iPad Pro w/ Magic Keyboard/MacBook Air & Mac Mini Reactions!

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Brian Tong

Brian Tong

3 aylar önce

Apple announces the new iPad Pro for 2020 with a one of a kind Magic Keyboard with Trackpad. New Trackpad features in iPadOS 13.4, and a new MacBook Air and Mac Mini. how many Good and Bad Apple's am I dishing out?
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gen x tech guy
gen x tech guy 3 aylar önce
1:18 .. it DOES support HDR content. In Tech Specs under TV and Video: “Supports Dolby Vision and HDR10 content”
Youtube Kullanıcısı
Youtube Kullanıcısı 3 aylar önce
TurboPikachuX We’ll probably move on to MiniLED and than MicroLED after LCD completely phases out...
Lnds500 3 aylar önce
It "supports HDR" as in, it will play an HDR film, that doesn't mean you will see the true benefits of the HDR image. They did the same with iPhone 11 and the Pro iPhone 11 Pro: High Dynamic Range with Dolby Vision and HDR10 content iPhone 11: Supports Dolby Vision and HDR10 content
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 3 aylar önce
UPDATE..to the Update... The Dolby Vision and HDR10 you are referencing is when you stream it FROM the iPad Pro, but natively on the screen of the iPad Pro that still DOES NOT have HDR. It supports the full color spectrum, but doesn't get bright enough to support native Dobly Vision and HDR on the actual iPad Pro screen. That's what I meant.
J Klo
J Klo 3 aylar önce
I think what it does is that it plays NEAR HDR-quality. Technically the iPad Pro cannot support hdr because it can’t be bright enough
Philippe Alexander Pagan
Philippe Alexander Pagan 3 aylar önce
This truly is a game changer...
T J 2 aylar önce
Bro your my favorite guy to get my Apple news from 🤙🏾
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 2 aylar önce
Thanks for watching TJ! I appreciate it!
Gábor Nagy
Gábor Nagy 2 aylar önce
Woooohooow ! Man ! Slow down ! (first of all please excuse me about my English. This is not my native Languuage) I can tell that you are possibly one of the biggest fan of apple products. But..... The new Magic keyboard is actually just as terrible as it great. Yeah-yeah... The " floating" design looks awesome. You have a track pad... what ever... Great! Do you know what is missing? The perfect protection. That magic Keyboard is actually a case with a built in stand, and a full keyboard. A very expensive case. For this much money I can buy a very good MECHANIC keyboard, not a scissor one, with a expensive mouse, and a case. What is the difference? Why is that case better? Because it is all in one isn't it? What if I am an artist as well? So I am not just using my iPad for some text editing? The answer is simple. I have to take out my iPad from that expensive case, and lay down to the desktop if I would like to draw something, which can easily scratch my camera, and also the back of my (also expensive) iPad. What if it slips down to the floor and breaks because my table top I am working on kind of slippery in a coffee house or where ever I am? I have a $300 case, and an iPad full of scratches and/or broken screen. I think the minimum, for that amount of money, that I can have a full case, for all the situation what an iPad can do. It does not need to be matter if I would like to edit some text, or I would like to use it for drawing. That case have to support me whatever reason. That case my opinion is just a waaay over priced good looking stand. If apple was build it up for any possible reason how we can use the iPad, plus that case had some built in extra battery to make my iPad wake up time even longer, than, I had to say it is a greatest accessory I ever seen for an iPad. But this is not happen at all. Should I have to keep always 2 iPad cases with me and changing them depends what I want to do on my iPad? Really? How ever, I can see the potential in the built in LIAR sensor. It is a new thing yet, so that is why not so many app existing in the app store. Yet. But in future engineering, or home decorating, even some kind of games could have the possibilities to jump on to the next level because of that sensor. AR slowly become reality. Not like Microsoft Holo Lense, but this can be a start for most of the people who can by an iPad, or next gen iPhone. This is the right way to show people what AR is, and this is the right way to let people get use to it. Do not make me wrong please. I love your videos. You have a lots of energy in them. I really like to watch and listen them. But it was very 1 sided view about the case. It is ONLY MY OPINION, but if you talk about a product, try to see that with other people eyes, try to find out the "what if...." factor, because it can be realy important as well.
