brian here again on youtube! I ALWAYS followed him on the Apple Byte podcast and slowly it went away! I knew I couldn’t get his podcasts when I went to Europe so I recorded a weeks worth of the Apple Byte on my IPad so I had Brian as my travel Companion on board the Orient express, in Venice, Italy and at King Ludwigs Herrenchiemsee castle in Bavaria! Nice to find him again on line!! life is GOOD,!! I just SUBSCRIBED with a👍🏻
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 5 aylar önce
Thanks so much for finding me again!
Saar Dean
Saar Dean 5 aylar önce
Hello there. I am wondering if we are ever going to see a bigger screen entry level ipad. Would love a 12-13 inch version of the "ipad 2019". Or do you think they will keep it only for the Pro versions?
Antonis J.kondilis
Antonis J.kondilis 5 aylar önce
Who needs 5G in USA if he is not planning to travel abroad ???
CatChap 5 aylar önce
The iPhone rumors are mostly rubbish. Doubt the notch will be removed and 120 hz screen.
Danielle Oben
Danielle Oben 5 aylar önce
Yes iPhone 5G here I come
P 5 aylar önce
How about the iPad air 2020?
PUBG Hacker
PUBG Hacker 5 aylar önce
We've already seen the iPhone 12. It's the 11 lol. Apple isn't changing anything worth while.
Kevin Escobar
Kevin Escobar 5 aylar önce
Hey Brian, I would like to have coffee with you.
Kevin Escobar
Kevin Escobar 5 aylar önce
Brian Tong I get you! Well let me know next time you’re in NYC and we can try to make it happen.
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 5 aylar önce
What up Kevin! I'm a really busy guy but would never rule it out, but im always on the go in town and out of town.
Kevin Escobar
Kevin Escobar 5 aylar önce
5.26 Macs lol
Will Harrah
Will Harrah 5 aylar önce
5g would be sweat. we have really poor internet in WV. 5g would help allot if they redo the cell towers
Ren Droidz
Ren Droidz 5 aylar önce
Wtf you need a firmware for earphone? Just like how ios makes your iphone camera takes lower looking resolution picture for you to update to newer iphone. They got caught with updating software that fucks your battery before to update and now they found a new way for you to upgrade.
Tsimpy 5 aylar önce
John Meyer? You creampuff
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 5 aylar önce
He’s done Apple keynotes multiple years. That’s why I mentioned him...
jnice v
jnice v 5 aylar önce
Will we see a 2020 iMac? Typically one with a refreshed exterior
reno dude
reno dude 5 aylar önce
Any info about front camera in ipadpro
Angel Avilez
Angel Avilez 5 aylar önce
All I want is for Apple to switch to type C and I'll switch.
first tototo
first tototo 5 aylar önce
Hi man , what is the specific time for iPad pro 2020 to come out please tell me if you know it , thanks
Jay Dub
Jay Dub 5 aylar önce
The only issue I see with an all OLED lineup is that Apple is ignoring the working class customer base that use smartphones for specific applications that are static for long periods of time. Screen burn-in is the only weakness with OLED. There are still tons of users that use their devices for business and personal use. LCD panels are best for utility purposes. Before anyone says it, I know that burn-in might now be as big of a deal for large companies purposing devices to perform specific tasks. But there are tons of users that use devices for both.
Appleswagonbro TheRealOne
Appleswagonbro TheRealOne 5 aylar önce
Fam u forgot to throw in a that’s a good Apple 🍎
ne0tic 5 aylar önce
I just want 120Hz and an in-screen fingerprint reader for the 2020 iPhone!
ne0tic 5 aylar önce
@Vulgar Kiwi Yeah, though the iPhone 11 Pro series is pretty damn good but the S20 series will likely be way better in almost every way... Really hope Apple surprises us with something nice for the iPhone 12 series!
Vulgar Kiwi
Vulgar Kiwi 5 aylar önce
ne0tic blue gang well let’s hope for a better iPhone next year. Samsung is miles ahead right now :(
ne0tic 5 aylar önce
@Vulgar Kiwi Yeah, hoping for just a slightly bigger battery and then that together with the 5nm chip will make it last just as long or maybe even longer, even though it got 120Hz! That rumored blue color looks to be sick so I'm definitely picking that one up as well :)
Vulgar Kiwi
Vulgar Kiwi 5 aylar önce
ne0tic I have the 11pro and battery life is pretty great. But yes I’m hoping for a bigger battery so it’s even better. I just want the 5g and blue color because I currently have the midnight green
ne0tic 5 aylar önce
@Vulgar Kiwi That's what I'm thinking as well. Though the 120Hz is more important so that is good. Just hoping Apple can fit a 4500+ MAh battery in the iPhone so the 120Hz doesn't drain the battery like crazy...
