Is This A Prank Product? (GAME)

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Good Mythical MORE

Good Mythical MORE

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Today we're joined by Myth to determine whether products are real or a prank. We're playing the game, Is This A Prank Product? Check it out on Good Mythical MORE, the show after the show! GMMORE #1668
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gmmgood mythical morningrhettandlinkrhett and link

Karl Lennon
Karl Lennon 3 gün önce
Is link ok?
Eberr Iriarte
Eberr Iriarte 4 gün önce
Rhett “it scares me every time “ 😂😂😂😂
Payton Bergman
Payton Bergman 13 gün önce
They missed the opportunity to say "product" or "frauduct"...
Tyler Messer
Tyler Messer 19 gün önce
Who else likes Mythical videos before they've even watched them? 🙋‍♂️
TheMowens 24 gün önce
Link's logic of "Isn't the fact that we think it could be a prank but it isn't MAKE it a prank?" makes literally anything on the planet a prank.
Newfie Greg
Newfie Greg 24 gün önce
I love how I'm Guaranteed a laugh when I watch gmm
yoyo san
yoyo san 24 gün önce
12:34 i like that "shhhhhh...nap" good saving
Aterhallsam 25 gün önce
Private Nutdrop is my father
Confuzzled Tomato
Confuzzled Tomato 25 gün önce
Myth seems like that quiet friend who gets along with everyone
1ndigo Ch1ld
1ndigo Ch1ld 25 gün önce
Why do I feel like Rhetts getting tired of GMM?
Libby Scattergood
Libby Scattergood 25 gün önce
why did no one try to smell the gum and see if it's minty
Katherine Halling
Katherine Halling 26 gün önce
how many game paddles do you have by now?
Doom Yoda
Doom Yoda 26 gün önce
That's a DANGER Pringle.
Pink Nube
Pink Nube 27 gün önce
What’s that first box called please actually want to prank everyone 😂
Cheri Collier
Cheri Collier 28 gün önce
“Wait.. how old is shepherd?” “He’s 11” ! “What if he was like, 4”😂😂😂
Agent К_видео
Agent К_видео 28 gün önce
Nocturnal one noticed, Rhett.
jman415 28 gün önce
Shepherd i finally got you a phonee!!!!😂
bonnie buck
bonnie buck 28 gün önce
6:03 somebody said a bad word 🙈🙈🙈
Ok Ko
Ok Ko 28 gün önce
No one: Link: i read jumanji lasst night
Two Tone
Two Tone 29 gün önce
You guys need to get mr beast on here
Makayla Wheatley
Makayla Wheatley 29 gün önce
"Thanks you guys for cleaning up!" *proceeds to make mess again*
Moisty Man
Moisty Man 29 gün önce
I’m shocked that so many people don’t know who myth is
Planes & Planes 飞机
Planes & Planes 飞机 29 gün önce
At 12:25 who else saw that tiny spark jump from the frame of the phone to the home button left to right. Watch in 0.25x slo mo.
Lorx 29 gün önce
Oh, shnap!
Sierra Hurd
Sierra Hurd 29 gün önce
Myth being confused about Link reading jumanji while Rhett is used to Link's randomness lmao
Natt the pancake
Natt the pancake 29 gün önce
"thank you guys for cleaning up" immediately make a mess again
Chris Doncic
Chris Doncic 29 gün önce
Is that gemini man?
Amelia Cole
Amelia Cole 29 gün önce
Who is that
Cam Sim
Cam Sim 29 gün önce
Myth seems so genuinely nice
Cat Nugget
Cat Nugget 29 gün önce
Link is just amazing
Nate R
Nate R 29 gün önce
4:00 xD
Brian Stone
Brian Stone Aylar önce
I want to read Jumanji now
Matthewing Ewing
Matthewing Ewing Aylar önce
Link is sooo gone. Haha.
Specity Aylar önce
What are u doing there myth
Luca K
Luca K Aylar önce
Myth seems really cool
Tyblorg Aylar önce
Get Aussie Man on this show.