MineFullLife 2 aylar önce
waiting for this new keyboard to buy the iPad
Elite Casting
Elite Casting 3 aylar önce
I usually keep up with Apple products, but I had no idea they dropped a new iPad. This coronavirus brought my life crashing down.
Paul Stein
Paul Stein 3 aylar önce
Since you mentioned the new MacBook Air, is the i3 processor okay. Some reviewers say to get the faster processor.
Paul Stein
Paul Stein 3 aylar önce
Will the 11 Pro coupled with the new keyboard, be a better option than the new MacBook Air?
Paul Stein
Paul Stein 3 aylar önce
Does Apple offer an extended warranty on the magic keyboards. For $ 300, I would hope so.
Clarence Loie
Clarence Loie 3 aylar önce
I think 300 for a scissor-switch, backlit keyboard that makes your ipad float and allows you to view it in different angles is justified considering that apple literally sold a mount stand for a thousand dollars.
Bradley Adventures & More
Bradley Adventures & More 3 aylar önce
Have you heard of LumaFusion for the iPad? SUPER powerful editing software for only $30!
Bradley Adventures & More
Bradley Adventures & More 3 aylar önce
Brian Tong true that tho
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 3 aylar önce
I have but Apple should support their own Pro hardware with Pro apps. And the integration with desktop would be amazing as well.
Shanice Evans
Shanice Evans 3 aylar önce
Like if I wasn’t sure if I was excited after that intro I am super hyped up!!!! iPad here I come!!!!! 😱💃🏾
steve minnick
steve minnick 3 aylar önce
Keyboard should be like $200 tops... $349 is a rip
Rena B
Rena B 3 aylar önce
$350! 😫... But Brian said it’s like getting a whole new device for only $350 🤔 he is right! Now I can get it 😃
Pedro Hurtado
Pedro Hurtado 3 aylar önce
Stop saying it’s an iMac 😂 this can’t run Final Cut Pro. And is NOT floating, do you guys see the stand in the back holding the iPad? IS THERE! 😂😂
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 3 aylar önce
I will call it what I want! 😂😂😂
Timmi 3 aylar önce
For my iPad! 😂
William Assouline
William Assouline 3 aylar önce
Sorry ... Have you only seen the price of this fuc**** new keyboard ? Seriously? And look at the new cpu... No more than 5% more performance, maximum! The 2 only better stuff here is the wifi 6 and lidar, furthermore, the battery is slightly lower than the previous of 2018... For info... Thx for your enthusiasm but please try to be a little more skeptical about announcements and real stuff that might really change things,
David Ephraim
David Ephraim 3 aylar önce
Your stocks look as bad as mine this week ;) But I'm still getting that keyboard!
Justice Forall
Justice Forall 3 aylar önce
Splatzy 3 aylar önce
But gotta love that usb-c
yudi mulyadi
yudi mulyadi 3 aylar önce
Ipad proooooooooooooooo
Dan DOrazio
Dan DOrazio 3 aylar önce
Magic Keyboard ....most definitely!
C Me
C Me 3 aylar önce
If it wasn't running iOS, I'd start saving for the new iPad Pro. Finally Apple figures out that a tablet can have a great keyboard and mouse support years after the Surface lineup has had that. Of course Apple fans are excited to get this "revolutionary" "magic". They have sandbagged so long. Can't wait for them to add the third camera in two years. How expensive is that magic keyboard??? The Surface Type Covers have been around for how long? The best part of this magic keyboard is the "float" part. "A portable iMac"? That's insulting to iMacs and I am not an iMac fan. Not hating. I like the iPad Pro hardware, but not iOS. And trying to keep my excitement for the keyboard in perspective.