Solo A
Solo A 5 aylar önce
So Apple releases an update to AirPods that limit the best feature of the AirPods. I’m sure it’s not to release another version of AirPods that can claim to have better noise cancellation. Apple would never do that.
Lord Tyrannus
Lord Tyrannus 5 aylar önce
5G Means extra 500$
Todays Gamer
Todays Gamer 5 aylar önce
😂😂 Lol
SorroWaifu 5 aylar önce
More iPhone which means more uptime for sales and more uptime for factories which means Apple won't be paying theyre factory workers with money they're not making, ultimately dropping the price. Samsung has low prices because they make a new phone almost every other month and they're able to keep making money instead of giving they're factory workers money they're not making.
ZeeTBK 5 aylar önce
Luv new iPad pro
Z Wright
Z Wright 5 aylar önce
I guess they were right. Notch is removed.... On the iPhone se2 😖
Nathan Glass
Nathan Glass 5 aylar önce
Another year of the horrible ugly notch andriod blows apple crapple out of the water notch is ugly
Tuna Aykut
Tuna Aykut 5 aylar önce
noone: every TRwomenr: Skillshare
torrie johnson
torrie johnson 5 aylar önce
Idk why People think iPad pro doesn't do anything...SMFH...they don't realize how people step up from just a phone...from not having a laptop..you know..those majority of users its that are being targeted.
Merriss Ccin
Merriss Ccin 5 aylar önce
wow...I just got iPhone 11 pro Max through Alvinspy100 on 1G.. he's a life saver
Fuat Karadeniz
Fuat Karadeniz 5 aylar önce
Where have you been buddy? I used to love your videos on CNET. I haven't heard from you for a while. Welcome back.
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 5 aylar önce
This is my own channel! That’s where I’ve been! 😂😂😂 glad you found me!
Corey B
Corey B 5 aylar önce
Great video Brian! Looking forward to the 2020 iPhone and more videos!
Richard Joseph
Richard Joseph 5 aylar önce
The notches look so stupid
No good or bad Apple ????
Christian Niklaus
Christian Niklaus 5 aylar önce
Diggin’ that Purple Hoodie!
eli parker
eli parker 5 aylar önce
My boy got a sponsor!!!
ShadowMistress4835 5 aylar önce
No more bendgate
zLuke 5 aylar önce
Do you think it’s likely the new iPad Pro’s will get a upgraded screen? OLED or less likely a MiniLED display?
Kim Unstoppable
Kim Unstoppable 5 aylar önce
I hope Touch ID makes it to the pro models too this year.
Tuano Emilio
Tuano Emilio 5 aylar önce
Android will always 1st competitive than Apple in - time of releasing & in price more practical to consumers very affordable
Scott Ferguson
Scott Ferguson 5 aylar önce
Adam Adam
Adam Adam 5 aylar önce
So excited cant contain my excitement for whats to come thanks B-Teezy my man with the delivery wishing you the best.
Andrew Renner
Andrew Renner 5 aylar önce
Promode will be great to have. If I am working in any Adobe program, my macbook gets super hot and the fan barely runs.
david black
david black 5 aylar önce
Do you think the iPad Pro will or should have an headphone jack plus I purchased a Fitbit charge 3 1 month ago (December 2019) and it has the spo2 sensor on it but and it’s a big but I cannot get the data on my Fitbit app ......I guess that’s something to do with Apple then
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 5 aylar önce
Should it have a headphone jack? With all that space on it? YES. Will it? NO :(
Sagar Chatterjee
Sagar Chatterjee 5 aylar önce
I will start saving from Now
Steven Newman
Steven Newman 5 aylar önce
Oh yeah, Apple will make a 5G unit, in about 2079... Apple = Last years specs at next years prices.
shane faughnan
shane faughnan 5 aylar önce
In Europe we will have USB c charging port
John David Redmon
John David Redmon 5 aylar önce
I want an iPad mini pro 5G
Saffire Animation
Saffire Animation 5 aylar önce
Any news on new ipad mini? Will ipad mini get a same look like ipad pro 11 inch?
Kim Rene Jensen
Kim Rene Jensen 5 aylar önce
Apple is way behind and not only in 5G... in-display, under-display, 90/120 hz display, 3rd part integration, SIRI is a joke...
BryceLovesTech 5 aylar önce
Where I live we barely have 4G
8Jhartzell 5 aylar önce
Håkan Bråkan Kråkan uhhhh...it’s called Starlink and it’s a gigabit connection anywhere in the world...and they’ve already started launching the satellite clusters.
Håkan Bråkan Kråkan
Håkan Bråkan Kråkan 5 aylar önce
Where I go during summer, you have to use VHF-radio to communicate. Elon needs to send a massive amount of really really low orbiting satellites into space....sorry... the atmosphere, to fix 5G for all!
Matt Atkinson the second
Matt Atkinson the second 5 aylar önce
I want a new iPad mini
LandscapeInMotion 5 aylar önce
Nice insights bro!
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