Sevilay Kel
Sevilay Kel Aylar önce
hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shepred i got u a phone
montia larson
montia larson Aylar önce
Rhetts face looks like it's slowly, over time, being eaten by his hair and beard. 😂😂
AiryKritter Aylar önce
Loved it but... where can i get a spider box? :)
Jack McDowell
Jack McDowell Aylar önce
Who else noticed Myth totally say "sh*t." 6:00
Brock Ogden
Brock Ogden Aylar önce
He keeps bobbing and moving
Samuel Estefanos
Samuel Estefanos Aylar önce
“You ever read jumanji” -link
Farbod May
Farbod May Aylar önce
taylor hitt
taylor hitt Aylar önce
Need that box to mess with this lady at my job.
Farbod May
Farbod May Aylar önce
Reminded me of the song "Can't touch this"
Jesko Parra
Jesko Parra Aylar önce
Guys, I'm failing daily driving! Was the prank watching this video about product pranking during evening hours? Being a bright midday person I'm genuinely confused.
jayb on the beat
jayb on the beat Aylar önce
Jessica Lewis
Jessica Lewis Aylar önce
Just the fact that Shep is 11 made me feel reeeeeeaaally old.
Kathleen Leach
Kathleen Leach Aylar önce
Please donate to Australia 💟
Iced Tea
Iced Tea Aylar önce
0:49 myth is so sweet. That made it right there.
NowI'mMe Aylar önce
It wasn't a Pringle, it was a "Prankle"!! Ha ha, see what I did there?
Universal Xabarlar
Universal Xabarlar Aylar önce
Hayley Randall
Hayley Randall Aylar önce
I have a huge and shameless crush on Link.
Sour_Cream_Daisy 101
Sour_Cream_Daisy 101 28 gün önce
Hayley Randall glad I’m not alone
Michael Hall
Michael Hall Aylar önce
Liked and subbed the beard compelled me😂
Nick Smith
Nick Smith Aylar önce
You have to put the prank phone in your vlog. I want to see Shepherd’s reaction
Joe Hunter
Joe Hunter Aylar önce
Who is this dude in the middle
Denzel Hu
Denzel Hu Aylar önce
I don’t remember the last time a good mythical more and the same good mythical morning were both on trending good job guys
Da Mi
Da Mi Aylar önce
I don't watch this show anymore , it's just sad cause all I ever see is Rhett bullying link...
Erin Seymour
Erin Seymour Aylar önce
who else wants to see the video of Rhett giving Shepherd a brand new phone. Lol
basicallybenns Aylar önce
"how old is shepard?" "eleven" "oohh that's messed up"
basicallybenns Aylar önce
link at 3:54 is bb energy
Emmanuel Watts
Emmanuel Watts Aylar önce
#4 on trending!!!
Grandma with 10k subscribers
Grandma with 10k subscribers Aylar önce
I wish I had one of those back in my days
GotKeyz2TheRuiz Aylar önce
I absolutely love you guys already! Second video in and I already subscribed! Also I love how I clicked on this second video after watching the previous one and it feels like episode 2 like sooo very well structured! Great job guys : inspirational 🤩🤩🤩
Lotty Paria
Lotty Paria Aylar önce
You noting but a thift
Gaming with Bots
Gaming with Bots Aylar önce
*ok boomer*
Sheno Aylar önce
Just from the beginning of the video, I know Rhett will take sth hope to mess with his kids,😂 the coolest dad
Sheno Aylar önce
This was a funny one😂 , thank you guys ❤️
Anni Psy
Anni Psy Aylar önce
we had one of those Pringles snakes in my work office, first few days i got hired there i got hit in the face by it. didnt tell anyone to not embarrass myself🙄
Sheno Aylar önce
This was a funny one😂 , thank you guys ❤️
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