C Me
C Me 3 aylar önce
I agree with your assessment that iPad Pro 2018 owners should not upgrade their iPad.
Jony M
Jony M 3 aylar önce
Animated squirrel guy you
gp16524 3 aylar önce
... it floats!.... they all float down here Brian
contemplatively 3 aylar önce
Do you know much about the USB-C port on this new iPad Pro? How functional is it? How fast? And how does it compare to the port on the previous version iPad Pro?
Chris Valin
Chris Valin 3 aylar önce
Finally, I’ve been waiting for this day for the ipad. Of course it happens when many ,like me, are going to be hard up for cash.
DJEI -JAN 3 aylar önce
When the world is gonna end from corona virus..just go with the top of the line stuff n spend over $2k for the new iPad Pro ;)
C Ort
C Ort 3 aylar önce
My tab s6 feels like a cheap substitute compared what apple is doing with there keyboard but what can I really do on a ipad really tho android u could do more and got dex built in with a better screen soo....tab still better
HIRIZE BEATS 3 aylar önce
We need protools app!!!!!
borgtennis 3 aylar önce
We love you too!
borgtennis 3 aylar önce
Good to see you to happy Brian!!!
Conor Furlong
Conor Furlong 3 aylar önce
Just buy the keyboard case if you want it to float. It works with the 2018 iPad Pro.
Vic da G
Vic da G 3 aylar önce
I don’t want 5G. I hope if there is, I can take it off
Jack Voorheis
Jack Voorheis 3 aylar önce
Still the pencil is going to fall off of this case to easily. I wish they would do something about that.
jm apple
jm apple 3 aylar önce
Gonna wait for a bootleg generic floating keyboard from eBay/amazon
jm apple
jm apple 3 aylar önce
Fix bend or not?
buffalo1700 3 aylar önce
Idk.... I’m a bit disappointed with that iPad
Rob Pawlikowski
Rob Pawlikowski 3 aylar önce
I remember seeing actor/magician Harry Anderson (RIP) many years ago, and he talked about the new (at the time) Macintosh FX, "Too amazing, too powerful and too f*cking expensive for most people." Apple's top end has always been expensive, but overpriced? In the same way a Rolex, a Tesla, or a pair of Nike LeBrons are overpriced. And, yeah, after saving and waiting for two years, I ordered an iPad Pro 11". ;-)>
Peppe Ddu
Peppe Ddu 3 aylar önce
The magnetic stand is a *neat* idea but I suspect for some people it's kinda hard to live in the Apple-blessed ecosystem where any app can change or be taken away with zero notice. If Microsoft comes up with a similar stand for the Surface that would be a game changer.
Ahmed Alshmari
Ahmed Alshmari 3 aylar önce
In the Q4 Will come the new IPad Pro with 5G, A14x so you better wait if you want to buy a Pro
Doug Young
Doug Young 3 aylar önce
Historically, aftermarket accessories have been better than their Apple branded counterparts, and really, the most exciting thing about the “new” iPad is the magic keyboard. Why not just get the 2018 iPad Pro (at the reduced price it’s currently selling at) and wait to see what aftermarket contenders are released for a magic keyboard alternative?
Jules Berkhof
Jules Berkhof 3 aylar önce
So basically, a new keyboard is its major selling factor? The processor is barely faster then the 12x,... and then they suddenly claim faster then most laptops? My i9 macbook still blows my ipad pro away for music production.
all50statesmikebates 3 aylar önce
The keyboard is a must. That is nice!!! Loving my 12.9” iPad Pro 512GB. Gonna stick with it. But def interested in that keyboard!!
Eric 3 aylar önce
I really want to see the third party options.
Daniel Kurz
Daniel Kurz 3 aylar önce
You are awesome
Altered Pixel
Altered Pixel 3 aylar önce
Ummm... It's not all good...
CHICAGOBOB 3 aylar önce
Come on Apple bring the pro apps to the pro devices -- let's see Logic Pro and Final Cut for iPadOS
Damien Wiegand
Damien Wiegand 3 aylar önce
I must say, after using the magic mouse with my iPad, after installing the new beta. I am love with it. It is the interface that I've been dreaming of! You have to give it a try! I also won't be purchasing a new Mac product until they switch to ARM. I will have to keep my iMac to use the apps that I'm used to for a while, however, in the end it will be worth it.
Oahu Al
Oahu Al 3 aylar önce
Your shirt is FABULOUS...where can I get one like it? The MacBook Air review is great.
Alvin Tung
Alvin Tung 3 aylar önce
I hope they sell their older keyboards cheaper.
pixun 3 aylar önce
Same shit in new prize.
T-kB 3 aylar önce
But.. Like.. Can i draw with a comfortable angel? When using the Magic Keyboard?
Cam73Vids 3 aylar önce
Is the bend fixed for the iPad Pro?
Da Rooster
Da Rooster 3 aylar önce
$1500 yikes. I can build a ryzen 3700x with WiFi motherboard, nvidia 2600 super , 16 gig ram, 1 tb ssd , 27” curve screen for same price!
Kevin Christopher Knight
Kevin Christopher Knight 3 aylar önce
I need suggestions: what usb-c hub should be best for an iPad Pro. I have an iPhone and external Hard drives so I need at least 2x USB-A 3.0 (3.1 better), a GoPro 7 so 2x USB-C (or 1x USB-C and a SD or SD mini port) and if possible to attach my 4K monitor to it. Looking for under $100 Canadian plus tax. Can someone help choose one that works and good quality. Apple’s $85 here and only have 3 ports.
Kayseve .J
Kayseve .J 3 aylar önce
Canadian Prices Hurt Though😔😔😔
FINA M 3 aylar önce
Does that magic keyboard work with iPad 11 inch 2018.?? Bc I really consider buying it but I’m afraid it only works with the new 2020 iPad !
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 3 aylar önce
Christine Foster
Christine Foster 3 aylar önce
But they still don’t have a place to store the pencil.
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 3 aylar önce
Not like the slick way the Surface Pro X does...just attach on top.
Leonardo tov
Leonardo tov 3 aylar önce
Apple read this comment !!! No headphone Jack no deal... goodbye
James Janssens
James Janssens 3 aylar önce
Now it only needs xcode and we good
Crunk Lil
Crunk Lil 3 aylar önce
Was he a black dude?
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 3 aylar önce
😂😂😂 What?!?!
CreeseWorks 3 aylar önce
Love this new Magic Keyboard. I think for people who travel and want something light and flexible it will be a hit.
P-Can 3 aylar önce
Bad 🍎. The keyboard cost more then 7th gen ipad in 🇨🇦
Arthur De laet
Arthur De laet 3 aylar önce
What do you think is the best for school? The iPad or MacBook?
Enoch Freeman
Enoch Freeman 3 aylar önce
Still no Xcode in iPadOS?
Kelly Neutel
Kelly Neutel 3 aylar önce
Is that keyboard gonna work on the last gen ipad 2018
Floris Veldhuis
Floris Veldhuis 3 aylar önce
Joel Richard Escorpiso
Joel Richard Escorpiso 3 aylar önce
Oh cool. The case makes your iPad look like the Surface Studio...but small.
Noah Boock
Noah Boock 3 aylar önce
I might just go for the 2018 12.9” rather than the 2020 11”.
Yavor Kapitanov
Yavor Kapitanov 3 aylar önce
Hey aren't you the guy from CNET?
Yavor Kapitanov
Yavor Kapitanov 3 aylar önce
Brian Tong I think it’s great, all the luck to you man. I subscribe. Love the vibes..
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 3 aylar önce
I used to be :) doing my own thing now. And more than happy with the results as I build up!
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